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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Will be counting down to 2008 tomorrow at my house .
With piggy pig and sotong .

Having steamboat at my house .
Really hope sotong can overnight at my place .
Remember that phrase we learned from chipmunk???
So i want my wish to come true .
Anyways .
Cant wait until tomorrow .

Guess i wont be sleeping tonight until morning again .
Hmmm .

11:53 PM

Been at home .
Doing nothing .
Eat, sleep, online, chat on phone . blah blah blah .
And there is nothing to do .
I am becoming a pig already . ><
Anyways .
Wouldnt be going anywhere during the last day of 2007 .
Piggy pig will be coming to my house for steamboat .
But sotong's still not sure if she can come .
Anyways .
I am really anticipating for this day to come .
I hope that we 3 could be together on this last day .
For this whole year .
Many things happen .
No matter what they are .
Happy? Sad?
For this whole year .
We couldnt stick to together like how we used to be .
Sotong and piggy pig is in the different class and course as me .
Somehow i couldnt get use to it at first .
I am alone .
All alone in a new enviroment .
I've got to face everything myself .
But they had each other .
I could only blame myself for getting bad results for my Olevels .
Not like them .
Pretty and clever .
Anyways . luckily i did not get into their course .
They class was a great class with great results .
If i were to get in .
I will be the last in the class .
Its really long since we 3 had the time to have a heart to heart chat since we came into ite .
Sotong's attached . She cant always be with us .
Piggy pig's .....
no change .
Still as emo as i am , still as pessimistic as i am before .
Still as ugly and fat as before .
Still no one likes as before .
Nothing changed .
But ppl beside me seems to have changed .
All changed .
I am still UNATTACHED .
Noone likes me . noone ever will like me .
So i can prepare to be single until i DIE =)
1 more day .
And it is 2008 already .
How i wish i could get into poly .
How i wish how i wish .
Things could be different .
Things would be better for me .
I doubt so .
I'll still be in my own circle . =(

3:09 AM

Friday, December 28, 2007

Piggy Pig and me are planning to countdown for 2008 .
But .
We dont seems to have any idea on where to go to .
Sentosa? Kster?
No idea .
But we are now planning to have steamboat at her house and the stay at her place overnight .
But . dont know if her parents allow .
And it would seems to disturb her parents .
Where do ppl go on this kind of event?
Anyone can tell me?
Hmmm .
Again . been staying at home everyday .
I am like damn damn bored .
Mintmark called again to ask if i could start work on the 27 .
But i rejected .
Because i agreed piggy pig to countdown together .
SO if i were to work i wouldnt be able to keep my promise .
Hmm .
Should i continue to update?
No one seems to care anymore .
And and .
I feel so transparent to everyone .
My presence is not there .
I am like a lonely soul hanging around ppl .
I am nothing in ppl's life .
And i really really hate myself .
Really really hate myself . =(

3:09 AM

Went to amy's party on 251207 .
Met up with piggy pig at yew tee .
Walked to amy's hse .
We were like very weird and extra sitting at one side .
Separated from other ppl .
Anyways . we helped ourselves with the food .
Was like feeling so bad about it .
Was only there to eat and eat and eat .
As we were eating, there were children playing in the pool .
2 little girls were playing in the pool , 1 of them was trying to take off her friend's swimming cap and tried putting it back again .
But she seems to be drowning her friend into the pool .
It was quite hilarious .
We left at around 8?
After that we walked back to yew tee .
We wanted to buy some alcholic drink .
But i didnt bring enough money .
So in the end we bought 1 ice-cream each .
Walked back to my block and had a heart to heart talk with piggy pig .
After that i accompanied her to the bustop .
Waited for the bus with her before i headed home .

2:57 AM

I should really isolate myself .
I dont belong here .

12:24 AM

Thursday, December 27, 2007

原来不是白就是黑 只不过是天真的以为
要醉得清醒 要无辜的犯罪 现实的世界只有灰
坚强得太久好疲惫 想抱爱的人沉沉的睡
卷来的风暴 凶猛里有种美 死了心 痛就没感觉
灰色空间 我是谁 记不得幸福是什么滋味
无路可退 你是谁 怎么为我流泪
梦见发着光的草原 一身伤回到很久以前
我选择不恨 带着平静走远 醒来后 夜还是长夜
灰色空间 我是谁 记不得幸福是什么滋味
无路可退 你是谁 怎么为我流泪 紧抱着我流泪

