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Monday, July 30, 2007

First time i didnt go to school after i come to ITE ...
It is because i did not want to go to the Watson's sales duty that day ..
As i am on duty on Fri ..
So ..
I as well took the reasont that i am sick and want to go sick doctor [which is true]
So i woke up around 11 or 12 + i guess ..
After that prepare to go meet Ym at cck interchange ..
As she is accompanying me to see doctor at cck polyclinic ...
So we took 190 to polyclinic ..
Register and the person ask us to go have lunch first ..
So we walked around and went to eat something ..
Waited for quite awhile and i registered and waited for my turn to see doctor ..
It was a male doctor ..
Friendly and nice ..
He say that my throat dont know where is swollen ..
And so he pescribed me with cough,flu and phlegma?[i dont know how to spell] and lastly antibiotic ...
So .. ya ..
But it dont seems to get any better?
Maybe because i am still eating those deep fried food and spicy food ..
Hope it gets better when i go to Hong Kong ..
After consulting the doctor we went to lot 1 to shop for awhile ...
After that went to take 302 back to my home ..
Went to the coffee shop to buy dinner ..
Went home ..
Ate our dinner and went to NAP!! ..
Hahas ..
OYM was sleeping like a pig ..!!!
Woke up and we studied until around 8+ i guess ..
And she went home ...
Hope i can improve my maths in this coming O levels ...
And really really thanks lots to ym for taking the effort to come to my house every Fri to teach me ..
Thanks lots ..
End here ... ^^

11:14 AM

In comp lab now ..
So bored ..
So tired ..
Doing sbm and rto's project ..
Which is due date today and tomorrow ..
Can die ... T.T
So many things need to do ...
PRAY HARD that there will not be any projects anymore .. T.T
Will be going to HONG KONG real real soon ..
I seems to be keep saying about it ??
Hahas ..
I am just too excited about it i just ..
Maybe yes? Maybe no?
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
Maybe i am just looking very forward to it?
Because it would be the first time i would be going overseas with my classmates and without my parents and Sy and Ym ..
So ..
Ya ..
Hmm ...
Oh and ya ..
School ends at 5pm .. TODAY!!!
Such a long day ..
Hope everything goes smoothly ... =))

11:07 AM

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My started this new blog on the 14th of April ..
I have 102 + 1 [this post that i am typing]= 103
Its already coming to August now ..
Times flies ..
Was still very excited about going to Hong Kong that time ..
Was still thinking if we would get used to life in ITE ..
Was still thinking how will life be in ITE ..
Was still thinking how will life be without Ym and Sy in the same course as me ..
Was still thinking will my classmates be friendly ...
Was still thinking ....
But now?
I have already know lots of friends ..
Like :
Huihuan [Cute & Chubby girl]
Catherine [Lovely and ]
Jolene [Cute & cold jokes?]
Tze Hui [Quiet and friendly]
Lili ["Da jie da" & Cute]
Kirine [First person i know in ITE]
The fun and humourous chinese guys in class ...
The malays ...
All so fun and friendly and nice ...
We had fun, laughter, happy, sad, arguments and lots ..
But i did not regret coming to retail ..
R1 ...
Its GREAT!!!
I love R1 ...
The teachers in there ..
Very very soon will be going to Hong Kong ..
Very very soon will be having exams ...
Very very soon in Dec i will end my course ...
Very very soon in Jan 2008 will be having attachment ..
Very very soon will be having O levels ...
Very very soon i will have to leave ITE ...
All my friends and friendly teachers ...
Thinking of it now make me dont bear to leave them ...
But i still have to ...
My aim is still poly ...
But ...
Whats my dream?
Whats my goal?
Am i just following people's footstep ..
"Must go poly ... If not later come out no job ar ... ITE? Not good la .. means stupid la .. all beng and lian de ... Must go poly de .."
Thats what ppl think ..
But what do i really want?
I dont know ..
Never thought before ...
I dont have dream, i dont have ambitions , i dont have a goal ..
What do i have?
Nothing ..
Just nothing ..
Absolutely nothing ..

