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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

im back like again to update this really dusty blog..
am still thinking whether to put back my tag or should i not..
im also thinking isit that tagboard is the one who is bringing in those weird spammers tagging..
because i go around blog hopping & seeing ppl who uses cbox has encounter the same problem..
Today was orientation day..
Initially i was still dreading it..
Thinking it's like so boring..
I do not know anyone there..
There are many many different departments..
But after it ended..
I found it rather ok..
Though some lectures were rather boring..
I even joined in the "amazing trace" game which i initially say i didnt want to..
Overall it was FINE~
Met up with hh for dinner & she bought me KOI!~
Day ended & tomorrow i'll have double work to do..
Hopefully i do not need to OT!

8:47 PM

Monday, July 25, 2011

Its been almost 2mths since my last update..

Have been really busy with work..

My blogger bug is gone for good..

But then..

I suddenly had the feel to blog TODAY!

which i dont know why either..

Guess i just needed to let out my unhappiness..

Everything that has happened..

I needed to let them out..

I dont like or want to keep them to myself..

Work on the 1st mth was stress.

Work on the 2nd mth was getting alittle better..

Work on the 3rd mth was good..

Work on the 4th mth is BAD! or should i say WORSE!

I dont know what exactly happened..

I was somehow suddenly "blacklisted" by the stupid demon in my office & another management..

I dont know why..

I seriously find it very very unfair..

Why must they pinpoint me?

Why am i always the unlucky one to get all these bad things?

I really dont understand..

I was being said to being ALWAYS walking around & CHATTING with my people..

I was being said i am ALWAYS talking during my work time..

I was really angry when i heard all these negative comments..

Why ONLY i got caught doing all these?

When there are people who are worst off then me?

Why people can talk so loudly and not get caught?

Why are there people who are the ones who really KEEP TALKING during working hours not get caught but me?

I dont deny i do chat with my colleagues but NOT ALL THE TIME..

& i also do my work but not ALWAYS chatting during work time..

Why cant that demon appreciate what her subordiates do?

Why must she always condemn us?

Why must she always pinpoint me?

She's really being bias to me..

She always makes small mistake into grave mistakes that could kill people..

I really dont get it..


She only listened to feedbacks that i do all these..


Did she really see me ALWAYS talking & chatting to colleagues?


Seriously i hate working life..

Working life seriously sucks..

I think most of people our age would think this way..

I guess we still prefer schooling..

But students schooling prefer working..

Friends know that i am someone who is considered strong enough that can withstand tough waves..

But after working here for 3 to almost 4 mths..

They already saw me breaking down for numerous time..


Is it telling me that this job dont suit me or?

I am being bonded now that i cant leave during this 3mths probation or if they sack me..

My 1mth's pay would be gone..

I am seriously already trying to tone down BUT..

If she wants to find a bone inside an egg..

No matter how good how obedient i am she still will have something to pinpoint & blame me isnt it?

9:32 PM