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Thursday, October 22, 2009

  • Had school yesterday
  • But was really too tired
  • So in the end i didnt go to school
  • So went over to library while waiting for sy & ym
  • Finally they finished school &
  • Sy was hungry therefore went over to KFC to have our dinner?
  • After which we were too full..
  • So went walking around cwp
  • Went home around 7pm
  • It was great to see sy after like so many days we didnt met..
  • Dont know if anything happened at school yesterday
  • I've only got like 2 ppl i can contact with in school..
  • Exams coming &
  • I still dont know what to study..
  • Project not even done yet..
  • Haven been updating my blog since whether i update or i dont no one is viewing so i guess it doesnt matter..
  • But have update quite a few updates at one go..
  • All wordy post with no pictures..

6:41 PM

  • Dont really remember what happened recently actually..
  • But anyways..
  • Got the job for after the interview..
  • All i can see the employee is someone who will 吃你吃的死死的 that kind..
  • Which is something i dont like it.
  • Started job on tuesday..
  • Dont really like it there..
  • Firstly is because there is a need to wear uniform..
  • Which is kind of troublesome..
  • Next would be i have to memorize where all the products are..
  • The in charge there let me feel that i have to remember everything in one day..
  • I dont like the way she speaks to me..
  • The ppl there are so so..
  • Also i guess it's because i am new therefore..
  • I was only close to 1 of the workers there..
  • Everyone have worked for yrs but i am only there for 1 day..
  • The in charge expects me to find things to do myself..
  • How would i know what to do?
  • She even say that everything you better take your own initiative to do it..
  • We dont have much time to entertain you..
  • I was like.. -.-
  • WTH!!
  • I am here to work,
  • but the way she says it is like so sarcastic..
  • I dont like it right from the beginning when i see her..
  • I am not really a person who would like know what to do what to do i guess..
  • But seriously you just started work &
  • You're like very very not familiar with anything there..
  • Would you automatic know what you have to do when you've got nothing to do?
  • Of course you need someone to assign you things to do right?
  • I dont think this is a wrong thinking of mine..
  • The ppl there just throw you something &
  • Expect you to do it even if it is the first time..
  • Why dont you rather teach me how to do it..
  • Then when i do it wrongly i still have to waste time to do it all over again?
  • Since you say it is busy here &
  • Dont have much time to entertain me..
  • Really dont like the in charge there..
  • Thinking of going to work tomorrow really freaks me out..

6:27 PM

  • met up with ym at 2pm but she was late again as usual!
  • anyways,
  • trained over to redhill
  • got down & went over to the bus stop..
  • we only knew what bus number to take but dont know where to alight..
  • therefore,
  • we called the person in charge..
  • the person in charge told ym so much info &
  • she was like so BLUR!
  • she told the person in charge that she's a little confused &
  • could she hand it over to let me talk to her..
  • took over the phone
  • i roughly understood what she was saying &
  • what stop to alight
  • called my mother &
  • asked her to help me confirm the right stop to alight
  • finally reached henderson industrial park
  • we were at block 213
  • but we still didnt know what unit number the company was at..
  • ym called the in charge..
  • it was at the 3rd floor
  • so we saw a company called henderson which i think we heard the person in charge saying over the phone..
  • so we were thinking this should be the company
  • took the lift to 3rd floor
  • pressed the bell
  • i was thinking why does this stationary company look so........
  • went in & asked the person if the person in charge was in..
  • she heard us but she looks as if she understand but also looks like she doesnt
  • anyways,
  • we didnt think much &
  • there came the application form
  • filled in everything,
  • waited for the in charge &
  • suddenly a blanglah came &
  • handed us a people & told us to write letters..
  • ym & i was like HUH?
  • why must we do that?
  • the blanglah even told us that his boss would be coming soon..
  • we were like so confused & feeling weird
  • didnt know what to do &
  • i confronted the receptionist &
  • then found out WE WERE AT THE WRONG COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this company is actually hiring cleaner & security..
  • ym & i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
  • we quickly wore our shoes & took the lift down..
  • called the company again to check where the hell is their company..
  • it was actually at the last unit..
  • when we reached we then thought what would happen because the wrong company we went had all of our particulars..
  • hope that nothing would happen..
  • i am sure when this is posted out..
  • many people would laugh at us for going to the wrong company &
  • even filled in the particulars..
  • dont know what's wrong with me that particular day that i was as blur as YM..
  • must be she influenced me that day with her sotong-ness
  • anyways,
  • the person in charge who is also known as pauline..
  • talked to us about the job
  • & yeah..
  • i've got a job now..
  • but my working days are very irregular because i am free other then having lesson once a week
  • ym still couldnt confirm when she will be starting as she has to quit her current one before she can start
  • after the interview
  • took bus over to ikea..
  • it's been quite sometime since i last went there..
  • since i dont have the need to buy furnitures
  • had dinner there
  • actually wanted to have the famous meat ball but ym couldnt take beef
  • so i ordered meatball pasta while she ordered this drumstick thing with mashed potatos & some veg & 2 chicken wings
  • i find the meatball quite normal but dont know why ikea is famous for the meatball
  • shopped around ikea after dinner
  • ym bought a study lamp
  • bused back to commonwealth & trained home

