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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today woke up at 11 ba ... still feeling a little tired ..
and thinking i am meeting yummy at 1 .. so ..
still got around 1hr .. so went back to sleep ..
msg yummy .. asking her to give me a miss call b4 she go out ..
was a bit blur ..
number was **9491** ... it should be 9494 in the centre ..
then i send wrong ..
so decided to give her a call lo ..
after that she said she remembered that she had to get there earlier because post office will be closing at a earlier time ba ... so meet her at 12 @ cck mrt control station ..
reached there and saw her .. wah .. so many ppl today .. haha ..
after that went to pay her internet bill at post office ...
went to return her books ..
after that went to grab sumthing to eat because i didnt had my breakfast ..
after that just walked around lot 1 ..
when i received peace's sms ..
saying where were we la .. blah blah blah ..
she wanted to come ...
so we continued walking around the boring lot 1 ...
around 2+ ... peace came ...
then after awhile yummy had to go home ..
so left me and peace lo ..
we then continued to walk around the boring boring lot 1 ..
we were at popular at first ..
she bought some stuffs and *ahem* something ..
shhh .. cannot say ..
me and yummy also bought sumthing for *ahem* two person ..
shhh .. cant say yet ...
anyways .. walked until around 4+ ba .. then decided to go home le ..
my legs were already tired le ..
dunno why ...
sumthing's wrong wif me leg ..
haha ..
as school's opening on monday ..
i wont be posting so often le ..
would be back one week after i tink ...


4:20 AM

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today was a boring boring day .. did nothing at all .. didnt even touch my books ..
haix ... a wasted day today again ...
anyways .. i made another blog ...
i would be posting things about school and studies ..
and so this blog here would be posting things other then studies ...

anyways ... would be going to lot 1 tml with yummy .. she's going there to pay her internet bill and i would be going there to buy some stuffs ...
aww .. tml is a saturday and the day after tml would be sunday and the day after sunday would be monday ..
and school REOPENS ..

1:39 AM

1.Do the following WITHOUT complain
2.Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours
3.Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged
4.Start yur post with "I have been tagged" then do this

I have been tagged by : Siyan

Favourite colour: blue , purple? .... i DUNCH KNOW ... LOL
favourite food: those edible to me
favourite song: too much to list
favourite movie: I DUNCH KNOW
favourite sport: I DUNCH KNOW TOO !!!
favourite day of the week : FRIDAY !!!
favourite season: WINTER !!
favourite ice cream flavour: surely it wont be corn or yam flavour .. EWWW
current mood: OKIES
currect desktop: home
current toenail : my NAILS !!!
current time: 12.54
current annoyances: no?
current thoughts: why am i doing this?
current book your reading: shi lian bu shi bing
first best friends: hmm .. gd question here ..
first crush: his name is .....
first movie: i've FORGOTTEN
first piercing: pri 6 i think ...
first lie: i dont remember
first music: hmmm ....
car: i cant even learn how to drive how to get a car????
Last cigarette: i hate them
Last drink: plain water
Last car ride: .....
Last crush: SHhHhhH !!
Last movie: forgotten
Last phonecall: YUMMY!
Last cd: nono ... i've got my ipod .. wahahax
Have you ever
Have you ever dated your best friend: NO
Have you ever broken the law: ummm .. dun think so ..
Have you ever been arrested: of course not ...
Have you ever been on tv: umm .. dun think so too !
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: when i'm small?

5 things your wearing : clothes,specs
4 things you have done today : watch tv, use computer, sleep, sleep .. lOl
3 things you can hear right now : jolin tsai's song, my typing and the wind cuming out of the air con ...
2 things you cant live without: family and my friends ...
1 thing you do when you are bored: sms?

and the 5 peeps who have been tagged :

*phew* .. finally finished doing this thing .. gonna die typing all this out .. i find it abit .. boring ... =p

12:44 AM

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Going out tomorrow ..
for what ?
haha .. it for you to guess and for me to know ..
after the thing is over i shall say it out ..
so for the time being ITS A SECRET ...
haha ..
tml need wake up at 12 ...
but still dun really feel like sleeping ..
and thinking if i should open another blog ..
just wished to seperate both blogs into school life and outside/home life ..
but .. i 'm would it be too tiring ?
another .. choice is up to me ..
but no matter what is it ..
this blogs are only me seeing ...
so its ok ..
maybe i'll get it done the next time when i can ...
gotta go get so sleep if not tomorrow i'll be "sleep walking" in the streets .. haha ...
oOoO ... school's reopening soon ...
aww ...
i hate it ..
scool reopens means O LEVELS getting nearer and nearer ...
i got to buck up ..
especially my maths ...
i hate Maths ...
but i didnt give it up ...
just that ... i dun like it ...
but i'll have to at least get a pass ..
a c6?
doubt i can get it ...
i'll TRY....
will update tomorrow ..

