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Sunday, August 28, 2005

no time to update
will update when i can...

11:24 PM

Friday, August 26, 2005


11:14 PM

why why why why
why why why why why
why why why why why why why
why why why why
tell me why tell me why
tell me why tell me why tell me why
tell me why tell me why tell me why tell me why
just why why why why why why why
no one knows no one cares
all alone jus alone
forever alone not now but forever
no one understand no one really know how i feel
no one jus no one

11:02 PM

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Renfu on wanyu
Posted by Picasa

11:28 PM

today as pernormal had falg raising all those blah blah blah..today went to school quite late oso...didnt see her there..i oso dunno why?so sat down there for a while only den yan and min came le...den went to give out newspaper..she oso nv come..i oso dunno why?luckily today newspaper not much so give out very fast den went to parade square to sit le...after dat went to class first lesson is CME lo..den Ms Lee gave us do work call wat riddle-me or sumthing like dat de bahz..den after dat she went through bio with us..her teaching better den our now de bio teacher lo..I WANNA CHANGE TEACHER!!!lol...den after dat is eng...teacher nv come cos he busy taking photo for other classes...den after dat we was called to go down to oso take class photo..hmm..sec sch yrs..first time take class photo wor..sec 3 dat time de i didnt go..luckily i didnt go =p...den was a bit weird lorz...dunno why jus felt weird..min wasnt sitting wif us...she was separated with us lo..den after dat was informal de ma..so we changed places..we went over to her place...after taking cos only left ard 20 min like dat only den cher brought us to library lo..but e librarian wasnt in so we waited outside den waited and waited suddenly siyan saw sumthing behide her...it was e librarian..she was inside all e while..but we thought she wasnt...den didnt go in..in e end lo..cos recess...den we went to canteen den bought our food den went back to class to take our bag den went to sewing room le..den had so long hrs of fnn theory lessons with Ms Sng lo...haiz..den she let us play a very "fun"game..not very fun la..still ok bahz..den after dat we went to class for our bio mock exam...didnt noe how to do so i noe i fail liao le lorz...it is last year de n level bio paper...die already..if n level oso like dat...haiz..me no hope le lahz...den after dat yan say wan go mama shop so went there bought sumthing to eat den i took bus went hm le..today didnt go to lot 1 wif them...

6:28 AM

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

hao jiu mei post le...da gai you 11 tian mei you update wo de post le...ying wei wo de dian nao huai le...xian zai zhong yu hao le...hao gao xin wor...haha...so many things to dl...many many many days nv see wanquanyule le wor...many many many many days nv see fufu le..hao xiang nian fufu & a-wei wor..hmm...
today had a celebration for min yan and carrot de birthday...cos their birthday falls on 13 yan,14 min and 15 carrot de birthday so celebrate lo...den came to my hse downstairs de playground there...got hmm...got strawberry,chicken wing,carrot,kiwi,lemon,noel(but min give him a nick LIME...haha)water bear den me,min and yan lo....den played zhong ji mi ma den lose de mus eat either sushi wif many wasabi or some "nice"de jelly i made...hahaz....hmm...quite happy de ba dat day..hope min and yan had a happy day today..tink so ba...got so many ppl celebrate wif them wor....
jin tian shi yan yan de birthday wor...ke shi wo men mei you he ta yi qi ying wei wo he min you bu xi...but nvm...friday120805 got celebrate le...hope she had a haapy day that day....
today is min min de birthday wor...den yan yan today going have celebration...den min say wanna pierce ear hole ma...so decided to go together wif her to pierce her ear lorz...since today her birthday den after dat headed to yan de hse...having bbq wor...den reahced there le..got helped out abit...den min was playing ard wif zhiming[yan de didi] den yan de cousin's lorz...den later got ask lemon to come since he noe we having bbq ma...den he bring his gf den hmm...we all played until around 10 or 9 plus den go hm lorz...
today carrot de birthday but oso is start of our prelim....
END-OF-PRELIM...today finally end of prelim le wor...hmmm..today is chinese paper....den after chinese paper went to watch THE MAID...OMG...kinda of disgusting lorz....still ok not quite scary but den beside me is min she like always see horror moive is jus pay for e ticket only de...cos almost whole show is covering her face wif sumthing...den at e other side is yan..yan hen yong gan wor...she not scare de...nv even cover lo...watched thru out the movie...den jing oso very scare...can hear her scream de..=p...
nothing do ba..jus had e stupid CDAC tuition at kranji sec...wif e "tay terik"kinda of boring den always match making the nick and e jesrina..sumtimes i feel that i having match making lesson lorz...and ya...b4 that went to lot one wif min to buy my 5566 de cd...cos out le..finally...waited for sososososo long den 3rd album finally out le...den got bring discman today so went to library sat dwn and listen lo..den after dat den went to tuition...
nothing to update today...
start of school today...monday...so boring...hmm...jus as normal went to school...recently kp waking up late so go to school oso late lo...den didnt noe jing called me until i went to class den i saw a missed call...ps..me didnt feel e vibration...den had flag rising lahz..blah blah blah...today mrs loe nv come wor...den mdm juliana oso nv come so ms yeo came and we stayed in class...so happy...finally can stay in class again le..cos always chem lesson is we go lab de...cos split into two classes ma...recess today got chased by the school de teachers or incharge de ba...so no choice have to leave e class so stayed outside de class lo...den after school went to lot one to have lunch wif min and yan den went to sembwang music to see kelly and weilian de cd...quite expensive actually...7.90 wif two songs inside...was repeating 5566 de disc for these few days...
today as usual...quite late den reach school...cos very late den wake up...den say jing den waited for min and yan...today came awhile only they came le lorz..den went to pareade square aden have flag raising and blah blah blah lorz...den had lesson...mrs loe nv come again today wor...den free lesson lor..came a weird weird de teacher...call tee arh?i oso duno...den after dat recess was again chased out by e person lor...den went to near range there..den suddenly saw canteen there de ren was all like looking at sumthing...den was thinking mus be sumthing happened at e canteen there...den really lor...e jes arh?den e issac they all fighting lo...ya..den today mdm juliana oso nv come den ms yeo come lo...after dat we went to lot one have lunch den they had kfc den i didnt eat after dat went dwn to ntuc...yan wanna buy sumthing..after dat come up le...den saw lemon..den me jus continued walked away lor..den yan was laughing den min no reaction ba...dunno why...abit weird weird de hor...maybe we a bit paiseh or wat ba..i oso duno...end me today de post le...later need go study bio mock exam and fnn test le...

