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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tag Replies

YM is u lag na..=D
YOYOYO...ni shi wo niang!!..hahax
come on!..we make u feel secure```...HAHAX!
To Siyan - you mean you're my mother? then you're wrong.. your my father ok! dont get mixed up.. im still insecure.. how?

u onli replies tags but no update... and 2 photos LOL
cool great updates!
im always early de ^^
trying to test my eyesight issit lol put all the name under link so small...
and y my name violet in colour? i want white LOL
To ray - nothing to update you cant expect me to everyday write i go school then after i go home like that ba? you early? where early?

hey the 2 photo of ray super funny..esp the hip hop de..lol..
To YummY - style what.. should take more this kind of photos.. of YOU and LAO PA!!

2:11 AM

Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally changed a new blogskin..
It's the first time i have a blogskin that has a white bg & not emo!!
Also i added another tagboard because firstly sy say she cant tag at my first one cause she's being banned..
So i took my previous one as i dont bear to take away that one..
As it has been with me since i open this blog..
Hope it dont look too weird..
No school today..
Slept at 7+ all the way to 4+ in the noon..
It was great!
But there's school tomorrow.. =((

10:13 PM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Had school today but pon-ed halfway to meet ym & sy at library..
Who knows these 2 little boys pon-ed school also..
Met up with sy first as she's already at cwp..
Waited for ym & my lunch..
Chatted & went over to library..
Found a place & settled down..
My motive there was to do my project..
But in then i didnt..
We were busy playing fb games & chatting..
When suddenly we heard lao pa's voice..
He suddenly popped out of no way..
Quite smart that he could find us..
Library had a fake alarm & we were packing to go off & it announced that it was a fake one.. -.-
After awhile off we went to chomp chomp..
Memories came when i reached chomp chomp..
Used to go there when i was little and when my father still had a car..
Ordered stingray, kangkong, hokkien mee and bbq chicken wings..
Ordered sugar cane drink which was a very very big cup..
But when ym's drink came..
All 3 of us were shocked..
It was even much more bigger then ours..
Chatted & after finish eating we went mount faber..
Slacked awhile & went home..
Tiring but fun day =)
More outings and hope i can get a job soon..
Job please come..
I need money!! =(

Had exams today which i had no confidence..
Kind of forgot quite alot of details..
Anyways dont wish to mention it..
Went off to meet sy & ym & lao pa..
Met up with sy first..
Waited at jurong east mrt for her..
But lao pa reached jp even earlier then us both..
Went searching for chicken wing's birthday present..
Finally bought him a t-shirt with cars on it..
Hope he like it..
Waited for the KUKU ym to reach..
When she finally reach went to take bus to head over to chicken wing's party..
We were the lastest to reach..
Chat around and ate and it was time to cut cake..
The cake is 21 and it's quite nice..
After which sy went home & the others went off too..
Left with lao pa, ym & me..
Didnt know where to go to..
Wasted quite sometime before we decide to go to the 10 dollar ktv..
Nearly lost our way because ym didnt recognise the way there..
Reached & the people there told us that the rooms for 3 person are all full..
We were like -.-
The next thing which i felt that his service was bad is that he told us he had a 8 person's room but we would have to pay for 8 person's fee..
We had this -.- on our faces..
To me i felt that his service isnt good but due to me learning about retail before..
I felt that he shouldnt have asked that or rather have other suggestions for us..
We went to have dessert at a shop near chinatown..
After which we really had nothing to do and went to OG to walk around..
After which trained back to yew tee to have our dinner and went home after that..
A tiring day today!!

both of them gaying..
ym took chicken wing but without a head!!

8:14 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009

I feel so insecure.

11:16 PM


10:42 PM

Tag Replies

4get those "helpful" classmate..rmb the ice one!!=)

To Siyan - lols.. so good sia.. your tag is always the most.. and i am not auntie hor.. i am xiaojie hor.. hahas.. i very good to you leh.. eeyer..

