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Friday, May 30, 2008

*Warning* A damn long post on me ranting .

Who bothers about me?
Who concerns about me?
Who cares about me?
No one .
Stop saying you bother about me .
Stop saying you concern about me .

Stop saying you care about me .
When all that you all are saying are lies .
Dont be a liar .
You all dont bother about me .
You all dont care about me .
You all are not concern about me .
Stop saying "hey dont be sad/emo . you've got me what!!!"
Stop saying "hey dont say you've got no friends . you've got me ."
Stop saying "hey i am there to care what . i am your friend ."
Stop saying all this lies to me .
Its a fact that all that you ppl had said are just lies .
After saying all this lies to me .
You might be laughing behind .
Who would want to bother about you? tsk .
Just someone who is wearing a mask and trying to be nice .
Dont say you will be there for me if i need someone .
When i am down ,
When i am sad,
When i feel emo,
When i am not happy,
When i wish to share my thoughts,
When i NEED someone .
Not even those who said they would when i needed someone .
Why must you tell me those lies .
Let me feel hope and then throw me real down and hard .
Do you know how it hurts?
I doubt you understand .
Ppl must be thinking .
"Aiya this girl, so ugly so fat who want to care for you? i just say to humour you only la . you think you my friend meh? you're just a stranger whom i know through friendster la . "
Who knows how many people have got this though in their mind .
I may be pessimistic,
I may be emo,
I may be stubborn .
Do you think i wish to?
Do you think i want to?
I may just living like a dead corpse but am breathing .
I live each day so unhappy .
I feel so left out in live .
I feel so depressed at times .
I feel that i've got no hope .
Everyone's high up but i am real down low .
People despise me .
People ignore me .
People treat me like a fool .
People dont even treat me as a human being .
People treat me like SHIT .
I dont feel happy at all .
People say dying or committing suicide is not the way to solve problems .
Then what should i do?
What is it that i've done wrong?
What is it that everyone hates me?
What is it that everyone treats me like an alien?
What is wrong with me?
Why cant someone just tell me?
I dont want to be emo,
I dont want to be down,
I dont want to be unhappy,
I dont want to be pessimistic .
But .
Have you people think before that .
How you people sometimes are treating me ?
How bad i feel with the attitude you people are giving me?
I dont deny that it may be my own problem .
part of it are you people letting me to be this way .

Nominate for my blog OR
Click on any advertisments .
Thanks .
Much appreciated . =)

2:44 PM

Got tagged the 3rd time again .
By astarina this time .
Everytime i tag ppl .
Ppl dont give a damn .
And when ppl tag me to do this quiz .
I'll just do .

Rules of the game:
Remove one question from below, add in one of your own (personal),
to make a total of 20
Tag 10 people in your list in then end of this post.
Notify them.

1.At what age do you wish to be married?
After 25 i guess .

2.If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 buddies you'd take and why?
I dont know .

3.Where is the place that you want to go the most?
I dont know . taiwan maybe .

4.If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
I dontknow .

5.Do you believe you can survive without money?
no i guess .

6.What are you afraid to lost the most?
Family and Friends .

7.If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Donate some to poor ppl or countries or whatever, save some and use the remaning to buy the things i want to .

8.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

9.One bad point the person who tagged you has got?
Eh . dont really know her well . But no i guess .

10.What is your dream guy?
I dont know .

11.What kind of person do you hate the most?
Flirt .

12.If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?
Of course, Definately .

13.Do you enjoy blogging and why?
Yes i do . A way to express what i think and what i want to say .

14.Any wisdom to share with your readers?
I dont have wisdom? lols .

15.If there's ever a war(or things that are similar)happening in your place, are you going to move to a safer place, or fight?
Fight if it is a war .

16.If you have the chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Dont be so disturbing and irritating .

17.Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
Myself = Noone

18.Do you think friends are important to you now?
Yes . They are . but i dont have friends . so does it matter?

19.What does love means to you?
I dont know .

20.What is your current goal?
To finish my studies .