6:24 PM

  • Went for interview at bb with ym..
  • the interviewer was so fierce..
  • we were only a little late..
  • i know that when you go for an interview you shouldnt be late
  • but as if we werent feeling sorry for being late
  • i kept saying sorry to her &
  • i even text her to tell her i am rushing from sch & i'll be late
  • yet she was like you're late so you're so dead
  • if you care so much about us being late
  • you could just tell us not to go
  • you wasted our time filling up the form
  • let as waited for more then the time we were late
  • interviewed us not more then 5 mins
  • asked if we had any questions
  • & we could leave
  • then why not in the first place tell us not to come?
  • stupid auntie acting high class
  • anyways the interview was at mac
  • therefore we settled our dinner there too
  • called the stationary shop for an interview which i previously saw the notice there,
  • they are hiring people
  • i called twice &
  • twice the person in charge was on another line &
  • i was told to call back later
  • so the third time i ask ym to call
  • finally we could get through
  • ym say the lady was a little fierce
  • but anyways,
  • we had to go down for an interview on Wed at redhill
  • the thing is,
  • ym didnt ask for the company name, address & person in charge's name -.-
  • left mac & walked around bb..
  • after which trained home while ym went for her practice

6:23 PM

  • Wedding dinner of neighbour's
  • trained all the way to novena
  • walked to the old old hotel
  • wedding started by a getai host
  • had getai girls singing
  • even had new songs like cyndi's & my idol jolin's song
  • first time i see this kind of performance on a wedding
  • food was okok..
  • strangers with the whole table
  • mostly were uncles
  • but ah beng uncles & aunties
  • bride looks like 40+ when she is 36
  • during the 2nd last or last dish
  • dont know why
  • the wedding became a fight
  • 2 ladies & a few uncles were involved
  • although i dont know what caused the fight
  • but i can conclude a little that it might be because the 2 ladies were kind of drunk
  • dont belittle girls..
  • when they fight with guys
  • they can be scary
  • 老虎不發威,吧我當病貓
  • both my mother & i wanted to quickly get away but we couldnt because the fight was at the exit
  • waited for awhile & finally we could get away from that place
  • to calm down ppl who are still inside the ball room
  • the host 男扮女裝 & we already went off so we didnt know what happen afterwards
  • trained after which

