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Thursday, May 18, 2006

whatever i do is wrong
nothing is right
why must i be here ?
why was i born in this world
why should i be born
i shouldnt have been here
i shouldnt have been born
its just a burden to my parents
friends?do i have friends?maybe i do maybe i dont
i dont know
i only have myself to blame
how i wish i could end my life
how i wish i am not here now in this world
how i wish .. how i wish ...
i am not trying to get pity but just wanting to say it out
no one knows how i feel
no one knows the things i've gone thru for the past 16 lonely yrs
no one knows the pains i 've gone thru for the past 16 lonely yrs
what i want is just a little attention
just that little attention from people around me
cant i?

10:45 PM

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

just write somthing cause got two ppl say i didnt post ...
nah ... see ... i gt post somthing le ... very long de post le ... okies ...

p.s.[will post when i have time got to offline already so nv post]

11:47 PM

Sunday, May 14, 2006

haix....sorry about it...thought today can happily go out but who knows...become like that...ask you if you want go dun go nvm can other day go...haix..but you insist...still say not my fault...if i never ask you go out then now you should be with your father and relative and not with me then your comp will not be plugged off...dun say is all you fault...IS MINE...ALL MINE..IF I NEVR ASK YOU OUT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN...I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY....


10:32 AM

hmm...today at home the whole day lo...actually is want go out to buy something de...yst got ask "someone" to accompany me to buy...but then the "someone" suddenly got thing le..actually the "someone" was at lot 1...the "someone" say want i can go and meet her she can meet me...but then because i sleep at 4 the day before i felt very sleepy so didnt go and meet her lo...well..in teh end i didnt go out so just stayed at home...doing nothing much..tidying up my room,watch tv,use comp and SLEEP..haha...well...looking forward to tomorrow because finally my mother allow me to buy mp3 le..haha..so so happy and excited...hmmm.what should i buy ner?ipod?creative?or other brands ner?dunno leh...must choose properly..haha...end my post here lo...=p..oh btw..wanna thanks to the "someone" for accompanying me tomorrow when she still need to go out....thanks and sorry to trouble you hor....last but not least...tml's mother's day..wanna say a very very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS AND