5:59 PM

Friday, August 12, 2005

[My stUpid compuTer]
these few days nv post le..cos my computer spoil..arghhh....stupid lor....cannot use computer...so sad...so until after prelim den will get fixed bah...haiz..i cant see wan quan yu le liao le lahz..so sad...i wanna see renfu.... already one week and 5 days like dat nv see him le..cos he sick den on leave fer wan yu fer 1 wk den these week maybe back le ba..but i cant see him..anyways...prelim reaching liao le...but i dun seem to have prepared for it..i die le...sure fail already this time...anyways...wont be online le since comp spoil...haiz...anyways..today going to celebrate yan and min and carrot de birthday hope it is a happy one lo....gonna go le...cos i using lesson time to post de...later teacher gonna catch me using blogger...=pp...will post when my comp is ok...take care all...

9:29 AM

Monday, August 08, 2005

[5566 de aLBuMx]
just posted some 56 de photos...arghhh..hao shuai!!!RENFU hao shuai...their new album coming out soon le...on e 190805 ba in taiwan...preorder will get e men pai wor...shoo nice...me crazy again le...hahahahaha...heard some of e songs...quite nice...cant wait le....hmm...maybe later den will be posting ba....

2:59 PM

3rd album [HAO JIU BU JIAN] Posted by Picasa

2:56 PM

MENGZHE!!KAWAII!! Posted by Picasa

2:55 PM

XIEZHI!! Posted by Picasa

2:54 PM

RENFU!!!hao shuai!!! Posted by Picasa

2:53 PM

56 hao you li mao men pai gua ka Posted by Picasa

2:51 PM

56 3rd album zhao xing Posted by Picasa

2:51 PM

56 with ashley(3rd album 1 of e producer ba!) Posted by Picasa

2:29 PM

today as pernormal woke up..cos woke up quite late de...so awhile later ned go meet min for tuition le...den after tuition...went home le ba...i 4got le..=p...haha..nothing fer today le....cos nothing much happened....
today min came to my hse to study...den she study ss den i study chemistry...oso dunno why...den we called almost all e guys to ask wat they giving to yan and carrot...all is dunno duno de...den after dat around 5 plus den min go home le lor...oso nothing much happened today...
today monday...but school only halfday only..cos tml is national day so halfday only...went to find jing den waited for min and yan to come den cos before was raining so cannot assemble at parade square ba...den went back to class....nothing to do at class...oso dunno waiting for wat....den chat with min and yan lo...den after day announcement ask us to go dwn to parade square....that time e sun very "small" very "not hot"....got the marching of different uniform groups den pledge den national anthem...blah blah blah....after dat go up to hall to see performance...kind of boring...den sing one song only...e new song by ruien and taufik...den got movement & dance e performance den got ELDDs de performance...after dat went to lot one again...went to sembwang music to enquiry see if can preorder 56 de album but haven yet...den went to food court to eat...after dat accompany yan to go pay e fine...den after dat wanted to walk around to find for present de...but den yan say wan go hm le so me and min only lo...den saw a thingy quite suitable de...so decided to buy that as the present...den at lot one oso got saw jing,peggie & baohui...den after dat jiu went hm le...jus now was chatting wif jing and strawberry about on e three person's bday wanna go where....after dat oso conference wif min,kiwi,strawberry & jing but still dunno where to go..haiz...stupid de lo....den e stupid strawberry kp shooting me and min and yan....stupid strawberry kp shooting me wif lemon e fruit....u win liao le lor...later u bday i buy you many many strawberry den cover u up wif strawberries den u noe....ask min de "brothers" to haunt u everynight.....dun shoot me again i tell u....always put me and lemon together..later ppl angry den u noe arh....although is not true de but also no ned always say right...stupid....

