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Friday, June 29, 2007

Hmm .. OYM AND YSY posted ...
So of course i would have to post also ..
Hmm ..
Today had to go for the ARCHERY thingy ..
Hmm ... actually actually ..
I dont reall fear that thingy ..
A little .. because of the *ahem* .. Dont like that *ahem* ..
Anyways .. still went ..
And .. it wasnt as bad as we thought ..
Before we went to shoot ..
We had a little "fu dao" by the archery ppl ..
After which we went over to a place to shoot and had to touch the BOW !!!
My 2nd,3th and 4th finger HURTS ..
So pain ..
After the ARCHERY thingy ..
We went straight to TANGLIN MALL ..
We were hungry so went to Mac to settle our lunch ..
After which we walked around the mall ..
There was nothing much for us to see and it looks so ULU ULU ..
Not much ppl ..
We went to a Magic shop ..
Many many different kind of weird weird and magical things there ..
The shop keeper showed us a few tricks ..
And and ..
SY got electric SHOCK ...
Hahas ..
Just a tiny one not big one ..
If not one might die ..
It was quite fun ..
And after which we went to another shop and bought those blowing bubble ..
Which you would have to squeeze the thingy out from the tube onto a stick?
And blow and it will become a "balloon"?
Sy made a "creature" with that thingy ..
When we suddenly saw the magic shop's shop keeper came and he chatted with us for awhile and went off ..
He told us to come often if we could ..
Maybe more tricks???
Hahas ..
Nono .. will get electric shock???
After which we bought HOTDOGS or SAUSAGES?
And drinks to BC ..
Went to the cafe we always go before lesson ..
Chatted and was really great ..
I just love sitting down and chatting with them ..
After which we went to check out which class we were in ..
Guess what ..
With some newdies?[is there such word? i doubt so .. hahas ..]
And oldies and midies[thats what amanda say ..]
YEAH!! we love amanda ..
She great .. =))
I just love the old class where there are lots of funny funny things or should i say incident?
With the guys i mean the oldies ..
Hahas ..
And got to know friendly girls and guys .. the newdies ...
Ok .. hope that it would be great for the other lessons too ..

Tomorrow ..
But is to do project ..
i guess i wont be serious in doing the project ..
RTO ..
Hais ..
Dont feel like doing the projects ..
Stressing and and ...
Forget it ..
Anyways .. will be going with that 2 lovely couple[sy & lemon],ym and huihuan!!!
IT would be a great day?
Hahas ...
Surely it will be fun ..
Got to go sleep ..
Am out the whole day ..
Am tired ..
Hands feeling sour ..
Will update soon ...?
I hope .. =)

1:04 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hmm .. my post is flooded by me by those quizes i did ..
Hahas ..
But i DID POST ..
Its under the quizes ..
OK .. anyways ..
Yesterday finally went for the Science tuition and for the history tuition today ..
Science was ok .. but then i left after the break ..
Because i cant really concentrate .. i wasnt even really listening to the teacher teaching ..
So i waited for them outside ..
Today dragged my foot for history ..
But had to go ..
Didnt go for quite a few weeks ...
BUT ..
The bad news is that HIS TEACHER IS LEAVING ...
So sad ..
There is good and bad ...

Hmm .. dont know what will be the next teacher be like?
Tomorrow will be starting our next term BC lesson ..
Dont know what will be the new ppl be like ..
Dont know will amanda be teaching us anot ...
Will be going to clementi ite for the archery thingy ..
Dont know how to explain here ..
So .. ya ..
Dont really feel like toucing the bow actually ..
But must help UNCLE LEMON ..
Hahas ..
OKOK ...
End here ..
Got to go do my SBM project .. =)

12:35 AM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You are 20% Gemini

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3:49 AM

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3:02 AM

Monday, June 25, 2007

190607 went to study with ym and sy at Yew Tee mac ...
There was no tuition for this whole week ..
But since sy and ym say want study so i agreed ..
Sy called when i wanted to call her ..
She said that she and ym have already reached and is at mac already ...
So i off my comp and went down to look for both of them ..
After which we went to buy something to eat after i reach ..
After quite awhile lemon came ..
And we studied and chat ..
Actually i was wasting my time there ..
Just didnt have the heart to study that day which i also dont know why?
SO i just listen to my Ipod and chat around ..
Around 9+ reaching 10 we went home ...