6:22 PM

  • outing with sy,ym & ray
  • trained over to city hall
  • initally wanted to have popeye for lunch
  • but then settled down for Mac
  • after lunch, walked over to flyer
  • my 1st time there
  • view was great but there wasnt much things to walk there
  • walked back to marina square
  • on the way ray's cap was being snatched by us as the sun's was really glaring
  • reached marina square & wanted something to cool us down
  • walked around almost the whole building but didnt know what we wanted to eat/drink
  • in the end settled down for bubble tea
  • the sales person was really FIERCE
  • walked over to an empty seat & slacked there for quite sometime
  • until ym had to leave for her guitar
  • ray, sy & i shopped around raffles city
  • settled down for some finger food as dinner
  • went over to the fountain to eat our food
  • chatted while eating & talked about our childhood time
  • i conclude ray is really old
  • he dont really remember & dont know what is sng bao (ice bag with ice that is flavoured)
  • trained to marina bay & all the way home

6:21 PM

Pre-celebration of mid-autumn festival with LAROKYY!! Met up with sy & ym at yew tee thinking that we could buy candles at the value shop.. Candles were sold out.. Therefore, Walked to limbang as we were to meet up with the guys there.. Went into mac to wait for the others.. Ken reached first followed by wy & alwyn.. The very sissy ray reached last.. When to buy the candles and sparkles thing.. Walked over to limbang park.. Dont know why but just didnt have the feel to play with the candles this year.. Did a magnificent LAROKYY wording on the floor by using the sparkles.. How clumsy and stupid of me to actually delete the video of the process of lighting up the sparkles of the word Larokyy taken by sy.. Was going through the pictures & the next minute when i realise it.. I deleted the video sy took.. Anyways, Walked back to yew tee mac to slack as it was really hot after playing around.. Chatted and slacked at yew tee mac till around 12plus if i never remember wrongly.. It was really fun to have these small gatherings.. Had lots of fun that day!

6:19 PM

  • Was asked by sy & ym to go with them together to umairah's house..
  • Was feeling a little weird because i wasnt really invited by umairah as she was their classmates..
  • Anyways i went..
  • Met up with xg at southview lrt..
  • All the way to fajar..
  • It was the first time i visit a malay's house..
  • Her house was really nice..
  • Settled down and chatted with their ITE classmates..
  • All of us were like having sauna there..
  • It was really hot!
  • Left at around 6plus..
  • Trained over to novena with sy while ym goes for her conductor's guitar performance..
  • Window shopped nsquare 2 & velo city..
  • Saw some gorgeous clothes but was too ex currently for me as i am definitely very broke..
  • Saw the ikan thing that we saw at bugis the other time..
  • Went ahead and asked for the price..
  • We were like oh it was cheaper then bugis..
  • Wanna buy?
  • &
  • Yes we bought it..
  • Both very elated girls after buying a box of ikan?!
  • Settled down for dinner at KFC..
  • Chatted for quite long & trained home after which..

6:18 PM

Monday, October 19, 2009

Elva Hsiao蕭亞軒-倒數

10:46 PM

Elva Hsiao蕭亞軒-鑽石糖

10:41 PM

Thursday, October 01, 2009

2NE1 - I Dont Care

6:10 PM

2NE1 - Fire

6:09 PM

Han Bok Ha Se Yeo 要幸福喔 - 夏宇童

喜歡走在你後面 溶化在你的背影
我的小幸福藏在 你是我的我是你的
一杯咖啡的時間 沒人看懂得電影
我的小幸福藏在 無時無刻都像有你在

多麼不可思議 思考不用邏輯
竟然有勇氣 約好走到盡頭
如果吵架了 可以板著臉

如果說 有一天 我變得 不一樣
你還會很有耐心 努力去體會
如果說 有一天 你變得 不一樣
記得我們約定 Han Bok Ha Se Yeo

不管這世界 怎麼轉 多困難
就能夠找到原點 再勇敢往前走
從現在 往後的 一百年 每一刻
記得我們約定 要 Han Bok Ha Se Yeo

喜歡做你的朋友 分享所有的感受
我的小幸福藏在 你的夢想只有我懂
一部小說的情節 流浪旅行的地點
我的小幸福藏在 和你一起冒險的未來

像是提拉米蘇 佔據了我所有

6:06 PM