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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can someone tell me how to write a compo on the title call IMPRISONMENT.
Its so difficult to write ..
I have no idea on it at all ..
Next week is the date due ..
I have to hand it up ..
But there is not even a single idea in my mind .. =(((

6:00 PM

Was quite angry with the HER ...
She was so attitude ...
Who she thinks she is ..
Our aim is to shoot her butt ..
And another bastard's butt ..
I dont like them ..
One is so attitude another is so da nan ren zhu yi ..
Anyways ..
Haven posted for so so long ..
But as this blog i've "so called" closed it ..
But it seems to be very meaningless to post it in here and get it close ..
But if i open it again ..
It would be weird because i have already open another blog ..
Haix ..
I cant bear to delete this blog ..
ITs been with me for almost 2 to 3 years i guess ..
So ..
Maybe i'll just open it and ...
Well ..
See it myself then ..
Hahas ...
So stupid of me ..
I should not have opened another blog and just continue using this blog but just close it ...

5:30 PM

I DONT/WONT blame anyone else ... BUT MYSELF!!!

1:30 PM

Guess you guys had fun .. Lucky i didnt go .. It would have been a BIG BIG LIGHTBULB/LAMP

1:30 PM

I HATE LABOURDAY!!!! Thats my post for today .. =))

1:30 PM

My last post was on Fri when i went to SR4 ..
Anyways .. Lets talk about school last week ..

Monday had PE ..
But we waited for our teacher for almost 1 or 1/2 an hour then a teacher asked us to gather ..
She said that on their timetable there wasnt a slot to take our class for PE ..
Anyways .. she told us about many things like nafa blah blah blah ..
Anyways ..
We took our ht and wt and ran like 1 round?
And ended our PE ..
After that had lessons until 5 ..
Lunch with sy and ym ...
We went out to had lunch if i didnt remember wrong ..
Met up with them and took 188 and went home ..

Today's lunch wasnt with sy and ym ..
Lesson was ok ..
Except that always when its CA's lesson she wouldnt teach much and do lots of lots of admin stuffs ...
We seems to be way back alot ..
Today went home with kirine if i never remember wrong as sy and ym had lessons until 5 ..
Later meet them for tuition ...
Anyways ..
I scare that i might be too long winded and that everyday would be the same ...
Eating lunch together ..
Going home together if our time were the same ..
Wed after school sy waited for me as my lesson ended later ..
After that took 188 to Lot 1 ..
Had dinner with sy,lemon,kenneth and kiwi ..
After that me and sy went for History ..
I was so tired that i was like dozing off ..
During break i didnt want to go out of class and just lie down on the table to rest ..
Mrs Koh came and say "poor thing always so tired .."
I didnt know it was her and thought that it was sy ..
I wasnt poor thing ..
I deserve it because i didnt study hard for my O levels that is why i landed here ..
Real sorry that i never really listen attentively to her lessons ..
Was real tired ..
Thursday had lessons at 9 ..
So didnt meet up with them ..
But had lunch with them ..
After school went to clementi there to eat ...
A was a Jap resturant? or fast food?
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
It was lemon who brought us there ..
The food was very cheap ..
And was nice too ..
But the funny thing is that we took a very long time to choose what to eat ..
In the end all 4 of us ate the same thing ..
Hahas ..
After eating the 3 of us went to take 105 to BC ..
Went to the cafe there to use the comp as usual ..
After that around 7 we went up to settle down ..
Today's lesson was kind of fun because at around 9 we went to the comp room to do typing for formal letter ..
It made us more awake then being in class and get separated and Amanda talking .. =P
Friday i only had lesson until 10 ..
Whereas they have lesson until 11 ..
So i followed Mrs Wo for the co-op ..
She say that i could learn how to handle and on the machines so on ..
So that when its my duty i would know how to operate them ..
It was quite fun ..
The scanning of things and the cashier ..
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
I learned that its really not easy to handle a shop by yourself ..
So it also tell us that when one wants to set up a shop it is not easy ..
We still have many many things to learn ..
After they finished lesson we went to clementi to have our lunch ..
After eating lunch we walked back to school ..
Waited for archery to start ..
It was quite fun actually ..
The ppl there are quite friendly ..
Just that some are quite fierce ..
Not to mention names ...
Its quite fun BUT we still are considering whether to go again next week ..
HMMM ...
After archery we went home ..
Me and ym still had tutions ..
So went home for a nap ..
End my post here ..
Its very long winded and long already ..
Guess ppl who read might fall asleep ..

