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Friday, July 25, 2008

*Tags will replied throught post .

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Been slacking & sleeping at like 7am in the morning?!
Anyways .
Decided to go to lot1 & have dinner with ym .
So met her after she finished school .
As i wasnt hungry so we went walking around the BORING lot 1 .
Ym was soon feeling hungry & we settled down for LJS .
There wasnt much ppl as it ws only 5+ i guess .
Went to the library after our dinner as lot 1 have got really NOTHING to shop around .
Went to look for some chinese novels & english books .
ITS BEEN DECADE since i borrowed an english book to read .
Or should i say A BOOK .
Used Ym's laptop to surf the net .
Found a book that talks about relationships & being single & etc .
These was 1 of it that i found & recorded down using ym's laptop .

Being single is not about :

  • being desperate
  • being flawed
  • being too fussy
  • being sex starved
  • being a career girl
  • being lonely
  • being pathetic
  • being hopeless

Just one of it that i find it quite meaningful?

Got to work tomorrow
Its like i already dread going to work .
I've like only worked for 3 days only
Now i dont feel like working .
I guess maybe its because this job is kind of too bored .
There isnt anything for me to do .
All i am doing is standing there like a statue . =(

****By the way,
I feel that some ppl are really very very inconsiderate .
One of the units living near me .
But not at my Blk .
They're living at the first level .
Therefore the whole corridor is almost their's .
Although it is their corridor & only their's .
I found it quite rude to be placing chairs & table .
Bringing out the extension plug & placing the computer to do business outside at the table .
You guys may wonder when am i making a big fuss out if it .
It's because the corridor is also the passage way of many many people who are living nearby .
They need to take this route to get to the mrt everyday .
But its like maybe the width is 20cm,
They are already taking up almost like 15cm of the passageway .
People cant really walk
& have to walk outside of the corridor which is VERY dangerous .
Who knows someone might throw something down .
Anyways .
The conclusion is that i find this family is really too inconsiderate .
Why cant you do your things inside your house ?

Enough of my rantings .
Got to go sleep . Its like almost 3am in the morning & i've got wake up at 10am tomorrow . =(

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2:26 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

*Tags will be replied through post .

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1:00 AM


12:50 AM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just felt that being pretty isnt everything.
But WHY?
When someone is fat & ugly.
No one likes them, no one bother about them.
Everyone treat them badly,
Give them names,
Everyone would shun them.
Why cant we ppl just accept them.
So what if a person is pretty but with a bad heart?
So what if a she/him is pretty but backstabs you,talk behind your back.
Say all kinds of bad things behind you.
While someone who is not so pretty,or someone who is fat.
They really really want to make friends.


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2:17 AM


我知道我变漂亮了 - 《一切完美》主题曲

过去的批评嘲讽 Let it go Let it go
过去的轻蔑冷落 Let it go Let it go
有些人口不饶人 却忘了瞧瞧自己又有什么资格
时刻都善良待人 Let’s move on Let’s move on
时刻都做好本分 Let’s move on Let’s move on
有些人心思浅薄 绝不是宽容自暴自弃的理由
也许 确实也受过言语打击
也许 因此而失去了自信心/从来也没什么美好际遇
曾难过 曾失落微笑一下就过
我知道我变漂亮了 我知道我也豁达了
不自卑 不埋怨 就算还差一点点

内在的美 迷住每个人的眼
内在的美 迷住每个人的眼

1:47 AM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have got no mood to update my blog .
I dont know why .
I dont know what i can blog about .
Seems to have lost the "FEEL" for blogging for the time being .

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7:44 PM

<-- Please Click on my ADS . Thanks .

My personality type: the harmony-seeking idealist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!

