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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Been feeling so stress recently..
My mother has been rushing me to find a job..
I've heard that my sup paper results are coming out soon..
I am sure that i will remodule..
But problem is i dont have the money for my remodule..
Everything need money now but i dont have..
Recently the economic is not good..
It's really very very difficult to find a job now..
I cant possibly let my mother know that i've got to remodule..
I would be killed if she knows..

11:01 PM

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I seriously dont feel like talking to you..
Talking to you only let me feel disgusted!

10:00 PM

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag Replies

ya.. the makeover quite fun..enjoy ppl help me make up..LOL.. the paper i think CMI
To xueli - hahas.. icic.. so good hor.. can enjoy ppl help you make up hahas.. wah i think i also cmi for the sup paper's & this term's paper.. die!

yo man ! happy valentine day ! orchard rd is full of ppl lo..haha..i can put chocolate and my DIY golden rose in ur hongbao de =)
To YummY - valentine day pass so long already then you wish.. i said i want money you is dont understand english isit..

Ring me up if you need someone . I will b there for you, BB ;D
To TUTU^^ - LOLS.. you funny la.. i sms you.. you also never reply lor.. still dare ask me to call.. BB you really 不够朋友 leh..

10:50 PM

Finally finished my exams!
Thursday was my last exam CASE STUDIES!
I would surely fail that paper..
I only know how to do 2 questions out of 5..
I heard that my sup paper results from last term is out..
I guess my head would be ready to be chopped off by my mother when it is out..
Surely i would have to remodule =(
It's been a ZILLION years since i've gone out..
No matter it's shopping or going out with friends..
It's actually damn bored to be staying at home..
But then when going out too often it gets too bored too..
Would have to start looking for part time job now..
I still dont have the heart to really go start to look for those tourism jobs or whatever..
I feel that i am like only 20 & it's too early to step into the work force..
But neither do i want to continue study..
Letting the stupid school suck away my hard earn money..
I rather spend it on other things my OWN!
Gym next week..
Got to exercise till i cannot move.. =)

10:13 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes i really wondered why is it so difficult to have someone to be there for you..
I just need someone who can be there for me whenever i need them..
I just need someone to talk/sms/msn when i feel down or sad or even when i feel happy..
How do i have more friends?
What's the bad point of me that people hate me that much..
I seriously dont know..
I guess i need someone to enlighten me?
Is it so difficult to talk to me?
Is it so difficult to accompany me sms?
Is it so difficult to chat in msn with me?
Is it so difficult.....
I really really dont know why..

8:03 PM

I treasure every friends i make..
But just that the way i treasure them is different from the others..
But in the end..
People just dont treasure me like how i do..
Especially guys in particular..
They tend to break the friendship over some quarrels & arguements..
To me i am quite into horoscopes..
I feel that some particular horoscopes are really...
But i know ppl may find me superstitious..
But at times it is really true..
I dont really know how well or how bad i treat friends..
But i do know that i really treasure every friend that i come across..
Maybe to others..
Friends that you make online is not real.. or should i say its just an "online" friend..
But still to me it's still friends aint they?
I really hate to always be in a arguement with someone & in the end the person just break the friendship..
How it hurts when the person does this..
It means i am losing another friend when i already dont have much friends..
Should i be sad or should i be happy that this person is not worth to be friends?
I just dont get it..
Am i really that bad?
I guess there's no point holding on to someone when that someone has already declared he/she wants to break this relationship..
I've tried saving it..
But it seems that he/she just take this friendship for granted..

10:37 AM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's paper was...
I admit i didnt really studied for it..
But i still hope that i can at least get a D please..
After which went to bb..
walked around & went home..
On the way back home..
There was this old man..
He's damn disgusting..
Eating ang ku kueh on the train..
Occupying 2 seats...
Picking up the remains of the food that has dropped on the seat & putting it into his mouth..
It's damn gross..
Cant wait to quickly finish my stupid exams..
Cant wait to go to the gym & outing with penguin head!!
How i wish cert wasnt as impt as anything in the society..
Seems like i am not cut for studying..
I dont seems to really like studying but neither do i like to work..
So what should/can i do?