12:00 AM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


我把回忆关进房间 眼前不断浮现
有你陪我所有画面 朋友说我变的沉默
变的有些难过 邻居都听见了寂寞
也许时间给的太少 没有珍惜你的好
城市太喧闹 你没有听到 我不该把手放掉
没有了你 没有爱情 什么都已经是空气
这些没有你的日子 没有了自己
没有了你 没有力气 孤单香水却来袭
我想念你身上气味 请给我 相互拥抱的机会
你离开后我才明瞭 幸福已经溜掉 你也许都不会知道
也许时间给的太少 没有珍惜你的好
城市太喧闹 你没有听到 我不该把手放掉
没有了你 没有爱情 什么都已经是空气
这些没有你的日子 没有了自己
没有了你 没有力气 孤单香水却来袭
我想念你身上气味 请给我 相互拥抱的机会
爱情如果都是微笑 那多美好
天亮的太早 在偷一秒
想你的笑 想听你吵 才发现思念发酵

11:57 PM

王心凌 - 还是好朋友
一句话就够 其他都别多说
过一句话就够 其他都别多说

11:50 PM

Monday, December 24, 2007

Went to meet piggy pig to lot 1 to buy something to blur sotong's bbq .
We thought we would take a long time tochoose the things .
But only took awhile and had nothing to do at lot1 . the bored place with nothing to walk .
So we smsed blur sotong if we could go to her aunt's place now .
So we took mrt to gombak to wait for her .
After which she bring us to see nasim .
She had her own stall . as a beautician .
After chatting for awhile , we went to 7-11 to buy a bag of ice .
Walked to her aunt's condo .
We waited at the bbq pit .
Only the 3 of us , when later blur sotong's mum came down and we started fire .
PIggy pig, me and blur sotong's mother started fire and with some help from blur sotong's brother .
Well , everything was fun , the food was nice , ppl were nice and fun and humourous .
PIggy pig was the main target of blursotong's cousin .
Everyone was shooting her saying that she was sotong .
Well she indeed was a SOTONG !!! .
We stayed around until 11++ .
First time we could have blursotong around until so late .
We cam whored alot.
Took around 40+ pictures .
It's been so long since we XIAOGUI had took pictures together and gather together .
But . we didnt had the time to have a heart to heart talk .
Never mind . i'm sure we will have one soon . =)

Blursotong's dad sent me and piggy pig home .
Was afraid to trouble her parents to send me home as i stayed at yew tee and they 2 stay at cck .
Anyways .
Want to say thanks to blursotong and her family .
I had a great day yesterday although i was damn tired .
Oh and today's christmas eve .
Tomorrow will be going to amy's party .
Happy christmas to all =)

9:35 PM

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tired . and i am like feeling so giddy and having a headache .
I didnt really sleep much . went to sleep at around 1+ yst .
But woke up at around 4+ . and after which i couldnt get back to sleep .
Until now . wanted to sleep but was woken up by my mother's nagging .
She's so noisy .
I was like falling asleep soon and she came into my room and i was awoke by her voice .
So here i am . blogging now .
Going to meet piggy pig to go buy some stuffs for blursotong's bbq later .
I think i'll go catch a wink if not i will faint at her bbq . =p
Will blog about it when i am back tonight .

12:10 PM

Friday, December 21, 2007

So so so bored .
Everyday at home . wholeday at home .
Doing nothing .
This only makes me think alot . emo alot . anyhow think alot .
How i wish i had a "HIM" to accompany me .
But i dont have .

My mother got a bar of chocolate from her patient so she gave it to me .
The chocolate had surprises .

The bar of chocolate .
ORANGE!!! But i dont know what flavour it is .
RED !!!
Caramel!!! I think so .

How i wish you were there .=(

11:14 PM


12:50 PM

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ahhh !!
Bored bored bored .
Its holidays but but . its like so damn bored .
I am doing nothing at home everyday .
Sleeping, slacking and ROTTING !!!!
I dont think i can get a job as attachment is coming .
Like 1 or 2 more weeks?
So i think i'll still be rotting at home .
Cant wait to go to SY's bbq this coming sunday .
And amy's party next Tues .
Hahas .
I dont know what to post already .
I'll end here .