I got tagged thrice .
This is the third time .
No one even care or bother to do it .
Maybe i'll just write a few names .
If you want to do you do .
If you dont give a damn about it then dont do .

- 7 people tagged:

Nominate for my blog OR
Click on any advertisments .
Thanks .
Much appreciated . =)

2:20 PM

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lesson today was still ok but abit boring .
All i could say is that .
What the teacher is saying is all so CHIM .
Is it that i am stupid or what?
I dont seems to understand what she is saying .
Anyways .
Ended school before 12pm today and walked too queenstown mrt with classmates .
The weather is real strange .
It wa raining in the morning and very very big sun in the afternoon .
Weather has been like this recently .
Anyways came home and here i am updating my blog .
Was signing up for Sgfriends and was browsing through their web .
Came across blogger's article .
1 of which was a girl of Liao Ning i think .
She was commenting on the Sichuan earthquake .
From what i heard from was that she was complaning why ppl were mourning for the earthquake .
Why was ppl do this and that for the earthquake .
She even commented on an old lady who was saved after 100plus hours saying that why didnt that old lady die, is it that this old lady wants to be a mummy .
I think she was caught for saying all this things from what i heard from the news .
Still she shouldnt have done this .
Now she has to price to pay for saying all this .

Another article which i saw was regarding japan mrt service .
Both this article has videos uploaded anyways .
And the one about japan mrt was that in japan .
As everyone should know that their mrt would be even way more packed and crowded in the peak hours like eg. morning working hours .
Instead of increasing more trains,
There were officers of the mrt trying all their means to push the passengers into the cabin .
When i saw that video i was like .
Instead of increasing the number of trains coming .
They were resorting to pushing passengers into the cabin .
I guess the ppl in the cabin would become 'sardine" after getting off from the train .
I guess this kind of condition could really result in perverts trying to get on to these trains and molesting ppl?
Anyways .
Was quite shocked when i saw that video .

Finally tml's the last day of school .
School so BORING!!!
Everyday going there for only 3 hours and after that back home .
This term's module is difficult .
Really difficult that i'll get a headache when i see those essay questions that would be coming out for exams .
Guess i'll end here .
I'm like getting long winded .

Nominate for my blog OR
Click on any advertisments .
Thanks .
Much appreciated . =)

2:53 PM

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Haven got the time to update .
Actually is because i have been real tired after i started school .
But i dont know why because its like my school is only 3 hours a day .
Started school on Monday .
Was starting a new term, new module, new teacher .
The teacher was kind of bored .
He was just yakking yakking on the 1st topic .
I was like OMG . so bored .
Many left when he gave us break .
It was a tortue for the 3 hours .
Tuesday was another module .
The teacher was still ok ok .
The teacher was a she .
OMG again .
The things she says is like so "chim" .
Real chim .
Some of the things she said i dont understand .
She taught the first lesson .
Was still alright .
Anyways .
This term's 2 module are marketing and business management .
If i never remember wrongly .
I had somehow learned some business management during ite ?
Ok i dont really remember .
But some of the things in that business management module is quite difficult .
More ever its dip stage .
The things would be even more chim and difficult .
Anyways .
Today was boring teacher's lesson AGAIN .
And that 3 hours was really tortue to me .
And mp never come again as she was sick again .
So left me and hakim, hida and the guys .
After which me hida, hakim walked to commonwealth and went home together .

Nothing interesting happened recently .
I somehow find my this post quite bored .
Or maybe all my post are bored .
Anyways .
Its like been a long time since i last went out .


6:27 PM


School started on Monday .
Though its only the 2nd day today .
I am already tired like hell .
I dont know why .
Will update soon . =)

12:14 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2008


What is love?
What is relationship?
Love is nothing?
Love is a drug?
Love is something that would make you addict?
Love is being happy with your loved one?
Love is a guy and a girl together?
Love is sacrifice?
Love is giving in to other half?
Love is tolerating?
Love is saying sweet nothings to each other?
Love is hurting?
Love is getting a girl and a boy together?
Love is giving everything the other half wants?
Love is a necesity?
Love is all about having sexual intercourse?
Love is a spark that ignites between 2 person?
Love is betraying?
Love can cause suicide when lost?
Love can cause ppl to be sad when lost?
Love is just a word with no meanings?
Love is a dream?
Love is just a word?
Love is life?
Love is hope?
Love is happiness?
Love is everything?
Love is just an illusion?
Love is regret?
Love is just enough for 2 person to be together?
What is LOVE?

