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Friday, June 27, 2008

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These few days have been studying for exams .
Not really studying the whole day .
Slack around, use comp, watch tv, eat & sleep of course .
Anyways .
Yesterday received ym call & she told me that she won the KENJI's music concert's ticket .
Our praying really works .
Althought i didnt win, but at least she won it .
We can finally get to see KENJI!!!!
Am damn happy & anxious to see him .
Will i faint? =p
Anyways .
Will be going to see him this coming Sunday at St James Power Station - Dragonfly .
Hope we wont melt when we see him .
Just found out that he would be having a autograph session at junction 8 on the same day at 2pm .
OMG . i dont think i am going . =(
Why must it be on the same day as the music concert .
Anyways .
Will update about it after my exams . =)


6:06 PM

Tag Replies

WALUA..ask me throw away..i keep till very nicely le nor..!!!!...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....u so so so long din visit my blog huh??...clear dust le neh...=))...n n n muz jia you for ur exam okiex..?...meet up soon!!

To Siyan - hahas . maybe not nice or what ma . so can throw lor . hahas . because of something you wouldnt reply each de tag ma . so nvm la . you know i got visit your blog can liao . yeah meet up soon . and your tagboard also got a disgusting person who tags . think you know what i am saying ba .

hey..i am not childish lo..and dun care abt that stupid person..you can go and cancel ur eyeliner man..
YummY :
hey gt bbt photo sia..haha..ya lo..hope that they are coming back again..
To YummY - lols . wrong you're damn childish lor . most childish is you liao le lor . i cancel liao lor AH PEK!!! BBT very shuai hor . hahas . hope next time they come will have a open event not those need ticket . AND WE WILL BE GOING TO KENJI'S MUSIC CONCERT THIS SUNDAY !!!

mitchal >-<:
tagged backed lol
mitchal >-<:
take care...
mitchal >-<:
think is ur comp ba...haha seems ok to me
To mitchal - thanks for tagging .

1:28 AM

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Been busy studying for the upcoming exams .
Therefore, therefore .
Would update when i finish my exams .
Just to let ppl know that i think i wouldnt be blogging until the end of my exam which is after 040708 .
Btw . would really hope that ym and i could win kenji's music concert .
*prays real real real real hard*
*cross fingers*
Would be much appreciated if you click on my advertisments .
Thanks alot .
Be kind, tag before leaving my blog ya . =)

12:05 AM

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday 210608
Today was late for school .
Woke up at around 8am .
I slept at around 4am yesterday .
If my mother didnt wake me up, i might still be sleeping .
Mp was also late, so we reached school at around 9plus .
We were like taking our own sweet time .
The workshop was VERYVERY bored!!!
The lecturer was very angry whenever ppl interupts his class .
He was scolding the class b ppl that were making noise .
After break, many left .
In the end, mostly left in the lecture theatre is only our class a .
At first he was talking about how to study well and smart .
Another words, it means that the workshop was teaching you study skills .
After break he taught about question interviewing skills .
We left at around 3pm .
Took train with sean as he was going home .
He alighted at lakeside and i alighted at boon lay .
Reached the pharmancy and saw ym .
She was like eyes half close and looking very tired .
Waited for her break at 4pm and went to have lunch cum dinner .
It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner .
Ate at food republic .
The food was still ok .
Walked around and ym went back to work while i walked around alone and waited for her to knock off at 8pm .
It was such a long long time before she knocks off from work .
After which around 6 or 7pm i was walking around in the pharmancy .
Everything was fine when after a bangala was misunderstood by breaking a mineral water .
Dont know why the hell . Suddenly the ______ of the pharmancy came and said :

____: "are you looking for your friend?"
Me: "ya? but i'm just looking around ."
____: "you're not allowed to talk to your friend during her work hours ."
____ walks off with a bu shuang face .

