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Sunday, July 31, 2005

[Bu dE bU ai]
tian tian dou xu yao ni ai
wo de xin si you ni cai
i love you wo zhi xu yao ni rang wo mei tian dou jing cai
tian tian ba ta gua zai zui bian,
dao di she me shi zhen ai
i love you dao di you ji fen, shuo de bi xiang xiang gen kuai
bu de bu ai, fou ze kuai le zong he er lai
bu de bu ai,fou ze bei shang zong he er lai
bu de bu ai,fou ze wo jiu shi qu wei lai

1:38 AM

sry..so many days nv update le...cos erm...kinda busy den lazy =P...den cannot use comp...but got update also like dat never update oso like dat..no difference...anyways...nothing much happened this few days bah....maybe i forgetful so 4got le..=P...hmmm...i sae today hao le...
today woke up around 10 plus ba...den ate breakfast le den wtch tv until 1 plus lo..den after dat have to prepare go for tuition le...den after min call me i went out le..den went too take 302 den board de bus that time i saw strawberry...haha...kinda of surprise to see him...=p...reached there le but min haven reach...so waited for her lo...den after dat walked ard limbang den min bought waffle to eat den we walk to kranji sec for tuition le...den kiwi sms min asking wan to go eat or sumthing like dat after tuition anot.....blah blah blah..dun wan say le...den after dat went to near stadium there de blocks there to chat lo...chat until 6 plus ba..den we took diff sides de bus to go hm lo...hmm...like dat ba...nth much happened lo...

Sorry...this few days never post....i very lazy hor...aiyo...cos oso dunno wat to say ma...everyday like saying the same thingy like dat...see le oso sian..later say too much..too long winded liao le...so fast tml sunday liao le...den going to monday le...monday got oral...dunno how will it be...hope wont be like english ba....so scare...=p...today no quote le..have quote den put ba...maybe wont be posting so often le ba...post le oso like dat so....also cos have to study liao le..going prelim le..haiz...so fast...die le die le...

1:08 AM

Monday, July 25, 2005

today woke up around 9 plus den went to bath le..actually wanna call min de to see if she wake le...but den nv...after dat call her..she jus woke up only...i was tinking haiz...she is going to be late again le...den used e comp until around 10 plus ba den she reached yew tee here le...cos we going to causeway there de library..we reached there hmmm..going 11 le bahz i tink i also nv look at the time...den ard 12 i went to meet my aunt to take sumthing from her den we went back to library...we studied to until about 2 plus ba or 3 plus...den we went to had lunch den after dat very sian lor....so we went to orchard there...wanted to go house of stars to buy J star mag...reached there le den quite late le..den on e way there that time..minrui called and say yunmin have to be home by 5 if not cannot let her in...not first time already...go out with her always is like dat de lorz...but den already halfway le ma..den there time is say house of star is moved to lucky plaza le but den we go there dun have...from first level to the last level oso dun have...then there very scary or is those indo and phlipino maids that kind de somemore all long hair..so scary...all black black de...after that i tink maybe hos nv move so walked to far east den walk wrong direction lor...den min oso no time le so we didnt go in e end..but went to taka there de kino...go there to see if got J star de mag..den really is dun have...asked e counter de person...she say tml250705 den come....i was like...arghhhh....all e way come here den rushing away cos to let min go home den tell me tml den out...so we no choice faster go take train go home le..reached home already 6 sumthing already...luckily after dat call min ta ke yi jing jia men...
``At night
night time was playing wif e comp den around 8 or 9 lus ba wanted to type f&n liao le..den suddenly outside got ppl call me den is my uncle he brought his new dog to let me see...the dog name is xiong xiong same as last time de dennis also my uncle dog was passed away le...den xiong xiong very cute only 2 mths only...played wif him den he play on my bed...den still yao wo de bag...naughty de xiong xiong =p....thats all fer yst ba..den sumthing happened to min...kinda funny but bu fang bian to say here..haha..min dun scold me when u see this hor..=p

Today had sch and those lessons as usual lo...den recess still didnt go dwn to canteen but den after dat min and yan wanted to buy sumthing so went dwn..so me and jing stayed in class...didnt tok much though she was looking around den looking at my maths tys....nothing much happened today ba...hmmm...think so...memory not gd hor den 4got le..=p..after sch went to lot one to have lunch ba den eating halfway suddenly saw yan de mother..first time see her mother at lot one...hehe...haiz..had gastric pain e whole day today...stupid...ok la...dun wan so long winded le...type until so long oso....