3:08 AM

Aww .
I dont know what to start writing .
I was thinking and thinking and thinking .
I mind was blank .
I didnt have anything to blog about .
Oh god .
I dont used to be this way .
I used to have alot of ideas .
Lots of ideas .
What have happened?
Things are changing, but,
Am i changing?
Or am i still the same .
Did i change to the bad side .
Or did i change for the better?
I dont know what i want .
I dont have any future plans .
I am lost .

2:56 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've been having insomia recently but i dont know why .
I been flipping turning and tossing and my bed for at least a few hours before i can fall asleep .
Even after falling asleep, i would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night .
Like if i sleep at 4plus i would wake up at like 6 plus then sleep back again and wake up again at 9 or 10 plus .
I dont think this would let my brain and all to rest .
I dont know why this have been happening .
Whenever i lie on bed .
Tons and tons of things would be flying around in my head .
Just a tiny winy brain and there are lots and lots of things in it .
Remembering this and that .
Thinking this and that .
Pondering over things and all .
Why must this thoughts hunt me in the middle of the night .
Making me cant rest .
It doesnt feel good to be not able to fall asleep and tossing and turning on the bed .
It doesnt feel good not resting enough .
School's starting real real soon .
Ok i know i've been saying about school opening in my previous post .
I know i am long winded .
Awww .
I suddenly so feel like having a "someone" to be there with me .
Sharing happy, sad, angry or whatever moments with me .
Able to spend those occasions together .
Having those sweet moments togeher .
I dont admit .
I haven had any relationship before .
Thats because no one wants me .
I've been single for 19 yrs .
I know its not big deal .
Many ppl out there have been single like for 20 or 30 years?
But its like many ppl around me are attached ?
I want to be attached tooo .
But i know it impossible now .
Yada yada yada .... CRAP ......
Shall end here . =(

1:24 AM

Friday, May 23, 2008

Seriously my mind went blank the moment i came to this page .
Dont know why but some of my friends would encounter this to .
Having lots of thoughts in mind and lots of things to blog about .
But the moment they come into this page, mind went blank .
Oh well .
I've been posting up craps .
I dont know wth am i writing about .

I dont want to live like this .
I want to change change change!!!
How should i change?
How i change?
Can someone tell me?

12:29 AM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

School's starting next week .
I've been staying at home for the past 2 weeks .
And the weather is ....
The worst thing is that my aircon is spoilt .
I cant switch it on .
It spoilt on the wrong time .
The season where it is damn hot .
What can i do?
I'll just have to bear with it .
Sometimes i do wonder how and what a guy think .
Because we are of the opposite sex .
We wont know how and what a guy thinks .
I'm sure guy would also wonder how and what a girl thinks .
I wonder ...
Recalled a conversation me and mp had one the days .
We were talking about guys .
The common thing we had is that we have lost trust in guys .
Thats for me to know for you to find out .
Maybe i may become a lesbian?
Who knows =X

3:45 PM

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



10:22 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

23.不公平/Jenny Yang(斗鱼 片头曲)

作词:萧贺硕 作曲:萧贺硕 编曲:Terence Teo 

走了那么远 发现你不在身边
独自走过了什么 自己都不了解
未来的蓝图应该有你 不该只剩叹息
坚强的理由 只是自己骗自己
你眼中的恐惧 说什么都多余
永远不会有答案 只有天知道我有多么爱你
一颗心属于一个人 在爱情里什么算公平
爱的深也伤的深 是不是催眠了自己
一颗心属于我自己 爱情里找不到公平
而当你 最后选择了逃避 我学会不公平
坚强的理由 只是自己骗自己
你眼中的恐惧 说什么都多余
付出的一切值不值得 永远不会有答案
一颗心属于一个人 在爱情里什么算公平
爱的深也伤的深 是不是催眠了自己
一颗心属于我自己 爱情里找不到公平
而当你最后选择了逃避 我学会不公平
一颗心属于一个人 在爱情里什么算公平
爱的深也伤的深 是不是催眠了自己
一颗心属于我自己 爱情里找不到公平
我学会不公平 本来就不公平

11:23 PM

Got tagged again but by amy this time .

