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Friday, November 28, 2008

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Thanks LOTS ..
Much appreciated =)

*Tags will be replied through post .. =D

1:59 PM

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tag Replies

u got to move it move it haha
To ray - LOLS . move it move it . You think you singing song ar?

u reduce de size of de tagboard la.. lol..
ooo.. i nod liao... u call mi i explain to u.. lite tat veri hard to explain wan.. lol.. my blog also i ownself edit wan.. lol.
To michelle - Hahas . cannot reduce leh . if can i early jiu reduce liao . hahas . dont want leh . dont want call you . hahas . my blog also i ownself edit de lor .

Hello , relink please. Thanks! (:
To Astarina - okok . relinked already . your welcome . =)

yo man..ur ad is missing again..haha..climbing up and down the stairs actually fun de..haha..
wa ur post super cool lo..dun ask her to roll back..swim back is faster..LOL..
To YummY - lols . i know the ad is sometimes there sometimes not down de . you gay & pervert lor . climbing up the stairs & down is NOT FUN AT ALL . LOLS . That bitch . Ask her straight away go die la .

tonight so early slp ah, hahaa.
yo yo, ask her roll back kuku ____ lol =p
To MP - LOLS . uncle ar uncle . aiyo . lols . yeah we know jiu hao . THAT BITCH!!!

hmm how come i couldn't see whole of ur post de...ur adv side de bar n post de bar overlap each other..anyw JIA YOU for work..
To Siyan - LOLS . maybe because you use IE isit? My blog i think use IE see will got problem . Think must use firefox .

ha-ha, not really uhs. say only :D
To Sangrui - hahas . ya i know i know . i understand .

To dodo - LAME? i still can walk how would i be lame?=) & YOU ARE?

8:51 PM

Been sick since Tues .
I guess i might die soon .
Would be working on this coming Sat & Sun but i have still not recovered .
After work i will be very very SHAG .
Monday will be going to gym with mp .
After all this maybe i might be in the hospital .
You guys can prepare for my funeral . =)

*Now i know that I AM NOT THE HARSH ONE TO YOU .
There are OTHER people who are EVEN more HARSH to YOU then ME .
I guess they HATE you more then I HATE you .
Finally found someone who is the "SAME" as me .

8:42 PM

Went to tbp to eat with mp .
Had thai express for our lunch .
After lunch we went home .
Nothing much happen .

First day of work today .
Met up with ym .
I am a person who would want to reach earlier to work or any places or whatever gathering .
I reach my workplace around 1hour before my working time .
It was a little TOO early for ym also .
I went to look for the person in charge .
I had to pay a freaking $30 just for the pass & nametag .
Which is like so EXPENSIVE .
I dont know WHY!
The person in charge told me what i am suppose to do and so on .
People at this branch isnt as friendly as the previous branch that i am working at .
I dont really like the people in this new branch .
I miss the other branch that i am previously working at .
Ym bought this Mickey lollipop for me . =D

Work again today .
I called my uncle's wife asking her if i could start work at 12pm & end work at 8pm today as i have school tomorrow .
But she couldnt even decide & ask me enquiry from the manager there .
So i had to go there earlier .
Paid the FREAKING $30 & went looking for the manager .
Asked her if i could from this week onwards,
Every Sun to work from 12pm to 8pm .
She agreed & i was quite happy .
AS by agreeing to let me work at this period i could go to work with ym .
At least there is someone to accompany .
I can reach home earlier as i am having school the next day .

After sch went cwp for lunch .
Lunch at seoul garden .
There wasnt much variety .
In the end we were playing with the food there .
Bought hida's present .
Called ym to see if she wanted to come over to meet .
Meet ym & she was with her friend .
After that we went to the library .
While mp & me went to amore to ask fortheir package .
After much consideration,
Mp & i signed up for their package .
After which we went home .
Trained back with ym .

Was actually a good day .
But my mood spoilt by a BITCH . [I KNOW I AM LONGWINDED!! ><]
Was in school until 2plus to do our project .
Decided to go to lot 1 as mp wanted to have dinner .
Had new york new york for dinner .
Walked around &
Went to the new library at Lot 1 .
It was really better then how it use to be .
But lot 1 still has nothing much to shop around .
Borrowed books which i haven do so for DECADES of years .
We went home after which .

Went to have lunch with mp after school .
Went over to west mall as we have no where to go to .
Had sakae sushi .