10:34 PM

Finally had our gathering on Tues .
Got to see carrot, STUPID CHICKEN WING and bear .
We met at cck platform and YM was LATE !!!
I know she wouldnt admit . anyways . after that took mrt to bukit batok to take 189 to Clementi Woos's Sakura .
We had a hard time finding it . it was like at a stupid stupid place .
Lemon helped pay first and we all went to get our seats and food .
The food there is still ok . not really nice not really bad .
After eating for awhile all of us were like very full .
We were chatting and outside was raining heavily .
After the rain was a little smaller we went off .
Me and piggy ong shared an umbrella , sotong and lemon, chicken wing bear and carrot shared one .
My shoes was like all wet because the road were all flooded .
We had to cross over to the opposite bustop .
Me and piggy ong stepped into a big puddle of water and was nearing splashed by the water when cars drove by .
We took bus 30 to Boon Lay .
Decided to go to Jurong Point to watch movie .
We bought our tickets and popcorns .
Were ready to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks .
Me and piggy ong and sotong were like damn happy ?
They can sing and dance and talk like a HUMAN !!!
Quite a nice movie actually so do watch it if you can .
Christmas's near .
Will be going to sotong's bbq this coming sunday .
And amy's party next tue .
Seems occupied . Like first time i am occupied on christmas .
End here .
Its late .
I got to go sleep .

3:55 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will blog about today's gathering tomorrow . =)

1:25 AM

Sunday, December 16, 2007


12:53 AM

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today was the last day of school .
Finally our course ended . but its the start of attachment soon .
I miss my classmates .
Although not all . but some that i am very close with .
I'm going to miss the times we had .
All those fun and laughters we had .
My very fun and cute classmates .
All have come to an end .
Will all be going our separate ways from today .
All at different places for attachment .
Hope that we would have gathering soon . =)

You're so damn irritating, angry just over those tiny matters . Always commenting and commenting . Who do you think you are? What right do you have to comment on us? You are so unlikeable by us . Always thinks that you are right and we are wrong . Let me tell you . YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT OR SAY ABOUT US .

1:47 AM

Went to school for the last day today .
Time flies . its the last day of school for us today .
Can say that we are already have graduated .
Just only left with the attachment .
NONE of my classmates were in school today .
So i went to sy and ym's class . they were playing cards and chatting at first .
After that they decided to play the game murderer (dont know if the spelling is correct) .
I didnt join at first as i was really too tired . so i just watch them play .
After which sy keep encourage me to play so i agreed .
It was fun hanging out with their classmates .
Not even a single one came on the last day . so pathatic .
After which me and ym and sy and lemon went to novena .
Decided to go there for a walk . Last week me and ym went AMK hub . and this week we went to novena . Our daily routine on friday is to go walk walk .
We had our lunch at food court . after which we walked around .
We were very excited when we saw donut factory . our main aim is DONUT FACTORY!!
We 3 each bought 6 back home . Were very contented already . =)

1:39 AM

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Went to the teenage cafe at Bugis Street .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The menu and the order form .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Our names .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For me to know for you to guess =p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

F ????

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Coke Float .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I broke my 2nd favourite cup . Dont know why i keep on breaking my cups .

2:25 AM

Went to AMK hub with piggy pig last Fri i think .

AMK hub is quite big and nearly made us confused .

It seems to be like a maze .

We walked around looking for places to have lunch .

But everywhere seems to be occupied with lots of ppl and we didnt know what to eat .

But in the end decided to have Mac at the opposite building of AMK hub .

We walked around and bought a stall's yoghurt .

The saleperson was really good .

She kept on saying how good their product is and so on .

But we still bought the medium cup as the jumbo one is really huge .

And i cant possibly share half with piggy pig . how to bring home?

Went home around 5 or 6 plus i guess .

I dont really remember .

These few days from mon to today .

I haven been going to school for a single day .

Wanted to go on tuesday but decided not to . but wanted to go when they say there was coop .

But thinking that it is too bored and i am lazy to go out .

So eventually i didnt go to school .

Wanted to go to school today .

But kirine say the chinese were not going .

AHHH !! .

When i want to go they dont go . when i never go . they go to school .

Anyways . am definately going to school tomorrow .

Guess when i get this posted in my blog . it would be very very long later .


Oh . and went to bugis with piggy pig .

Uncle sotong wasnt able to go with us because she had to go out with her mother .

We were actually intending to go to library to find job .

But because i was afraid that i may have to start work early .

And i didnt have an appropriate shoes for work .

So i went to buy .

FINALLY i found my shoes .

We walked around bugis junction and bugis street .

As usual .


There were so many ppl as if it was sunday . when it was only a MONDAY .

The place was flooded with many many ppl .

We had no place to eat .

Finally at a later time we found seats at the food court .

