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Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is the 2nd week of my job..
Job has been tiring & stress..
I think im not one who can handle stress..
When im stress i tend to feel like eating..
Which isnt a good thing i feel..
Therefore i've been thinking if i want to continue working after this 3 weeks..
But on the other hand, Im not the only one to decide because even if i want to stay i would need to pass the company's appraisal which i dont even know if i would..
Everyday at work im doing the same old things..
The same old routine every single day..
The challenging part is when i need to meet patients who are somehow considered our "customer"..
There will be all sorts of patients..
The nasty, good, friendly, etc etc..
Of course i understand that when one is sick, the mood can be bad & we may just be the only one that they can throw their temper on..
sometimes the patients or the families just treat as like we owe them a living..
Well, Anyways.. So far i have not met any nasty ones..
Which i may in future..
Im sure there will be alot alot more of things that i need to face & need to learn..
I shall see how it goes after 3mths & then i'll decide whether to continue working there..

8:24 PM

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Started work on this tuesday 050411..
Met the girl whom i met also at the interview..
Both of us were actually selected..
First day of work was alright..
We were brought around sgh to know more about the buildings..
Did nothing much on the first day actually..
2nd & 3rd day have passed..
Im so looking forward to friday to come!
Shall update again real soon!

8:47 PM

Monday, April 04, 2011

I've changed my blogskin after having a hardtime looking for one that i like,
im kinda of fussy over it.
I'm troublesome!
Anyways, 1 more day left to NO freedom!
I kinda of hate it but then on the other side i love it.
Ok, i know what im saying is very contradicting but cant help it either.
I love it because i'll have money to get things i want,
i'll have money to give to my parents.
The thing that i hate is IM OFFICIALLY A WORKING ADULT!!
This is a fact that i hate alot!
Hopefully this job would be a good one & i do not need to change to another job.
Hopefully the people that are good!
Hopefully this & that & blah blah blah..

Ending off abruptly!!! :)

3:03 AM