He was also muttering behind us saying that .
He will like chase out dont know me or ym or whatever if ym or me continue to misbehave .
I was like WTH . WTF .
Why should you care?
She is not even promoting under your product .
He said that i friend couldnt talk as she is working .
Why didnt you scold those lazy workers of yours .
Gathering in a group of 3 and lazing and talking around?
Instead you came and scold a teenage promoter .
Aint you obivously going against her?
Or are you just trying to show ppl how good you are as a _____?
Sorry i dont know you suitable .
You scolded ym because firslty she is a teenage .
She is the youngest promoter of all .
She was not selling any products .
And please!!!
You're just trying to show off how fierce you can be .
Why cant you go scold those lazy workers of yours?
I'm sure it was an stupid auntie who somehow was JEALOUS that ym has a friend that visits her during her working hour but she doesnt .
And just have to stand alone .
And that auntie wasnt even standing at the place where her products are .
Ym was standing right in front of her products .
Fear that there might be ppl who wants to buy the products and needs someone to explain about the product .
From these point, i dont think that you have the right to tell her off .
I am a customer .
So you became a ____ manager because you treaed your customers this way?
So what if i am her friend?
Cant i also be a customer .
Did you even heard us chatting?
We were talking about the products on your stupid pharmancy shelves .
We were talking about the PRODUCTS mind you . not chatting about other stuffs .
So what right do you have to chase me away or tell me off?
Have you ever studies customer relations? or customer service?
I bet you didnt . Because the way you treat your customer SUCKS a big time .
If you're that great and powerful .
You wouldnt be there working, but owning a company of yours and be the ceo or whatever .
Acting hardworking when the big boss or whatever is coming?
So what are you?
Just someone who slacks when the big boss doesnt come and act hardworking when the big boss is coming down to your outlet to visit you?
Aint you "great"?
Sorry but i DONT GIVE A DAMN TO YOU !!!

Felt better after ranting .
If you mind, please just ignore that para of ranting .
Was just kind of pissed off by that person .
After ym finished work .
We went to popular .
Intending to buy a pen .
ONLY a pen, and the queue was like damnnnn long .
So we decided not to buy .
YM go buy at lot1 or CWP!!!
I doubt the queue would be that long .
Buy 1 for me too .
Went home after that .
Today was a tiring, boring day and what stupid person i met .

Sunday 220608
Marketing & Business management .
At least a B please .
NO F for me please .


Some candid shots i took during the lecture .
Featuring sean & hakim =)
Sean didnt want to let mp & me to take his photo .
So what i took were all blurred!!

The cute penguin banner at Jp .

4:00 PM

Thursday 190608

MP did not come to school today so i went to school alone .
Reached school and hakim was there .
Hida came later .
Lecturer was going through the focus that we need to study for our exams .
There are hell lots to study .
I am afraid i cant finish studying .
After went home .
Had a nap, woke up and watched tv .
>Slacked around and off to study .
Studied till around 2am .
I couldnt take it anymore .
The headache was killing me and i was feeling very not well all over .

Friday 200608

Almost late today .
>Woke up at around 8am .
Quickly prepared and rushed out to take the 8.15 mrt that goes directly to pasir ris via jurong east .
Mp reached and we walked together to school .
Today lecturer was going through with us the MCQ questions .
Before that she told us that she wouldnt be giving us break therefore we will start lesson at 10 .
So we went to buy some things to eat .
Mp and I was crazily playing with hp games .
We were playing the same game but are at different stages .
Lecturer let us off very early today . 11.30am and we were released from class .
It was so early and it seems that i have only gone to school for like 1hr .
SO the nice mp decided to go lunch together with me the broke .
She is always the one paying money for my meals and everything .
I feel so bad . I owe her alot $$$ .
Uncountable .
I'm thinking how can i repay her back .
Anyone has any job to recommend ?
I'm looking for a job desperately . =(
I dont want those that need uniform nor specific wear .
Thats like so troublesome .
After lunch at the food court at tbp we went our separate ways .
Came home rest, use comp and here i am updating my blog .
Have got to go study and mug for my exams now .
Next week is our study week and we need not go to school until exams .
There's a workshop tomorrow, which is a Saturday .
From 9am-4pm .
Dont know what workshop it would be .
Hope it wouldnt get too boring . =(
Some radnom pictures :
Hakim's back view .
Hakim's front view .
Mp & i took his photo because we found him quite cute wearing a bermudas and with tat backpack and shoes . After he took that bag, i kept saying that he looks like ninja turtle . =)
Taste like strawberry milk .
Super Ring!!!
School canteen $1.20
Mama shop outside school $1.40
ShengSiong @ commonwealth $0.70!!!!
How my classroom looks like .
The place i am sitting at .
A pic of bbt in my paper . When they were here for autograph session .
But i didnt had the ticket so i didnt go .
So bias .
Why cant they have a open event without tickets?
So that everyone could go .
I bet many fans were disappoint that they couldnt go .
Just like ym & I .
Please tag after viewing .
&&&& PLEASE click on the advertisments in my blog .
THANKS lots .
Much appreciated . =)