12:12 AM

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Been quite long since i last post?
If i never remember wrongly ..
Anyways .. Time flies real fast ..
Am going to Hong Kong real soon ..
Next Sat will be flying off ..
Will be back on the Tuesday ...
And the next day still have to go to school for National Day's celebrations ..
I guess i will be very very tired ..
School has been ok?
All projects not done ..
I guess i am going to fail ..
Tue didnt go for science as it was CHEM ..
That stupid botak teaching ..
So the 3 of them came to my house ...
And ..
We did nothing?
Hahas ..
Just played around ...
Just chatted around ...
They went off at around 9.15 or 9.20 ...
Wed ...
Which was yesterday ...
Was supposed to have history ..
But me and sy didnt wish to go ...

So ..
Sy and Lemon came to my house ..
We just watched tv throught out ..
Until 9.30 ..
And the both of them went off ...
Today ..
At BC posting this entry ..
Hmm ..
Quite bored ..
Have to listen to teacher teach and might change seat again ..
But hope amanda is back this week ..

Still have not really recovered from my sickness the previous time ..
AND ..
With cough that can kill and flu ...
I feel that as if my lungs are dropping out ...
Anyways ..
Anyone have a list of things you wish to buy for you from Hong Kong?
Need pay money back to me .. =)

Stupid toot ...
Keep calling me at school on Tuesday ...
So noisy ..
Like the whole world have to know my name ..
And and and ..
That person gave me back $16 already ..
Still got $10 ..
I went to bought a new one ..
Abit different from how ym's looks like ..
And its cheaper because it is red and National Day ...
So i have discount ..
$19.10 ...
Hahas ..

I hate people who dont reply my sms .. (You know who you are)
I hate people who dont appreciate my sms .. =(( (You know who you are too)
I hate people who dont like me but act as if they like me ..
I hate people who who always act ...
I guess thats all ..
Will add on if i think of more ..
And i am not directly or indirectly refering to anyone ...
But to those who did those things .. =)
So dont THINK TOO MUCH .. =)

Will be away from Singapore to Hong Kong for 4 days ..
I guess i will miss my parents and my 2 niao niaos ..
And my friends ..
My bed ..
My house ..
My comp ..
My blog ..
My msn ..
Blah blah blah blah .. =P
Ok .. guess i am lame ..
But although its only for 4 days ...
But its the first time i am going without my parents and without my 2 niaos ..
And and is with my classmates ONLY ..
Hope i will enjoy the trip ...
And dont buy too much things until i have to get fine ..
I dont think i will?
BEFORE next sat please ..
Will be flying off in the morn on Sat040807
And will be back on Tue070807 night .. or should i say midnight ..?

Will be having Watsons sales in school ..
Will be on duty tomorrow ..
Which is morning shift ..
From morn 10am to 6pm ...
Anyone ..
From outside ..
No matter if you are our school students or not ..
You can come and purchase things ..
And it has 80% off ...
Its much cheaper then outside alot? i guess ..
So do come down to CLEMENTI ITE ..
Multi-purpose hall .. =)

Got to go for BC tuition ..
Will post again .. =)
Take care all ...

6:49 PM

Monday, July 23, 2007

At self access room ..
So bored ..
Nothing to do ..
Do this also bored do that also bored ..
Do project also bored ...
What can i do?
Mrs Wo not here ..
No lesson ..
No class ..
So bored ..

1:30 PM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Said that i didnt want to post but everytime after i finish saying it ..
I would still post ..
Haix ..
Anyways ..
Had BC lesson on Thursday ..
Amanda didnt come again as she was sick ...
[hopes that she will get well soon and come back next week]
So another relief teacher came and teach us ..
Her name was Mrs or Ms Diana ..
I forgot what's her name ..
She is very very ..
I dont know how to describe her ...
I or i can say WE dont like her lesson ..
As sy said in her blog ...
I called her 'sibei guai lan' ...
Cause she did something and changed my place with another malay guy i think ..
And when i turned back to sit back to my original place i say to sy "this teacher sibei guai lan"
And she and fong was laughing at how i say that word ..
Anyways ..
Just really dont like this teacher ...
Just really hope that amanda will come back soon ..
Fri's maths lesson i have already quit ..
And ask YM to come and teach me ...
Was quite fun that day ...
Hmmm ..
Hope i wont play around when she is here and will concentrate ..
Sat YM came and i accompanied her to bring her comp back home ..
We took a taxi home and when i suddenly could not find my hp ...
I thought i left it on the taxi ...
So i quickly took Ym's phone and called my phone .
It was in her bag .. -_-
Stayed at her home until 8+ and went o Sunshine place ..
Buy bread and Big M ..
The drink that me and sy wished to drink ...
It was cheaper if bought 2 bottles so i bought strawberry and chocolate ..
It taste like milk ..
But not that sweet ..
Anyways ...
Will be going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks time ...
Hope that it can come quickly ...
And and .. next week ..
I would be on duty for watson's sales at school ...
Dont know how it might be ..
But hope it would be fun .. =))