Today'S quOte == ``"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway."

10:51 PM

Saturday, July 23, 2005

=+YeSterday 220705+=
yst...as usual..walked to sch...saw jing...waited fer yan & min....gave out newspaper....after dat recess hmm...we were doing our own things den suddenly ber they all ask us to go out of the class they say got sumone chasing them out of class say wat cannot stay in class lo...but not only us lo...almost all ppl will stay in class de lo...den we 4 went to near e range there to sit dwn den finding songs to sing..hahaz..sry...rang ni men de er duo nan shuo le...hao nan ting...wo zhi dao...den after dat jing went back to her class den we had our lessons...den suddenly found out the safety pin keychain on my phone was lost..den i suspected that is yan playing wif me but she kp denying after dat she admit is jing took it...xia le wo yi tiao.haha...den after school went to accompany yan to wait fer jing but didnt manage to cos she was having test ba...den we left yan there to wait cos we were catching a movie at lot one...so we went lo...reach there le went to return books den went to bought the tickets...only got one is at 3.50 so had to watch at there time slot de lor...we ned to wait almost 2 hrs ba..so went to had lunch den went to library after dat walked around...den couldnt find a place to eat e lot one benches all occupy by all those nothing to do the ah gong ah ma...aiyo...den we went to the cinema that level there got a place so we stood there to eat lo...den near the space got a door ma..suddenly a security came out...gave us a fright..he looked at us like we done sumthing like dat..walked away den came back and say "after eating dun throw there throw into the bin"blah blah den later a while a security came out again but didnt say anything jus walked away...after dat went to library to see books lo...very sian le see until so walk from fourth level slowly walk down to basement den time le..so went to bought popcorns den went in...thought wont be so many ppl na li zhe dao..hai man duo ren de....den sit dwn 4 a while den started...quite funny..
-ThE movIe-
started wif a little girl at a big field den she say a bug and started saying gu ji gu ji...she knew how to communicate wif bugs...and fer e rest qing zi ji qu kan..=P
overall the movie quite nice and funny de...in the end is happy ending lo....can sae man zhi de kan..but den my pocket a big hole already....anyways...quite nice lo..if can ppl out there can go see wor..haha...
today woke up at 9 plus ba cos yst quite early slp already ard 8 plus....den called omg min den minrui say she still sleeping so she tok to me abt the thingy she wanna me help her to do that is to help her transfer all e pictures in a diskette into her frenster...den still threaten me say if i dun help her she will not ask ong min to answer the phone nxt time..how can like dat....cos i wanna ask ong min wat time she coming over cos yst wanna ask her den she oso sleep le...den after putting dwn the phone i used the comp lo...use until she came...already very late le 12+le..she where got enough time to type finish all...anyway...she used e comp den i got nth to do den too boring le den fell asleep...den woke up le jiu go bath le...den went to cook noodles fer e both of us...after dat finish le actually going to left fer e stupid cdac de tuition de but den yan called up so chat wif her a while lo..she ask abt the movie....den i ask her abt the cute little thingy she bought..hehe...den after dat cos no time le so got to put dwn e phone..so we left fer e tuition..den after tuition went to find kiwi cos he wan me help him burn the fan fan de new album de songs...den took le disc went to ntuc to buy sumthing den walk to take bus liao le...den went hm le...went hm le...went to use the comp again...haiz..all comp...didnt even studied today...die le prelim n level all fail liao..cant even concentrate or feel like studying....den use comp use until now lorz...haiz...den posting..if dun post den later jing will haunt me fer it le..so have to type finish...actually jus now finish typing le den dunno why publish post that time half of it gone so have to retype dun later again like this i will become crazy...
today got post wor..dun say me nv post hor...u also must post hor...haunt fer ur post if u nv post fer one day okies..haha...