3:30 PM


Wednesday 180608
School as usual .
Initally didnt want to have breakfast as i am broke for this week .
But mp still decided to have breakfast as roti ****'s lesson is way too boring .
So went to the foodcourt at commonwealth for breakfast .
After which went to sheng siong for a walk .
Walked all the way to school in the hot scorchy sun .
Reached class and they were having break .
Copied down what we had to study for our marketing exam .
After break he continued the topics that we had to study .
Later on he was telling us about our class test .
Well .
Expected .
I guess our whole group of ppl passed their exams .
Only me .
Only i failed .
Hakim got 91 .
Mp got 56 .
The other's i dont know about their's .
But i failed .
I wrote quite alot actually .
All crap i guess since i failed .
Other's say that it doesnt matter but to me it matter .
It is 20% of the whole module .
How could it didnt matter .
I guess i have got to study real hard for my exams .
Maybe i pass my accountings by luck?
I really hope i wont fail my marketing exam if not i would have to pay for the stupid sup paper .
It's like so troublesome .


3:00 PM

Firstly .
Wanna update about Friday 130608 .
After school i met ym at yew tee mrt station as we were going for a hair cut at a home salon near my house .
We went to yewtee mac for our lunch .
After which i went home to put down our bags and her lappy .
Walked over to the home salon .
It was at Blk673
When we reached we were asked to go into the house and was lead to a room .
The room was real small .

It consist of 2 chairs for cutting hair and 1 which is meant for washing hair .
There was already a lady perming her hair so we had to wait for awhile .
Ym cut her's first .
As there was only a lady attending to us .
Therefore she has to serve ym and that lady that was perming her hair .
After ym it was my turn .
I told the auntie that i did not want to cut it short was only trim .

So she helped me cut my fringe first .
After which she had to attend to that lady .
It took almost 1/2 hour i guess .
So i sat there for 1/2 hour waiting for that lady to finish her perming .
I almost rot to death .
After which i found out that .
She actually cut short my hair .

I was so sad as i didnt want to cut short .
My hair grows damn slow .
It took me quite long to grow to the previous length .
And she just cut it short and not trim it .
I was so sad !!! =(

After which ym came to my house .
I was using her lappy and we were playing arond and watching kunfu panda .
IT was really hilrious .
The panda was real funny .
Ym then left my house at around 8plus .
Thanks to her for bringing her lappy .
And i remembered that we were actually trying to play a ghostly game that her cousin introduced to her .
Due to the very very SLOW connection on her lappy .
We didnt eventually play .
We 2 were like so scare .
We didnt really dare to look at the screen .
Especially ym .
She was screaming away like crazy .

Sunday 150608
Was told the previous day that i would be going to grandmother's house to celebrate her birthday .
So woke up at around 10plus .

Prepared and took the train to tiong bahru plaza .
It was a long way to walk from tiong bahru plaza to my grandmother's house .
When my mother and 1 reached .
Was surprised to find out that we were the 1st to reach .
So i was asking how was my grandmother and all that .
Slowly my relatives came .
They bought food and a huge cake .
So we chatted, watched tv, took pictures .
My relatives all went off at 4plus to the dont know what bridge or what at near vivo or harbour front .
I dont even know what it was .
I didnt go as i had school the next day .
In another word .
I am lazy . =)
Left my grandmother's place at around 5pm .
Reached home rest, watch tv and sleep .