Harmony-seeking Idealist (HI)

Harmony-seeking Idealists are characterised by a complex personality and an abundance of thoughts and feelings.
They are warm-hearted persons by nature.
They are sympathetic and understanding.
Harmony-seeking Idealists expect a lot of themselves and of others.
They have a strong understanding of human nature and are often very good judges of character. But they are mostly reserved and confide their thoughts and feelings to very few people they trust.
They are deeply hurt by rejection or criticism.
Harmony-seeking Idealists find conflict situations unpleasant and prefer harmonious relationships.
However, if reaching a certain target is very important to them they can assert themselves with a doggedness bordering on obstinacy.
Harmony-seeking Idealists have a lively fantasy, often an almost clairvoyant intuition and are often very creative.
Once they have tackled a project, they do everything in their power to achieve their goals. In everyday life, they often prove to be excellent problem solvers.
They like to get to the root of things and have a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.
At the same time, they are practically oriented, well organised and in a position to tackle complex situations in a structured and carefully considered manner.
When they concentrate on something, they do so one hundred percent - they often become so immersed in a task that they forget everything else around them.
That is the secret of their often very large professional success.
As partners, harmony-seeking idealists are loyal and reliable; a permanent relationship is very important to them.
They seldom fall in love head over heels nor do they like quick affairs.
They sometimes find it very difficult to clearly show their affection although their feelings are deep and sincere.
In as far as their circle of friends is concerned, their motto is: less is more! As far as new contacts are concerned, they are approachable to only a limited extent; they prefer to put their energy into just a few, close friendships.
Their demands on friends and partners are very high.
As they do not like conflicts, they hesitate for some time before raising unsatisfactory issues and, when they do, they make every effort not to hurt anyone as a result.

Adjectives which describe your type:
  • introverted,
  • theoretical,
  • emotional,
  • planning,
  • idealistic,
  • harmony-seeking,
  • understanding,
  • peace-loving,
  • sensitive,
  • quiet,
  • sympathetic,
  • conscientious,
  • dogged,
  • complicated,
  • inconspicuous,
  • warm-hearted,
  • complex,
  • imaginative,
  • inspiring,
  • helpful,
  • demanding,
  • communicative,
  • reserved,
  • vulnerable


7:30 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tag Replies

kaiying <http://www.kay-thecokeaddict.blogspot.com/> :
relink me thank ((:

To kaiying -
hahas ok . relinked =)

hui ling :
you are not ugly at all lor... won't scare ppl de lor... =)

To hui ling -
I am damn ugly lor .
Where will not ugly . EEEE . not like you so pretty lor . =(

YummY :
den you take care of ur body man..haha..GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YummY :
YummY :
YummY :
you also put my panda 's photo somemore..
YummY :
den you said so sorry to me yet you are posting my photos..LOL..lame lo..
YummY :
and i am not bernie lo..anyhow sia..
YummY :
hey how can you put my photos !! LOL..and you dun anyhow made a story lo..

To YummY - LOLS . this is not flood lor .
So little only . eeyer .
&&& is ernie lor bernie lor . my sorry is another matter NOT THE PHOTO OK . you this stupid gaybaobao .

zhuzhu :
hahas . welcome . =D . don miss me hor !

To zhuzhu - hahas . ok i wont miss you de . dont worry =) hahas .

11:26 PM



* After watching a variety show,
Thats talks about him & his attitude & character .
The way he treats his family, his job, his relationship & all .
I felt that actually Show Luo 罗志祥 is a nice guy .
If every guy is like him wouldnt it be great .
I felt thats he is that kind of boyfriend that a girl wants .
Maybe not for others but for me .
I dont know how to describe that kind of feeling .
But i just felt so .
A kind of FEEEEELLLLL . =)

Started work on Friday .
Went to buy black shoes with my mother .
Finally found one that is suitable for work .
After which my mother went shopping & i was left alone to wait for my in charge to come brief me .
Waited for quite some time
I was thinking maybe she was late like the other time so i didnt call her .
When she called & told me that she was at another branch so would be late .
I was like what the ...
I went alone to the cashier & asked me the badge etc .
1 of the cashier over there guide me what i had to do & all .
After which i stood there alone .
Like a stupid .
It was like so quiet at the shopping mall .
After some time she finally arrived .
She taught me some things that i needed to know & all .
I was then left alone .
Standing there like a fool .
There wasnt any customer .
Even if there were,
There would not even LOOK at my products .
So i just stood there until around 8pm
It was finally time for me to leave .
Was tired but my legs werent there tired .
After Sat & today's work .
I nearly couldnt walk, i'm not exagerating .
So i decided to take the nel train to dhouby ghaut & then to marina bay & all the way back home .
It was so good to be able to sit all the way .
Need not fear that i've got no seats .
The place i am working in is like SO STRICT .
Cannot bring hp cannot bring sweets .