200607 was supposed to meet ym at cck as i need to go and do my RTO project ..
Was using the comp before i left and was chatting to lemon ..
Blah blah blah ..
After that he came with us ..
Hahas ...
So we went to PS and after that went to Bugis street there ...
Had lunch at LJS ...
It was quite fun that day ...
Heard lemon talked about many many things ..
But i dont mean he is long winded ...
Its useful things .. hahas .. ^^
Went home at around i dont know what time . LOLS ..
I forgot already ..
Anyways .. had fun that day .. =)
And to mention ..
SY cant go out that day as her aunt is coming to her house .. =( ..
But nvm .. will be going out this coming fri ..
Can see her already .. ^^

240607 went to meet sy,ym and lemon ..
As i wanted to go to excerise ..
We didnt ...
Went to meet up with them and they were very hungry so went to foodcourt to have lunch ...
I didnt eat as i have already eaten at home before meeting them ..
After eating we went to ym's house to play spongebob monopoly ...
Me and sy were quite bored ... and SIAN ..
Dont know why ..
So we were lik dying corpse playing ..
Play until dont know 4 or 5+ i think ..
We decided to stop the game and go downstairs ..

Went to the playground and didnt do much actually ..
After that lemon and sy went home ..
I went to ym's house ..
Played her comp and had dinner and and ..
I went home around 8 ...

11:01 PM

100607 was UNCLE lemon's birthday ...
So i met ym first as she wanted to go cut her hair ..
So i met her at her house there and walked to Sunshine place ..
Went to cut her hair and after that we went to Shop 'n' Save to buy some alcholic drink ..
Was thinking what to do and so decided to go to the cake shop to ask if the cake was ready ..
It was ready when we went to ask ..
So we took the cake and decided to proceed to Lemon's house ..
We were the first to reach ...
There wasnt anyone ...
So we slack around his house ..
After awhile sy and angel came .. and after that noel came ..
So we decided to play UNO ...
We were quite high playing that game ..
Around 5+ i guess ..
We decided to go down as not to let the others wait ..
So we took the BBQ things and went down ...
Saw Ray at the park there ..
He say he was cycling round and round but see no one ...
After which the guys started the fire prepared the food ..
Slowly all came ..
There were 4 girls [me,sy,ym and angel] and the guys [lemon,noel,ray,weeyang,kenneth,colin and a friend of theirs]
We chatted, took photos and etc etc ...
At around 9+ i guess we were so full and remembered we had not cut the cake ..
Hahas ..
So we took the cake out from the ice box and sang the song and cut the cake ...
I put the thing that was holding the candle into the cake and let lemon use ONLY his mouth to take it out ..
It took him quite an effort to get it out ..
After that we played game and forfeit was to either drink a full cup of drink or to eat the leftover food ..
After that me and ym went off first as our parents were calling to ask us to go home ..
We miss the grp taking photo ..

5:49 PM

First and foremost haven been updating my blog since like WHEN?
Lols ..
Just didnt felt like updateing so .. DIDNT update .. =)
Firstly i would have to update about
-Uncle lemon's birthday [erm ... so long already .. but i'll stil post ... up to you if you want to read it .. =)]
-Outing 190607 to Mac to study
-Outing 200607 to TOWN

AND last but not LEAST

-Outing 240607 to YM's HSE

5:38 PM

Friday, June 22, 2007

Will update soon ..?
I guess so?

4:39 AM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So sad ... =((((
Cant afford to buy a new one ..
ARGHHH ... SAD!!!!

10:28 AM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I lost my HP's EARPHONE ... =(((
Hope i didnt really lose it ..
Hope i can find it back .. =(((

4:12 PM

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feeling emo again ...
Dont feel like posting again ...
Having the feeling to stop blogging again ...
Haix ..
To hear ppl insult me ..
To hear those bad things ppl say about me ...
To hear those heartbreaking and insulting things ...
To get tease by ppl ...
Everything bad ....
What am i ?
Human? Animal? A TOY? A thingy for you to release anger when you are? OR WHAT?
How am i able to look on the bright side?
How am i able to think on the bright side?
How am i able to think postive?
I also wished that i could look on the bright side and not always thinking negative ..
Not feeling depressed ..
I dont wish to be the way i am ...
I am changing BUT ..
Somehow ..
No matter what it WOULD STILL BE THE SAME ...