My grandmother & my cousin




Monday 160608
Today's lesson is boring therefore mp suggested to go to commonwealth to have breakfast .
I reached early so waited for her to arrive and we went to long john silver for breakfast .
After which we went to sheng siong to walk around .
And to the mama shop at the mrt station to buy some snacks and sweets .
I bought wang zai milk from the mama shop .
I forgot to take a picture of it .
It just slipped off my mind . =(

Tuesday 170608
Went to school alone today .
As MP was too lazy to go to school .
Always tired .
What you do at night?
Lols .
Anyways .
reached class and hakim was already there .
Throughout the lesson was chit chatting but also did listen to the lesson .
Today's lesson is not as boring .
Marketing is difficult and yet the lecturer is BAD!!! .
He would just go on and on and on for the lesson .
Therefore it is boring .
But business managment is still ok .
It is much more easy to understand and the lecturer is interesting .
She is not as boring as the marketing lecturer .

Some Random Pictures:


Hakim's "aeroplane".



Found this pic in my old phone .Taken by ym i guess when i lend her this phone when her phone was under repair .


A dessert store at tbp .

Another school day tomorrow .
This week would be the last week of studies .
Will be having a week of study week and follow by 2 exams on the 30 of June & 3rd or 4th of July .
Hope i wouldnt fail my 2 exams .
Finally i got my results for my last 2 exams .
I got an A for my communication skills and a C for my accounting .
I was so afraid that i would fail my accounting .
Luckily i passed my accounting .
I am afraid that i would fail my marketing because i didnt know how to do my class test plus the lecturer is not good plus marketing seems difficult .
Hope i wouldnt fail and get on to the diploma stage .

2:30 PM

Tag Replies

TUTU^^ : Im not rich -.- I had went to NewYork NewYork before, together with my girlfiends and cher . The food at there, is 100 times better than the Ajisen at Lot 1 :/TUTU^^ Wa sian, you haven reply my tag -.-
To TUTU^^ - hahas . when i say you rich? i forgot already . hahas . of course lor . i guess the service is also much more better then ajisen at lot 1 . Sorry la . now reply le ma . =) . you should flood my tagboard . because its too DEAD!! hahas .

wendi : NO!DUN EMO...ur tagboard is not dead yet
To wendi - hahas . never really emo la . just felt so . anyways . missed you =) . must update your blog ar . i everyday got go see de =) .

♥Denise :I see you appear a lot (nuffnang). Hi.
To Denise - thats because i go around everyone's blog almost everyday . blog hopping ya . hellos too . thanks for tagging =) . hope you dont mind .

EUnice :u are nt dead laa. MISS YA!
To EUnice - hahas . dead liao . in heaven liao . hahas . miss you too =)

=P3@C3= : HEYA..thankx for the drawing..it's cute n funny!!..but y mouth downside de..?..
To Siyan - LOLs . cause i follow a book de ma . then its mouth is like tha so i draw like that lor . If dont like can throw de .

YummY :LOL..the pikachu is cute..i put de..wahaha..
To YummY - cute is cute but i not so childish . like you like that lor . eeewww . =)

1:09 AM

Friday, June 20, 2008

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

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Your views on education:
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

3:14 PM

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blog's dead .
Tagboard's dead .
I am dead too .
Who cares?
Who bothers?

11:15 PM


Qt is tired today..
But she will update soon..
From her cute+ smart friend = YummY is here..