Dont talk to me..
I feel disgusted & you're irritating..
Talking to you will only shorten my life..
Never met someone like you before..

2:57 PM

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been like looking for blog skins recently..
But i've still found NONE..
Wanted to start studying for communications..
But the moment i open the book & what i see is tons of words..
I feel like shutting off..
But i've still got to study..
Maybe tonight?

6:04 PM

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marketing exam's over..
I just hope and pray real hard that i'll pass my sup papers..
Something really funny to me happened today..
I was actually waking up for exams at 8 today..
Suddenly there was a sms and it wrote "i'm in school now blah blah blah.."
I was thinking..
Isnt my exam supposed to be at 10..
So why is this particular person in school at around 7.30am in the morning?
I immediately called her & guess what..
She thought that exams was at 8.30am..
I was like laughing like dont know what..
So i prepared since i couldnt sleep back..
Met her at jurong east & went to commonwealth for breakfast..
That person's meiping..
How blur can she be huh..
I guess she's gonna kill me when she sees this..
It's valentine's today..
As usual..
I dont have one..
Well, valentine's for now has no meaning for me..
Just another particular day to be..
People out there i guess are all having good meals outside..
I'm having instant noodles at home..
How pathetic huh..
Happy valentine's to everyone..

2:34 PM

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Accounting paper today was.....
I just hope to pass!
It was still early when mp & i finish our exam..
Walked over to PS..
All shops were closed..
Was thinking of eating at the food court..
It was closed for renovation -.-
IN the end we had yoshinoya?
I dont know how to spell it..
After eating most shops were open..
Walked around..
Saw a couple of classmates..
Had gelare ice cream & was damn full..
Bought a slice of cake for my father as it's his birthday today..
After which we trained home..

Happy birthday Papa =)

6:03 PM

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tag Replies

walau leh! you like that post in your blog my tags , like ps leh. like tag a lot. haha. me and ahkor going back on thurs le. you wan go not!!! dont say nvr call you! hongbao a lot money! :D
To Fel - you all very good la.. always choose to go back when i am not free.. you will paiseh? like right.. you $$ face la.. eeyer.. stupid fishy..

dun wan gib ANDBAO also can... BUt present must hav.. LOL.. My birthday tis sun.. Dun forget we goin c each other on sat so MY PRESENTZZZZ... LOL...
To michelle - hahas.. lols.. broke liao ar.. how to give you present.. i got wish you leh..

yo man..new yr going to end soon liao..so i should ask a hong bao from you..haha..if not i cant get any hong bao..LOL..
To YummY - crazy la you.. you attached then you ownself never give me.. still tell me to give you.. you must have forgot to go back to IMH for checkup right.. must bring you back.. dont so lazy.. must remember to eat medicine..

unglam sausage
LOL u should noe who am i lol! eh u idiotic one..ask u gimme tat pic dun wan LOL kick ur pipi on sat hahaa =p
unglam sausage
LOL u should noe who am i lol! eh u idiotic one..ask u gimme tat pic dun wan LOL kick ur pipi on sat hahaa =p
unglam sausage
sh*t lols..
unglam sausage
sianx half! remodule = sianz sianz sianz lol.
unglam sausage
ur fan today " very small" so funny lol! =p
To unglam sausage - you this kuku LIM MEIPING!!! Meant to come and spam me jiu dui liao la.. tag so many all different timing.. but never mind i like.. that pic is mine ok.. ownself go find la so lihai.. stop laughing at my fan.. at least i got fan you got meh? sch sucks la..

hahas . change link din tell me ehhs . lucky im being updated ! ;D .
lalals ~
To zhuzhu - you very blur leh.. i ask you relink liao is you reply me in your tagboard later you relink de leh..

Dun take C92o as it can put keychain o.O And the cover is easily to drop
I had already lost my cover :(
* cannot
To TUTU^^ - i never say i want to take that phone ar.. i know you already lost your cover..

babe, yeah i got barred but she say she's gonna schedule a sub paper for us, you got barred too?
To fidel - oh.. hey pretty.. you went to ask clara? ya i got barred too.. & they say we have got to remodule i was like wth.. but i heard from my friends who went for the exam they say my name at the attendence didnt state that i was barred? it's like so weird..