Saturday 190708
Work as usual .
From 1 to 7pm .
Was feeling so stress that i couldnt sell any pieces out .
People just dont bother to look at my product .
I'm selling children wear .
I cant possibly pulling customers/mothers to buy my product .
So i've to wait for customers to come & start to promote to them .
Finally today i sold 4 pieces .
Feeling not so stress .
There was this woman .
She was looking at my product & so i started to promote to her .
I said that this cartoon is very popular i'm sure kids would love to have its clothing .
You know what that woman replied me?
"Bullshit la . This cartoon now where will popular? Kids dont like it la . You touch your heart and tell me if it is popular la"[in chinese].
She walked off .
I was like stunned!!!
She's like a mother &&&& somemore she's a grown up .
This is the way she speaks .
If it is not,
I think movie world can close down now .

Today was the end of the sales .
Not really many people .
Not really those big crowds that you would see in orchard road shopping malls .
But there is still quite alot of customers .
I was again feeling stress & was just standing at my place .
Not even wanting to speak .
My leg hurts & i was having very bad gastric pain .
When suddenly a mother came .
She started looking at my product
Guess what !!!
In the end she bought 4 sets of clothing & another shirt .
1 customer & the whole day's sales can be settled .
Anyways other then happy,
My legs & gastric is killing me .
When the clock strikes 5pm .
I quickly tapped my card got back my valuables & off i went .
With my fastest speed to the mrt .
Trained to marina bay as usual & back home .
Here i am blogging . =)
Sorry if i'm too long winded .

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10:51 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Been a few days since i've updated.
Monday went for interview.
Met ym after she end her school during her break.
Trained all the way to chinatown.
Reached there and walked around.
There were indeed lots of old people.

We were having a headache what to have for lunch as there wasnt much choice too.
In the end we had mac for lunch since my mother wanted the olympic cup from mac.
After which we walked around and went for the interview.
But actually we were way too early.
So we shopped around &&&
Ym & i was glued to a computer game overthere.
It was something like CS i think.
We kept on got killed & didnt win.
Finally it was time so we went for the interview.
I was actually promoting for tweety.
When the person incharge ask us to look for tweety we couldnt even find it.
She accompanied me there &
The person had no job for her.
I was already thinking how could she put 2 person at a place.
The person incharge didnt remember me telling her that i had a friend who wanted to work.
Ym didnt get the job & she waste a trip with me to the interview instead of having lesson at school.
She had to carry her heavy backpack with her heavy laptop.
I'm real real SORRY!!

Ym's BABY!!!

Ym pushing her baby.

Ym buying her baby's diaper.

She's angry & decided not to bother about her baby.[such a bad mother]




Have been sick the day since i came back from the interview.
I dont know why.
I actually wanted to update about my interview on the day itself.
But after i bath,
I was feeling weak all over & i started to sneeze.
The following day i had a fever,flu & sore throat.
The highest temperature i had was 38.1
I didnt even bother about it.
I was sleeping almost from Monday night till Wednesday.
That i finally got the strength to really wake up.
Till now i'm still not well.
But not having fever anymore.
Been drinking lots & lots of water.
Dont even know if it helps.
Tomorrow i've got to work.

I feel so tired.
If i wasnt sick it would be alright but now that i am sick
I still have to travel so far.
Work would be from 3-8/9pm.
Hope everything would be alright =)


Due to past few days that i was sick,
I couldnt even get myself out of bed moreover its out of the house.
So i met up with ym today to go to lot 1 to buy my black shoes.
I couldnt find any.
Acutally yes i did.
IT was too expensive for that kind of shoes.
It was actually too small for my left feet.
It was too big for my right foot.
It was so troublesome.
But it cost around 20+.
It was too expensive.
Lot 1 should open more shoe shop

In the end i didnt managed to buy any shoes at all.
Got to go sleep early.