10:04 PM

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hahas ..
It already 1plus ..
Wish you good luck in everything you do ..
AND ..
Xin fu with sy ..
MUST take good care of her[which i know you will .. if not .. WAHAHA ]
Hope you will have a very happy birthday tml .. =)

1:21 AM

Saturday, June 09, 2007

作詞:鄭中庸  作曲:周杰倫  編曲:林邁可

那麼 讓我誠實一點
誠實 難免有不能控制的宣洩
只有關上了門 不必理誰
一個人坐在空蕩包廂裡面 手機 讓它休息一夜
難 像切歌切掉回憶的畫面
我對自己說 蠟燭點了 寂寞亮了
淚也融了 我要謝謝你給的你拿走的一切
還愛你 帶一點恨
還要時間 才能平衡
熱戀傷痕 幻滅重生

Happy Birthday to myself?
Hahas ..
My birthday have already like passed for almost 3 mths?
A day i dont really like .. =)

4:48 PM

Ended school at 10 yst ..
Went to self access to look for ym and sy ...
Used the comp until around 12+ i guess ..
Went down to canteen to have lunch ...
After that took bus home ...
Ym and sy got down at their stop and as i wanted to wave to them ..
I saw geshy ..
O.o ...
Was suprised ...
Anyways ...
After i reached lot1 i went to take mrt back to yew tee ...
Had maths tuition at night ..
Its been 2 weeks since i last went for it ..
Would not be going for it next week .. As they would be having test ...
I think there is no hope for my O levels anymore ..
Am not studying ..
Maybe i need someone to help me mentally and physically?
Hahas ..
Anyways .. After next week will be having our holidays until July 8th ...
Have to do RTO project during the holidays ..
Will be going to Vivo city next Sat ..
LOLS ...
Just joking ...
This coming Sun would be LEMON UNCLE's BIRTHDAY ..
Hahas ... =p ..
Remember to bring some props to protect yourself !!!
Happy Birthday in advance ..
In case i cant use my comp .. =))
Hope you will have fun that day ..

4:48 PM


4:48 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ended school at 4 ..
Stayed at self access until 4.02 or what i think ..
Only left some of the chinese students ..
Were watching some vuglarities things on the youtube ..
After that went to locker to put my smelly pe clothes ...
Cause too heavy as i needed to bring back RTO book ...
So met lemon and we went to take bus to take mrt to CWP ...
Thinking that we might be late ..
Called to ask ym and sy to buy the tickets at a later timing ...
So decided to watch 5.50's show ..
We went to had "dinner"?
After that went to buy popcorn ..
O.o .. Didnt return Kiwi the money ..
After that proceed to the theatre and there was already alot of people ..
Our seats were at the other side so we had to walk pass all the seats by the front and go to the other side ..
We were watching .. Men in White 鬼啊鬼啊!!
It was a comedy yet a ghost movie ..
Overall .. Still ok .. but quite lame ...
After watching we walked around CWP and me and sy and lemon decided to go to Yew Tee mac to study ..
So ym and kiwi go back to lot 1 ..
But suddenly kiwi turned up when me and sy went to buy something ..
Anyways ..
Second time we didnt go for His lesson ...
We didnt felt like going and because we went to watch movie today ..
SO .. Well ...

SHOULD be going next week i guess ...
Went home straight ...
So tired today as we had the nafa test ..
I didnt do 2 or 3 stations i guess ..
Forget it ..
But it was fun running the 2.4 ..
Because we were running at the canel?[i dont know how to spell =X]
It was behind our school ..
Beside a big big drain? river?
Anyways ..
It was our first time ..
So it was quite fun ..
Was in position 64 ..
Lols ..
Dont know why my hands feeling sour .. and its only the right hand ..
Now my legs are feeling soury too .. =p
Got to go sleep although lesson start at 9 tml ..
But am too tired ..

Been posting posting posting for myself to see ..
And for myself to tag and and and and ..................................................................