I could say that the service was not really good .
Even the manager or supervisor is CMI .
Anyways .
We saw someone that looks like someone who know in class .
I guess some of you reading my blog would know who i am referring to .
Anyways .
After which we walked around west mall & went home shortly .
Happy Birthday to MEIPING!!

Lesson stars at 2pm .
I reach school around 1plus & waited for mp to come .
Went to LT & knew that it was combine class .
I think there were 3 classes inside that LT .
Many left after break .
Erlin, mp & me was chatting around in class after break .
We werent even listening to what Mr see is teaching .
Hakim,erlin,mp & i took the shuttle bus to queenstown & went home .

8:41 PM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm freaking DAMN PISSED OFF by this STUPID BITCH!!!!
If you're not happy then dont come to SINGAPORE .
GO back to your country then .
WHY come to Singapore to study?
Do you even have basic manners & courtesy ?
Do you even have common sense?
Stupid .

-Edited- (8.58pm)

I am really feeling so pissed off by this ___ bitch .
I dont usually even use that word - bitch .
But she made me use it .
I really think that she has no brain .
Wth is she even thinking?
Not that we hate ppl that is from that ____ .
Is just that their attitiude, the way they present themselves .
She seriously is a bitch, slut .
The way she walks looks like a PROSTITUTE .
I know people might find it stupid that i am angry or pissed off over this .
Its really obviously HER fault & not mine .
She ask me to move my chair or stand up in order to let my friend in .
Even if i really did what you say,
How am i suppose to do it when in the first place THAT FREAKING EMPTY CHAIR THAT YOU PUSHED OUT & NOT USING IS BLOCKING MY WAY .
You speak without using your brain ?
Oops i'm sorry YOU DONT EVEN HAVE ONE .
Then freaking go BACK TO _____!!!!
Why come here and pollute our place?
With your slutty & bitchy voice, posture & etc .

12:50 PM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Work was tired .
In the midst of dying !!!

11:03 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2008

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*Tags replied through post . =)


11:43 PM

Tag Replies

Yo! hahaa the one u saying pissed off is microphone? hahaa!! anyway ur attitude bu shi bad. is maybe diff ppl tok differently bah..
the ad disappear again! hahaa i intending come in help u click hahaa stupid i noe.. hahaa!
To MP - ya . that irritating & thick skin FREAK . ya . sometimes its there sometimes its not . i seriously dont know WHY !!!

wa gt yoghurt didn treat me sia..i also wan to eat yoghurt too..btw where did ray saw sy eating the toy ar?LOL..she just turned to the toy only lo..
To YummY - I asked you if you want then come to my house . You didnt want to so you cannot blame me for not treating you . Ray said sy seems to want to eat it . *Faints*

okiex not..?...no wonder yst tok to u not high at all..
To Siyan - I cant be always that "high" right . ppl might think that i am crazy or what . hahas

Hey.. ur tagboard is out from de black space le.. lol.. kukubird.. LOL..
To michelle - aiya . i know la . but i dont know how to get it fixed . you know anot? teach me la. you so "clever" right .

11:33 PM

Initally was accompanying liting & meiping for their job interview at waterloo centre .
But after some reasons we decided not to go .
Mp & i decided to go have lunch at tbp if i never remember wrongly .
After which we went to watch Madagascar .
The movie was overall quite nice .
But the cinema was very noisy with all those children inside .
After which went to meet up with ym .

Seriously dont remember what happened today .

School was as usual .
After school our group actually wanted to discuss about our projects but we couldnt find a computer in the library .
All went occupied .
Therefore we just discussed what we should do ourselves .
Went to cwp to have pasta mania with mp & hida .
Chatted alot & went home after awhile .

Lesson's quite fun .
F&B seems to be quite an interested module?
Or should i say is because the teacher is quite good .
Other then the reason that i am tired & felt like sleeping but not because of his lesson .
His lesson is fine .
Learned quite many knowledge on F&B related stuffs .
After school went home
& here i am blogging .
Nothing in particular happen .
My life has been so BORING .

*Stop being so IRRITATING & THICK SKIN .
Cant you even feel that ppl HATE you?
You're still sticking onto OTHERS like a LEECH .
You seriously are getting on my NERVES!!!

11:26 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm DAMN idiot .
I wanted to preview a new blogskin .
But because i dont know why my firefox has some error previewing for blogger .
So i just saved the new blogskin .
My old blogskin was GONE!!!
I totally forgot saving my current blogskin .
How dumb can i be?
What the ............