1:38 AM

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sorry this few days nv post cos slept quite early this few days de den have to study fer my fnn and my chemistry so nv post lo....min & jing & yan if dun wan read onn front must read behind okies...=p
today is tuesday....hmm...jus as pernomal lo...had lesson la....and blah blah blah lo....den recess time we went dwn to canteen....den after dat came up den ah yan gd lo...splash water on us den run away le...den couldnt find her in class or anywhere...dunno where she hiding....cos wanna splash her back...den saw her hiding behind jing when jing was walking towards us...den we were "fighting" in class lo...den i got splash her back hahaz...anyways...i had fun in class lo...den after dat nothing le ba...i 4got le..memory not good....end abt today de things le..

today is wednesday den oso as pernormal had lessons la...blah blah blah....today have chem mock exam and fnn had memory test....den recess time went to buy some food lo...den after dat is fnn le...went in den ms sng was talking to us abt e coursework things den exam de things den later taught us a chapter on soya beans de thingy lo...den after dat went up to comp lab to do our amendments on e coursework...den was rushing cos after dat got assembly so only until 12.30 den have to stop liao le...den after dat is assembly...have performers....aboutt neighbourhood de thingy..after dat went back to class to have chemistry mock exam...haiz...one word fail le..oso dunno how to do...den after dat went to lot one lo...we went to lot one and eat den walked around lot one den later we three bought KFC de sundae to eat cos haven finished ma...den saw e carrot they all again...den for sum reason min was chasing after carrot and chicken wing den she couldnt chase them so ran back...den suddenly she shout den we saw lemon beside her...den yan and min though of sumthing jus now at e supermarket den keep laughing and laughing..haiz..its about me de thingy..dun wish to say..always suan me wif that de...den after dat went off le...den read lemon de blog he though we was saying about him...but we was not la...sry to let him felt that way...
today as pernormal....had lessons...den his and ss went to comp lab...den wasnt listening to wat ras was teaching or toking about..all playing wif internet...den hmm...after den was english lo...e long winded teacher...becuming more and more long winded...ting le dou fan...den had other lessons..blah blah blah...den after dat went to lot one cos ned accompany yan to wait for jing..cos dey wanted to watch bug me not....but den jing de lesson until 3 so must wait fer her lo..den we walked around...den at bus stop saw kenneth ba..den went to lot one wif him ..i tink if i nv rmb wrong..=p..(p.s wo lao le..memory bu hao) den walked around lot one...had LJS den went to level 5 to see wat time got e show..we walked up den there was people filming show..dunno wat show lai de..den got sharon ou...ou jing xian...den we stood there fer quite long time looking and asked if there is still bug me not..den e sell ticket de say no more le...den we went dwn...wanted to take e lift den many ppl..min went dwn le...cos we couldnt go in..wanted to ask her cum out but e door jus close..so funny lor...den jus walked ard waiting fer jing to cum lot one..den we stood outside ts watching ge dou and la bi xiao xin...i wasnt really watching at all cos ge dou i watched b4 le den not really dat interested in watching la bi xiao xin..den hand very pain and swollen cos at LJS i accidentally hit e table...den yan walked away half way..so i ask min where yan going den she say jing at mini toons..so i also walk there left only carrot and min..after dat we walked out of mini toons den go popular den walk walk walk carrot bought sumthing for dnt ba..den hmm....den went to ntuc there..was playing at e escalator there..running up and dwn up and dwn..can run 2.4 liao le la...den after dat...tink went hm le ba...memory really not very gd...