11:40 PM


11:40 PM

In self access room again ...
Mrs Tay booked the self access room again for us to do project ..
Haix ..
SO bored .
I dont know what to do ..
Yi dian tou xu dou mei you ... =((
Not in the mood to do the project also ..
Anyways ..
Actaully wanted to leave at 3 ..
But teacher say will mark absent from 3-4 ..
So sy say i stay until lesson end ...
As today is niao niao and lemon's 1mth ..
So they want to go watch movie ..
Haiyo ..
Me and ym and the KIWI go ..
Like big big lamp post leh ..
NVM ..
We sit behind behind ok ..
But dont do anything ar ..
Haix ..
Not fair ..
NO one POSTED!!! ..
I've been the one posting ..
Then dont know post for what ...
Only have my emo needs ..
I've been posting ...
Since when did i become so enthu??
YM,SY,LEMON ~~~~~~~
Hahas .. =p

2:39 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In self access room ..
Suppose to be doing project ..
But so bored ..
Later then do ..
Hmm ...
Wed having NAFA test ..
So bored ..

I dont want to go ... T.T ..
Haix ..
Tonight having science tuition ..
I also dont feel like going .. T.T ..
Haix ..
I am losing the will to study ..
Nothing feels right ...
What should i do?
Go and die ..

11:14 AM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

作詞:陳震/施人誠 作曲:鄭楠 編曲:呂紹淳

黃金海岸的岸邊 我們肩並著肩
潔淨的藍天 清澈的水面 吻成一條海平線
看你溫柔的雙眼 彈著吉他的弦 歌詞是諾言 旋律是依戀 唱出一首五月天
五月的天 剛誕生的夏天 我們之間 才完成的愛戀  
緊握的手裡面 有好多明天  
五月的天 夢開始要鮮豔 前方蜿蜒 一長串的心願  
我們一天一天 慢慢實現
大雨沖走了昨天 青春烏雲幾片
彩虹的旁邊 有星星幾點 迫不及待在眨眼
海風味道變香甜 沙灘鑲滿亮片
你哼著永遠 我和著不變 合唱一首五月天
海浪 拼命歡呼跳躍 
一遍又一遍 鼓勵我們 看誰先吻誰的臉
為這五月之戀 再添一個逗點 
再多的五月天 怕也不夠我們沉醉
海燕 身邊來回盤旋 
扮演著領隊 彷彿聽見 幸福在前面不遠
為這五月之戀 再添一點信念 
往後的五月天 和你走到比永遠還遠

11:00 PM

作詞:胡如虹 作曲:戴浪 編曲:Martin Tang

我關了手機 用力的深呼吸
告訴我自已 沒有什麼了不起
就當我和你 演一齣愛情戲
流一點眼淚 沒關係
也許是我太年輕 不懂你要的關係
並不只是一對一 才會傷害自己
原來這才是 真的你 無法掌握自己的心
偶爾花言巧語 偶爾又選擇逃避 
原來這才是 真的你 習慣演戲 隨時在磨練演技
你想找誰合演對手戲 這是你的權利就讓你自己決定
愛情過了保鮮期 就像玩膩的遊戲
不再想要一對一 開始沒有耐性
雖然淚水淹沒了眼睛 我卻情願讓心痛一個徹底
決定就現在喊停 不再受委屈

11:00 PM

作詞:彭學斌 作曲:彭學斌 編曲:塗惠源

那時我們天天在一起 太幸福到不需要距離
很貪心 要全世界注意
只是太年輕快樂和傷心 都像在演戲一碰就驚天動地
今天 看你 昨天的你去了那裡
那年夏天我和你躲在 這一大片寧靜的海
直到後來我們都還在 對這個世界充滿期待
今年冬天你已經不在 我的心空出了一塊
很高興遇見你 讓我終究明白
回憶 比真實精采
還記得一起努力 還有那些 一言為定
現在我就當過去 是種學習

11:00 PM

Didnt go for Maths tuition on Fri ...
Because i didnt want to ..
I seems to be losing the will to study for my Olevels ..
I am regretting ..
To retake ..
Maybe in the first place i should have studied very very hard in secondary school and make it to poly or dont retake it and study hard at ITE to make it to poly ..
What should i do now?
Haix ...
I feel so lost ..
I feel so ...
Anyways ..
Today ym and sy went to make up lesson ..
Which i dont even know there is ..
I missed a make up lesson for bio ..
So stupid ...
I dont even know what i am doing now ...
Everything dont seems right ...

1:21 AM

Friday, June 01, 2007

Haix ..
I dont want to go for MATHS TUITION TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! ..
Its like so bored .. T.T ..
And i know i wont listen to lesson attentively ...
Sobs ...
Anyways ..
Now at self access room ...

So bored ..
Nothing to do ..
And and .
Thinking of my stupid project ..
I headache ..
Haven done yet ..
I mean done finish yet ...

2:17 PM