OMG . a meal at that food court costed me 5.50 .!!!

Piggy pig also bought a shoes .

Her's is like nicer then me . T.T .

Went home at around 6+ .

As usual afraid that we couldnt have seats .

We took the train to marina bay and all the way back .

When there was an announcment that says that the train will be stopping at yishun .

THE 2nd TIME !!!

Always stops at yishun .

So we had to give up the comfortable seat and wait for another train .

Finally reached home .

Was damn tired .

As i slept at 6am in the morning and woke up at 9+ in the moring .

Like only 2 hours?

Got to go sleep now . If not my panda eyes will be getting from bad to worse .

2:04 AM

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Had my phase test yesterday .
OMG . i had to wear formal wear and heels to school .
Anyways . We wore school uniform to school and changed at school .
We had to do our make up at school so as to let teacher see our skills .
I guess i wasnt that good .
My marks aint that good too . ppl all had 4 4 4 . i only had 3 3 3 .
Anyways . never mind .
Just hope i'll pass .
Today didnt have any lesson at all .
Ms Chin wanted us to attend a painting workshop .
It was like drawing on a wood board and painting it after we draw .
I draw a dragonfly and a beetle .
After that they would help us make into a clock .
Anyways .
Now we dont have Ms Chin's lesson as she had finish teaching this module .
So we will not have her lesson in the morning .
Only left with Mrs Ang OIT and CDP .
Quite bored .
She aint teaching .
And we will only be using and playing comp at the comp room .
Will be going to amk hub with YM piggy tml . =)

11:03 PM


10:59 PM

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yesterday went to school late as there was not Ms Chin's letter .
Ym smsed me to ask me if i wanted to follow them and their classmate to amber to eat .
At first i didnt want . And because all that was going were her classmates .
But in the end i still agreed to go .

But when i reach school she told me that it wasnt open .
So we went to canteen .
While i was on mrt .
Amy smsed me to ask where i were .
She wanted to pass me the invitation card to her Christmas Party .
So finally reached school .
Saw ym and sy .
Went over to take the invitation card from amy .
Thanks for the invitation to your party and thanks for the card =p
After which saw huihuan and jolene .
We 5 had lunch together .
Went for lesson and ended at 3 .
Met up with sy and ym .
But sy had to stay in school to do project .
So ym and me went to lot 1 .
Accompanied her to her dental appointment .
Went home at around 7pm .
Today is their phase test .
Tomorrow's my turn already .
OMG . have to wear that formal wear and that stupid heels .
AND AND . have to put on make up .
I dont want =XXX

8:35 AM

I knew something from zhuzhu .
And i cant believe it .
It is unbelieve .
Even ym and sy cant believe it .
AND AND . ahhh . i just cant believe it .
So the person has been lying to us that he does not have gf and blah blah blah .
He lie to us when we were like school mates or friends for so long .
EEEE . what friend is this?
Luckily we are not in the same school now and wont meet with each other .
He's not good at all .
So flirt . Only treat girls friends that he likes good only .
Those he dont really like .
He dont give a damn at all .
Dont like this kind of guy .
Not good at all .
Still want say people flirt when you ownself is always flirting around .
Even flirting around with my friends .
I really cant believe it .

8:31 AM

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rainie And Dj talking
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rainie And Fans
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rainie Preparing for autograph
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rainie signing the BIG POSTER
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The DUMBO that i want very much from More Than Words . Anyone willing to buy for me? Just Joking.=p . Doubt anyone would .
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I dont know whats the name of this toy .
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Something missing from the staircase's wall .
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The missing piece .

7:18 PM

Met up with ym to go to BPP to see 楊丞琳 .
The session is at 1pm .
But when we went up to the place . IT WAS FULL OF PEOPLE .
So we went to rest and had lunch at the food court .
We were taking our own sweet time .
After which around 1.30pm .
We went back . and the UFM 100.3 's dj was talking . i dont know his name .
After awhile , he invited rainie to come out and she sang a song call 缺氧 .
Its the taiwan drama 换换爱 's song . After which she chatted with the dj and sang another song with dance 任意门 .
It was then the autograph session .
It lasted for around 1 hour i guess and she finished signing all albums . Said thanks to the fans and she went off .
She's really pretty and and her face is really SMALL .
Just like the size of one's palm .
After which we went walking around at BPP and went to Lot 1 .
There were Power Rangers .
Its like my childhood cartoon characters .
I watch it when i was in primary school .

5:48 PM