12:45 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007

3月25日 生气蓬勃




3月25日出生的人可能会显得机智圆滑,但是率直、急躁的脾气,也会为他们招来一些麻烦。幸好别人也都知道他们内心是颇正直的,所以很容易就原谅他们了。有几个谈心的知已朋友,对3月25日出生的人而言相当重要,这些亲密朋友围绕着他,就好比是可以保扩他的缓冲器--不只是隔开外界的批评,也可阻止他们自我毁来的冲动。那么,当他的知心朋友有什么好处呢?嗯!除了一分知心的满足感之外,还可以随时去找他(如果他有空的话),要他给你劝告、时间甚至金钱。他们周遭的亲朋好友、上司同事,都必须学会放任他们单枪匹马地向世界进攻--旅行、体验,甚至以他们最独特的方式去爱、去关怀。唯有给他们自由,他们才会在情感和身体上,无拘无束地释放出爱。 幸

运数字和守护星 3月25日出生的人受到数字7(2+5=7)与海王星的影响。受累影响的特征是独立,因此3月25日出生的人有时候会非常孤僻。所有充满动力的活动,都会受到牡羊的主宰行星--火星的影响而加强。受7这个数字主宰的人喜爱旅行,既是因为旅行本身就很有趣,也是因为想要了解其他文化。由于海王星的影响,这一天出生的人应该留意非现实状态、奇异的梦境或幻象。 健康 3月25日出生的人因为忙着向外发展,所以几乎没有时间照顾自己的健康。他们常自以为天生很健康,并因此忽略一些病痛。他们可以有好几种病痛缠身,却仍然一年度过一年,真是怪哉!建议他们应该每年定期做一次健康检查。剧烈的运动是保持身体健康和消除赘肉的好方法(3月25日出生的人通常喜欢大吃大喝,重质也重量,因此容易发福)。良好的食欲当然是合乎健康的,但是应该尽量避免过多的盐、肉、奶制品以及酒精。建议 你确实是个难以掌控的人,偶尔需要克制自己一点,毕竟自制和纪律是很重要的。学习去调整、节制,以及温和些,并且学着去欣赏沉默和寂静的价值。试着想想:外在世界真的有那么重要吗?

名人 托期卡尼尼(Arturo Toscanini)意大利裔美国籍指挥家,古典乐坛的传厅人物,曾经担任“大都会歌剧院”、“纽约爱乐”、“美国国家广播电台交响乐团”指挥。
美国知名福音及灵魂歌物艾瑞莎富兰克林(Aretha Franklin),曾荣获多项葛莱美奖,并入主“摇滚名人堂"。
“达美乐披萨”总裁汤姆莫纳干(Tom Monaghan),也是底特律老虎棒球队的老板。
博格勒姆(Gvtzon Borglum)美国雕刻家,美国南达科塔州拉什莫尔国家纪念区的四大总统雕像,就是他的杰作。
英国电影导演大卫连(David Lean),作品有《桂河大桥》、《阿拉伯的劳伦斯》、《齐瓦哥医生》及《印度之旅》等多部史诗巨片。
英国歌手及作曲家艾尔顿强(Elton John),屹立澈地乐坛二十多年,最近以一首悼念戴安娜王她的《风中之烛》风靡全球。为19世纪时的国际知名作曲家,被喻为"捷克民族第一们大作曲家"其代表作包括歌剧《买卖新娘》、交响诗《我的祖国》等。

塔罗牌 大秘仪塔罗牌的第7张是“战车”,牌面上的胜利者以一种强而有力的姿态,展现他在人世间的丰功伟业。这张牌可以解释成:不论正道多么艰险难行,你都得继续走下去牌面正立代表成功、有才能和有效率;若牌面倒立则蟑示专制的态度和拙劣的方向感。

静思语 男性在动物王国中不能以真面目示人。

优点 精力充沛、忠诚、独立。
缺点 喜欢批评、自我毁灭、迟钝。


6:17 PM

Guess i wont be posting for the time being ..
Tired of everything ...
Anyways ..
Since no one tags ...
Only i know who ..
And i cant use the comp so often anymore ...
SO ..
Ya ..
Take cares all ..
Anyways .. will be flying off to HK on 4.8.07 ...
Wouldnt it be better that i dont come back?
Nono ..
I should just disappear from this world ..


