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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Been slacking at home this few days ..
Then today after finish watching tv i went back to my room to rest ...
Then saw my phone and i saw yummy's sms ..
She asked if i open my mailbox ..
She say that she was shortlisted to service skills[retail] ...
So i quickly asked my mother to go open the letterbox ..
I quickly opened the letter ..
As expected ..
My results werent as good as them ...
So i expected that i wouldnt get into Tourism ..
Ok ..
It isnt bad ..
And would be shortlisted to go for an interview on 27Feb ...
The 3 of us will be in the same campus if our interview goes smoothly ..
So ..
That we would go through the interview ...
And get into the campus ...

10:27 PM

Friday, February 23, 2007

作詞:何啟弘 作曲:黃慶元 編曲:涂惠源

雖然收斂了許多情感 還是洩露了我的不安
於是你開始冷淡 我也開始問自己該怎麼辦
千萬不要再不以為然 我的生活已經混亂 
這是我最後 最美 最真 最心碎的留言
喔 愛我好嗎 我願意讓傷心再來一遍 
只要你留一個位子給我 哪怕是在你心中 最容易被忽略的角落
最容易被忽略的 角落

1:02 AM

作詞:王倩婷/卓文萱 作曲:王倩婷 編曲:涂惠源
閉上眼去 感覺 淡淡的思念 就很美 三月的微風 吹過秋 飄過冬
睜開眼去 體會 深深的烙印 在心田 抬頭 望著天空 彷彿也飄蕩著悸動
回憶在從前 從前只是不完美的戀
過往在哭 曾經在笑 感動只是一種情緒的反覆
眼淚在昨天 昨天永遠只是一個缺
如果只是如果 我會期待 大聲說出來 我想要的愛
學著拋開學會釋懷 所有的決定我都明白
愛 應該是要勇敢去追 就不後悔
只要我不後退 真愛將會變的 更美
回憶在從前 相信未來是完美的戀
我不會哭 繼續微笑 選擇把對你的愛寄向遠方
決定說再見 今天將會是最後一天
過去不是永遠 明天醒來 最初的期待 我最真的愛

12:55 AM

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I hate knowing you .
I hate knowing you guys .
I hate knowing you ppl .
But most of all i hate myself even more .


3:41 PM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New year to ALL !!!

11:13 PM

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today was my last day of work ..
Have worked for 1mth plus ..
There were unhappiness,happiness,fun,laughter ..
This job is actually rather easy ..
But sometimes tough as it is actually meant to be a guys/man job ..
Being with different merchandisers ...
Both auntie whom i normally follow ..
They are nice,friendly and always take care of us ..
A few part timers who are same as me ..
Waiting for results ..
Normally are all younger then me by 1 year ..
All did quite good in poly i think ..
Anyways ..
Although sometimes the way the auntie speak really makes me piss off ..
But she sometimes is quite good to me ..
This job let me go around singapore ..
Even to places where we normally would not even go to ..
Or not even think of or heard of ..
Its like touring singapore ..
And got to know that some ppl in those supermarkets are really .....
Some are just so fierce and demanding and some are just so easy going and friendly to us ..
Today went around to take back our CNY products ..
Quite many ..
Although tiring but was quite fun ..
Normally at 3am i wouldnt be outside ..
Its really fun to be outside at such a time ..
Hahas ..
I was like so HIGH ..
LOls ..
Ok ..
Gotta go sleep soon ..
OH ..
And wanna wish everyone ..
A very very Happy Chinese New year ..
All the very best to everyone ..
To my friends ..
My relative ..
All whom i know ..
AND ..
him ..

4:12 AM

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everything's changing ...
Changing changing ..
Those i wished not to change are changing ..
Those i wished to change are remaining the same ..
Haix ..
I hate it ..
What am i ..
I am just nothing ..
Nothing to anyone on earth ..
Nothing to anyone whom i know ..
I know i am not thinking on the bright side but its because i dont have bright side ..
I only have the dark side ..
So i dont think positive i only think negative ...
What can change my mindset?
I also dont know ..
Maybe nothing i guess ...
I've only got MYSELF!!!

11:36 PM

Will be working for the last day tomorrow ..
Will be working maybe until 1 or 2 am in the morning ..
Which will be new year eve ..
Hahas ...
Hope it would be fun ..
But ..
Hmm ...
The auntie just warned me to be faster as we will be following "her" ...
Anyways ...
Was abit pissed off by a auntie when i was buying things ..
She was out of the queue so i moved forward just a step thinking she might not be in the queue ..
She just used a very rude manner and said ..
"I was already behind this uncle and is in the queue .. and blah blah blah"
I didnt hear what she said ..
But cant she even speak in a nice manner ..
What attitude is that ...
Anyways ...
Also pissed off with the auntie today ..
The one working with me ..
Dont wish to say but ..
Oh well ..
I'll just forget about it ..
New year's coming ..
But i dont feel anxious or excited ..

Feeling that it is just a normal normal day ..
You want me to do this when you did that to me ..
How can i possibly do it ..
I just wish to forget ..

