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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm back to update my blog!
Thinking back of my previous post which i say i wanted to update on my birthday..
I actually dont have any pictures with me..
So how do i blog about it?
Only with words i guess it would gonna be real boring..
Which is what i've been doing recently..
Blog post with no pictures..
Im not really an CAMERA person..
I dont go snapping around..
I find the thing really interesting then would i capture it using my phone..
I have a digital camera but i dont really use it cause i find it kinda of useless..
It's actually given by my relative..
Not much function on the camera & it makes very not awesome pictures..
So i thought no use using it to take pictures..
I need a new phone!
But i cant..
My current NOKIA phone is giving me LOTS of problems since i bought it last year NOV!
Brought it to get it fix for thrice BUT..
It's still NOT FIXED YET!!!
Dont understand why cant they get such a simple problem fixed!
I'm so FCUKING pissed off by the nokia care centre..
I even wrote email to complain but NOTHING were done..
I dont think i would even buy their phones again ANYMORE!
Ending this post abruptly..

4:30 AM

Monday, March 28, 2011

-Went to SGH for interview today
-I waited for almost 2hrs just for the interviewer to come
-It went well, hopefully i'll get the job
-Walked all the way from SGH to Outram Station to Chinatown JUST for KOI!
-Had a hard time finding KOI..
-Bought L milk tea & cravings statisfied!
-Went home, had dinner, used comp, watched tv
-Sometimes i think i am annoying to ppl but you cant blame me because it's the attitude ppl give me that let me misunderstand them!
-Dead beat therefore I AM HEADING TO BED!
-I'll blog real soon about my birthday!

Nights ALL``

11:50 PM

Friday, March 25, 2011


5:24 AM

Friday, March 18, 2011


9:49 PM

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Been feeling rather insecure after since i saw the news regarding japan's earthquake & tsunami..
also somehow a rather weird feeling that i cant really describe it into words..
Really dont like this kind of feeling..
Hopefully it doesnt mean that something bad is going to happen..

11:45 PM

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

i've been jobless for like almost 4 or 5mths?
i know im not a good & filial daughter whom my parents want me to..
I guess in my subconscious i still hope to be the little girl whom my parents dote on..
I still wish that i was the young little girl that doesnt need to think of anything everyday..
The young little girl whom only need to go to school everyday & be a good little girl that listens to what mummy & daddy says..
But i know time reverse..
It only goes forward on & on..
I know i can no longer be the young little girl that depend on my mummy & daddy..
Also i think i still have not have enough of fun i guess?
I still wanna play..
I still wanna chase idols without any worries like i use to be..
I still wanna go out with my buddies every now & then..
I still wanna not think neither worry about anything but just PLAY..
But no..
Reality tells me that i cant..
I have to work..
I have to support my family..
I have to start to face the work society..
I have to start to learn to know how to earn money..
I have to start to learn every single thing..
I main goal is to work & earn money..
This is reality i guess?
Sometimes i really wish that we were very very poor in the past..
I dont wanna travel around..
I dont need expensive things..
I dont need parents to give me whatever i want..
We can be poor..
I just want as to be how we were in the past..
Why not let us be poor in the past & a little richer now?
Why only let my parents suffer only when they are old?
I dont get it..
If i can choose..
I wouldnt want them to bring me to travel when i was still a young little girl..
The money could be saved & used now..
I can dont want those expensive toys i used to have when i was young..
The money could be saved & used now..
What has happened has already happened..
I cant turn time back..
Conclusion is that i hope i can quickly have the heart to go get a job..
Let my parents to have the life they should have & not struggle like hell for expenses that the house or living need..

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post.. i just need a place to rant..
& the best place is my blog.. :)

1:03 AM

1:01 AM