Randomly remove one question from above,
and add in your own question,
make it a total of 20 questions, tag 8 people in the list,
list them out at the end of this post,
notify them in their chatbox that he/she had been tagged,
and whoever does the tag will have blessings from all people.

1) What are you doing now?
Doing this post only .

2) What do you want the most now ?
Someone to be by my side?

3) Who is the person you trust most ?

4) Do you think you have enough confidence ?
No i dont . But there are still things i am confident in .

5) Do you want to score well in all your test ?
Of course i would wish to . Who doesnt?

6) Do you believe seeing a rainbow after the rain ?
Yes . i've saw before

7) What is your goal for this year ?
To get my dip cert .

8) What do i usually do when i am at home?
Use comp, slack around .

9) What feeling do you like the most ?
To be loved and not left out .

10) What are the requirements that you wish from your other half ?
To be loved and doted on and not flirting around .

11) What feeling do you hate most ?
Being left out and treated as SHIT

12) Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
Of course i do even if ppl treat me badly .

13) Do you believe in god ?
I am a free thinker?

14) What do you think is most important of your life ?
I dont know .

15) Who do you hope to be always there for you ?
My friends and love one .

16) Who is your bestfriend ?
They should know themselves . =)

17) Who cares for you the most ?
No one i guess .

18) Do you want that special someone of yours to be by your side now ?
Yes . Of course .

19) Who makes you smile when you are down ?
Noone is even there to cheer me up .

20) Have you ever got betrayed by your friends?
Yes . Twice by the same person and yet i still trust that person .

I guess i do not have to tag anyone . Cause no one would do it .
The previous time i tagged ppl .
No one bother to do it AT ALL .
So why bother to tag?

5:39 PM

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a random post .
Been staying at home for the past days .
Getting a little bored .
Today's public holiday .
Ppl need not go to school .
Hmm .
Actually , i dont really know what i want to blog about the moment i came to this page .
My mind just went blank .
Been watching 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 by 汪東城 唐禹哲 卓文萱 小熏
& 這裡發現愛 by 周渝民 朱孝天 王傳一 關穎 .
Quite a nice taiwan drama .
Just finished watching the last episode of 這裡發現愛 .
Will blog again .
This is just a random post .
And .
Please do click on the ad on the left side corner before clicking on the X on the right hand corner .
Thanks lots .
Will appreciate you guys for clicking on it =)

11:44 AM

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I know i dont have the best writing skills .
I know my english sucks .
I know that i may be long winded .
I know that my blog is not interesting .
I know ppl dont read my blog .
I know i cant attract ppl to read all my blog post .
I know my blog cant attract many ppl to read my blog in a day .
I know there is merely just a 1 or 2 ants reading my blog .
I know my post are all full of negative thoughts .
I know that my post are not interesting that ppl would read every 1 of it .
I know i dont have loyal fans/friends who would read my blog everyday .
I know i myself dont wish to be famous because i want to .
I know that famous bloggers are also normal human being .
I know that ppl's blog can get to as many hits as 500 hits day .
I know that my blog has less then 10 ppl viewing in a day .
I know that this blog user is not someone pretty nor cute .
I know i do not have interesting post .
I know that my post are usually emo .
I know that i always post negative things .
I know i am not popular among ppl .
I know not much ppl like who i am .
I know i do not have much friends .
I know i am not those hot and sexy chicks .
I know i am not those chio bu(s) .
I know i dont put interesting pictures/photos .
I know i am just a normal person, a very very normal person .
I know i am not a famous blogger .
I know i cant post interesting post .
I know i cant possibly write such post that could make havoc to the media .
I know ...........

p.s. thats all i can think of for now .