1:37 PM

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tag Replies

SangRui: haas, welcome ^^
To SangRui - hahas . okok . thanks for tagging . me update often ar . =)

YummY: wa..u saw Sam leong sia..den you didn go and take photo wif him sia..
YummY: btw the smallest mum is 19 this year??
YummY: wa..u wrote so big in blog sia..LOL..dun anyhow say sia..
To YummY - yeah . was surprised to see him also lor . xia dao ok . wondering what was he doing in popular . and it seems weird if i say can i take a pic with you . erm you cook very nice? DUH! i also never eat before the things he cook right . so weird lor . correct ma . you went out with your **** lewis . FRIEND WHAT!!! whats wrong with it? right? you ownself guilty . =)

EUnice: hey tagged ;DDDDD cya.
To EUnice - hahas . thanks for tagging . must come tag often HOR!!! hahas . take care . see you soon =)

ZOE: tagged! take care hor :D
To ZOE - hahas . thanks for tagging . take care too . =)

TUTU^^ Ya lo, the service at Ajisen suck to the core :/
TUTU^^ I had reget going there to have my lunch . Simply wasting my money -.-
To TUTU^^ - ya lor . their service sucks lots . make sure they really see our feedbacks . i also felt that i was wasting my money there . maybe going to newyork newyork will be better lor . BTW . since you so rich maybe 1 day me your sis should go out . i still remember we went out before . i so miss it . you would like only how old at that time .

mitchal: wow ramen....i wann......
To mitchal - lols . go to the resturant and eat lor . so cheap ma . lols . thanks for tagging . must tag when you come hor . dont come see le then never tag . i know de hor .

10:06 PM

School was fine today .
Wore my new jacket to school today .
It was real cold today in class .
Anyways .
Tml will be the last day of school .
Finally !!!
Going to the salon with ym tomorrow .
ONG YUNMIN is out with her dear lewis .
So bias of her .
=( .
All of you have new friends already .
NO need me already .
DOnt want me already .
Last time we used to promise to go where and where together .
But now?
I guess they have clean forgotten all the promises we had .
The things we agreed on .
If i asked them .
They would go like "huh? got meh? i forget already leh . dont have la . we never say this before ."
To people promises seems to be nothing especially with me .
But to me .
Promises is something impt .
I take it so seriously but yet you ppl can clean FORGET about it .
Everything changed .
Things dont used to be how it used to be .
You've changed, he changed, she changed . all changed .
You have your circle of friends, you hang out with them, joke with them crap with them. go out to movies with them .
But me?
I am even more nothing to them .
I am taken always for granted .
I mean nothing to them .

1:43 PM

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today was a very tiring day .
First was class test .
I am very sure that i fail my class test .
Because i never really study for you .
I was hugging buddha's leg .
Mdis is really quite inefficient .
The way of them doing things is really bad .
Very inefficient and ineffective .
Our class was separated to 2 classes .
I was of course separated from our group because of my surname .
After which i wait for ms MP for half an hour .
Say coming out after 1/2 hr . Bluff me =(
After which walked to mrt with mp and sean .
Sean's really lame . His lamer .

Took mrt to clementi to wait for that 2 "tai tai"
Took so long to reach .
Waited for almost 1 hr , maybe around 45 minutes .
Clementi ite is still the same, as ulu as always, as HOT as always .
Firstly went to office to take cert then to canteen and ym/sy's ex classmate came to look for us .
We talked awhile in the canteen and decided to go look for their another ex classmate .
Was surprised to see my ex classmate in that class too .
He was also in business admin .
They chatted for quite some time and we saw mrs woo, mrs ang and ms chin .
They of course saw their own teacher's too .
I saw lionel too, he is in IT course .
Seems like there also quite a few of them in higher nitec .
We then took a "long bus journey" to lot 1 to have lunch .
I almost DIED while taking the bus .
Decided to eat ajisen for lunch .


L0t 1 changed quite alot .
Ajisen at lot 1 was so "great"
Their attitude totally sucks .
Serving with a black face .
Serving so unwillingly .
Attitude sucks .
No product knowledge .
Didnt even do reccomendation for us .
While serving our dish, the waitress was like so unwillingly opening the cover of the soup .
One word for the ajisen at lot 1 is that they sucks .
I wouldnt even want to go for the 2nd time .
It is like the first time that we are really unhappy eating at a resturant .
Anyways .

Sy ate totoro ramen?

Ym ate teriyaki don?