1:30 PM


離開 不會太悲傷
有些 心情該釋放
直到 眼淚它自己落下
現在 學著去遺忘  
躲開 有你的地方  
回憶 被誰放在書架上  
把它從最高的地方 落下
感動越是深刻 寂寞就越傷人 OH~  
像白紙的天真 反覆被你傷得好深  
相愛不需要理由 離開也沒有理由 挽留

1:30 PM

Friday, April 27, 2007

In school's comp lab now ..
So just came to type a short short de post ..
Will post a longer want when i can use at home ..
If dont post i scare later got "dong dong" come and haunt me ..
I will scare .. hahas ..
Came here to update our ite estudent portal profile ..
Its like so troublesome ..
Anyways .. got to go ..

9:35 AM

Saturday, April 21, 2007

School started today ..
Went to school with kirine and ym and sy ..
It was supposed to start at 8am ...
But the organise people were so slow and was late ..
So we waited and waited and waited ..
Finally we registered and went to our class ..
I was separated from ym and sy ..
So went into the class with kirine ..
Settle down and had to fill in some forms ..
After that the CA talked to us ..
Talk talk talk ...
SH talk talk talk to us ..
After that is lunch ..
After lunch we went in to a place for "sauna" ...
Its the MPH ..
Its like so so so hot ..
For the next 4 days ..
We had to keep going to the "sauna" place ..
Its like no air ...
No fan no nothing ...
OK ..
In the MPH ..
They told us about the programme for the next 4 days ..
We had to design class banner ..
Had to come up with a cheer for our class ..
Etc etc ...

Met with with kirine ...
Went for class ...
Ym and sy had different timing from me so we didnt meet ...
We went to a room on the 2nd floor i think ...
The room had air-con ..
We stayed there from 8-12 ..
Looking at videos ...
Collecting class fund ..
No lesson no nothing ..
Just talked and chit chat around ..
Got to know cath,huihuan,jolene and pehboon ...
For the next few days hang out with them ...
Had lunch at 12 ...
After that went to level 1 ..
Practise our class cheer ..
We could leave at around 2pm ..
Went home to have a nap ..
After that met up with ym and sy for science tution..
Was so tired ...

Went to school at 8am ..
Had to stay at the MPH for almost the whole day ..
SO HOT ...
They asked a man to come and teach us how to draw cartoon ..
He really know how to draw ...
He drew so many many cartoons ..
They were so cute ..
But some of them didnt really look like the original one ..
Lunch at 12 ...
Anyways ..
Just stayed at the MPH almost the whole day until 5 ..
And we also had our class cheer ..
Our cheer goes like this :
Fight fight fight like a champion.
Win win win like a champion.
Fight like a champion.
Win like a champion.
All the rest can go fly kite.
Fly kite fly kite .
All the rest can go fly kite.
R1's gonna win today ..
Nanni[x2] Poo[x2]
No one can beat us[i somehow forgot the last part]
I say burr
Its cold in here
There must be something in the atmosphere
I say R
You say 1
I say R
You say 1
And togetherits R1 ..
I cant hear you .. R1
One more time R1 ..
11 claps ... R1
Thats the end of the class cheer ..
Not like "someone's" cheer so short ..
Hahahahas ...
Went to eat with sy,lemon and carrot ..
Ym didnt go because she want to go home to eat her mother's curry ..
Its actually her mother's birthday so she had to go home early ..
After dinner me and sy went for history tuition ...
I almost fall asleep during lesson ..
Was really really too tired ..
Ended lesson and went home ..

