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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally a gathering today..
Decided to have a small little gathering for cny before it ends..
Due to ym's guitar problem we nearly had to cancel it but in the end..
We didnt & went for a movie but ym & ray at jp..
Watched a cny hk comedy called dont know what 72房客 i think..
Not really nice because it was in chinese but overall it's still a funny movie..
After which ym had to leave to go settle some stupid matters for guitar..
Me & ray didnt know where to go to but walked around randomly at jp..
Going to the arcade, randomly sitting down at mac..
Time passes so slowly but finally sy & ym came..
We settled down for fish & co..
After which it was time to go home..
Sy was having fun with my games on itouch that she was playing all along after our meal till she reach her stop..
Anyways, Hope that the next gathering will come SOON!
&&& for now the 3 of us have bangs..
雄哥 where is YOURS???


11:47 PM

Been wanting to quit my current job but then now i am feeling rather confuse whether to quit now or later..
I am afraid that if i quit now i would spend away all my salary & when it comes to my mother's birthday i'll have no money to help her celebrate..
If i dont quit now i really think that i would go crazy sooner or later..
I really hate how the management at my work place is..
I still remember last time where i use to work at OG..
It is even much more better then this departmental store now..
It looks glamourous on the outside but inside the management it really sucks..
The supervisors are all back stabbers..
In front of you they are friendly & smile at you but at the back they stab you real hard that you may get sack by your company..
I hate the management, the security, the staffs, the supervisor & 1 stupid idiot full time promoter there..
I am glad that i have been having accompany from junior..
Seeing really seems like seeing me..
It's like a mirror..
A reflection of me..
She's really quite like me..
I am glad that when work's bored i have her accompany..
But when she's off..
It's = to gloomy day for me..
I think this has cause the jealousy of someone whom i suspect is the GL supervisor..
Who were to tell junior's boss that we 2 have been sticking together rather closely recently..
So what's wrong with us sticking together?
Any problem with you?
That supervisor is really very GL..
She happy she stab you not happy also stab you..
Can promote to a higher position dont want promoter rather stay in her current position..
Is she crazy or what?
She always has this disgusting smell lingering around her..
Whenever the passes by the smell follows behind her..
Her face seems to be writing 我欠打!
Seems goes to my 小人 at work..
Many ppl always tell me not to bother with her whenever i complain to them..
I would even be more pissed off when i hear that..
I am someone who wants ppl to scold with me whenever i am pissed off rather then telling me to cool down..
But after awhile,
I'll be fine..
So if one day you see me being angry or pissed off over something..
Dont ask me to cool down but scold with me..
After that i'll be fine..
After typing for such a long post..
All i can say is that this is such an LONG & random post..
Therefore i shall present some rather random photos too!

My little niece who's only 1yr+ this year..
Another niece of mine smiling really happily!
Lots of chocolates & chewing gums which i got from my uncle's house who has moved over to japan due to her wife's job.. Her fridge's full of food & i somehow manage to get lot's of them home & lot's of body shop products which they cant bring them over..

11:26 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 1st day
Train all the way to tiong bahru & walked all the way to my uncle's house.. (father's side)
Reached & had steamboat bbq for lunch..
Didnt gamble at all this year at my uncle's house..
Rested & used wifi almost for the whole day at my uncle's house..
Played with my cousin's son..
He's only 7 months old but very very active..
My cousin's only 22 this year but married & has a son!
Nothing much for the 1st day..
Got a total of 100+ for the 1st day of CNY..
It was quite alot compared to last year i guess?

CNY 2nd day
My uncle & his wife came from their house teck whye to fetch us down to my grandmother's house..
Her driving skills damn good & steady..
She's really very good because she pass her license for the 1st time!
Reached & many of my relative's are already there..
Collected ang baos from my aunties & uncles..
Around 2plus..
Went over to my uncle's wife's auntie's house as they asked me along..
Had 2 additional ang baos from other ppl..
Left at around 3+ or 4 back to my grandmother's house..
Played with my both cousin's daughters..
My auntie say i could go & teach ppl around my niece's age..
I was like.. erm.. hmm.. eh.. hahas..
After which i was watching my parents & relatives playing cards..
Drank champagne or wine that taste YUCKS!
But still i drank the whole cup.. It wasnt much just a little..
But i just dont know alcoholic drinks, i dont know why..
Didnt want to gamble this year because they say those who are born in the year of snake isnt good this year..
But in the end i still gambled..
Had $10 sponsered by my auntie..
In the end i won $16 which makes it a total of $26..
Didnt lose but won..
Seems like my luck isnt that bad?
Went home at around 8+..
Going to temple to pray tomorrow!
No rest for these few days..
Would be starting work on wed.. =((((((((((((
Last of all..
HAPPY BELATED CHINESE NEW YEAR & Happy Belated Valentine's!