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11:54 PM

Tag Replies

zhuzhu :
yes yes . i will remember de , hahas . so whenever im here , i will tag to let you know im here , if not , you gonna miss me ! =X . muahaha .
To zhuzhu - hahas . thanks for tagging then =)

EUnice :
:D hihi! tagged:D hahas! take cares gal!! find one day we go out uh?
To EUnice - hahas . ok . thanks for tagging =)
hui ling :

Hello~ How come your blog don really have your ownself pics? hehe... so long no see you... wanna see ur looks =P
To hui ling - hahas . got la . not many only ma . aiya . so ugly . from pri already so ugly liao . how can put . later i scare the hell out of ppl lor . =)

TUTU^^ :
Good luck for the interview tml . Jia you ~
To TUTU^^ - hahas . thanks . i'm already going to work tml .

11:43 PM

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tag Replies

=P3@C3= :
good luck for ur interviewwwww
To Siyan -
Hahas . thanks sotong . BTW . did you see your pic at my post? wahahahaha .

TUTU^^ :
Yo ^^
To TUTU^^ -
wah . so long never see your tag le leh . aiyo .

YummY :
LOL..ur comp finally ok liao..if not you have to dig all of ur money to buy a new one!!
YummY :
hey i recommend the show de wor..haha..the ming zhong super nice lo..
To YummY -
actually i knew the drama earlier then you just that i didnt watch it only OK!! . &&& yeah . my comp is finally ok . but its still giving me problems =(

wendi :
HAHA i'm here again if not sumbody want say me din tag u already..btw the NDP TICKETS..i gt extra cus my fren cant go but nvm alr..i gave my aunt to watch it already
To wendi -
hahas . you know jiu hao . so must tag ar everything you come . =p . orh . icic . hahas . sorry eh . btw i always have problem going to your blog lor . dont know why . the tagboard doesnt come out . i cant TAG =(

kaykiakia :
linked :D
To kaykiakia -
hellos!! thanks for linking eh =)

zhuzhu :
hahas . no need thanks de ehhs . you tag for me , of cos i must tag for you too . =) .
To zhuzhu -
hahas . then next time you come my blog must tag lor . REMEMBER ar !!! hahas .

12:28 AM

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some photos that i couldnt upload to my photobucket .
Thanks to ym for helping me upload .
Its the photos of the outing of mp & i .

Mp & my drink .



Beef ramen .

Tom Yum Ramen

Fried Prawns .

Gyoza .

Ajisen's dessert .

Some taiwan's famous drink .

Our disgusting invent .
The ice cream that were left .
Added with sugar syrup, fried onion, chili, soya sauce .
Its quite disgusting though .

Our movie ticket .


10:32 PM


<-- Please click on the ADS . Thanks .

Been slacking at home recently .
What i hate most is SLEEPING .
I dont know why but, i'm starting to hate sleeping .
Whenever i need to get to sleep .
I just cant .
I hate the feeling of trying to get to sleep,
But you just cant .
Tons of things would start getting in your tiny winy brain .
You would start to think alot alot .
Many many things .
Very very random things i should say .
I'm starting to detest the feeling of trying to sleep .
I've been sleeping at 5 or 6 or 7 in the morning .
By right i should feel very tired
& would fall asleep very soon i lie on my bed .
But by left .
I still couldnt get to sleep despite sleeping at such an "early" hour .
I would be tossing & turning around on my bed .
Many things would start to flow into my head .
I really hate that feeling .
Sometimes i wonder if i could dont sleep or rather just fall asleep straight away when i lie on my bed .
I know that is impossible .

Tomorrow's going for an interview for a promoter's job .
HOPEfully i can get in .
I really want a job .
I really dont want to rot & slack at home like now .
I'm afraid that i wont get hired .
*cross fingers* *pray hard* that i can get in for the job .
I would be feeling so weird after so long not working ever since my last job at mintmark .
As long as i can get to work & not rot at home .
Everythings good enough .

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3:49 PM

Saturday, July 12, 2008

<-- PLEASE click on my ads . THANKS!!!

