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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A brand new year has just came not long ago ..
And such a thing happen ..
Anyways ..
It has already happen ..
May god bless her in another world ..
Few days never blog ..
So came to blog today ..
Didnt work today ..
So stayed at home ..
Sleep almost the whole day ...
Hahas ..
I am like a pig .. =X ..
Will be going to work tomorrow ..
Gotta earn lots and lots of money ..
Will be working till new year eve ..
It will be the very first time that i wont be at home during new year eve ..
Will be working till maybe around 3am in the morning?
Treasure and cherish the days we have ...
This is what i will be doing ..
No matter what happens in the future ..
I'll not think about it .. =)
11th day ...

9:46 PM

Monday, January 29, 2007

I am so useless so so useless ...
Hai pa fu chu yi qie zui hou que shi yi chang kong ..
What should i do ?
I am confused ..
Haix ...

8:05 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Went to NYP yesterday ..
Had Mac there ..
It was much much more cheaper then the Mac we have outside ..
Their meals do not over go $5 ..
Hahas ..
And we saw quite a couple of familiar faces from our school ..
And saw Kenny too ..
So he asked if we would like to join him and his friend ..
We were ok with it ..
So together with them we tour around the school ..
Walked to different schools ..
Saw someone ..
Hahas ..
Lucky he didnt saw me and yummy ...
*phew* Around 4 plus we went off ...
Was thinking of where to go to ..
Then decided to go to CWP ..
But peace didnt want to go ..
So only me and yummy went ..
Walked around ...
Had ice cream ..
Hahas ...
Just walked around there ..
Until around 6 or 7 then we went off ..

Friday 260107
After work went to IMM to meet yummy ..
She wanted to see something ..
But it is actually today ..
She didnt get the dates right and just went ..
So we got something to eat ..
Walked around ..
It's the first time i went there after it has renovated finished ..
Actually nothing much ...
Just that there were many many new resturants ..
Went to Daiso to get the stuff which i wanted very very long ago ..
Then after that went home ..
It was raining ..
Back to yew tee ..
I decided not to take my umbrella but walk in the rain ..
Its been a long time since i walked in the rain ..
Just suddenly had the urge to walk in the rain ..
=) ..
End here ..
8th day ...
No matter what .. Only you ..
Sorry that i couldnt accompany you ..

1:59 PM

Saturday, January 27, 2007

7th day
Am sorry ...
Am just so stupid in this kind of things ..
I am new ..
Hahas ...
Update tml ..
Am tired ...

12:48 AM

Thursday, January 25, 2007

These few days ..
Am really unhappy with auntie ..
Dont wish to say ..
Yesterday actually wanted to meet yummy ..
but in the end we didnt meet ..
Wanna say hows her hair ..
Since that day ..
I didnt see her at all ..
MAY be ..
Going to NYP this coming Sat ..
IF i am not working ..
Hope can go ..
Kinda disappointed that i cant go to TP ..
Anyways ..
Today went to BPP, TW, Lot 1 and other places ..
Last stop was at Holland ..
But didnt pack ..
Because nothing to pack ..
So decided to take 61 back ..
Oh god ..
It took quite some time before it came ..
I should have took the bus to Clementi Mrt ..
Anyways ..
Did receive Kent de call ..
Asking me to go to IMM ..
Because the guy with pingsiew auntie didnt bring his IC as getting a pass to GAINT IC is needed ..
Its so troublesome ..
Called pingsiew auntie ...
She say she call me when she reach ..
She called and say i need not go ..
Because ez link cannot be used ..
So weird ..
Ez link is actually abit different from IC only ..
Both has photo ...
So continued taking the bus ..
Finally reached BB mrt ..
And finally reached YEW TEE ..
Hahas ..
Oops ..
People would know i stay there ..
Hahas ..
Ok i know i am lame ..
End here ...
Fifth Day ...
Am contented no matter what others say .... =)

9:41 PM

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hate aunties ..
They are bad .. =( ..
hahas ...
anyways ...
went to quite a few places today ..
Went to vivo too ..
Hahas ..
Just tired ..
Suddenly have the urge to quit today ...
But ..
Never ..
I wont give me de ...
Hahas ...
Going to sleep ..
Am tired .. =)

Third Day ~~
.. =)

9:20 PM

Monday, January 22, 2007

Was supposed to go to Lakeside to meet auntie ..
Be changed venue to Jurong Point ..