10:59 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What should i do?

11:01 PM

Friday, November 14, 2008

<- Do help me click the advertisements if there is .
THANKS lots .
Much appreciated . =)

*Tags replied through post .
*Do tag when visit . Much appreciated =)

4:26 PM

Tag Replies

junru :
hey.i nw nv use the msn i giv u de.u add me lapixiaomei@hotmail.com but don delete the previous one.
To junru - hahas . ya . added you already . thanks for informing =)

YummY :
hey the Toy R Us is like that spelt..haha.dun snatch my mic wor..LOL...
YummY :
and sy super slow lo..say want to open blog den now still haven seen her new blog sia..i wait until rot sia..LOL..
To YummY - lols . i forgot la . i neve snatch leh . Is sy lor . you two were fighting leh . dont drag me down the water . ya la . she gay la . same as you also gay . & your sister very bad leh . i so good to you all then never give me present . T.T

ray :
wow pizza hut *hungry eh the pics of si yan trying to bite the toy so super funny lor rofl. ask her teach mi how to make that expression haha
ray :
N she really very evil leh cant tag nor leave comment de... so not fun
To ray - hahas . ya lor . next time you treat us la . then wont hungry already . lols . you go ask her to teach you la . or maybe it's copyright? she scare you go and flood her la . hahas .

MP :
To MP - Style leh you . one word only . -.-

3:30 PM

*Long & wordy post


Morning & afternoon lessons today .
First class was a new teacher that we have never seen before .
Her name's .....
I forgot her name .
She's damn cool .
Real cool .
Our classmates who've seen her should know why .
She's really cool .
I guess it would be fun being taught by her .
As there was a break in between so liting,erlin,mp & me decided to go to commonwealth for lunch .
It was raining cats & dogs .
We took a taxi there .
Had our lunch at the foodcourt .
While leaving the place .
We were being approached by some ppl .
They were there to approach ppl & asking them to sign up some policy savings stuffs .
They explained everything to us & we were like late for class .
In the end only liting & mp signed up for it .
I didnt as i already had finianical problems & i cant even save up 2.30 a day .
My allowance is 100 a month .
Transport + expenses paid all by myself .
I already have problem with it .
Therefore i didnt sign up for it .
Reached class & when we went in everyone was looking at us .
Are we some aliens from outerspace?
After school went to meet mp's advisor as they had things to talk about .
So the 3 of us chatted & talked about the policy thing .
Till around 7plus .
Mp thinks that it was too later & therefore she offered to take taxi & sent me home .

Lesson was alright today .
After school went to tbp for lunch .
Had aijsen for lunch .
After which bought yoghurt from a stall .
I dont know the name .
& we went home .
Both of us only wanted to have lunch & wish to go home to rest .
We're too tired only after 4 days of school .
I dont know why .
Luckily i'm not working this week .
But it seems like this term's schedule is real PACKED .
I dont know if i can cope with work & studies .

3:01 PM

* A long long long long ranting wordy post .

People just dont appreciate what i do or did for them .
But just take it for granted .
After so many years .
I am feeling tired .
Not physically but mentally .

I have this stupid school with stupid rules .
Not allowing us to wear slippers to school .
Everyone single person is complaining .
Why cant we wear slippers?
What has it got to do with our studies?
You're a private school but your rules are like a secondary school .
We students just simply dont understand .
You dont allow revealing & heels i understand .
But slippers
Why cant we wear slippers .

I have this stupid problem of getting sensitive to plasters .
I know some might find it amusing .
But YES .
I am allergic to plaster .
So if i wear my stupid covered shoes to school .
I'll get cut by the shoes & i'll have to put plaster .
If i dont have my sensitive plasters with me & i put the normal plastic ones .
My leg is disfigured .
Its like only 3hours of school .
We have to wear covered shoes .
Rules sucks .
Attitude sucks .
Staffs there sucks .
System sucks .
Service sucks .
Everything also MONEY MONEY MONEY .
You earn so much profit .
Diploma course is 6k plus .
Retake exam is money .
Remodule also money .
Everything also money .
I dont know what is good there .
We pay so much but the service & attitude there is like WTF !?

Initially was starting work this week .
But my uncle's wife told me that actually i would be starting next week .
I'll thinking if i should still go for this job .
Seems not really reliable although this company is where my uncle's wife is working .
For such a clumsy & fat me .
I am worried that i'll have to climb up & down to take the shoes boxes .
It would be really tiring .
I would be selling children's shoes .
So what should i do?
I am seriously very in need of money .
I am DAMN broke now .
I have lots of debts to return .