Wad Niang! I also dunno y i will like dat when eating burger....
wa i plead guilty to point 2 and 3. sorry la boss X-( lol...
is u anyhow lor pls... i where got fierce... keep saying me fierce...
no updates yet huh?
y should i update leh? bleh Xp

To ray - zui niang is you liao lor.. and i never anyhow hor.. nothing happen that's why no update.. you this kuku.. dont update lor.. eeyer.. so dao..

hey i finally got into ur blog liao man..LOL..
i finally get into ur blog again..duno why ur blog abit lag sia..

To YummY - lols.. 2 tags all say same de.. kuku la..

wahh, nan de you will tag me leh! hahaha :o

To Felicia - lols.. you also never tag me lo.. mei liang xin de you.. =(

6:50 PM

Sunday, June 21, 2009


12:39 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009


10:19 PM

Met up with sy & ym after school yesterday at queenstown..
Trained all the way to orchard & walked around wisma while waiting for lao pa to come..
Bought some finger food & drinks as 3 of us were hungry..
Lao pa reached & we went over to far east..
Until around 9plus that we wanted to have subway at far east but because once again the atm machine as problem therefore we went to other places..
Most of the shops pr food courts or whatever are closed at that timing..
So decided to go back to yew tee foodcourt..
Chatted & left at 11plus..
The noodles stall's uncle's attitude sucks..

Was very very very tired today..
Dragged my heavy feet to school..
Halfway through smsed ym if she could accompany me as i couldnt head home..
Was too tired that i i pon-ed school..
Went to cwp's library & borrowed some leadership books for my project..
went home after which while ym went off with her bf..

9:46 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

What "HELPFUL" classmates i've got huh?
Nothing much happened recently but just going to school almost EVERYDAY!!
Lessons boring but still i've got to tolerate..
Got to know some friends..
They are still quite good therefore the 1st sentence i'm not referring to them..
It's been a long time since i went shopping or to town or out with friends..
School's been like 3.30 to 6.30..
It would be a little too late to go out after which..

12:16 AM

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What parents i have..
Came home and told them about my exam..
Not as if i didnt know how to do..
I said i should be able to get 60..
What they did was nag at me..
Saying i surely remodule..
Not as if i said i didnt know how to do..
When i say i can you also nag at me i say i cant you also nag at me..
Then what is it that you want?
Damn pissed off..

2:28 PM

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

School started today!
Was feeling blank from the time i wake up to the moment i reached school..
Was trying people to sms with to let me not be so tense..
My current class is not even the half of my previous batch i think..
Quite small class & the people there is like SO QUIET!!
I didnt make any friends today as they already have their own group..
Which is really bad..
I may have company for 2 modules so if there if group work maybe i'm still ok with it..
But have this particular module..
I dont have friends who remodule this module & i dont know any people from this class because they already have their own group..
What should i do?
I'm scare!!!
Met up with ah boy & lao pa..
Ah boy took train from cck to JE mrt & back to cck..
Thanks ah boy!
Went to MOF & have desserts..
I actually ate the same thing as the other time..
Walked around & went to roof garden..
Seems cool that they can actually play water there..
After which went home as it was getting a little late..