5:10 AM

Suddenly am missing the times i had in sec school .
The laughters, the sad things that happen, the angry things, the fun things, the crazy things .
Suddenly i feel like going back to sec sch .
Still remember how i first got to know my 2 best best buddies .
Still remember the funny things we did .
How mischevious we were .
How we studied and mugged together during exams .
The tears and laughters we had .
It would never come back again .
How innocent we were .
How nerd we used to look like .
How we had a group of friends .
Everyday in school, gossiping, having fun .
Invented our own group name .
Always pon-ing lessons or remedials and go over to the mama shop to have our lunch .
The many many fun we had .
We could never go back to how we use to be .
Everyone is living their life .
Everyone is doing their own things and leading their life .
We dont get to meet often like how we used to be in sec sch .
We cant get together often .
Many things happened that we cant go back to how we used to be .
Making fun of each other .
Giving nicknames .
Awww . i really missed those times .

4:58 AM

Woke up like around 4pm in the noon today .
So woke up and had to meet ym at around 6 .
So watched tv for awhile and prepared .
Went out around 6plus and i forgot to take my ezlink card .
So i had to go back home to get my ezlink card .
Walked around lot1,
There are still alot of things undergoing renovation .
There's actually nothing much after so much new shops have opened .
We walked around, went to popular and ym had to buy a new shoes for her work tomorrow .
Came home around 7plus .
Anyways .
Been staying at home for these few days after exams .
been doing nothing and nothing .
Bored bored . =(

Do put a rainbow in front and behind of your nick in msn in memory of those who suffered in the sichuan earthquake .
Hope that everything would be back to how it used to be .
Although some have lose their families, parents or children .
But we still have to live our lives faithfully no matter what .

12:04 AM

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dont know why i always would suddenly feel emo or down .
I dont like this kind of feeling .
I dont like the sudden of feeling emo and down when i am chatting with ppl .
I would tend to feel so suddenly .
So pardon me if i suddenly say byebye to you in msn .
It doesnt mean that i am going .
Just that i dont wish to influence or let my temper to be thrown onto you .
So therefore i would rather be alone .
So there i wouldnt throw my temper on friends or whoever so .
Anyways .
I know there have been times when i feel this way .
There are ppl who would still be there to chat with me .
There are still ppl who would ask me to cheer up and not to be emo or feel down .
But .

There are times when i get to know very not understanding ppl .
They would scold me say i am crazy .
Say that i am attitude .
They would just still to critise me .
What's wrong with me trying to keep myself away from you so that i wouldnt throw my temper on you?
Is that wrong?
So you rather that i continue talking to you and throw my temper on you?
I dont like to feel this way .
Just simply hate it .

Stick with you - Pussycat dolls

6:55 PM

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So bored .
But its better then going to school everyday for only 3 hours .
And its also better then having to study for exams .
Didnt update yesterday .
Seems like it makes no difference updating everyday and not updating everyday .
Because no one seems to read .
So i dont think there is a need to update everyday .
Unless there is a need or when one feel like updating .
There no loyal readers .
There's no stranger who will read .
NO friends reading .
Emo emo emo now !!!
Argh ...

Touch my Body - Mariah Carey

11:43 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I guess i flunk my accounting exams today .
Oh god .
I dont even remember the whole table of the question .
It was exactly what mr see told us to memorise and i couldnt even remember .
Anyways .
I guess i am gonna take the sup paper .
I finished my paper early so i went down to wait for mp and the others .
While waiting i received hakim's sms saying that he have to leave first .
After which me mp and hida went to PS food court to have lunch?
After which hida went to smoke and head off to her destination .
As i still need not go home so me and mp went walking around PS .
We went to Gelare to eat and waste some time .