* my photobucket cant upload pics .
so i'll get wed outings pic uploaded soon,
i hope . =)

Wanted to update about Wednesday's outing on the same day .
But due to me being very tired that day .
I decided to update the next day .
But who knows .
I on my comp &
I couldnt be connected to the net .
Dont know what's wrong with it .
Finally my father fixed it .
It was due to the zonealarm firewall i think .
My comp is already like 10 yrs .
I've been using it for 10yrs already .
Maybe that is the cause of it .

Wednesday 090708
Met ym at yewtee mrt station .
Took the mrt all the way to bishan .
Its been quite a long time since i went there .
Went to have our lunch .
Ym wanted to have mac as she says that its been a long time since she ate it &
She felt like eating the fries .
M stands for MAC!
Thats really a BIG onion ring .
She's shy .

After lunch, we walked around & went to bought the the movie tickets .
The movie tickets .

We watched 10 promises to my dog .
After which we went to the library .
There were lots of ppl at the library .
So we took some straits times newspaper & went around looking for seats .
We couldnt find any .
All of them were occupied bu some uncles & aunties .
I saw 1 uncle doing nothing on the seat but looking around .
Is he thinking that the library is some sort of tourist attraction & he is like viewing the scenery .
Aunties were occupying the seats with their plastic bags &
A young boy was using the child as a table for his laptop .
But in the end we still did found some seats .
Looked through the classified .
Found some & called up .
All didnt have anymore vancies for the job .
Was quite piss off with 1 of the ads that i called .
It was a guy that answered the phone call .
I asked if he was still wanted to hire ppl .
He said NO in a sarcastic manner .
So i was thinking ok never mind .
So we went on to the movie as it was starting soon .

Sotong was supposed to come .
But she fell down in school .
Therefore in then end .
She did not come & have dinner with us . =(

The movie was quite touching that ym & i cried .
But at the same time laughing .
I dont know why .
Someone in the cinema cried so loudly like nobody's business .
We went walking around junction 8 .
When we were about to go home .
We went to the 7-11 to buy straits times for the day .
When i looked through the classified .
To my surprise .
With the same number & everything .
I was like .
I thought they are not hiring ppl anymore?
Well .
Never mind .
Anyways ,
I found another one .
It was to work as a promoter .
So i tried my luck & called .
A lady picked up & told me they were still in need of ppl .
So we fix a timing on monday for interview .
I hope that i can start work as in pass the interview .
I really really need the job .
Shall end here .
I seemed alittle too long winded .
Some Random photos :
I hate CORNS . disgusting .
Ym's pepper lunch .

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1:36 AM

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


<-- Please Click on the ADS . Thanks lots . =)

How i wish i had unlimited fake eyelashes .
I would not need to worry about not having any fake eyelash when i need to go out .
Any nice souls want to sponser me with unlimited fake eyelash?
I'm just daydreaming .
So random .
Another boring day at home .
Been watching 命中注定我愛你 recently .


Didnt manage to start watching it when it started to show in Taiwan .
Therefore , now i would have to try to catch up with the newest episode .
Which is ep 17 now i think .
I am only at episode 6 or 7 only .
I still have around 10 episodes .
Plus i am also watching 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯


2 more new dramas are coming out .
Anyways .
Going out on wed to look for job .
Hope that i can quickly find a job .
So that i wouldnt rot at home .
I need money !!!!
I need job !!!
I've got lots of things to buy .
I've got to buy my sch fees which is like 2000+ .
I need more clothes .
I need more cosmetics .
I need more fake lashes .
I need ...............

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4:15 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008

Tag Replies

wendi :
tag tag..=)...
To wendi - Hellos . been quite some time since i last saw your tag . must tag more often ar . =)

TUTU^^ :
Finally managed to see your blog . Had been press F5 abt 5-8 times o.O
TUTU^^ :
Aiyoyo, you and my jiejie nv update abt the Kenji's concert . FASTER UPDATE ^^
To TUTU^^ - I've already updated . &&& i myself also cant see my own blog . is our comp's problem not my blog's problem ba . =)

qianting ! tagged for you . hees . misses !
To zhuzhu - thanks for tagging =)

OMR also wtach that movie too..check my blog too..i also put ads on my blog..
To YummY - ya i know . i've saw her blog & i've saw your ad already . thanks for tagging .