I really feel bad towards someone .
I am like always using her money .
Nicely said "advance" or "no need to pay its ok"
But i still feel so gulity always doing so .
Always paying for my meals,
Lending me money .
I dont know how should i ever repay back all these .
You know who you are if you're reading this .
I know i'm a bad friend .
My attitudes sucks .
I know .
I'm just a stupid person who always use your money .
I feel like killing myself .
How i wish i could turn back to the past .
Where my financial status is better .
I need not go around borrowing money from people .
People treating me meals & paying for my expenses but i could not return them now .
I feel bad always borrowing money .

I've been saying lots of vulgarities recently .
I am much more hot tempered recently these few months .
I've been pissed off by lots of things .
Maybe also because of the financial status I'm having for the past 5 or 6 years ever since i moved from yishun .
Things hasn't been good .
Pardon me for the recent attitudes & vulgarities recently .
I hope it would turn better .

2:52 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm kind of piss off by some idiot .
Use your brain .
Go take up some communication lessons .
You're in poly & you've such thinking & attitude & whatever .
Then why should you even be in poly when you have such fcuking childish acts & attitude .
Can you even mingle around or communicate with your friends?
That's not your responsibility .
I cant fcuking stand the way you react .

People around me just somehow likes to piss me off .
I dont know why .
Or maybe i guess maybe it's my attitude problem .
Who give a damn .
People who have fcuking attitude problem are even living better off .
So why should i even care if i am just a little more hot tempered .
Or rather sometimes kind of straight forward .
If you like me, you're my friend maybe you could tell me & i could change for the better .
But if you hate me & dislike me then get away from me .
Leave me ALONE .
I dont need your comments at ALL .
I cant stand those childish acts & attitudes .

ps. sorry for those vulgarities . I am really pissed off that is reason for the vulgarities .
pss. sorry for all that ranting . i'm much better after all this ranting =)

9:59 PM


9:56 PM

You think who are you?
You're 1 year older then me & you tell me we have generation gap?
Please la .
Go use your fucking head to see what kind of conversation was that?
You study poly?
So what?
Your communication skills sucks .
You said no link things & you say is because we generation gap?
You say a i reply a & you said b & you say i generation gap?
I say WTF .
Which is like a 口头禅 & you say that i am scolding you vuglarities?
What logic is that?
You come & talk to me where no manners & you block me .
Am i suppose to like be so happy to talk to you & get blocked by you because i said WTF?
I dont GIVE A DAMN even if you block me .
I dont even know why i have such a junior .
Why did i even KNOW you?
How you even mingle & communication with your friends?
Luckily the friend that i know of yours isit this way .
He is TONS lots better !!!
Just get out of my fucking sight .
Dont ever appear in front of me .
I feel so disgusted .

9:49 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

<- Do help me click on the advertisments if there is .
Thanks VERY VERY much .
Much Appreciated ! =)

*Tags will be reply through post . =)


8:09 PM

School finally started today .
It was Mr Raoof's lesson .
Everything was ok .
Just that dont know why but for this term .
All module's assignment has oral presentation .
Which is something i dont really like .
But what can i do?
I still have to get it done .
There wasnt school on tues i dont know why .

Went to school earlier as usual .
Because of the slippers issue .
Reached around 8.15 .
Mp was even earlier then me .
Waited until it was nearly 9 & we walked to class .
But to our surprise .
What we saw was .
Lesson canceled, teacher on medical leave . -.-
We were like WTH !!
School should have tell us earlier before hand .
Instead of putting that stupid notice .
People waste their time coming to class to look at that notice & go home???
Some of us stayed for awhile & all left & only mp,hakim & me .
Waited for hida to reach .
After which mp & i went over to jp for movie .
Had lunch with hida,hakim & mp at banquet .
They then left home .
Watched REC .
It was DAMN DAMN DAMN disgusting !!!!!
Dont wish to elaborate about it ANYMORE .
Watch it yourself .
After which ym came,
Went over to food court .
Just rested there .
Waited for sy to come .
Walked around & went into toy s rus? how do i even spell it?
Pictures then :

After which ,
Decided to go to pizza hut for our dinner .
Finally i can fulfill my cravings for pizza .
I was really FULL!!!
Pictures :

Double lessons tomorrow !!
Until 5pm -.-

7:57 PM