3:45 AM


3:30 AM

为什么事情会变成 这个样子,我不想这样,

3:23 AM

Saturday, June 17, 2006

didnt sleep for the whole night ...
what i doing ...
typing blog , editing blog , browsing at friendster , making a new one for xiaogui ...
but then i dunno if the other two members will object to it or they wont even touch it ...
because they dun really use friendster that often ...
so ...
but what to do ...
i already sign it up ..
at most it ends up to me tending it only ..
like what it used to be ...
haix ...
nvm ...
whenever i have nothing to do ...
i would think of him ...
i miss him ..
haix ...
i shouldnt be doing it .. but ...
my mind .. i cant control it ...
it just misses him ...
what to do ?

6:45 AM

To a "someone"
i doubt you will see this .. but just want to say .. i dunno if you do or you do not ... but i just hope that we still remain as friends at this stage ... ITS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE BETWEEN US ... even if you dun ... i dun wish you would ... maybe i am just zhi zuo duo qing but just in case it do happens ... at least the outcome is expected ... just hope to remain at this stage ... dun meant to hurt you or what .. but doubt so .. maybe its me thinking too much ... !!

6:40 AM

another week has passed ...
still doing nothing much ...
xin you li er li bu zhu .. there is a sentence in chinese ...
which mean i have the heart to do it but i dun have the strength to do it ..
haix ... what should i do ..
its getting nearer and nearer to O lvls ...
but what am i doing ?
nothing .. nothing .. but nothing ..
soon school is reopening le ... around 1 week more only ..
i am left with so so little time to catch up everything that i have missed ...
HELP !!!!!

Monday 120606
today had our maths extra lesson ...
hmm .. dun really remember what i did just remember i had extra lessons ...

Tuesday 130606
today AGAIN we had our maths extra lesson ..
AGAIN .. i forget what i did after that .. haha ..
i am getting older and older that i am FORGETTING THINGS

Wednesday 140606
today FINALLy last day of MATHS extra lesson ...
actually had bio extra lesson but somehow we didnt had the bio lesson ..
cause was told it was canceled ..?
after that we three [XIAOGUI !!] went to yew tee to had lunch ... the guys went to Lot 1 ba .. i dunch know .. haha ..
we had MACDONALDssss ... haha .. THE THREE OF US ....
a long time since we had time TOGETHER ...
but they seems to be missing the guys ... nono .. cannot say miss .. should be not used to having them .. because we were always noisy in a group but that day only the three of us ...
after eating we went to block near my house to chat ... lastly ended up at the letterbox area under my block and we sitted down and chatted almost EVERYTHING ...
for almost 2hrs we chatted ... they then went to take bus home and i headed home ...

Thursday 150606
met up with yummy at 1 or 1.30 ... i forgot .. haha ... had to go to cwp to repair my PHONE ...
hate it .. dunno is my problem or the phone problem .. almost everytime i had trouble with my phone .. so unlucky ...
this time the problem was that whenever i chatted over 20 or 30 minutes it will be blocked and i cannot hear the other person and he/she cant hear me too .. sumtime it comes back and is ok but sometimes it dun ...
so decided to get it repaired ..
arghhhh ... all my data will be loss ...
my messages ...
and *** messages .. all gone ...
peace and yummy said maybe it god will that wanted everything to start all over again and to forget everything ..
anyways .. wil be collecting it back on SUnday ...
so need to go to CWP AGAIN!!!
this year been going there so frequently that we are tired of the place ... haha ...
gonna end here .. anyways .. dun intend to sleep until morning haha .... i am CRAZY !!!!