Mine was spicy cha-siew ramen

After eating we quickly paid and fill in the feedback form .
We were all writing bad comments and feedbacks about it .
Hope that they would really improve on it .

Went walking round lot 1 .
Went to tried out this mascara from loreal .
It was quite good .
It really lengthens your lashes .
Can be washed off easily with tap water .
We were feeling very tempted to buy .
But .
We didnt .
Bought a clock at more than words and bought a jacket from cotton on .
There's a big hole in my pocket and i am owning more and more money from sy and ym .

Used the eye shadow to create a smiley face on sy's hand .

Bite marks by me on Ym's hand .

Sy & ex classmate umirah & mark .

Ym & ex classmate umirah & mark


I am feeling veryveryvery tired !!!

Do tag on my tagboard
Click on any ads on my blog .
Thanks lots .
Much appreciated =)

10:11 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

*warning* a long wordy post with only a pic .

Today was a boring lecture day .
Anyways .
I was listening but my mind was in a blank .
So it is = to not listening .
I think i am going to fail this term's 2 module .
Mp and i have been going for breakfast and coming back during break .
I dont even understand what the lesson is teaching about .
PBM was still ok . i can still understand .
But not for marketing .
I dont understand what the lecturer is talking about .
Anyways .
After school was walking to queenstown mrt .
We were discussing about lunch and mp decided to go to tbp to have lunch .
tbp = tiong bahru plaza .
Therefore we went there and intially we wanted to have mac .
But thinking that mac would have lots of people .
We settled down for kfc .
It was really fattening .
I felt like it was a sin after eating kfc .

There was 1 thing that i wanted to blog and even mp say that i must blog about it .
We were eating in kfc .
It was 2 tables away from us .
There were 2 malay girls i think .
Quite chubby girls .
They had finished their meals and was resting i guess .
What we said were quite disgusting .
They were like touching each other .
Like couple .
Like how a guy would touch his gf .
They dont really look like lesbians neither do they look like sisters .
Even if they were sisters .
Sisters wouldnt touch each other like that .
They were like "caressing" each other in a disgusting way .
It was like OMG .
It was really disgusting .
After which we walked around .
Actually there was nothing much to walk at tbp .
We then went into popular bookshop .
As i was looking at things, mp say hey look at that guy .
He is the who and who and so .
And guess who was it that we saw .

Sam Leong .
The famous chef that hosted with Quan yi feng .
Was quite surprised to see him at popular??
Wonder was he was doing there .
After which we went to fair price as mp wanted to buy things but she forgot what she wants to buy .
Well, so we went to other places .
We saw a dessert store and mp suggest eating .
So i said since you want then let's go eat .
She ordered sesame paste with tangyuan .
EeEewww !!!
I dont like sesame paste .
So i ate mango pudding instead .
At first i was thinking such a small bowl and it was 3 for a bowl .
After i had 1 mouth of it .
It was actually quite worth it .
It was not those mango pudding you buy at fairprice .
It was made from real mango .
You could realy see mango in the pudding .
It was quite nice .
After which we went home .

Oh god .
I have yet to study for my test .
I am so gonna fail my test tomorrow .

DO tag at my tagboard
Click on any advertisments .
Thanks .
Much appreciated =)

6:56 PM

Monday, June 09, 2008

Had breakfast today with mp as she thought she would be late .
Therefore we went to have breakfast before going to class .
Came home around 1pm i guess .
Had instant noodles and was playing games at bigfishgames.com .
I was real tired .
After which i slept until around 9pm and woke up to watch this interesting show that i saw it's preview yst on tv .
It was on the arts central channel .
The show's title is called The Human Spirit .
Today's show was about the world's smallest mum .
This is the synopsis i got from the website :