Mango Citrus....
Raspberry Fizz
Our 2 drinks
Drinks and waffle
Waffle and Mango Ice Cream Topping
Oreo CheeseCake

Anyways .
We ordered a waffle with maple syrup and a mango ice cream topping .
And also mango citrus blah blah and raspberry fizz and a oreo cheesecake .
Would upload these pictures in the post later .
Was real bloated and full .
We chatted for almost 1 hour .
About guys about relationships and etc .
Went to buy dinner for my mother as its her birthday so i am treating her .
Although not anything sumptous or giving her any present as she doesnt want any .
Reached home around 7+ .
Ate my dinner and watched the scv news from taiwan .
There was a 7.8 earthquake in China si chuan .
It was a very terrible earthquake and after almost 3 days .
Many couldnt be save and in the end lose their lives .
But some were lucky and got saved .
So far they are still trying their very best to save as many lives as possible before 72 hours is over .
It was really really sad to see those parents losing their children or children losing their parents .
All were crying and some were still have a hope that their families would be saved out from those collapsed concrete blocks .
Anyways .
It's really a big diaster and no one would expect this to happen .
Hope that everything would end quickly and more lives would be saved .


虽然我愿意 - 伍家辉

11:54 PM

Happy BIRTHDAY Mummy .
Just want to wish my mummy happy birthday .
Hope that she would always be in pink of health?
I dont know if i use the correct sentence .
Anyways .
Good luck to my exam later .

11:30 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think i am going to fail my exam tomorrow .
Can say that i am studying last minute .
I chose to memorise what Mr see told us that would be coming out for exams .
We have got to choose 3 questions out of 5 questions .
So i memorised the 3 easier one out of the 5 questions that would be coming out .
But out of the 3 questions .
There is 1 question that i cant remember memorise the format and the table .
We would need to draw everything out by ourselves .
I think i would fail for sure .
I still cant remember it at all .
I still have to go study 40 mcq questions that mr see asked us to study .
Oh my god .
I dont think i have enough time .
Tomorrow's going to dhoby ghaut for exams .
Not queenstown .
I have to waste 1 hour of traveling time .
Such a waste of time.
Guess would be going there ealier to study .
I really dont wish to fail .
Hope mr see keep his promise that he comes out those questions that he asked us to do .
*pray hard* *crossed fingers* =p
Good luck to myself .
Hope everything would be fine .

Tomorrow's mummy's birthday .
But she doesnt want anything neither a cake .
So should i buy something for her or shouldnt i?

Hmmm .

9:18 PM

Monday, May 12, 2008

Anyone have got nice english songs to introduce?
Please tag in my tagboard and tell me please .
And if you have got the song do send me or tell me where you download the song from .
Thanks .
Been kind of into english songs recently .
Appreciated =)

10:21 PM

Finally finished communication skills exam today .
Our class was separated into 2 groups and 2 rooms .
In our group of 7 .
Only i was separated because my surname starts with Y .
But anyways .
I was the first one to get into the class .
And slowly ppl sstart coming in .
Ppl who know me should know that whenever i do exam .
I would tend to end very fast .
Dont know why but i would always try my very best to do slowly .
But in the end i would see others still writing and i am already done .
So when i saw one of my classmates handed in the exam paper .
I thought maybe i should also hand up .
If not i would be like a fool sitting there doing nothing .
So i hand up my paper and i didnt know where to go to .
Mp did not tell me where to wait for them .
So i went to the general office to wait for them .
After that gave sean his belated birthday present and we walked to the mrt station .
Me, mp and hida walked and gabriel and another girl from our class took sean's car to the mrt station .
After which they wanted to go have a drink but me and mp decided to skip it .
So i headed to woodlands to wait for sticky chicken .
As usual she is always that SLOW .
Like a sotong cum snail cum tortise .
I was asking her faster faster faster .
She was speeding like a hmm . rabbit?
Lols .
Anyways we had kfc for our dinner .
I tried the new fish zinger .
But .
It did not turn out nice as i expected it would be .
After which we were like walking very randomly around cwp .
There were no where to walk .
So after which i went to buy chiffon cake from the basement .
Not that i have to advertise for them .
But their chiffon cake is nice .
It is low fat and low blah blah blah .
You ppl could go try it out .
There are different flavours too . Eg. mocha,coffee, cheese,blueberry and etc .
After which thinking that it was a little too early to go home .
To me only that i find it early,
so me and sticky chicken went to the library .
So i started using her laptop .
I want a laptop .
We surfed around friendster,listened to songs,visited blogs eg. ice angel's blog and etc .
After which we went home.
Oh and i borrowed a book called Tom.Holt In your dreams.
I dont know what book is that .
It was sticky chicken who took it .
It looks interesting for its cover page .
So i was thinking, why not borrow it .
It's been ages since i last borrowed books from library .
Gonna end here .
I am getting real long winded .
Will try to update my blog daily
I dont have a sudden mood change or mood swing which makes me dont feel like blogging .
I dont have a down mood .
So i'll try to update everyday . =)