1:53 AM

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

*yawn* ... so tired ... hmmm .. sunday .. woke up early in the morning .. because it's XIAOGUI'S + 2 guys de outing .... lolx ... haha ... anyways ...
woke up and prepared .. arghh .. almost late ...
quickly went out and meet my mother at the stairs who just came back from work ... then called yummy .. she said all reached .. except ME !! ..
arghhh .. I'M LATE ...
so quickly went to meet them at yew tee mrt ...
waited for the MRT to come and went in ..
we're going to woodlands library .. woodlands again .. *faints* ... when we reached kranji .. i suddenly remembered that i forgot to take the form for collection of my phone ..
awwww .. 911 to investigate the overactive imaginings of a spark of a spirit blogger
You could be mistaken, a ghost?

Spell of the Spark: Hooey, Fooey, Pluck and Fin...May the rational male mind grapple forever with the loss of this "spark of a blogging phenomena" and may they forever suffer with tormented nightmares in the wee hours of their own darkness.

Spark of spirit now finds rest in the Castle of Blogging Ghostland. You will find her lingering and lurking there on the edge of the dark shadowlands, listening and watching bloggers words......

BOO, extra chills just for good measure

[Doesn't everybody love a little fiction now and then, or is it just fiction?]er lingering and lurking there on the edge of the dark shadowlands, listening and watching bloggers words......

BOO, extra chills just for good measure

[Doesn't everybody love a little fiction now and then, or is it just fiction?]

6:20 AM

Saturday, June 10, 2006

my post are all in a whole chunk ...
too long ?
i think so ...?
arghh ..
so what ...
it is for me to look at ...
who cares ...
i'm just too boring ...
coming here to post craps ...
miss my pri school buddies ..
hope they 're doing fine ..

1:50 AM

one weeks's over again .. here i am again to update ... one week over and i can use the comp ... hate it because i've got lots and lots to do .. although only one week ...
this is the second week of my JUNE holidays ..
what to say .. did nothing much .. really ...
i am DEAD ...
those that i want to do yet i haven do them yet and it is going to be the third week of the holiday ..
all gone case ..
dont think i can even get into ITE with this kind of results especially MATHS ...
i just cant seems to understand them or maybe i DUN WISH to understand them ..
but i know its important ..
people around me are all nagging
"you know you cant get into poly if you dun pass your maths , you fail your maths you are dead you cant get into poly one you know " ->parent/teachers
thats what i am hearing every now and then ...
arghhh ... i feel like vanishing from this world ..
so stress ...
why must there be o lvls ...
why cant my results be an average one at least it is grades that i can get into a POLY ...
anyways... this two weeks been going for lessons esp MATHS lessons almost everyday ..
it will be ending on nxt wed ..
it also means holidays is ending soon ... haix ... =(
anyways ... almost everyday after lesson will go to yew tee mostly la .. if not lot one ..
OH !!! went to lot one on wed or tues ? anyways .. just walked into lot one food junction finding for sits .. heard someone calling ..
i was abit shocked la .. its JIA YI .. haha ... my former drama teacher and now a DJ ....
his from 88.3 ...
wanna say sorry i never listen to his programmes .. =pp
he was with his on air partner you yi .. woah .. she's really pretty .. haha ..
jia yi came over and talked to us and asked how we were recently .. [so sorry .. we junior still need you walk over to talk to us .. bu hao yi si wor ..]
he went back then came back again and gave us two bookmarks and a postcard .. its 88.3 DJs on it .. wah .. jiayi very handsome wor .. haha ..
after a while he then go off ...
OH!! he also told us that he would be coming to lot one on the 9.7.06 ... he said we could come down to see them if we were free ...
after that on thursday i think .. i on the radio [after a long time nv hear radio] ... heard him on air ...
then i knew why he was coming to lot one ..
it was some singing compeition for army guys if i am right and it is the finals i think ...
been sleeping late this few days .. although nothing to do ..
just watch some tv and study pass my times ... wells .. i am a good listener not a good talker .. hahax .. right !! yeah !!