Arts Central 9PM - 10PM (9 JUNE)
This film follows 2 foot 9 inches (84 cm) tall, 20-year-old Cristianne Ray,
who astounded medical experts by becoming the smallest living woman to give birth.
Baby Kyrsten was born 4lb 8oz and 14 inches long.
Although Cristianne suffers from a rare bone condition whereby her bones did not grow to full adult size, she along with fiancé,
6 foot 4 Jeremy are determined to get the best life for their daughter and themselves.
The parents must take special care of baby Kyrsten,
who was born premature and with a cleft palate.
She has inherited her mother’s bone condition but no one is sure to what extent.
Daily life is difficult - changing nappies, feeding, bathing and playing with her child – and when the family goes out they are regularly subjected to stares and comments by the public.
Cristianne wants to prove these people wrong,
from driving a car,
to going bowling to keep fit and even choosing a wedding dress - she’s desperate to lead an independent normal life for her and her family.

It was a really interesting show .
This girl was only 19 or 20 .
Althought she is born to be this way .
She didnt gave up on her life .
She was very "stubborn" in everything she do .
She is trying all her best to live like a normal person .
I really do admire this kind of spirit in her .
I was thinking the baby of her's must be quite big now i guess?
You ppl should really try watching this show .
The next episode is about a lady who has a 39kg heavy leg .
I dont know what happened but the preview said so .
So do watch it .
It is on arts central, every monday, from 9pm - 10pm . =)


Tomorrow would be another boring day .
Tomorrow is business management lesson .
There is a test on wed .
But i have yet studied at all .
To be truth .
For this term's lesson, i dont know what it is all talking about .
I wasnt listening to the teacher teaching in class .
Recently we've been going for breakfast and going to class late .
I guess i am going to fail my exam/test .

10:08 PM

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tag Replies

=P3@C3= : heya..more update wor..n i noe wat i needa do...hahax..
To =P3@C3= - hahas . i got update alot hor . but then . someone NEVER . always never update . need to piak that person de pigu liao .

YummY: hey ur moshi very colourful..the classic juice look nice..
To YummY - obviously you didnt see my captions for the photo . it wasnt moshi at all .

TUTU^^ : Tagged :)
TUTU^^ : How does theclassic juice taste like ?
To TUTU^^ - thanks for tagging . do update your blog . hmm . it was apple and peach flavour . so it taste like apple and peach but mixed together? lols .

SangRui: haas. just brought it. thanks anyways :
To SangRui - hahas . yeah i know . hahas . nice one anyways . thanks for tagging . =)


11:54 PM


School again tomorrow .
Actually i dont feel like going to school .
It's like so bored .
I dont really listen to what the marketing teacher is teaching .
His lesson is real bored .
He just keep on saying on the notes .
I dont know why but i just cant study even when i am at home .
I wanted to study as there is going to be a class test on this coming wed .
But i have not studied at all .
I think i am going to flunk this 2 modules .

10:57 PM

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Today's a boring saturday .
Woke up at 10plus .
Was slacking around, watching tv, using the comp .
But actually there is nothing for me to do .
There was nothing for me to surf on the net .
Anyways .
The poll that i put up on my blog and asking how ppl feel about my blog .
I dont even know if it is still on my blog because when i view my blog it is the poll there is put up by nuffnang .
When i go into the nuffnang website to see my poll results .
I could only see until the 2nd question and i cant see the other questions anymore .
Then how could i ever improve on my blog .
There is something which i dont understand is that .
Why a few ppl did that poll with comments .
But do not tag and tell me about it .
You could just simply tag in my tagboard telling me where i should improve .
I am open to any comments .
No matter it is bad or good .
Anyways i am sure alot ppl would feel that my post are too wordy .
I dont really know what pictures to put up .
I cant always post a pic of me zi-linging or what right?Anyways .
I am trying to put pictures in my post everytime from now .
So there it isnt too wordy .
So ppl who view my blog, if you have any comments . feel free to tag in my tagboard .
Not spam it with vuglurities but with comments on how i could improve for my blog .

Decided to upload some random pictures .


There is a road called EMO road???


Sy & Me




Was taken when mp and i went to sakae . but she deleted the other photos she took in her hp =.=


mango marshmallow .


how it looks like.


coloured with hightlighted by gabriel =.=



also coloured with highlighted .

11:36 PM