TodAy's quote :: {"Don't walk in front of me, i may not follow.Don't walk behind me, i may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend"}

3:41 AM

Thursday, July 21, 2005

hope dat everything will be fine...yi qie feng ping liang jing...ye xu zhe shi shang di gen wo men zhi jian de you qing yi ge kao yan...huo xu zhe hui rang wo men zhi jian de you qing gen jian qiang...

wo zhi dao xu duo shi ni bu neng bu ke yi bu xiang gao shu wo...dang ran wo hui hen hai qi hao xiang zhi dao...ke shi zong na yi tian qi wo yi jing gao shu zi ji wo bu hui bu xiang zai qu guan na xie shi le...huo xu you xie hou hui rang wo zhi dao zhe yi qie...wo xu dang chu wo jiu bu ying gai duo guan xian shi jiu bu hui dao jing tian zhe yi ge ju mian le...da jia jiu hui kai kai xin xin de guo zhe mei yi tian...ni huo xu hui shuo bu shi wo de cuo...dan shi zhe xie zhen de chun zai,its a fact dat cannot be changed..wo wu fa bang ni...ye bu neng bang ni ye wu neng wei li...zhe de zhen de hen diu bu qi...wo ye bu zhi gai shuo she me cai hao....dui bu qi...

10:52 PM

hmmm...yesterday...nothing much happened in school bahz...jus that e weird weird the atmosphere between us was still there...after school 4 of us was thinking of where to go to...stand there for almost 5 mins bahz...didnt decide where to go...they went to take bus and i walked home...at around 8 or 7 sumthing bah...yan msg me...she asked me sumthing...i was kinda of dunno how to reply her...i knew wat was the problem but i dare not face it..i dunno why maybe i too coward le bahz...den after dat she called me...for e first time we both for a few seconds nv talk den jus holding the phone...didnt noe wat to say...but...after dat everything was ok..can say was solved ba....
today went to school den saw jing den sat dwn den awhile only the other two came le...first time ba they so early wor...den we went to the parade square to sit le....den today is racial harmony day ba...quite many ppl were wearin their own racial costumes lo...den mr rusty was toking to us about the racial harmony thingy ba den still ned wat pledge zhi lei de dong xi lo....after dat rusty told us we going to comp lab today...so happy cos long time nv go le always is stay at class den played computer at there lo den did e ws he gave us den later after history we still stayed on cos also his lesson the geography students came and we stayed there for quite long de...after dat is english only a while only den recess le...after yan jing went down den me and min was in class doing sumthing den after dat dey came up le was toking den looking at s.h.e de wu ke qu dai de lyrics lo....den maths and chinese teacher didnt come today so had free lessons...we were toking and chatting awaylo..
=After Sch=
after school we went to 4/3 to gif mrs ng the money we own her denn after dat we went to mama shop cos yan say wanna buy sumthing den reach there le yan didnt manage to buy the thing she wan cos dun have den she ask us wan to eat cup noodles a not cos very sian lo everyday go lot 1 eat...den we bought le den go to our lao di fang near the mama shop there den eat and chat there...den got a guy sitting there...look kinda of scary cos he abit like huai ren den smoking there abit pervert also...den keeping looking at where we were....but after dat he walked away...hai wo men xin jing dan zhan de...after dat yan and min accompany take bus den i went home le... hmmm...tml will be watching zhong bu zhi with min hope it will be enjoyable...haha...=p..maybe tml will post bah...ya...and thks fer those whom comes to my blog and tag de ren...zhen de xie xie ni men...mei you ni men wo de blog jiu mei you yi yi le...=Pxie xie wor...

