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Saturday, June 11, 2005

hmmm...long time no blog le...jus had my class "study camp"...oso nv study den call study...haiz...well actually quite fun lo...on wed we had f n n in e morning den after dat actually is tot they were having bbq at 12 or one den one of our classmate say is at 5 den we were like huh?den how no place to go now lor...den we went to art rm den ask angel wanna wait her ma?den was like dragging dragging dunno leh...but den didnt wait cos she ned do her art lor...so we went to K box....OMG...so ex lor...different from e last time we went...last time only 10.50 den now is one person is 13.80 bahz..if i nv rmb wrongly...but den we sang quite happily lahz...sang from 2 to ard 6 or 7 bahz...den went to school le..den tot we late liaoz le...den chey..nvm lorz...school oso not locked yet...den we saw many ppl lor..not only our class de oso gt erm...other cca or wat de lor..den me siyan and yunmin went to change into pants lor...den after dat went to see wat our class ppl doing den e malay guys were bbqing den e chinese guys sum oso bbqing sum playing ard lor..very sian...oso nothing to do...den we were slacking ard there....jus very sian..den later we 3 share a plate of fried noodles bahz..den decided to go to nearby e mama shop to buy some things for night time cos we wont be sleeping de lorz...so we bought a big bottle of drink den a packet of nuts....den we went back to sch den quite dark liao le lo...we still slacking around lor...den later we play poker cards we play heart attack den bluff...actually we three play only den later e chinese guys oso join us lor..we play bluff...den very fun lor...hahaz..i wasnt caught at all...den yunmin lost....we had a stack of cards lor...den after dat we went up to class lor...den it was so soso dark...we all so scare when walking up to level 4 den we chatted at class den e guys wanted to explore e schooll lor...but we didnt want...den didnt go we play cards lahz...all these...around dunno wat time i oso 4got le den we went to explore e school for twice bahz i tink i oso 4got le lor...shoooooo scary...den met fw...he scared us lor...he climb into school...he told us stories after day...well it was quite fun lor...heard many stories lahz...so on...den after fw went we were so sian den we all tired le so wanted to slp we 3 girls took three chairs den slp...but was really difficult to slp lor...i slept awhile den awake kp awaking lor..den nearly fell asleep den e stupid malay guys came in den woke us up but sum guys slp until like duno wat....so like dat lor...all slept den me and yun min and sum of us sleep awhile den wake.....after dat finally finally morning le...but e guys haven woke up...den one of e guy woke up den he was like so sian den ask question den no one answer den he fed up den went hm le..den left only we 3 girls and 3 guys...we wait for dem den wait until we slp again...den later all wake up le one left den left two...we decided to go mac 4 breakfast den we 3 girls went to bath den later e guys oso went hm lor...den after eating at mac we went to arcade at lot one den play until broke le...really really broke le...den we wait fr dat level to e first level den we go girls and guys go our own way..me and yunmin went 2 siyan hse chat chat lor...den later she cook sumthing for us to eat den angel call den ask angel come to say abt sentosa thingy cos she cannot go den i oso dunno...i cannot stand le i fell asleep lor...den they chatted..den after i awake we went hm..siyan and angel walk us to one place den we go diff ways lor...me and yunmin walk to near her hse there de bus stop den i take bus go hm den on bus saw wendy den 2gether take bus with her lorz...reached hm le den i really tired le i slept fr ard 6 sumthing bahz...to the nxt day e 10 sumthing...e camp really very fun lorz...hope gt next time lor..=Pp

6:54 PM