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Saturday, November 25, 2006


10:53 PM

Its just another boring day at home ..
Woke up ..
Ate my breakfast ...
Went to on the comp ..
Starting playing until now ... 10.37pm ...
Had dinner ..
Watched some tv ...
Sleep later ..
Wake up tml morning ..
Almost everyday doing the same routine ..
What can i do at home?
Who will be studying now?
People might think i am CRAZY ...
How i wish i can go out on alternate days ..
OR ..
Really hope the agency would call up SOON ...
Oh ..
i forgot to mention ..
Recruit Express is a agency with better attitude then the Recruit Express at JURONG JTC ..
They ask more detailed things and not like JURONG JTC's RECRUIT EXPRESS ..
Asking those stupid questions and DIDNT EVEN CALLED ..
Well ..
Anyways ..
Just hope my slacking days would end soon .. =) ...

10:43 PM

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yummy LP took this ... I wonder why ...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My .. LASAGNA!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
SNOWMAN again ...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yummy LP love this !!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
WHATS THIS? Yummy LP took this ..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yummy LP took this AGAIN!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wanted to buy this .. BUT in the end i didnt ..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yummy LP took this again .. *TSKTSK*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3:18 PM

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yummy LP took this .. she love this i guess?
The tram that goes to sentosa ... abit too close?
What's this? Yummy LP took this too ..!!
The scenary i took ...
This seems to look the same?

10:35 PM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Went out today to Woodlands library to look for job ...
Reached Woodlands went to shop for awhile and went to KFC to eat ..
After eating we actually wanted to go to the library but it was raining too heavily ..
So we decided to walk around the shopping mall until the rain gets a little smaller ..
After walking around ...
We saw that the rain had become smaller and even stopped raining ..
We went over to the Library ...
The SUN was shining brightly ...
When a put rain had just been over ..
Such a weird weather?
We went into the library ..
Looked for all classified newspaper and also including Chinese newspaper ..
*praying hard**crossed fingers* hoped that we could find a job ..
So we look into the newspapers ...
Copied down ..
Called ...
Managed to call a few companies hiring for promoters, customer sevice etc ..
Some had to go down for interview ...
We found one which was packers ..
But when we went there ..
Oh gosh ...
We went to this agent before last year ..
BUT ..
There was not even a call from them ..
But anyways ..
We still decided to fill in the application form and waited ..
After quite awhile after handing in the form ..
A lady came and asked for us ..
Asked us some questions about salary, working time and etc ..
After that the lady took our ez-link card to photo copy ..
After that we left the place and went to Jurong Entertainment Centre ...
We just walked around and after quite sometime ..
We decided to go but it was raining heavily ...
As I had to have my dinner outside so we went to the food court ..
And waited for the rain to stop ...
And I was the only one eating ..
The other 3 was looking at magazine and playing with phone .. etc ..
After that we went home ...

8:00 PM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another boring day at home ..
I've got nothing to do ..
Gonna ROT ..

4:16 PM

Been staying at home for the whole day ..
How i wish i can be working ..
How i hope i can find a job now ..
Its boring to stay at home the whole day ..
I cant find any job now ..
I dont wish to rot at home ..
Cant be expecting me to study when exams have finished ..
Anyways ..
Will be going to the library with LP(s) to find jobs ...
*pray hard**cross fingers* Really really hope that we could find a job ...
But one of them already found a job ..

12:37 AM

Monday, November 20, 2006

Finally finish our exams today ...
Ended at 9am ...
After that went home ..
On my comp to use and as well wait for yummy to get ready ...
WU GUI is slower ...
After that we met at CCK mrt ..
Saw a couple of REGENITES at the control station ...
After that met yummy and again saw REGENITES ...
We saw quite a number of REGENITES ...
Change a train at Jurong East and went to Outram interchange ...
Took the northsouth[yummy told me cause i forgot]to HARBOURFRONT
The group of REGENITES also alight at that stop ...
They were also going to VIVO ...
Anyways ... one word to describe ..
It was real big ..
There are 3 levels altogether ...
1 level's shops were like so many and we were like walking in a maze ...
OMG !!!
Each level we were like walking around 3/4 rounds as at times we wanted to go back to a shop we walked before we have to look around for it ..
There were some shops that are still renovating ...
There was an open space ...
The scenary was like ...
It was so nice ...
It looked even nicer at night ...
Would try to post some pictures after yummy have uploaded them from her phone ..
We had a hard time looking for something to eat for lunch as we were'nt really familiar with the place ..
Found LJS and ate there ..
It was crowded but managed to find a seat ..
After having lunch we continued walking around ..
Didnt buy much ..
Just 2 bottles of nail polish from THE FACE SHOP & MISSHA
1 of them cost $2.50 and the other for $2.90 ..
It was quite cheap ...
Still reasonable ..
After walking around and it was night already ..
Looked around for something to eat for dinner ..
Finally ,
decided to eat something that we have not eaten before ..
We went to SECRET RECIPES ...
At first we were worried about the price as we were very budget ...
yummy was so worried that we would not have enough $$ ..
So i ordered a Lasagna and yummy ordered Grilled chicken ..
It was quite good ...
After that we went out to look at the night scenary ..
It looked really beautiful ..
After that we went home ..
Overall ...
ViVo was quite a good place BUT ...
For ppl like us ..
We cant really afford the things there ...
I'M TIRED !!!!