2:24 AM

Valentine's this coming sat..
I am still the same..
Single ever since 20 years ago..
Whereas friends around me are all attached.. =(
I dont know why but because i dont like the crowd therefore i wouldnt want to go out there to squeeze with those couples out there..
Doing those "cold" actions..
I rather stay at home..
Unless i had that someone..
Unfortunately i dont..
Not in future i guess..
What a life i have..

I'm graduating like real soon after my exams..
Seriously i still dont know what to do..
My mother is always nagging me to faster go look for a job..
I dont really wish to continue study..
It's too tiring..
But i dont wish to start working either..
SO what should i do?
Get a rich guy to take care of me?
I doubt so..
I guess i'll just have to plan about it..

Where on earth is "Mr.Right"?

2:18 AM

Stupid school i have..
Was i or wasnt i barred from fnb's exam?
I received my classmate's sms asking if i was coming..
I was like i was barred why would i still go to school?
So this classmate of mine told me but my name at the attendence didnt state that i was barred?
I was like wth..
So was i barred or wasnt i?
Was it the school's mistake that they send me a wrong sms or did they not state it at the attendence?
What a "GOOD" school i have?
With such "GREAT" admin skills..

In order to get away from my mother as i didnt let her know that i was barred..
Mp & i had to get up early in the morning to go to YISHUN to have breakfast..
Which sound like kind of stupid..
Had mac breakfast & wanted to see the time slot for a movie..
But it wasnt open yet..
So we went to do manicure which was like a freaking $22 + quick dry $2..
I dont know what happened to me but i just went for it?
After which went to watch a movie called dont know what button..
It was a freaking 2hrs 45mins..
I almost died inside..
The story line is kind of long winded..
I was feeling tired therefore the movie is to long for me to withstand..
I totally wasnt in the right mood today which i dont know why..
Not much appetite either..
After movie went to have our late lunch at like 4plus?
After which we trained back home..

2:11 AM

Friday, February 06, 2009

What a stupid idiot school i'm in..
Barring us from exams and making us remodule just because of the fcuking 90% attendence..
I really feel so stupid & regretful to go into this school..
Still claim that they are a non-profit organisation when they are trying all means to suck away all our money..
Yet give us such bad services..
Attitudes Staffs..
Slow service..
Fcuking attitudes..
Stupid rules..
Sucking every single money from us just because of some stupid problems..
I'm am sure many ppl hate this school too..
Just that there is no place for us to complain just because it's not a govt school..
I seriously feel that this school is just there to cheat our hard earned money..
& letting me remodule my exams is a waste of time & money..
How many ppl who are actually very poor but had to choice to come to this school just like me..
Is saving every bit just to come up with the HUGE amount of school fees of 6k++++++..
Retake a exam module 30++..
Remodule a module 200++ for PC level, 300++ for Dip level..
What is this?
Everything you also want to collect money from us..
Do you think we are some kind of bank or what?
Maybe saying that this money are just to improve the school..
SO what if you improve the school when your staffs are so fcuking attitudes..
We come here to study but have to face these staffs..
As if we owe them tons of money..
Giving us a black face..
To think that at the beginning of the school..
You ppl could also print wrong a EZ-LINK card for students..
Sending results slips to A batch of students with another batch of students name?
May i know if our money is given for you ppl to send these results slips?
Wasting the paper?
& fyi,
It's not just one student who receive the wrong one..
It's almost the whole class i think..
Where on earth can these be typed wrongly..
Is the person blind or what?
I really regret coming to such a school..
Staffs treat us like we did something wrong when we are only enquiring about something..
They talk to us with a black face & monotone..
Their efficiency sucks...
Wasting me so much money & time..

7:43 PM

** VERY VERY VERY random =)


12:58 PM

Monday, February 02, 2009

My new love recently:
He's so DAMN FREAKING 有魅力..

Which phone should i get?

I've asked my friend c902 is like SO freaking expensive even if i upgrade my plan..
But w902 is like 100+ plus only?

6:13 PM

Sat went to school to have PBM exam..
Oh GOD! i hope that i can AT LEAST get a pass this time..
I tried my best to recall what i've studied..
Tried calculating the marks..
BUT i've only got like 30 or 40plus..
PLEASE i cant remodule 2 modules PLEASE!!!
After which went to Lot 1..
Had lunch at one of the restaurants at lot 1 which sells curry?
It didnt taste good..
Not what i expected when i saw it first..