So met auntie over that ..
Took a bus to Pioneer Mall ..
After that went to ..
Hmmm ..
I also dont know where the place is ..
Think is around bukit timah ...
And before that went to turf city ..
After that the last place was Bukit timah plaza ..
Anyways ..
Dont know why wasnt in a good mood today ..
Feeling very irritated and frustrated ..
And on a mrt ..
A guy ..
Think middle age guy ..
Everyone was squeezing into the mrt ..
He was carrying a backpack ..
And i then found out that at the side of his back was his water bottle and it was like ..
Cold ..
I didnt mind ..
But his bag was like keep on lying onto me ..
And the bottle was wet ..
I tolerate and tolerate and finally i got down ..
And there was a patch of water on my shirt ..
So stupid ..
Anyways ..
Came home around 5+ today ..
Was real early ..
Only went to 3 places only ..
Earned very little today ..
From 9-4pm ..
second day ..
what might happen i dont know ..
Dont wish to think about it ..
Will just cherish the moment now .. =)

10:33 PM

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sat i dont know if i was working but i had to take off ..
So took off on sat ..
Told kent i couldnt work ..
It was because we were going to NP's openhouse ..
We meet up ..
Went to clementi's mac to eat ..
After that took the shuttle bus to NP ..
We first went to the atrium and saw many many ccas over there ..
And after that we went over to the convention centre ..
Saw a senior of ours ..
He is graduating this year ..
He is in quality management i think if i never remember wrongly ..
He told us about the courses they offer ..
Multidiscipline engineering ..
And after that we just walked about then later went over to the Business side ..
I meant school of business ..
The walked there ..
Played games ..
Then wanted to walk over to the other schools ..
But then decided to take the free bus there ..
So we did went to hms,fms,ict and life science there ...
Made a $3 catus there ..
Haha ..
We could like put those small small stones in the pot ..
A shuai ge made for me ..
=p ..
Anyways ..
It was fun there ..
Know many many courses ..
And their requirments ..
Much better openhouse then *ahem* RP ..
Oops ..
Anyways ..
After that went to LOt 1 bus interchange there to cut hair ..
With yummy ..
After that we went home ..
Tired ..
Hahas ..
Slept until 2plus today ..
Angry again ..
Why why why ..
Haix ...
Made *** angry again ..
I also dont know why is ** angry ... =(

4:29 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Work today is ok ..
Erm ..
Went to outram then after that tiong bahru then take then great world city and forum ..
Was tired ..
And btw ..
I went to this NTUC at somewhere ...
This auntie is so so naggy ..
She is always nagging and nagging ..
But she is working for NTUC ..
Hahas ..
Am sorry i made *** angry ...
I am sorry that i made you angry today ..
But lucky ** wasnt angry with me after that ...

10:45 PM

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Been working so haven been able to keep updating my blog everyday ..
Well ..
Even so ..
Its ok ..
No one bothers to look at my blog ..
Anyways ..
Work is ok ..
So stupid of me ..
Anyways ...
Been told by kent that i will be working till new year eve 3am in the morning ..
Weixiang said today will get pay ..
But ..
We didnt get ..
Dont know why ...
But well ..
Its ok ..
Never really mind about it ..
And weixiang said he checked the web and that our O levels results will be out on the 2nd week of Feb ..
I dont really is expecting it ..

Because i know my results will going to be bad ..
Sure fail ..
so i can prepare to go to ITE?
Maybe not even a ITE ...
Because i fail my maths ..
A F9 ...
Shall stop here ..
Take care all .. =)))
OH ..
And .. al honey ...
Thanks for always helping me to tag and giving me testimonials ..
I may reply your testimonials late ..
Am really sorry ..
But i will return them .. ok
Take care honey ..
Dont think too much of the bad and unhappy things ..
Love You ..
Misses you ..
You're just so sweet ..

9:51 PM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Been almost a week since i last blog ...
Been really tired and lazy to blog after i come back from work everyday ..
So haven been blogging ..
Time really flies ..
I have been working for almost a week ..
Although it is only a week but it seems like i have worked for a very long time ..
Anyways ..
Jobs as usual tired ..
Moving around those goods, cutting cardboards,shifting things,packing things...