PS. lao pa so fierce today! ><

8:53 PM

Monday, June 01, 2009

Why am i so unlucky to be sick when school like starting TOMORROW & i'm having a "MAJOR"exam like on Saturday.
Is it hinting me something or what?
I dont wish to fail my Saturday's exam as I would need to remodule the module..
It's a tortue to study for exams..
I dont know why but for me it is..
This Saturday's exam i dont even have any focus point..
I dont understand why the lecturer doesnt want to give us any focus point like the other lecturers do..
Even for O level the teachers would give some tips or even discuss the patterns of the questions..
Now i am like studying the stupid whole book when i dont think it has much use to me..
My mother keep nagging me for not knowing "GOOD" classmates in my future batch..
"Good" students would meant those that are good in studying..
So what if they are good in studying but bad in attitude & the way they treat people..
This is my first time that when i graduate from that school & i am not contacting a SINGLE person from my class..
Is it my problem or theirs?
When i needed help they wouldnt help..
They would think that it isnt their business to help me..
Giving me those fcuking attitudes like i owe them something..
Seriously dont understand why is this happening..
If you dont like any point of mine then tell me..
Stop being a hyprocrite..
Whenver someone needs help, i would try to help them if i know how to..
They wouldnt if today I was the one who needed help..
All would give excuses or give me those fcuking attitudes..
I know & admit that at times my attitude can be bad..
I'm not like any saint we can forgive anything or can just treat it as nothing..
I suppose everyone has bad attitude at times..
But i'm sure if you treat me well, i'll treat you well too..
Really feel so helpless..

7:18 PM

Some actions/things that i personally hate/detest:

1.Not paying attention when talking on the phone
I really hate it when i'm talking to someone on the phone & the other party is fooling around with his/her friends beside her.
This makes me feel so irritated.
I'm trying to tell you something & you dont even seems to be listening.
People beside can even fool around with you or talk with you.
Cant they even see that you're talking on the phone.
Cant they hold on to what they want to say after you finish talking on phone.
I dont mind if it's really important but if it's not. I
t really piss me off.
I guess it's a courtesy to let the person finish talking on the phone before asking/talking to him/her.
How tired it is for the person on the person trying all his/her might to tell you something & you dont seems to be interested at all.

2.Not replying smses
I really hate it when people dont reply smses.
Sometimes i can get really pissed up but at times thinking what can i do even if he/she doesnt reply?
I dont mind if it's some hi bye friend i am smsing.
I'm concerned if it's closed friend that i am texting.
I am using my 5cents to sms you & yet you can treat it as nothing.
If you're busy, i can understand BUT at least reply it after you have finish what you are busy with.
Not trying to come up with DUMB excuses for not replying.

Eg. Im busy(cant you reply after you busy with what you're doing?)
Some people could even say that they thought they replied but actually they didnt even bother reading that message at all.
How could you forgot to reply a sms if you actually read it & reply it ON THE SPOT?
I dont understand this.

3. People who are habitual late & not late
I dont like to wait for people.
If it's for 5 to 15mins it's still ok.
As at times i might be late for 5mins, it's still acceptable.
I dont understand how a person can let the other person wait up till more then 30mins or 1 hour or even longer.
How can thick skinned can this people be?
Fancy letting people wait for such a long time.
If you know that you've got to prepare longer then get up earlier to prepare & not let the person wait for you.
How would it be like if today you were late for work? So what if it's habitual late?
The job opportunity might just slip away

4.Saying one thing but doing another thing
Seriously what are this people thinking?
You tell someone that you dont have money but on the other hand you are going out with other people & spending money.
If you dont wish to go out with that particular person just tell him/her and not doing things behind his/her back.
Neither telling he/her that you dont have money or time or whatever. I hate it when people do this to me.
Stop giving this stupid excuses, it totally pisses me off.

5.Not agreeing to my opinions
I may be arrogant but i just dont like it when you know that i am this way & i speak this way. Yet you still can disagree to what i say.
I dont like it when people says the opposite of me.

Eg. Me "Why is this person so blah blah blah?"
The other party replies "the person must be what what what so you should this and that"

If you know me you should know that what is the reply that i want.

6.Repeat the same doings when you agreed not to
If you cannot compromise what you agrred others then dont.
Hate it when you already promised me something & yet you're repeating it again & again.
I can say that i am quite soft hearted at times.
I let go & forgive but yet you are repeating it again & again. I really cannot take it.
I somehow hate it when at times i am too soft hearted

You may not agree or think that i am a snob or someone who thinks highly of herself or whatever.
Sad to say, this is who i am.

12:42 AM