The "unglam" sausage.. Mp should know what i mean..
Walked around & before that bought tickets for Love Matters..
The movie was still alright i guess?
Kind of funny & lame & a little RA?
There were quite a few parts which was really funny..
Bought a watch with MP..
Just found out yesterday that the watch can actually vibrate when there's an alarm rather then the old DI DI DI sound..
I got the orange one & mp got the green one.. But she couldnt differentiate the colour -.-
It was $33 at the watch shop at the MRT shops but it was $38 at Lot 1..
A difference of $5.. luckily we asked around before buying..

Morning called peguin head..
Initally wanted to meet a little more later as she was feeling tired..
I didnt want to as i wanted to come home earlier..
But in the end we were still a little tiny winy bit late..
Went to help my mother return her library books..
Bought tickets for The Wedding Game..
Went to have lunch at KFC..
I was like so FULL..
Fried stuffs again..
I guess i've gain alot more weight after cny..
We walked around..
Oh and i saw my ite classmate..
She going to be a MOTHER!
Was kind of shock to hear that..
But oh well, 世事难预料..
Finally it was time for our movie..
Bought nachos and went in..
Overall the movie is soso..
A little bored at some of the part..
Ending was a happy ending as usual..
Went to buy pearly soya bean from MR BEAN!
Been very addicted to their pearly soya bean..
Went home after which..
Gotta study for my exams next week..
Oh god 3 exams coming up next week..
Forgot to add on..
When we were watching the movie..
There was a little boy sitting right at the back at the last row of the cinema..
He was quite innocent and young at age therefore he was making alot of noise and comments at the back about why this why that eeee kiss etc..
A few rows in front of us were a few dont know if they were sec or pri school girls..
There were like exactly as noisy as the boy when they are like 嫌弃the little boy being noisy and whatever..
Ym & i was like arent they as childish as the little boy?
Making so much noise as if the cinema was their home..
We were trying to figure out what school were they from but to no valid..
Just some random stuffs =)

5:39 PM

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tag Replies

Hey Hey i update my blog le.. FINALLY.. LOL..
Ang Bao Ang Bao... wer is mine ANGBAO... LOL

To michelle - hahas.. ang bao? should be you give lor.. you attached leh.. i am single leh.. want also you give not i give you lor..

yo man..relink me wor..haha..
yo man..i relinked you liao lo..sy u dun anyhow anyhow sia..and ur baby very cute leh..ku chee ku chee..haha..

To YummY - you damn slow la.. you haven change your url i already relink you already and you ask me relink ownself haven relink me.. idiot.. of course la.. dont bian tai la.. fei li her.. she my erm erm.. niece? cousin's daughter is my who? lols.. and dont ACT CUTE..

linked. =)

To yanwei - thanks =)

hui ling
relinked! =)

To hui ling - thanks =)

stop changing blog url lahzxzxx. hehehe
wah. the milk bottle almost the half the size of the baby. hahahahah. i quit my job alr leh!
do you know , im felicia aka fishy aka fel. fel is shortcut name for felicia! LOL LOL LOL

To Fel - hahas.. okok.. wont change already la.. fixed liao.. really.. hahas.. the baby is like 2mths only leh.. and why you so fast quit your job already.. and i know you are felicia aka fel and i know fel is the shortcut for felicia la.. ZZZZZZ..

Relink u le Happy CNY

To ray - thanks.. happy CNY too =)

Relinked :D

To TUTU^^ - thanks.. happy CNY too =)

YO..i tell u someting!!!...OYM haven relink u man!!..hahax..=X..she gona kill me when she see this...

To Siyan - LOLS.. she bias ma.. now got ahem liao... dont want care about us liao lor.. her eyes only got ahem ahem.. &&& you you you.. better update your blog i tell you ah ah ah..

Ben Ong (from ex-RGT)

To Ben Ong - erm you no need to say who you are actually i know who you are.. happy CNY too =)

linkeded =P

To SkYz - thanks =)

9:24 PM