Been going around many Ntuc or cold storage or gurdian or watson and also gaint ..
Its like exploring Singapore ..
Its quite fun to be able to travel around ..
But it can be tired ..
Ya ..
Thats my working days ...
Nothing much ..
But dont know why I am always on leave on Saturdays ..
Rest for 2 Saturday ..
But its good ..
I can at least rest at home for 2 days..
But the aunties cant ..
They have to work everyday ..
Without leave unless mc ..
They are more tired then me and yet they did not grumble at all?
Anyways ..
These few weeks many poly are having open houses ..
Singapore poly is like so fast ..
Theirs have already past ..
So decided yesterday night that to go to Republic poly today ...
So met up with yummy and peace ..
Went to cwp to have pastamania ..
After that walked arond cwp ..
Took a bus at the interchange ..
It's quite near like 2 stops only ..
So waste of bus fare ..
Reached there ..
Quite many people ..
Walked around ..
Saw huiyan ..
Saw 1 of my pri school friend ..
I though she knew who i was ..
I was like waving like a crazy person ..
Yet she doesnt know who i am ..-_- ..
Anyways ..
Walked to various departments?
Nothing much actually ..
Didnt really get to know much things ...
But to say ..
Their school is really quite bad ..
New also ..
So ya ..
Will be getting more busier i think ..
As new year will be coming soon ..
But i'll to post when i can ..
Probably only when i am off ..
But .. anyways ..
Thanks for tagging ..
Only 1 or 2 person only ..
But .. nvm ..
I'll end here ..
take care all .. =))

2:57 AM

Monday, January 08, 2007

Was suppose to post this yesterday ..
But due to the tiredness i DIDNT POST
Anyways ..
Yesterday 8/1/06
First went to JP to meet Pingsiew auntie and weixiang ..
Then there was another auntie ..
After that i knew her name is Jaslyn or Jasline?
Anyways ..
JP's packing was real real tired ..
Many stuffs ..
And i followed Auntie Jaslyn and Auntie Cat?
I think ..
She keep asking my to cut the boxes ..
It not just cutting empty boxes ..
But boxes that contain the EGO product ..
There were tins of erm ..
Chocolate and Strawberry waffles ..
Its like ..
If i use too much strength i might cut the tins and leaving scratches ..
If i use too little strength the cardboard will not break ..
Actually ppl may think just cutting boxes only ..
But it can be tiring ..
Real tired ..
I was cutting those boxes at JP almost throughout ..
Only at the ending i went to pack some things ...
After that went over to Liberty?
Jp have Ntuc/FairPrice/Cold Storage ...
And also another supermarket Liberty ..
So went over ..
Oh ..
This time it is much more simple job ..
Just go to the cashier and scan how much the product is and put the price tag ..
SO relax ..
Hahas ..
After that went to eat ..
I ate only 2 egg tarts ..
After that me,pingsiew auntie and weixiang? i forgot if he was there ..
Ken send us to Bukit Merah ..
Only me and pingsiew ..
We packed those new year stuffs and some normal package ..
After that went to Tanjong Pagar ..
After packing went to Tiong bahru ..
But i went to lot1 ..
Walked around and ate my dinner and went home ..
It's actually fun working ..
I meant this job ...
But at the same time it is also tiring ..

作詞:曹格 作曲:曹格 編曲:凃惠源
其實我不錯 可以考慮我 什麼都可以
Just don't say no 我們手牽手 
沙灘走一走 只要跟你在一起就足夠
你一定不會後悔 我只有一個要求 
就 是要對你好 永遠不讓你流淚 
永遠都不讓你心碎 希望你相信我 