2:11 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2007


3:41 AM

Haven been posting for almost 1 week ..
Didnt felt like posting so didnt post ..
And was sick for like almost 1 week ..
And i am still not ok yet ..
Alot better but not ok yet ...
Whats that virus in me?
Why is it not going off ..?
Maybe it wants to kill me?
Hahas ..
Me and my imaginations ...
Anyways ..
Holidays ended and school started ..
As usual those tuitions and projects to be handed in and new projects coming ..
O levels coming too ...
ARGH ... feel so stressed up and feel like just dying off ..
So much projects but done by?
Haix ...
Anyways ..
Went for tues tuition but ..
Actually did not want to go for the tuition but dont know why the stupid in charge of the tuition came and asked why are we not in class yet ..
As i did not want to go into my owe class because i am alone ..
I went to sy and ym's class and that stupid CHEM teacher ..
Feel like biting him ..
The 3 of us were not paying attention ..
When it was break he told sy ..
Ask your friend to go drink coffee if she doesnt want to pay attention ..
Didnt know who he was refering to ..
But it seems to be me ..

SO was quite pissed off by him ..
You aint any better ..
Such bad teaching and no one understand what he is saying ..
I dont know how he lived till today being a CHEM teacher ..
The schools that hired him must be BLIND ...
Wed went for History ..
And another thingy that pissed me off ..
As i was still sick and my voice was quite "man" ..
It would be easy to spot my voice if i talked ..
So i was talking to sy when that stupid OLD WOMAN turned and looked at us ..

Especially ME as i was talking ..
She turned for the 2nd time and said to keep quiet or something like that ..
Who is she ..
Always arguing with the previous teacher ..
Thinking that she is very good in his ..
Thurday went to BC and Amanda did not come ..
As she had to attend a funeral back at her hometown ..
SO a relief teacher came ..
Ms Emma ..
She wasnt good ..
She seems to have no heart in teaching us ..
I find her abit attitude and sarcastic when she speaks ..
I can say that it was the first time that i felt bored and felt like sleeping at BC lessons ..
Please come back next week ..
We really miss you !!!
Was release at a very early timing ..
So reached home early ..
School was still ok ..
Changed a SBM teacher ..
Had new projects and old projects not done yet ..
Have to do role play and presentation next week i guess ..
Haix ..
How i wish i can dont do them all ..
Anyways ..
Will be going to HK 21 days later ..
Guess noone would miss me ..
No one would even know that i am gone ..
Because they wouldnt even ask ...
Hope that it would be fun and hope that i will enjoy the trip there ..
And learn some new things over there ..
I guess i might melt there ..
The temperature there is even hotter then SG ..
Am still sick now ..
Since last Wed i guess ..
Sick till this week with some slight fever last week ..
Flu, soar throat and cough ..
And sorry that i pass to MR LEMON ..
And cause him to be sick ..
It weekend already ...
1 week had passed so soon ..
It also means that O levels is coming nearer ..
Haix ..
And btw ..
I want my $26 back PLEASE ..
How can you not return my money ..
Why am i so kind to have lent you that jacket when i only wore it once and gave it to you ..
T.T ...
Have money to smoke have money to go out everyday ...
Guess you owe lots of money from ppl ...
Oh well ..
If ppl who know you see this then well ..
At most i die if that person tells you ..
But i am not in wrong in saying that you did not return me my MONEY ...!!!!

Changed the blogskin as i finally found a nice one ...
Why is it so difficult to find a blogkskin with black background?
Anyways .. hope it looks ok ..
Guess i might not post often unless i needed to ..
Maybe is because no one bothers to look at it even though i put my link at my msn nick ..
No one bothers to tag or look at it ..
And maybe i wont be online often unless i need to use it for projects ..
Or when i needs it ..
I would then need it ...
So ...

