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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What i want is not much..
What i expect is not much..
What i need is not much..
But yet..
This little tiny winy expectation of mine you cant fulfill..
What can i still say?
If this is the least expectation in a friendship and yet you cant do it is this still considered a friendship in between us?
I dont think so..
If you have the heart to do something for someone you would have done it without anyone reminding or telling you to do it..
Therefore i conclude, we are not the best of best, we are not what we think we are..
I dont know how much you treasure this relationship because i know i did treasure it alot before..
But it doesnt seems so to you..
If you decided to let go, i have nothing to say but let you go..

2:55 AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


10:15 PM

Sunday, March 25, 2012


12:40 AM

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


12:25 AM


12:22 AM

Went out with auntie susie on saturday to visit my grandmother who's currently at clementi's old age home..
Trained over to clementi & went to have japanese cuisine at ootoya..

The food was not really that good..
We ordered a set meal that says that is fish fillet but when it came it was full of bones..
I thought fillet shouldnt have bones?
Ordered the breaded pork loin..
Was not able to chew at all just like rubber band..
Only one dish was nice..
Auntie susie say that she wouldnt come for the 3rd time anymore..
Walked for almost 10 - 15mins and finally reached the old age home..
Stayed for only 10mins & off we went to keelia place to visit auntie liang..
Chatted all the way till 7pm & of course auntie susie bought lots of clothes again!
Ate our dinner at tcc..
Had yuzu salmon pasta & it was GREAT!
Service was great too!

12:18 AM

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feeling really depressed..
The helpless feeling..
When can i succeed in the things i do?
I should be staying positive but, it's getting difficult..
I need someone to be there for me.. But i know its not possible..
I need someone to listen to me, a listening ear.. But i know its not possible either..
I often think what is the main problem that people dont like me?
I really hope that someone can tell me what is my problem..
Let me change to a better me, a better me where people would not hate me that much..

4:52 PM

Monday, March 05, 2012

Saturday 030312

Finally meeting up with CLC peeps for a 1 year once gathering~
Met up & trained all the way go Joo Koon..
Had a almost i think 10 mins walk to Arena Country Club for our Dim Sum buffet @ TungLok Seafood..
Food was alright i guess..
Nothing impressive that made me cannot forget..
Bill wise was kind of ex imo..
One person came up to $27..
Which i think was rather ex for just a dim sim buffet..
And they actually missed out a few orders..
Service was still alright as food came up quite fast & efficient..
Staffs were friendly there..
Had great chats & laughs with the peeps..
After which we went separate ways while we 3 musketeers went to novena~
Went over to auntie's place to hunt for new clothes..
Bought clothes that was worth $200 when i couldnt afford it now due to not working but auntie said that i could take it as a loan first then slowly pay her back when i have got a job..
Sy had to go off first therefore ym & me went over to coffeebean for a chat..
Left at 8plus & headed over to dage's parent's shop at cck..
Dage then gave us both a ride home as he needed to send his baby brother back..
Saturday then ended..
Was a great day meeting up with so many people..
Due to not sleeping for the whole day before the night i went out on sat i concuss after reaching home after my bath..

7:22 PM

Sunday 040312
Met up with my auntie & had lunch at Aoba (ion)
Had omurice with beef, oyster & tempura..
it was quite nice & very filling..
Has the yuku tea it was great too!
After which went to our favourite place keelia place @ novena..
Had a long chat with auntie regarding her shop..
She kept asking me to faster get a job..
Told me stories regarding her daugher & all..
After which we went separate ways home..
Sunday just ended like that..

7:22 PM