Today's quote:~]"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"[~

9:42 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

as usual walked to school today lo.den walked till halfway started to rain but becos i already going to reach school le so not so drenched if not later becum luo tang zhu le.haiz.den reached le.jing was there and peggie and baohui.we waited fer them to cum but waited and waited still never cum so jing accompanied me back to class.thks fer accompanying me wor.they still haven come yet.today they really quite late lo.becos of the rain.den after dat p.e lo.sian volleyball again.but we three never play volleyball but playing "soccer" using e volleyball.den we kept beening hit by the ball lo.*ouch* so pain.=P....after dat is maths ba i tink...dun quite remember.jus had e usual lessons we have den after school went to lot one den they ate their lunch i didnt have the appetite so didnt eat lo.after dat went to popular den jing they all went to different places den after dat we went to comic connections they went to library.me and min bought a safety pin but is for like decorations can oso use as key chain la actually.liked it very much lo.after dat we went down to library to lok fer them den went to find books sit there to browse through the books and magazines.jus walked ard lot one ba can say den after dat went hm le.heard that they went to jing hse there to see magazines ba.min reached hm ard 5 sumthing le she told me.

;;_i really really hate that kind of feeling i've got.i dunno wats wrong wif us but maybe we should...i dunno...really dunno wat to do?wat should i do?it really hurts to be like this...also hate the feeling of being left out....dunno why...maybe becos of an only child i dun wish to be alone...i hate to be alone...it is the same as being at home...but wat can i do if i am being left out?nothing...nothing i can do....it really really really hurts me....

Today's quote:]"A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."[

11:08 PM

Monday, July 18, 2005

today had school as pernormal lo first lesson was chinese was still ok not very sian den after that is english did a summary then followed by biology the very very boring de lesson den maths den chemistry.today dunno wat happened to our maths teacher.the moment she came she scolded people then after that she was very very very fierce lo.maybe ta zai bie ban shou dao she me wei qu huo qi ba.she was jus very fierce lo almost all was so scared of her.after that chemistry cause mdm juliana never come so we had our lesson in class.then all was talking not listening to ms yeo.she was quite angry cause even we her students also talking lo.sorry ms yeo.after school accompanied jing until her lesson start then we left school go lot 1 had lunch then we went hm le.today felt that e atmosphere abit weird weird de.
[Recess time]
recess as usual left me and yummy in class den we kinda of boring lo.den after dat we went out of the classroom.it was raning heavily lo.we stood there looking at the pouring rain.dunno why jus liked to look at the pouring rain.then was discussing with yummy saying are the both of us having depression?always feeling down den jus like abit of depression lo.she wont tink of silly things but me will.die le we have you yu zheng.den we jus stood there silently den yummy asked me why does it rain?i thought and say that should be lao tian ye zai ku qi ba?wo ye bu zhi dao ye?but who can tell us?would be posting a quote each day if i can find bah.ya.

tOday'S qUoTe:["A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else."]

7:52 PM

Saturday, July 16, 2005

am i too sensitive or am i just thinking too much?zhong jue de shen bian yi ge ren dou mei you?shi zhen de hai shi wo xiang tai dou?da jia dou bu li wo le, er shi yuan yuan de li wo er qu.i hate this kind of feeling.i don't wan this kind of feeling.but.who cares, no one cares, not even my parents care.or is it becos of my attitude?the way i speak? wo de yan xing ju zhi? ru guo shi zhe yang.qing gao shu wo.wo zhen de zhen de zhen de bu xiang zhe yang.........wo jiu shi hen wo zi ji bu shi hen er shi fei chang fei chang fei chang de hen zi ji.......i wish i could vanish from the world.....