eeee...wat's wrong why dun wan tag..?...i am so gona quesiton u le!!!!..hahax
heya..it's time to update!!
To Siyan - Now you know the answer already . yeah . you ownself must update also hor . dont always update 1 le then later wait long long no update ar .

belinda :
To belinda - relinked already =)

TheMapleHub: i change my nick liao..=)
TheMapleHub: It was redeveloped into a shopping district from 1989 to 1994. =P
TheMapleHub: With reference to 29 Jun blog post, those building at Bugis Street were built since the 1950s, in fact those old buildings were conserved by URA and people used to live in such buildings.
To TheMapleHub - oh okok . thanks for those info . =) &&& thanks for tagging . must tag often ya . =)

5:34 PM


<-- PLEASE click on the ADS . THANKS LOTS =D


Although it have only been a few days after exams that i've been staying home .
I am getting bored already .
I need a job .
I need money .
I am broke !!!
Although i'll feel so weird after so long ever since i worked .
I still want to work .
I dont want to rot at home for the past 1mth .
I wanna go out .
I wanna go shopping .
I wanna buy lotsa of things .
But i've got no money =( .
Broke .
I'm real broke .
I've been staying up till the late nights .
Or should i say morning?
I can stay up to 6 or 7+ in the morning .
Sleep until the noon like nobody's business .
Slack around, use the comp, watch tv .
Do anything i want to do .
I dont seems to be worried about my eng O's oral .
I didnt know why the hell i agreed my mother that i'll retake my ENG!!!
When it seems that there isnt any use in future for my stupid O levels results .
If i could graduate & get my private dip .
The cert i guess, wouldnt be in use anymore .
Then why did i still have to spend 100 plus for only retaking ENG!!!
Stupid me .
I should have saved that money for more better use .
I had no choice .
My mother insisted me on retaking .
Saying that i would need it in future?
Why would i need that cert?
I'm so puzzled now .

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8:57 AM

Friday, July 04, 2008

*Was supposed to post this on Friday040708,
but i only get to post it until today 050708 2.30am

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Friday 040708
Had business management exam today .
I am sure i am gonna fail my this 2 modules .
=( .
Anyways .
After exams, mp & i went to tbp .
Had ajisen for dinner .
Went walking around at tbp after dinner .
Mp then suggested that we go for a movie .
I didnt want to at first but in the agreed .
Dinner & movie was paid that mp .
She say that she treat me, but then i felt bad that she always treat me this & that .
Plus today's dinner was already very ex & still going for movie's .
Anyways ended up watching Hancock .
It was quite a nice movie .
It was my first time watching this kind of should i call action movie or?
After watching the movie it was around 8+ .
So we both went our separate ways home .

Its offically holidays now since our exams have finished .
Finally a burden is off .
I still have another burden which is to find a job .
Anyone can introduce me any jobs???
I'll be having a 1mth holiday .
I dont wish to stay at home & rot .
I'll be planning a gathering with my ITE classmates .
Hope it will be a successful one .

ps. there is some problem with my photobucket . therefore, i cant upload pics . so no pictures for this post. Will post up Friday outing's pics =)

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tag Replies

hey your ad change to the nike ad leh..
you haven upload the photos sia..LOL..
To YummY -
Yup . i know it changed to that ad . & i think it is already over . remember to help me click more on the ads . & i have already updated on Kenji's music concert already .
Oh hey you!
To ♥Denise -
Hellos! glad to see your tag . =) . thanks lots for tagging . =)
Wow, your bog look cool :)
TUTU^^ :
Simple yet elegane
To TUTU^^ -
Thanks . its elegant . your spelling still cmi . & its been a long long time since i last saw your tag . tag more often & view my blog more often ya =)
i din't noe i din't noe u gt visit my blog.. only if there's is tag as vidence den i can believe...XD
To Siyan -
Hahas . later you dont reply my tag also . must reply ma . always tag liao then you only say thanks to everyone for tagging . HOW CAN!!! & sorry but i dont want to tag is because of something . you can ask me if you dont understand what i am talking about . its that something that make me not tagging in your blog . sorry . but i really will go to your blog . need me to swear?