9:49 PM

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Started work yesterday ..
Meet pingxiu at JE mrt at 9.15am ..
She was abit late ..
Saw a guy also waiting ..
Was guessing if it was also one of the packer ..
Then waited and waited ..
Pingxiu came and the guy was also one of the packer ..
As I was told by Ken[the boss's son] that normally he would put 4 person in charge ..
Bukit Ho Swee was our first destination ...
Went to the NTUC there ..
Waited for the goods to come and so waited around there ..
Chatted with pingxiu ...
Btw .. the guy is 1 yr smaller then me ..
Was abit slow as it was our first time ..
I packed those package form goods into the bins ..
Something like shelf ..
Put the price tag thing and cut up boxes ..
After that we walked back to Tiong Bahru plaza to wait for Ken to call to tell us the next destination ..
Pingxiu went home as she was sick and couldnt take it anymore ..
Waited for awhile and Ken came to pick us up to the next destination ..
Went to Peace Centre ..
Oh .
And met up another two ..
I dont really know their name ..
It was fast as there were 4 of us ..
In 1 hr time we finished packing and went on to the next location ..
This time we went to Ginza Plaza ..
At first i dont even know of this place ..
It is located at Clementi ..
Ya ..
And we were dropped off at a hawker centre ..
We had our lunch and after that went to the Shop 'N' Save there ..
But had to walk around as the goods have not come yet ..
The plaza was like leng qing qing ..
Not much people ..
Finally the goods reached ..
Also we packed everything almost 1 hr plus ...
After that rest at a place to wait for Ken to call ...
Then Ken called and said we could go off ..
End of the day ..
I still asked .. "HUH? off work already?"
So we took a bus back to Clementi Mrt ..
After that we went our separate ways ..
I then went to Lot 1 ..
Waited for both yummy and peace ..
So i went to the library to read books ...
Waited and waited ..
One of them sms me ..
After that i decided to get out of the library ..
I callpeace to see if she was coming .
Waited quite awhile she came with angel and baohui as they were working together ...
After that we walked around ..
Bought something to eat ..
At around 6+ they had to go off ..
I waited for yummy ..
Have waited for her for almost 2 hrs ..
Was very fed up ..
Was tired and had to stand there and wait for her ..
But anyways ..
Nvm ..
We walked around ..
Bought lip balm ..
Yummy also bought ..
After that walked around ..
Someone ask me go kfc to see his friend .. -_-
Hahas ..
Anyways i went but dont know if it was his friend ..
Anyways ..
We then went back home ..
As the both of us might be working tml ..
Was real tired yesterday ..
I dont know why ..
Really felt like sleeping the moment i was home ..
But i didnt ..
I did bath and had my hair dry and went to bed ..
Will be working on Mon again ..
As pingxiu is on mc till monday ..
The job's actually quite easy and when familiar with it everything will be ok i guess ..
Was tired yesterday so came to post today ..
^^ ...

作詞:姜憶萱/顏璽軒 作曲:小冷
到底該不該哭泣 想太多是我還是你  
也開始懷疑 眼前的人 
曖昧讓人受盡委屈  找不到相愛的證據
何時該前進 何時該放棄  

1:00 AM

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OMG ..
I finally finally found a job ...
Hahas ...
I working as a packer?
Really is a packer ..
But is better then the previous one ..
As this one is really pack things ..
Will be going around NTUC to pack new year goods ..
The brand is i dont know ...
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
Be working tomorrow ..
Was watching superstar and suddenly my phone vibrated and i answered and it was the person in charge ..
Call ken? or kent?
Hahas ..
Dont know ..
So he said you be working tml ..
I was so happy ..
I thought they would be calling tml to ask me to work and didnt expect it will be working tml ..
Anyways ..
Am really happy ..
Got to sleep early today ..
Think wont be online as often ..
Maybe at night ..

作詞:Kang.Hyun Min 作曲:Kang.Hyun Min
你說我比較像你的好朋友 只是不小心擁抱著
你道歉 你難過 於是我給你笑容
誰在乎我的心 還會不會寂寞

11:39 PM

Ever since i went out to KSTER with laopo ..
I dont know why ..
Been always feeling so tired ..
For the whole of last month ..
Been always sleeping at 4 or 5am in the morning and waking up in the afternoon ..
The whole thing has been turned over ..
Is it because of mixing up my time that there is something wrong with me?
Always feeling tired tired and tired ..
Anyways ..
Off my comp yst at around 5+ or 6am ...
Went to lie on my be ..
But couldnt get to sleep ..
Until 7am i still couldnt sleep ..
Hear some sound of opening door ..
And my mother was awake ..
So i also woke up ..
Went to look at newspaper ..
Had breakfast ..
Waited for my mother to buy Straits time ..
Looked into the classified ..
Called some ..
Needed to go for interview ..
Anyways ..
After that ..
Wanted to sleep before going out ..
Sleep for around 1hr and got woke up by my mother ..
Went to West Mall ..
Actually wanted to change a new number and get a new phone ..
But my mother ..
Said that the phone is too expensive ..
In the end ..
Just went to the M1 service centre or something like that ..
Changed to student plan ..
With 1000 sms ..
Free incoming ..
150 mins outgoing ..
Free outgoing calls to 3 M1 friends ..
And some others things ..
Came back ..
Went to sleep ..
Was really really tired ..
I also not sure why am i so tired ..
Had dinner watched tv ..
Smsed .. Bath and decided to come online ..
Suddenly had the urge to blog ..
Going off soon ..
I am tired again .. =((