1:27 PM

Friday, July 15, 2005

today as usual go to school lor.den very sian.first lesson is the stupid mdm fauziah de biology de lesson den before we went round the school to give out newspapers to those very very stupid and lazy classes.den very hot lor.den after dat jus have our usual lesson den recess same thing yan jing nv stay in class only me and min and the usual guys lor.den e chicken wing was asking how to give to yan the bottle of stars lo.den we dunno ma.den very tired so me and min sleep lo.den a bunch of dirty fellows from sec5 dunno which class lah..very e disgusting lo,pervert de,xin li bu ping hen, kp shooting me ba or maybe me and min with very very very very very disgusting things lo..dun wish to say la.wan go ask dem..really very disgusting arghhh...anyways.den later e chicken wing dunno wat to do den he put on yan de table we continue to slp.den yan didnt take lor.so ask e chicken wing to take put.after sch liao.finally.we three went to find jing den walk dwn to first floor den chicken wing was behind us wasting to give yan e bottle of stars but yan kp walking and walking. den actually wanna find sng de bu she nt there so we walked to a place den c.w gif yan the stars le.after dat we went to bus stop to wait for bus den suddenly raining den we waiting for the bus very long so dun wan wit liao we started to walk rain bigger and bigger.dun why felt like walking in the rain so i ownself walk in the rain den the other three took umbrella lo.den walk to lot one.we wanted to go hm liao so bough sumthing to eat den went hm le.min jing and yan ate LJS den tink maybe after dat min dey all went to teck whye take min de specs.nothing to write le.

8:40 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005

had my oral today.oh gosh.gonna fail already le lahz.at first was still ok but i noe i was nervous cos everytime nervous den will gastric pain de.but i not like yan heart beating very fast lo.waited for my turn.first was vishnu[ps.wrong spelling i dunno how to spell=p], den was fw followed by charles den me den yan den issac.really didnt felt anything lo.was waiting waiting den it was charles turn liao le.den he very funny lo.he was at the timer there try put the passage den he kept toking to issac den he didnt noe actually the timer was looking at him den he still toking to issac.me yan and issac was laughing all the way.after dat den he knew the timer was looking at him.it was then my turn to go try reading the passage at the timer there.den me and yan agreed that is both was easy den i would show her a ok sign den if one side difficult show her a twist den if both difficult show her a one de sign.den when i looked at the passage,hmmm...still quite ok lo.but sum words dunno why i feel quite difficult to pronouce it jus nw.den i showed yan a twist as i felt that the pic too difficult le.oso dunno wat it toking abt.den not even 10 mins the charles came out le.i was thinking omg why he so fast de?but i still had a few mins to read my passage didnt care much on the picture cos really too difficult le lor.den i went in greeted the teachers.den when reading the passage my heart was beating beating very fast den ping ping chi luo si lor.i was tinking die already lahz.fail liao le.when come to picture i didnt noe how to answer the question the examiners asked.i only say a little only.den was e conversation.dunno why dey kp laughing lo.got so funny meh.yi fu bu zheng jing de yang zi.examiner first time i see dun look serious de.=pafter dat waited for yan.the minute she saw me her tears fell dwn.consoled her not to cry lo.tell her wont fail(but me myself oso zi shen nan bao) but still had to console her she wont be as bad as me lo.after dat better le.den me yan min and jing went to lot one den had our "lunch" at 4 sumthing den walked ard lot one.yan and jing bought things at comic connections lo.den after dat nothing le ba.den we went home lo.

yesterday was min de oral.she saw as already she started telling us about the oral thingy non stop but this is yi ding de lor.she told us her oral was about dentist de thingy.den when we heard is abt oral i was tinking the topic not bad very fu he min cos she have many "experience" in dentist de thingy.she noe herself la.hahahahaha....den after dat we went to canteen to eat.den very good lor.got free food cos min treat haha...thks to min min haha...nxt time treat you back lo.ok.after eating we went home already so nothing happen le.