9:41 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tomorrow's exam .
I have not studied yet .
I also have not studied for wed's exam which is accounting .
Someone save me PLS !!!
Bored .
Real real bored .
I wonder .
How famous blogger's make their blog famous .
By commenting on some political issues or ?
Can someone tell me how to make one's blog interesting and make many ppl come visit your blog?
Anyways .
Today's mother's day .

Happy Mother's Day .

I'm talking to ym and her sister is scolding her mother .
Ym wanted to blog this .
I helped you to blog this in advance . =)

11:10 PM

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I dont want this kind of feeling .
I hate this feeling .
Please get it out of me .
I dont want to feel anything towards you .

3:09 PM

Thanks for betraying me for the 2nd time .

3:05 PM

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No one is there to chat with me .
No one is there to entertain me .
Why am i so pathetic .
How i wish i have a "someone" to accompany .
Maybe i then wouldnt be so bored .
Where is that "someone"?

Been updating quite often recently as i 've got the mood to update .
But seems like .
No one bothers to read .
Anyways .
I guess blogging is somehow meant for me to see and not others?

Drew this to ym when i am chatting with her just now .
As i was really bored .
I know my drawing is bad .
Please pardon it . =p

11:59 PM

Pictures of Today's outing . 070508 :

Our 3 menus

The menu . SOLO .

Dont know why ym want this pic?

They're killing each other??

Me and Sy

Us =)

Sy's dish

Sy with her dish

Ym with her dish

My Dish .

The cup they use .

Last but not least . i buy this . =)

9:45 PM

Today had to go for Accounting lesson .
Mr see had to lesson to help us revise for our coming exam .
Reached the LT room .
There was full of people .
At first because of some misunderstandings so we thought maybe not much people will be going .
But when we went in .
It was combine class and there was like almost half of our classmates in the LT .
So actually the lesson is conducted in the afternoon .
NOT in the MORNING .
Anyways .
Me and hakim wasnt paying attention at all .
We were talking like so randomly .
About our different culture's funeral .
How a malay funeral was like and how a chinese funeral was like .
After which hida came .
I was totally not listening to mr see teaching .
The class wasnt listening also .
With the combined class it was even noisy and irritating then our own class .
So me and hakim then left school and i took mrt all the way to woodlands to meet sy and ym .
I was early because the lesson ended at 4 instead at 5 .
So i was like a fool .
Keep walking round and round and round .
Finally they 2 reached .
SO we were decided where to have our dinner .
After much thinking,
We went to BREEKS .
I always wanted to try when i walk past breeks when i was working in vivo .
Finally i tried .
I had fish n chips .
Sy had chicken pattie something .
Ym had something which i dont know what the name is .
Anyways .
We were busy taking photos of everything including ourselves .
They liked my fish n chips but actually all 3 dishes were quite nice .
After which we walked around cwp and went home at around 8?
Today spent like around 26 .
So much .
Anyways . my previous salary is like only left with 20 dollars .
I am like spending my salary with caution .
Cause its my only pay as i am not working anymore already .
Anyways .
Will post up the pictures we took today .
Without my face =)

9:27 PM

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Everyone's treating me like shit .
Happy you talk to me nicely .
Not happy you throw temper on me .
What do you ppl take me for?
No matter how ugly how fat or how i look .
Aint i also human?
Why must you ppl treat me this way?
What am i?
I am nothing to ppl .
How can i be opimistic when you ppl always treat me this way .