11:34 PM

How i wish i could forget everything ..
Including all i have done ..
All that had happened to me ...
Everything ..
Including forgetting myself ..
But wont it be better if i go die ..
Its a better choice ..
Maybe i could even get into an accident and lose my memory ..
Thats great ..
Hahas ...
YES I AM !!!!

11:28 PM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cao Ge 曹格-背叛
雨 不停落 下来 花 怎么都不开
尽管我细心灌溉 你说不爱就不爱
我一个人 欣赏悲哀
爱 只剩下无奈 我 一直不愿再去猜
钢琴上黑键之间 永远都夹着空白
缺了一块 就不精采
紧紧相依的心如何 Say Goodbye
我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
把手放开不问一句 Say Goodbye
冷冷清清淡淡今后都不管 只要你能愉快
心 有一句感慨 我 还能够跟谁对白
在你关上门之前 替我再回头看看 那些片段 还在不在
紧紧相依的心如何 Say Goodbye
我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
把手放开不问一句 Say Goodbye
冷冷清清淡淡今后都不管 只要你能愉快
紧紧相依的心如何 Say Goodbye
我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
把手放开不问一句 Say Goodbye
冷冷清清淡淡今后都不管 只要你能愉快只要你能愉快

7:51 PM

Went to DOver ITE today ..
Took 197 from JE interchange ...
Reached there after a few stops ..
Went to the admission office there?
Then asked for assist ..
It was actually quite simple ..
But yummy and peace just couldnt figure it out ..
ANyways ..
After that took mrt to commonwealth then took mrt to orchard .. Far east plaza ..
Walked around ..
Bought some things there ..

After that went back to Lot 1 ..
Watched the show Happy Birthday by Rene Liu and Gu tian le ..
It was average ..
A little boring ...
But also abit sad ..
In the end gu tian le die of cancer but rene still didnt know that he has passed away ...
After that peace went home first ..
Me and yummy walked for awhile and went home ..
Tired ...
Expected expected ..
I expected it ..
Dont like me tell me .. Dont treat me the way you are treating me now ..
Or am i thinking too negative .. Or maybe it is really what i am thinking ...
It should be true ...

2:04 AM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going out to Dover ITE with xiaogui ..
Seems like a long time since we last went out together?
Anyways ..
Got our results ..
As what i expected ..
Anyways ..
Its a experience to me ..
3 of us didnt do it ..
Of course we felt sad ..
But it is already a fact that we cant do about it ..

So ..
Just accept it ...
Is what we can do ..
I really really got to strive hard this time ..
When i retake my 3 sub ...
I dont wish to disappoint them again and again ..
A brand new year ..
Hope everything goes smoothly .. =)

12:19 AM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

No one ..
No one cares ..
Maybe you look down on me ..
Being the poorest in studies ..
Being the weaker one in studies ..
Being the stupid one in studies ..
Being the ugly and fat one in you ppl ..
Being the bad one with bad attitude in you ppl ..
Being the worse one in you ppl ..
Who would like someone like this ..
Who would want to be a friend of this kind of person ..
Absolutely no one ...
Not even the ghost would want to ..
I have no good points ..
No one likes me ..
No one loves me ..
No one cares about me ..
Everyone hates me ..
Sometimes i just want to find someone to confide in ..
But there is no such person ..
I just choose to keep it inside me ..
When one day i cant keep it all inside me ..
I'll explode and just die off ...

Sometimes i just wanted his accompany ...
But he isnt there ..
I just dont wish to tell him how i feel ..
Fear that we might get into an argument ..
Maybe i just dont wish to lose him ...
I just didnt want us to get into a argument or a quarrel ...
Not that i am not honest ..
Maybe sometimes i just felt that ..
He doesnt care about me ..
He is only into his games ..
I dont blame him for anything ..
But i just wanted him to be there for me when i need him ..

But he isnt there ..

8:32 PM

Friday, February 09, 2007

I hate myself ..
I just hate myself ..
Nobody would care ..
Maybe i just keep everything myself ..
My attitude not good ..
Ya ..
Everyone's great but not me ...
I am forever the one who is the bad one, the bad guy, the bad friend, the bad person, the bad one that no one would want to get to know ...
Why was i here?
Why am i in this world ...
I dont know how to study ..
I disappoint my parents ..
I disappoint everyone ..
I gave no face for them ..
I cant do anything for them but only give them trouble ...
Why am i like this ..
Friends dont like me ..
No one likes me ..
Just no one ..
I hate myself even more ..
Why cant i just get knocked down by a car or something happen to me ...
And i'll just leave this world ..
And i can end all those misery i bring to everyone ..
Dont tell me by dieing nothing will be solve ..
It can be ..
Because to me ..
There is nothing ..
Everyone hates me ..
No one likes me ..
I am just a thorn in everyone's eyes ..
I dont wish to be like this ..
What should i do?
Just keep everything to myself ..
Supress everything just to myself ..
Be a person who has no feelings ..
No friends ..
No feelings ..
They treat me as dirt ..
They treat me as no one ..
They look down on me ...
They hate me ..
They hate my attitude ..
They just hate me ..

10:40 PM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I may be thinking of deleting my blog .
Still thinking .
Cant really bear to delete off my 261 post.

10:47 PM

Friday, February 02, 2007


9:48 PM