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Thursday, November 19, 2009

哭過就好了- 梁文音

8:32 PM

WOW - 蕭亞軒 & 羅志祥

8:30 PM

Tag Replies

wa..you wan to buy itouch ar?i also wan leh..wahaha..or i dun mind you buying the ipod nano new generation..
To YummY - of course you dont mind me buying the new generation la.. i buy liao i use ma.. my money my property leh =)
hey post abt ur work leh and the PINKY!!LOL..
To YummY - i know you miss her alot.. i know you want to know more about her.. but then i dont really want to crupt my whole blog with the whole post all about her leh..

Can i have iphone=)
To Siyan - can ah.. you go to the shop and tell them then you use your money to pay them then you can have an iphone already lor =)
To Siyan - hahas.. what you want to absorb?? hahas..

eat more mac play monopoly and get free itouch LOL X-p
To ray - fast food cannot eat too much.. you eat la.. then you win liao you give me? good idea right..
same thoughts ^^
To ray - same thoughts on???

5:05 AM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quit a job i worked only for 1 day an 1 hour due to some internal problems..
Although the pay is quite good but there is a need to wear uniform which i dont quite like it..
I guess it is also good that i am no longer working there..
I find the people there is kind of too strict..
With the help of ym..
I managed to take over her place of her current job while she is starting her new work which is the one which i only worked for 1 day..
I guess people might find it funny when they know about this..
Her job is rather flexible & not so stress so i adapted to it rather quickly..
Just that the staff there are really very "good"..
We are already very good to help you staffs attend to your customers when they ask about your products..
Which should be your job..
Yet you still can talk to as loudly as if we are in wrong or whatever..
Which i find it really stupid..
As if we are your staff people..
We are just there to promote our company's product..
I dont think there is a need to talk to us in this way & this kind of sucky attitude..
Why dont you use this attitude to attend to your customers?
A famous shopping place which is rather high class but the staffs there really sucks..
Maybe only a few is better..
Enough of my ranting..
Been slacking alot ever since school ended..
I only have work on weekdays..
I rather enjoy working there as i get to play with babies or toddlers..
But my mother wants me to quickly find a stable and full time job when i finish my exams..
Which i dont really wish to do that..
I seriously still dont feel like stepping into the work society..
I still dont know what i want to work as..
What job i want to do..
Last time whenever i go to school early in the morning..
Squeezing with lots of working adults..
I told myself..
I dont want to be the same as them..
I dont want to be like them..
Living a 朝九晚五 life..
But if i dont want to be a working adult..
Then what can i be?
I seriously have got no idea what i wanted to be when i was young when i recall back..
I dont have a future..
I dont have dreams?
Maybe i do have dreams..
But it is not possible at all..
Shall stop my ranting..

Random Pictures:
happen to see this bear inside the store
neighbour's kid whom i happen to play with the other day..

4:35 AM

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

All i am doing recently would be slacking on weekdays & working on weekends..
Relax life BUT still have got to study for nov's exam..
After which i'll be free from all the studying, exam, lectures, projects, the torture to have to do projects with people..
And yet got back stabbed..
I guess life's gonna get boring maybe?
Cant really go out often since i've got no much friends..
Only 2 buddies..
Haven got my pay..
Got to save up to buy lots of stuffs..
Cosmetics, itouch, clothes, camera etc etc..
Also got to save up for his concert next year?
Hope it doesnt come too soon..
SO that i have the time to save up..
Its like 6.22 am in the morning..
I should go catch some sleep..
Blog views are damn little no matter if i update or i dont..
Guess my blog post really sucks!

6:19 AM

Tag Replies

though i didn tag much on ur tagboard..i still come to ur blog often wor..haha..
To YummY - shi meh? then come jiu must tag what.. if not how i know?
yo man..update leh..btw the font in the tagboard quite nice de..LOL..
To YummY - you all also never update often still say me.. and font in tagboard where got change.. still same what? you is slow or eyes stamp became thicker again huh?
wa..never update sia..you should update abt the auntie we went for interview..
To YummY - never update good what? also no one view.. update for what?

bestie don tag blog de LOL that wad all my bestie do, u know?
To ray - dont know eh..
who is this 2ne1 ar?
To ray - korean girl group
eh qt how u keep that post always on top de ar?
To ray - sy answered you didnt she?
eh eh who say nobody view u update jiu u ppl view
To ray - dont think so..

YEA...ym so faithful to u de nor!!...only u~~...anyw teach me ur twitter ting eh..cannot say secret na!!..LOL
To Siyan - lols.. dont say until like that.. like you all my dog like that.. friends where got say faithful not faithful de.. is got heart or no heart ba? LOLS..
update ah!...
To Siyan - should be i say to you leh!
the font in the tagboard gt change meh..?..
To Siyan - no la.. she cock eye..
Change date nor?!
To Siyan - yeah!
COOL MAN!!..after this "short" post..i concluded that u have a powerful brain sia!!..maange to rmb all the tings that took place!!
To Siyan - of course!! not like yours? is manage la!
Love your updates...i'ts a recollection of events that happens=))..more updates from u girl!!...and Jiayou in ur work!...cya on Sun at Taka!..ahahx
To Siyan - too bad we couldnt meet each other.. =(
absorb here to greet new owner!!! =D
To Siyan - hey absorb! sounds so weird.. you seems to be a sponge.. hahas..

haha...mi ok ...you le? School?
To kirine - hey.. i am fine.. working part time now.. eh after exam jiu graduate le.. wanna see your daughter la!!! hahas..

6:07 AM

蔡淳佳 - 回到最初

5:55 AM