9:40 PM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

today nothing much happened.everything was fine.finally parry talked today.hahaz.it ok le.bleah.erm.den after school went to lot 1 wif siyan & yun min.went to eat lunch den went to wash the f n n de coursework de photo.but was so expensive one photo $0.40 den must add $5 so decided not to lo.den after that jiu went home liaoz le.
[To siyan]
wanna tell you.i really really really really really really really really really really really really really never never never never never angry wif wat u said today.i jus only asked if if if i angry den wat u will do nv mean i was angry.jus hope u will be all right.
//To zijing\\
jus wan to tell you.no ned sry.why must say sorry that siyan didnt spent time wif us?u also her fren even more her gan jie lehz.its alright that we didnt spend the day with her.i her u have things to talk to her.i doesnt mean we have to always stick together.she can also be wif you(ps.siyan i dun mean anything.jus saying u oso have e right to be wif other frens of yours.).so dun wanna hear you and siyan saying sorry to me le.really.i understand .
[To Ray]
dunno if u will see this.jus wanna say a very big sorry to you.hope u wont be angry with me and yun min.really very sorry.[ps.i dunno why i made u angry?cos i scoled u or?]hope u dun angry liaoz le.dun cry kkz.

8:25 PM

Monday, July 11, 2005

haiz.today overslept.den late.first time i late in my sec sch life.dunno wats wrong wif me today.den walk to sch.gt the slip.den e stupid lala.so fierce.i first time ma.dunno wat to do also no ned to scold de rite.den walk up to class.jus walk in den the whole atmosphere.was kinda of weird.dunno how to sae.jus weird lorz.den was having chinese...den after dat many many things happen.haiz.dun wish to say about it.too many things.unhappy sad things?anyways.dunno wat to post today.so i jus stop here.hope they will be ok.

6:41 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

today accompanied min to go make her specs.cos she cant see so she decided to make a new specs.so went ti tech whye there to make.the shop was so crowded and it was too small everyone was crowding ard.den after dat we went to lot one lorz.den walk from the basement to the top den from the top to the basement again.so sian.we walk until going to rot liao le.hmmm...today nothing much happened.wanna say thanks for weiric,harold de concern.i am ok.really thks for concering me.letting me feel maybe i still have the reason to stay on this world.gonna stop here.ned to slp le.tml having sch.boring day tml.tink will be posting tml ba.=)

11:49 PM

Saturday, July 09, 2005

xiang gao shu ni, bu bi xiang yao zhe me gao shu wo.ying wei i yi qie dou ming bai.ye bu guan wo de shi,wo shou wo guan wo de shi,shi ying wei,wo bu xiang qu zhi dao zhe yi qie de qie, wo dou me xi wang, zhe yi qie zong lai mei fa sheng guo. wo bu xiang kan dao ni men de tong ku, ni men de shang xing. wo kan le wo ye hui tong wo ye hui shang xin ying wei.wo zhen de zhen de hen zai hu ni men. zhe shi wo da zong nei xin de yi ju hua.ke neng mei you shui fu li.ge shi wo shi shou zhen de.ruo guo ni bu xiang xin wo ye wu suo wei. yi qian wo he ni suo fa shen de shi huo zhi jian de mo cha wo yi wang le. wo zhi xiang hen ni men zuo yuan yong de peng you.xi wang ni men (you,yan,min)mei tian dou shi kai kai sin sin de wo jiu hen man zu le.bu bi zai hu wo de gan shou bu bi zai hu wo de shi fu shang xin,shen qi. fang xin wo dou bu hui biao lu chu lai. bu yao na me fan nao.i xi wang kan dao ni shi, ni shi kai kai sin sin de.

1:18 AM

after goin thru this things.i jus felt we became closer but however.i jus felt that.maybe everything wouldnt have happened if becos of me.i noe maybe u would say it is not becos of me but i really feel that it is really my fault.all things happened becos of me and not who.maybe u would say this would eventually happen but i dun wish it to affect u.ur studies ur friendship or anything.i really really hope we could be like last time.where we were be happy everyday without so many things happening.i noe it is not happening to me.i noe it is not my business.i noe.i understand.jus wanna really say a very very very very SORRY to you. wo mei xi wang ni hui yuan liang wo ke shi wo zhi xiang hen ni zuo yong yong yuan yuan de hao peng you.bu guan jing sheng jin shi wo ye hai shi xi wang he ni zuo peng you.wo zong lai mei hou hui guo.wo me sui you zhen zhi he chao nao.dan zhe yi qie de yi qie dou rang wo men gen liao jie bi ci.wo da ying zi ji wo zai cha shou zhe yi qie.