11:37 PM

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For the past weeks have been studying for exams .
Finally 1 paper down .
Left 1 more .
Had my marketing exam on Monday .
I am very sure i will FAIL my paper .
Before exams my mind went blank .
How could i possibly remember them when i was having the exam .
This time round Mp was in the same class as me .
Finally i am not separated & am not alone .
Mp left first & i was thinking since i didnt know anymore things to write why not leave .
So went to find Mp .
Walked to the mrt station .
She told me that she would definately pass .
So confident .
=( .
Unlike me, i am sure i would fail . =(
Anyways .
After which asked sy & ym for dinner .
But sy say that she was going home for dinner .
So ym accompanied me for dinner .
Met her at lot1 after she finished school .
Had our dinner at the foodcourt .
The things there are much more expensive after renovating .
Walked around & went to library .
We both went home at around 8 or 9 plus .
I dont really remember .
Have been slacking this few days .
I dont know why but i was feeling so tired after i came back from lot 1 .
I guess it was because i slept at 5 before the day of kenji's music concert .
Came home & slept at 3plus before the day of my exams .
I was totally shag .
Have got to study for my business management .
I dont wish to pay $60 for retaking both papers .
1 paper is $30 .
I must at least pass my business management exam .

I found out that some of you visit my blog w/o TAGGING!!!
Please tag when you view my blog ya!!!
Dont let me catch you viewing but w/o tagging =)

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11:15 PM

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My Love <3
My Love <3


10:29 PM

Sunday 290608
Ym won kenji's music concert tickets .
So we could get to go .
Met up with her at cck mrt station & all the way to Bugis .

Some building of stairs at bugis .

Had a hard time to find a place for lunch as everywhere is full of ppl .
Finally settled down somewhere .
I forgot the full name of the place but it was something like QQ noodleshouse or something like that .
Didnt knew what to eat so decided to save money .
So we ordered a 1 claypot of bak ku teh? & 2 bowl of rice .
The soup was so salty .


After which we went to bugis street level 2 .
Went to buy my fake lashes .
Didnt went to the usual store that i bought my lashes at because everything we go to that store .
You will feel very pressure as the salesperson there are too friendly & overwhelming that you would feel so pressure that you must buy something before leaving .
Decided to go to another new store that is quite newly open .
But it seems like the quality isnt that good .
Anyways .
We left after buying the fake lashes .
Went to Vivo .
Visited my beloved KIM!!!
She cut her hair short .
She wanted to go out for a smoke so ym & i accompanied her .

Ym & i were breathing in other ppl's 2nd hand smoke!!!
After which went walking around vivo .
There's nothing much to walk about actually .
Went over to Stjames at around 6plus .


There were like so many ppl smoking along the bridge that i nearly fainted .
I hate the cig's smell .
Walked down the steps & asked the security for dragonfly .

I dont know what this building is . Ym took this not me .

It was our first time going to this clubbing places .
I may sound very outdated .
Anyways it was already a long queue when we reached .
Ym still wanted to shop around vivo longer as she think that it was just so near .


There is already so many ppl queuing already still shop .
Kenji's more impt .
Queued up for quite long .
Until around 7plus we then got to get in .
The place was dark and smokey .
The atmosphere was quite good .

In my perception, these places would be like very messy & all .
But it wasnt .
It was quite high class .
Ym said she would want to come again if we could .
Waited for like almost 8 & the host for the day was Jian Wen from Ufm1003 .


We waited for almost 1/2 hr or even more for Kenji to come .
JianWen the Dj say that he was having some interview .
I was wondering why must the singer's have a interview always before any events .
JianWen interviewed kenji & he sang his first song : 什么东西 .
Played some games & interview him .


The whole thing end around 8+ .
Went to have a free drink that is provided by dragonfly .
After which was led to a pathway as it was raining heavily outside .
Went to Vivo & had burger king for our dinner .
Both of us were so tired after the standing for almost for 1 hour & i was busy shooting videos of kenji singing .
Our legs & hands were so tired .
Reached home at around 11plus .
Was really happy to see kenji .
Like finally .
He just couldnt come to singapore maybe because of no one sponsoring him .
Hope that he would come more often .

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9:32 PM