10:02 PM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Having our last paper tomorow ...
Science Paper MCQ ..
Haven really prepared yet ..
Have not really studied it yet ..
I shouldnt be using the comp right now and should be studying ..
But ....
I cant study ..
I dont have the mood to ...
Anyways .. hope that tml's paper will be an easier one ..
Our paper last for 1 hr .. 8-9am ..
After that will be going to VIVO CITY with yummy ..
But another sad thing is that peace is not coming with us as she as something on ..
Oh well ..
I'll just stop here ...

7:31 PM

I find no means, no meaning, no will to continue living in this world ...
How i wish i could just leave this CRUEL world ...
The things that it did to hurt me ..
I am just a normal person ..
With a little & "brittle" heart ...
I cant continue to withstand anymore cruel things that it might bring me to ...
My little heart cant withstand it anymore ...
It have hurt me TOO MUCH

6:29 AM

Saturday, November 18, 2006

O levels is finally going to be over soon ...
which is something that we all hope ...
anyways ...

had fnn and history paper today ..
fnn was ... *ahem*
ok? ... i think so ..
just that we didnt really expect cereals to come out in the essay question ...
tsk ...
those we though might come out didnt come out ...
well ..
had a few hours of break before we have our History ..
so yummy who doesnt have any papers later accompanied us to have lunch at S-11 ...
OH .. and also chelvi ...
we chat while eating ..
talked about finding jobs ...
talked mostly all about jobs ..
then me,peace and chelvi then went back to school whereas yummy went home ..
we sat down at the lobby with Nasim ..
chat abit here and there ..
studied abit ..
for them but not me ..
i couldnt get those history stuffs into my head ..
couldnt even concentrate ...
time passed quickly ...
i smsed my cousin to asked her about the job ..
talked abit ..
asked her about her retaking her english ..
she got an E8 for english and 24 for L1R4 i think ...
it was overall i think quite ok?
at least it could get us into a poly for ppl like me whose expection aint high ..
but she failed her english so she couldnt get into poly ..
she hope to get into an computer course ...
ha ..
i dunno ..
chinese studies?
early childhood?
all seems to be so so far away from me where i dont seems to can touch it ..
i can only decide where i want to go to when my results are out ..
during the conversation between me and peace ..
she asked if i did my best and did i try my best in the Os ..
i said it wasnt really my very very best ..
does it mean if i did my very best i might get good results?
i dont know ...
i have already come to the last paper which is on Monday ..
even if i regret now ..
thats nothing i can do ..
but i doubt i can get into anything ..
i am sure i would get a F9 for my maths ...
of course i want to get a pass for it ..
but Maths just cant be a part of me ..
i just cant get hold of it ..
those formulas ..
sphere,circle,toa cah soh ...
all these many many formulas ..
i just cant seem to get them into my head ..
i just feel that why must maths be a compulsory subject ..
maybe some might think i am stupid ..
of course need pass lah ... if not later you how to count money ..
its true ..
but thinking back ..
why cant we just now simple calculations?
even if today we get into society we wont be using those formulas which we once tried hard getting into our heads?
anyways ...
i'll just try all my best for my last paper ...

Chinese - quite easy
English - average, managed to do
Maths - difficult x100000[no limt to the difficulty for me]
Science - bio was easy but not chem .. tsk ..
Combine humanities - could pass if i studied enough .. but i DIDNT ... =\
FnN - average, managed to do

overall ..
i felt that actually other then maths .. for other subjects if i studied hard enough .. i could have get a better grade ... its now too late for me to regret anything

8:06 AM