4:30 AM


4:25 AM

Friday, May 12, 2006

A few days since I last post…
Was having my mid yr exam the past two weeks…
So having been posting…
The mid year papers were quite tough…
I doubt I will get good results this time…
Anyways…just hope it wont fail badly….
Hope that I wont just only pass two subjects I will be very happy…
If can I of cos is hope I only fail maths and combine but not possible…
Let me start will Wednesday de things ba
Today is my last day of exams…
After exams me and xiaogui went to lot one…
But before we were waiting of the very very “fast” bus which came really “fast”…
We waited for almost half and hour then it came…
Anyways…reached lot one…went to buy our lunch and went to yummy house to celebrate…
Haha..no la…no celebrate…just went there…to make xiaogui’s blog…
We eat our lunch before making the blog…
After that yummy treated us 7 up[dunno is 7 up or what]
Drink until halfway she say “hey..wan try putting ice-cream in it”
We said ok lo…
She went to make and came back wif “YUMMY’s FLOAT”[haha…]
We were happily making the blog and talking around some funny stuffs when suddenly yummy spit out the mouth of ice-cream she had in her mouth on her computer screen and apple’s hand…[lol]
Apple stayed until around 3+ then she went home and I stayed until around going to 8 le then I went home…
Anyways…wanna thanks to yummy’s mother for the dinner…everytime have to trouble you to cook for me…thanks lots…
Reached home..bathe and came to play computer le…
Hmmm…today actually wanted to go out de…but didn’t go out…just stayed at home…editing the xiaogui’s blog and my blog…
Changed xiaogui’s blog skin and also was searching high and low and a long time for my blog de blog skin..finally found one…
Okok lo…not very nice [because is put at my blog]…but still ok lo…
Anyways…just stayed at home today and played the computer the whole day doing nothing since I just finished my mid years but then Chinese o level exam is on the 29 of May…
Haix….must do must Chinese 10 years series le la…
Today went to ikea to buy some stuffs for our fnn de practical..
Took mrt and went to redhill then took the bus 64…
As we were first time going to ikea we were like 3 blur sotongs..
Went we were on bus 64 we thought we in the wrong bus cause the route it going like very very weird…but luckily its correct and we finally reached there…
We got down at the stop which is just right b4 anchor point…so we decided to go in to have a walk and take our lunch?brunch?dunno?
We had KFC…
After day walked around and decided to walk over to ikea…
Got there and there were so so so “little” people there..
Omg…mountain people mountain sea…
Anyways…its been ages since I went there..
So just walked around..
Then looked around…
Actually wanted to buy a glass cup de but then thinking if I just want to buy a glass cup and I need to q for a long time abit not worth it…maybe will go other day ba…since not very urgent…
After that went to anchor point again..because b4 we saw haagen daas…haha…
We wanted to eat the chocolate thingy..hmm..i dunno what it is called but is the thing where it had chocolate and can dip things into it de…
Some things happen..but I dun wish to say
Went to ikea again as apple want to buy the hotdog bread there…
So went over to buy it then we went home…
We took bus 33 at the same side of ikea..thinking it’s the way back..
But then..on the journey back..the route back seems to be getting more and more weird…
Omg…went everyone got down and left the 3 of us only..
Went it finally stopped at a terminal…called the KENT RIDGE BUS TERMINAL…
Omg…where is this place…
We dun even know where we were..
The bus driver then ask us where we were going to…then we say we wanted to go to take mrt…he say we could take 189 to clementi or what mrt de ba..
So we checked the directory there…189 end stop is bukit batok mrt..
So we took until there then got off…
When we reach there wanted to go to the washroom so went into westmall lor…
Then after we came out of toilet we saw a store which sell bag then apple saw a bag she liked…a monkey and is a bag which can sling and carry at the side de…
Then wanted to buy..cause I also saw a quite nice de…but then consider le actually want buy but in the end nv buy..
After that we went home le…
Think I ‘ll end here…
Apple..long enough le ba…but wont last you till tml de…haha…but at least I got update ma right…
Oh and thks to bus driver plate number SBS****C de uncle wor….hahaha….
End my post le

p.s the title is by yummy cause that day cant post so ask her help me then she smartalec go help me put title..haha..no la..thanks to here...if not cannot post le..thanks wor yummy..=p

10:44 PM

Thursday, May 04, 2006

.been quite a number of days since i last blogged
.because mid year so cant use comp so did not update
.today is persuade my parents to let me use then can use comp de so here i am to update my blog
- 今天-五月四日新期四
.today had bio
.sure is fail le
.so so so difficult
.like expres de work like that
.didnt know how to do
.just anyhow wrote some stuffs as long as possible [all is rubbish]
.after bio is around 9+ ba
.went to mac with the guys
.went to eat then actually want study ss de but in the end...
.after that we walked home
.went for a talk
.talked until around 1+ ba
.we went home le

。yst had hmmm..chinese ba..[dun quite rmb le i've gt short term memory]
。comp 完蛋
。paper 2 完蛋
。both paper add together is = FAIL
。nearly didnt finish doing my paper 2 de compre
。quite difficult though
。really is FAIL le la
。this time mid yr is all so so so "NOT DIFFICULT"
。after exam i think is go mac again ba
。want study also in the end NEVER study
。we also had listening
。abit not clear but still ok ba

sorry for what i said but i didnt meant what you were thinking...
whatever you decide i will respect you, but dun get affected by what we said, follow what u think what your heart tells you and not follow other's saying...UNDERSTAND!!!
Not matter what i'll still be your friend, i'll still be there for you when u need me, we will be like before and not get affected by what you decide ok...REALLY PLEASE DONT DECIDED WHAT YOU DECIDED JUST NOW...I WILL BE GUILTY FOR LIFE...FOWWLOE YOUR HEART OK...REMEMBER!!!BUT I STILL WANT TO SAY A VERY VERY VERY SORRY TO YOU

1:56 PM