3:16 AM

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Been sick for the past dont know how many days ...
Seems to be like dying ..
Hahas ..
Feeling very tired ..
And my throat seems to be exploding at anytime ... >.< ..
Will post again when i can .. =)

7:02 PM

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hmm .. yesterday went to for science tuition at unity ..
We didnt go ..
We just stayed outside the classroom the benches there ..
With me and sy and ym and kiwi ..
Hahas ..
He also didnt go because because? I dont know ..
Anyways ..
We chatted and and couldnt stand the heat ..
It was so hot ..
We just let the time pass from 7 to 10 ...
And we went home?

Haix .. My Os coming and THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING ...
DIE ...
Anyways ..
Today wed went for History lesson ...
Sy was already waiting for me when i went down ..
And so we went to class as usual ..

Teacher is now different ..
Is a he and a malay ..
His teaching still okok ...
But when he ask us to the question ..
I was stuck ..
I didnt know how to start off with ..
I guess i am going to fail my Os again ..
=((( ..
Will be going to tanglin mall to study tomorrow ..


12:59 AM

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hmm .. feeling so lazy to post ..
So i shall post soon later ..
Hahas .. =)

12:30 AM

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Went to ChannelU's website to surf and saw this ...
校花校草追赶跑 ...
It is a new show that would be telecasting on August 27 ...
And would be hosted by Desmond Koh and Fiona Xie ...
Went in and saw what the show is looking for HUNKS and BABES ...
But also saw some which were not HUNKS nor BABES ..
Hmm .. and the weird things is that ..
Some which were not that good looking had lots of votes whereas those good looking ones have very less votes ..
Anyways ..
Saw quite a number of familiar faces and faces which gave me a shock ...
Anyways ..
You could go in and vote even thought you are not a poly student ...
So do go vote for those who are really HUNKS and BABES and let them get into the contest ...
Hahas ..
Got to go sleep soon ..
Its already 2.43am in the morning ..
My dark circles are getting from bad to worse .. T.T ..
Becoming a panda's friend soon .. T.T ...

2:38 AM

Yesterday met ym,sy and lemonuncle ...
After that took mrt to JE mrt to meet huihuan ...
Called to ask if she reached when we were at JE ..
She say she was waiting for her friend at bb mrt ..
So we waited for awhile when she finally reached ..

Went to vivo ..
Separated from huihuan and her cousin and went for lunch ..
Didnt know what to eat ..
And so we went to GAINT ..
And was like having pinic at Vivo ..
We bought bread and drinks and chocolate and wang wang ..
Found a sit and sat down ..
After that met huihuan and went to TANGS to do our project ..
She wasnt of much help actually ...
Cause i didnt know what i could ask her to help ..
SO i just did those i needed to do and we went for our window shopping ..
Hahas ..
We alked around but all 3 of us were feeling so sour and tired ..
Because of archery we did on Thursday ..
So after awhile we went to find a place to rest ..
Then decided to go have our dinner after that at Carl's Jr ...
M,sy and ym shared 2 meals which cost us in total 21.60 and 7+ each ..
We ordered Bacon with chicken and another one bbq chicken ..
Dont really remember what's the name of the meal ..
After which we stayed there and play zhong ji mi ma ...
Loser would have to drink lime drink + barley drink ..
At first thought that it would not taste nice ..
But it was not that bad .. instead it was quite nice ..

First one to drink was Ym ...
After that we changed to lemon tea ...
And lemon uncle add salt and i went to add pepper ..
It was salty and there wasnt anothe flavour except for the tea taste ...
At first when we didnt add salt and pepper ..
Lemon uncle added lots of lemon pieces but it was not sour also ...
There was only the taste of the tea ..
Anyways ..
When it was the last round and i added lots and lots of pepper ..
But i didnt drink ..
Hahas ..
I dare not ...
I know i very what but but ..
Never mind ..
Went to Far East after that ..
And the couple went home because sy cant go home late ..
So we went to walk around orchard ..
First to Heeren and ym bought a heels shoe .. white in colour ..

After that walked around Far East ..
It was raining when we went back ...
I didnt buy anything at all ..
But i spent all my money .. T.T

Today was very tired so slept until very late ..
After which in the evening went out with my mother to my father's working place ..
Had dinner and waited for my father to off work and we went home .. =)

12:00 AM