燭光晚餐 像一場美夢
一束玫瑰 交到妳手中
這一天 這一刻 
這一切 妳屬於我 
妳每天晚餐都陪我 美味比不過妳溫柔
從此以後 我愛妳 妳愛我

1:48 AM

Suddenly felt like blogging so here i am ..
Saw Yummy's post ..
Thinking back ..
There were really really many many mermories we had last year ..
In 5-2 ..
Those laughters,sadness,quarrels ..
No matter what it is ..
We can no longer go back to how we use to be ..
Those days we had ..
Mr Teo giving tons and tons of Maths remedials, Maths exam papers ..
Mr Low .. the teacher who is always talking and talking but the whole class is doing our own things ..
Mdm Juliana and Ms ??[oh no .. i forgot her name .. sorry .><] .. we would be separated from science classes ..
Liang Lao Shi .. 1st time taught by him ..
Was actually quite a nice teacher .. Always telling us things or his daughter .. as our class always ask about his daughter ..
Mdm Fauziah ... teachng us bio .. but always same sleeping some listening only ..
All those memories .. which i will not forget ..
Staying back to decorate for the Chinese New Year Notice board competition ..
Was all anxious that we would get the first prize ..
5-2 won ..
We were so happy ..
With Mr Teo around ..
Seems to be good ..
But there are also moments that we make him angry .. make teachers angry ..
Ms Fern ..
The friendly and nice english teacher ..
One teacher whom who were close to .. and would NEVER FORGET HER ..
I really really missed those 5 years i had in REGENT SECONDARY ..
We may always say eee .. this school is so bad .. blah blah blah ..
But .. i still like my school .. i didnt regret coming to regent ..
Never regret for choosing Regent as my first choice ..
Moving from yishun to yew tee ..
I really really am missing the time i had .
How i got to know my 2 laopo(s) ..
How much fun and memories and sadness and happiness and many many things we shared together ..
The times we had ..
I really would treasure them and never forget them ..
Gonna miss the teachers, those who i know from Regent ..
Today's the first day of school ...
But for me ..
I still could be at home sleeping like a PIG ..
And yet they have to get up early in the morning to go to school ..
Would be going back to school soon ..
Real soon ..
To get those expected results ..
To let Mr Teo feel disappointed despite how much effort he had put on me . hoping me to pass my Maths ..
Haix ..
End ..

假裝多好 我只要 只想要 
再擁有一秒 去相
一直會讓我依靠 繼續等待 
當愛失了焦 那些最初的美好

1:33 AM

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


6:01 PM

Monday, January 01, 2007

Met up with laopo at cck mrt ..
Took the train to outram park mrt station ..
Walked quite a distance ..
Bought some snacks to eat as both of us were a little hungry ..
Reached KSTER ..
Laopo said she forgot to bring her membership card ..
But the kind lady said it was already and would give us discount ..
She asked if we wanted sofa or the room that is Japanese style ..
So i chose sofa ...
As we never chose sofa before ..
The first song that we chose was 精舞門-罗志祥 ...
Sang from 2+ to around 6+ ba ..
Actually we didnt sang enough and wanted to continue singing as they issued us with a voucher ..
But the voucher is that it would only waive off the room charge ..
The other things would still be charged ..
So we left after the last song which is JJ's song ..
After that went to Mac to eat ...
After that we went to CK ..
And saw RUNTING ..
Was quite surprised to see her there ..
She was with her Mum ..
After that we went to This Fashion ..
Try a few outfit ..
But didnt buy them ..
After that it was kinda of late as Laopo told her parents that she would reach home by 8 ..
But it was already going to 8 ..
Was fun ..
Singing those songs ..
Really didnt had enough fun ..
Nvm ..
There is still other chance to go again ..
Oh ..
And there was this lady who is working in KSTER ..
Everytime we see her she would be having a very BAD face ..
She looks FIERCE ..
And scary .. and cold ..

作詞:陳天佑 作曲:曹格
我是真真真喜歡你 你是超辣甜心 
觸動反射神經 追你 我是真真真喜歡你 
不要眼神飄移 假裝你不在意 123456
秀出獵人電流 給你快樂我最拿手 
COME ON LET's GO 123456
不想欲擒故縱 幸福直接命中

3:38 AM

It 1/1/2007 2.31 am ..
A brand new year ..
Hope that everything goes well goes smooth ..
No matter its me .. or those whom i know ..
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone .. =)

作詞:徐世珍/永邦 作曲:曹格 編曲:Azlan Abu Hassan
這個世界唯一的妳 是我擁有的奇蹟
對我說的一字一句 都是我們的秘密
緊緊擁抱唯一的妳 無可救藥的堅定
就算世界與我為敵 我也願意 我什麼都願意

2:30 AM