9:42 PM

Monday, May 05, 2008

Why do ppl always come up with stupid excuses of not replying smses?
Like :
1. My phone no battery already .
[you can reply after charging cant you?]
2. I fell asleep already .
[Cant you reply after you wake up?]
3. I was busy .
[cant you reply after you finish busying with your things?]

These are some of the stupid excuses i always get from ppl .
Not that i would 100% reply ppl's sms .
Just that dont you think that these excuses are too absurd .
Mostly are give by guys . [no offence]

Reasons if i dont reply you would be :
1. I am pissed off or angry with you .
2. You're too irritating and getting on my nerves .
3. I dont really like you therefore i dont think there is a need to reply you .

For the time being these are my reasons of not replying ppl's sms .
Well .
Maybe some ppl also think that my reasons are also absurd .
But i dont think its more absurd then those reasons i mention above .

Just 1 random post .
Just thought of it so i decided to post it up .
No offence to anyone .
But i just dont like ppl not replying my sms .
Maybe to you is nothing .
But 1 sms is 5cents .
Ok . maybe money is not a problem .
But you may be smsing with someone and you just dont reply suddenly what will that person think?
If its a couple and the guy comes up with such absurd reasons i guess the girl will flare up and ending up in an arguement?


4:06 PM

Been staying at home for the past days .
I should be home studying but all i am doing is using comp and slacking around .
Really dont wish to fail but i only know how to say but never do it by studying .
Anyways .
I'll just have to really go study for my exams .
If not i'll really really fail . =(

12:24 PM

Saturday, May 03, 2008

1)what do you want the most now?
to have a someone beside me and pass my dip

2)Who is the person you trust most?
family and friends

3)who do you think of yourself?
nothing much i guess?

4)If you have a dream to come true..what is it?
my dream is ......

5)Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes. i've seen it before .

6) whats ur goal for this year?
pass my dip and slim down =)

7)do you believe in eternity ?
i guess so?

8)have you ever broke a person's heart that he/she wanna commit suicide?
NO .

9)what feelings do you love most?
happy feeling and the feeling of being loved .

10)what are the requirements from ur other half?
feelings most impt i guess . but he cant be someone who is a flirt .

11) what kinda feelings u hate most?
being left out and being pang seh by PPL .

12) doo you cherish every friendship of yours?

13)What do you want to do in future?
Not very sure about this .

14) what is the most impt thing in ur life?
Family and friends .

15)What do you think is he important in your life?
hmm ...

16) who do you hope to be always there for you?
Family and friends .

17)Do you think friends are more important or your boyfriend?
It depends i guess?

Remove 1 qns from above and add in your personal question. Then add 8 people in your list and list them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their Chat box that he/she has been tagged.Whoever dose the tag will have a blessing from all.

People who are been tagged:

11:42 PM

Went to celebrate Minrui's birthday in advance at her relative's house .
Her aunt was staying in some ulu ulu bunglow .
We reached there around 7 plus i think .
There were already full of people .
Minrui's friends. her relatives and so on .
So we ate, play around and chat around .
Its been a long time since i last saw her relatives .
When i last saw them they were like little kids but now all are taller then me .
Had fun there and we left around 11 plus i think or 12 plus .
I dont quite remember .
Anyways .
Thanks minrui for inviting .
Hope you had a happy day that day .
And a happy belated birthday to you .
Hope you like that frog we gave it to you .

P.s. minrui's yunmin's sister or "brother"?
P.s. minrui's birthday is on the 2nd of May .

5:13 PM




Handmade straw hearts and stars
isnt he cute?

12:43 PM

Friday, May 02, 2008

Very pissed off with you .
What kind of attitude is this?
You think that you're **** so you can treat ppl this way?
You're treating ppl like **** .
So what if your generous ?
With this kind of attitude i dont think you can survive .
Only guys/friends that are blind will be attracted to you .

7:41 PM