1:08 AM

wo bu zhi dao wo g shuo shi me cai hao.wo fang qi yi qie.wo bu xiang qu gan she.wo zhong lai jiu bu xiang bei juan zai zhe xie shi li.how i wish i could vanish from the world.how i wish.and to the both of u(u shld noe who u are) i wont angry.really.jus felt.i dun noe how to say e feeling.no ned to bother about me.jus.treat me as nth.ba wo dang tou ming jiu ke yi le.wo xin li ming bai.bu bi shou she me.wo dou liao jie.maybe i would stop blogging from today.

12:45 AM

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

[ [ Siyan] ]
whatever is your decision i will always be there for you.it doesnt matter wat e answer is.as long as u are happy.dun really need to care about me(maybe u nv i tink too much)jus follow wat ur heart says ok.really.about the question u asked me.
i really dnno.yes or no?i dunno.jus dunno?no answer?so.
jus wish u happy i will be very man zhu le.really.
shi wo peng you jiu yong yuan shi wo de peng you.
wu lun fa shen shi me shi wo dou hui yong yuan zhi chi ni de!ji de you shen me shi you wo zai.
xu you yi a qing su huo jian bang wo you. (",)
[ [ ZiJiNg ] ]
zijing.dun worry too much for your oral.i am sure u will pass since u said e examiner say u were ok.so really dun tink u will fail de lor.okies..
mus have confidence in yourself.(ownself always dun have still say u=P)
rmb you have us to always support you.no matter wat happens u have me okies..
rmb i am there for you.i can lend u a shoulder if u ned it.okies.(",)

11:59 PM

school started as per normal...but dunno why wasnt feeling very good in e morn and had a black face. siyan,zijing and yunmin saw me and thought wat happened.siyan was asking zjing did we had a fight or wat.actually i saw it but kept quiet.didnt noe wat happened.maybe too tired?maybe?haiz..quite a boring day today. had assembly today and it was so boring.mdm tan was toking to us about a level.which was really boredddd.after dat siyan ask me want to wait for zijing ma cos she had oral.den me and yunmin said ok lo.but dunno in e end.wat happened.we didnt wait and she went for her oral. wo wan quan shi zhuang kuang wai.didnt noe wat happened.after dat we went to yew tee to eat.den saw kenneth he didnt had place to go so he followed us and we walked to yew tee.siyan and yunmin ate and dunno why i didnt have e mood and appetite to eat so only yunmin and siyan eat.kenneth too didnt eat.after dat we went to e playground near my hse den we sat there.doing nothing.dunno why?haiz.jus a day passed like this?jus nw yunmin msg me and said tml gonna be a tough day?hmm..i osod dunno why.well.this few days my mood isnt that good.no reasons.

11:51 PM

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

long tym no blog le.today den have e tym to cum and blog.for e past few days many things happen lo.
sat is zijin de birthday party den is also chicken wing de birthday.den sat after tuition went to angel de party lor.we meet e guys at downstairs to sign chicken wing de gift den later went up to her hse lo.den we ate den play ard tok ard.den later after dat went downstairs to play a while den went home le.sry zijing.hope u wont mind.hmm..
den.monday went to k ster with e "fruit" gang lo.was quite fun.at first no one dare to sing lo.den after dat den almost "every1" started to sing.sang until ard 4 den had to leave le.was bothering where to go den took 190 back to lot one.den eat le.i went to buy jia yin de present as 050705 was her bday.aiyo.july so many ppl bday buy until i broke le.den after dat walk ard 4 awhile den went hm le.
today had to study le.very boring lo.so many stupid lesson den still got wat stupid fire drill must sit in e field and summore in e "not very hot" sun.many things happened today but i dun wish to mention.so i shall stop here.and e stupid parry wanna tell him I DUN LIKE LEMON OK. dun anyhow say i tell u.it was a joke siyan said so not real de.please.it is really very stupid lor.this kind of things.not nice to play ok.and i try to post more as my fren zijing kp asking my to update my blog.

10:33 PM