today as pernormal....haiz...everyday saying e same thingy...starting wif e same heading..cos those things is i do everyday de ma..den repeat everyday as sian...sry if those seeing my blog...i noe very sian very bo liao very long winded...den today need to gif out newspaper...yan and min went to some class during assembly to gif out if not later ned gif out alot...den me and jing was looking fer ppl to take back their newspaper...den after dat walked around e sch to gif out e newspaper...after dat went back to class fer bio...so sian lo...always talk talk talk..nag nag nag...den do ws ws ws....after dat ss again went to computer lab....played wif einternet again...was typing my post, looking at frenster, listening to songs, typing e work ras gif us...den wasnt able to finish typing my post...den went back to class is maths...but not much time left so didnt do much jus go thru papers only...den recess time me and min stay in class only..jing & yan went fer recess...me and min was chatting la..playing ard..later hmm...they came back le...den dunno wat thingy i made min den she was chasing e three of us...she chased jing from our class one big round e fourth level back to our class...both very chuan when they came back...den water bear very funny he open a bottle of soft drink den everything gush out of e bottle cos got gas ma...den after dat is eng again....mr nonis gave us paper 2 to do...den the three of us very very tired felt like sleeping lo..but still have to do e paper...very tired..after dat is contact lo..did nothing ba..i 4got le..after dat went to lot one again..almost everyday go...cos dun wan to see ppl on bus after school as i taking diff de bus fr them...den always mus alone..i dun wan...well..den went to lot one to eat...LJS again..cos jing wan to eat....me and min share lo...den after dat walked ard lot one again...den ned go back to sch liao cos we wanna tu ji CLC...too long nv go le..so mus go see see....den on e way walked pass pizza hut...shuqin saw us den we chatted fer a while den went off le..jing den went hm...reached sch le..went to class 3/1 one which we normally go to de...haiz..pathetic is e word i can say...they were having drama lesson but taught by our CCA teacher...very very bad...so many things all do wrong oso nv penalise...we saw them acting a short short de drama fer abt 3 mins..is ji xing biao yan la...den we kan bu xia qu le..so went hm lo...thks to min and yan fer accompanying me take one big round....=p

*tO thOse hU gT read mE bLog de...really sry fer being so long winded and so boring wif my posts...but i really dunno how can i make it interesting and nice to read...if u find it boring den dun read ba..it only makes u more boring....dats wat i can say...dats e way i type my posts..i oso dunno how can i change so i oso cant help it...anyways..who cares..no one cares....no ppl cares...*

To*MiN & jInG & YaN*
these few weeks..quite happy almost spending everyday together..and dat day at e escalator there was really funny and abit childish la...we already 16 le...eh..no...min and yan haven 16 leh...but going to le la...my pocket gonna have a hole again le la...haha..but nvm...cos u guys all my precious de frens...=p..anyways..jus wanna tell u guys..realy really very happy..hope everything is like b4...okies...love you guys...(p.s sry if abit rou ma...haha=p)

10:42 AM

5566 aUguSt de sHaNg pInG Posted by Picasa

12:53 AM

Monday, August 01, 2005

CynDi nEw aLbUm(jing xuan ji) Posted by Picasa

11:40 PM

today as pernormal went to school den do all those things i will have to do during school hours...den quite scare cause today having chinese de oral lo...den today parry never cum to school..oso duno why but den oral he kept den noe he got soar eye....see him like quite serious de...must take care hor...strawberry...today in class very funny lo...cos he nv come den carrot and chicken wing got make a like tombstone like dat de thingy put at his chair there den e kiwi still go draw food la...blah blah blah...eh...u all very bad leh..like dat treat ur fren de....den after school oral le...waited for quite long de ba...around 4 sumthing den finish...e two teachers one guy one lady...both look like very tired like dat...didnt really looked at e guy de teacher...jus read my passage den fail liao le la me de conversation...nv talked much lo...die le die le...

]AftEr oraL[
after oral le...we actually is go library find min de cos me and yan last three ma..me le den yan den is issac...den when go down saw min,kiwi and f.w sitting at e porch there de chair...den ask le den noe is becos library alot ppl den they having test...when reach le porch there saw min she say eh...touch my hand touch my hand...den i was thinking mus be sumthing wrong den i didnt touch yan touch le den min say cos she touch strawberry de phone...aiyo...like dat oso scare...so bad of her...den after dat walk to bus stop cos wanna go hm le...den i ask yan and min to accompany me take one round..den in bus she asked min wanted to go my hse downstairs there to chat awhile not...actually min dun wan de..den after me and yan de pestering she agree le...hehe...den we went to my hse dwnstairs de playgrd lo...chat quite many ba..den later got a baby and sum kids playing there...den we nth to do ma..so played wif e baby boy lo...quite cute de e baby...den around 5 plus we went hm le...today quite happy de la..cos very long nv like dat le...last time dey used to come near my hse there de playgrd to play la chat la...ya...end my post le...see tml got time and got thing happen a not if not tink i wont be posting ba..must see first...=p Take care my frens...=D

11:09 PM