1:09 AM

Saturday, June 03, 2006

two days since i last blog ... lol
hmmm ... i lasted posted was at lesson time at RUSTY'S lesson ....
he wanted us to do a worksheet which he says is a "passport" to leave the class ... [so lame right ..]
so we just rushed out almost a paragraph and handed in to him and we could finally leave for the next class which was english ... *phew*
went in and the class was already almost half full ... and MS FERN was there already ...
we were very late ... RUSTY'S fault ... [oops]
settled down and Ms Fern gave us some worksheets to do and only for awhile she said she is leaving the class already ... so fast ...
anyways ... we then left the class and rest from around 11+ to 1+ as we had science mock practical exam @ 2pm ..
duh .. its so boring ..
why must we have the practical exam ...
it was 2 pm and we went to the lab ...
left our bags at the side and sat down ..
the moment i open the paper i knew i was going to die ..
because i didnt know how to do ...
OMG !! it was really difficult ... nono .. i should say it is not difficult it's just that i didnt listen to the lesson so i didnt know how to do ..
but manage to do some of the tests ...
waited for so long finally the exam ended ... *phew*
that was thursday ...
at the night of thursday .. dunno why ..
my whole body was feeling ache ...
but i didnt care much as i couldnt do anything to it ...
so i just went to bed as the next day i had lessons at 8am?
so the next day i woke up ...
i was feeling weird ...
headache and still my whole body was aching ...
i drag my foot to school ..
went to the class ...
aaaaa ... still had to climb all the way to level 4 .. [WHY SCHOOL DOESNT HAVE LIFT??]
waited for quite awhile b4 we went into class ...
started the lesson and Mdm Juliana was teaching a new chapter -> mole concept ...
i hate this chapter because MATHS is needed .. i meant calculation ..
i start to feel cold and headache and sleepy ...
i was having a slight slight fever ...
i managed to hold on to around 9+ ..
cher called out to me once and was a bit angry ?
anyways ... she let us had a break and ask if i was ok ..
so i told her i was having a fever ..
she asked if i wanted to go home ..
i hesited because i thought that i have already came to school and have to go home after only an hour ..
but she said fever is not a small matter ... she told me about his brother ?
duh .. i 4got ...
anyways .. i went home and thanks to yummy she accompanied me to the first level ...
i took a bus home ...
reached home and was surprised that my mum was already back from work ... she was also surprised that i was home so early ...
i then told her i was sick and head back to my room .. as i was already feeling very uncomfortable and so didnt want to talk much ...
i sleep from around 9++ to around 11 or 12+ ...
i dun quite remembered what happened .. [omg ... am i suffering from brain damage .. lol]
i had my temperatured measured at night ... oh gosh .. its only 38.2 ... not really high la ... i didnt took medication but just slept and took an "ice bag" ? was having headache since fri until now as i am typing this post i am still having a headache ..
What's wrong with me ??
think i would be posting again after one week .. as i am only allowed to use the computer once a week ..
haix .. what to do .. i can only listen to her ...

11:37 PM

Thursday, June 01, 2006

its been a long long long time since i last blogged .. because i couldnt USE THE COMP because my parents dun allow me to ...
haix ... because of the PANEL meeting we had at the second last day of school ...
i only pass two out of six ...
its gone case ...
Mr Teo say "if you give up maths means u have got no place to go to, i rather u give up now maybe u can go to ite .."
just that i feel helpless ...
i need help .. but
i dunno what to say ...
but i just feel helpless ...
nah ... maybe from sec 1 ba .. but how ..?
i cant learn it myself ... i dun UNDERSTAND them ????
haix .. now its holiday ... I STILL CANT USE THE COMPUTER ...
i only can use it once a week ... BUT IT SEEMS SO SO SO LONG ~~
now i'm in school having extra lesson ...
but is SS lesson .. ITS RUSTY's lesson ... oOps =X ..
i meant MR RAs .... hahaha ...
we will be having lessons from the 1st week to the 3rd week ...
we only have 1 week and a little bit more of rest only ...
but no choice we having o levels this year .. but work extremely hard for it .. ya !!!
really hope i can get good results and get into the course i wish to ...
i wish is get into np 's chinese studies ...
but i read in the newspaper that only 75 out of 200 gets into the course ...
haix .. means my chance is only very slim ...
think i 'll continue to write when i can cause gtg soon ...
the ras is really very very very NOISY lor .. kp asking us to do his worksheet ... ESSAY QUESTION .. haiyo ...

10:23 AM