1:00 AM

Monday, February 08, 2010

Today was a bad day..
Firstly was feeling so emo emo emo & emo..
Then some bitch made my day even more worse..
I was really pissed off by her that i actually started tearing in the store just because i was really angry or pissed off about that matter..
THAT bitch was really damn IDIOTIC..
She thinks that she is bigger then me just because she worked here even longer then me..
Her fucking breast is big only..
She pissed me off by saying me off..
I've been tolerating her for very long but just that i didnt want the matter to be too big therefore i didnt say her not because I DONT DARE..
But yet today she told me off first before i even did..
after which a promoter actually 害到我 just because we were playing tic tac toe & because of something she laughed very very loudly..
Supervisor heard it from far & told her mother who was also a promoter there but did not know their relationship that we are getting 無法無天.
When i heard it i was like WTH!!
So what if you're supervisor..
You ownself never show a good example & you want to kpkb..
Damn idiot departmental store..
Dont think that a departmental store looks glamorous but actually the staff inside all SUCKS!
I am really angry with all this stupid & idiot things..
I wish i could dont give a damn..
But actually i'll only be angry whenever someone talks about it then i'll be alright after scolding..
Overall today isnt a good day for me..

1:53 AM

Tag Replies

HEYA!!...Happy 2010 =D
To =) = lols.. over liao hor.. but then never mind la.. hahas..
Deyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!update la...hahax..post picture of ur ring!!!
To =) - lols.. no need update liao la.. ljb already update liao ma..
WEEEEEEEEEEE...see i always try try try to come in..and finally u open ur blog again!!weeee..dun close again horrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!~
To Siyan - hahas.. see feel first lor..
LOL...oym really yellow by nature i guess?..cos the bg really very diff from the rest..keke..anyw the jucie really taste that bad?..the packaging seems really attractive!!
To Siyan - ya lor.. most yellow is her liao lo.. not nice.. somemore actually is expire liao lor.. then is vege de taste..

To yanwei - relinked already..

yo man..the ai feng tou video very nice sia..
To YummY - who de song first? eeyer..

hey hye i also haven pay u back for the donut
To ray - lols.. i also haven pay you back alot of things leh..
And the storeroom really doesn look like type i imagine it to be sia
To ray - then how you want it to be?
And and can send me that song ai feng tou?
To ray - see first lo..
put on earpiece listen to that song really very nice de sia ^^
To ray - means you already got the song liao ma still need me to send meh?

... December 31, 2010... I'm living on the past!!!
To Snap - what you mean?
Snap what is DSLR?
To Snap - digital single lens reflex..

1:46 AM

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Work's so so so so so so so so boring recently..
The customers all dont know die until where..
I was standing there for the whole day like a statue..
Went around talking to the other promoter aunties & went over to find junior..
But still it was difficult for time to pass..
I really feel like quitting this job but yet i dont know what i want to work as for full time job..
It's really very contradicting..
I miss my mother when she's not home but when she's home she'll start nagging -.-
I seriously dont know what i can post about..
I seriously find that opening & closing my blog has got no difference..
No one comes in to view..
My blog is dead..
Really dead..
Maybe i should really close it again..
I just find that blogging is sometimes to share my views, my life etc etc..
But since no one is there to see then what's the point of having it?
I'm sure that many bloggers also need viewers as their motivation dont they?
Been feeling very lifeless recently..
No life.. seriously no life..
Been rather moodless & emo about everything..
Sometimes i just wish to cry out loud & after crying it would be very tired & i could then quickly fall asleep..
Sometimes the emotions within me is not explainable..
I just dont know & cant express them out..
It's just a feeling within me..
I needed someone whom i can talk to..
Was a little glad that ppl saw my fb status & one of them actually responded to one of my status whereby i said i needed someone to talk to when i'm bored etc etc..
But i dont wish to really be dependent on him when i'm bored because he is attached & i dont like to be too close with someone who is attached because of being afraid of being misunderstood although i know i am ugly la fat la etc etc..
But still to prevent this kind of things from happening i rather not walk too close with someone who is attached..
Just some random thoughts & i really dont know what am i writing..
Shall end my post abruptly..

Some random pictures:
ljb wanted me to take this photo for her..
the huge bowl for my noodles..
i thought this was our da ge's 招牌動作?
ljb's bg why so yellow huh? i think because she herself is yellow that's why..
this is the amount of tomato sauce minrui uses for her meal!!
my workplace's storeroom..
The mess whom i initially dont know who made it but now i think i know!
basket of oranges at workplace
pigeon's packet of fruit & vege juice.. yucks!

12:55 AM