Today had teambuilding game ..
In the morning had class bonding with our CA ..
Its so boring ..
But ym and sy need not come to school so early ..
Anyways ..
Played quite a number of games ..
But some we didnt win ..
We left at 5++ ...
We went to BC ...
Went to eat at the cafe ..
Its like so bored ..
There is nothing to eat ..
And all are unhealthy food because it is microwave food ..
Played the comp for a while before leaving for class at around 7 ..
We washed up and changed to polo tee ..
Had lesson from 7.30 to around 9.30++ ..
After that went home ..
I need sleep ..
I dont have enough sleep ..
Everyday is so tiring ..

Today had talent contest ..
Last minute then know that one of a indian guy was singing ...
I also dont know what song is that ..
Different classes had different talent ...
But class HB won ..
They won so many things ...
The cheer, the teambuilding and the talent contest ...
After that we went to see the archery recruitment ..
And we just joined the cca ..
Dont even know if we will go?
But cath and kirine also did join ...
After that we went to lot 1 to had our lunch ..
After that went home to nap and went for tuition at night ..
Its so tiring ...

Its just so tiring ..
Everyday end school at around 5 ...
Almost everyday have tuition ..
I am afraid that i cant cope with my studies ..
Should i concentrate more and my O levels or what?
I dont seem to be studying enough for my O levels ..
I am so afraid to get the same results as the previous one ..
I dont wish to disappoint my parents ...
I dont know what i should do ..
On the first day of school ..
I suddenly feel that i regret choosing this path ..
I dont know if its right or wrong ..
What should i do?


12:12 PM

Monday, April 16, 2007

Not really wish to start school tomorrow .. =(
Am scare to go to school .. =(
But i still hope to get to know new friends ..
Dont know what it will be like ..
And heard that for retail ..
Our orientation last for 1 mth ..
Orientation for 1 mth?
And for tourism they are having orientation for 1 week ..
1 week is possible but not 1 mth .. DUH ..
Anyways ...
Think my next post will be a week later ...
There would be much to blog i guess after 1 week ..
Hope i can cope with my studies .. T.T

12:12 AM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Came back from study from library ...
The library is crowded with people ...
Why is there so many people?
Maybe exam is coming ..
Hahas ...
Anyways ...
Managed to find a place and settled down ...
Didnt know what to study ..
Because i didnt bring much things to study ...
Actually was abit slacking at the library ...
I didnt really studied anything today ...
Haix ..
So stupid ...
I must not do this anymore ..
Have to study study study ... =P
I wish i can do what i promised to do ...
After that a grp of guys sat down beside us ..
They were quite noisy and after awhile the guys asked us how to write some chinese characters ...
They asked us quite a few characters ...
And they were like making quite alot of noise and when a officer in the library came ..
They were warned to be quiet ..
If they wanted to discuss they should go to level 3 blah blah blah ...
After that we stopped studying and we were chatting with each other ...
About school starting tomorrow ..
We left at around 5 ..
Walked around at level 1 at the library building ...
After that we went home ...
Anyways ...
Thanks for tagging ..
Do tag when you visit .. =)


10:54 PM

Going out later to study at woodlands library with ym and sy ...
School is starting tomorrow ...
Dont know what might happen ..
Hope i'll get to know more friends .. =)
Changed my blogskin again ..
The previous one seems so childish ..
So chose this blogskin ..
I liked it ...
It looks more matured i think ??
Anyways ...
Do tag when you people visit my blog ... =))
Got to go ...
Blog when i'm back .. =D


9:51 AM

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why am i so stupid ...?
Why am i so stupid and naive ...
I knew all this would have happened ..
I knew i would get all hurt ...
I know ..
But why must i be the only one to suffer everything ...
I hate to be so pessimistic ...
But its the enviroment that made me so ..
How i wish i wasnt that pessimistic ..
But i just couldnt help it ..
I just had no friends ..
No one around to help me ..
All i wanted was friends ... FRIENDS ..
Why must all this things happen to me ..
Only me ...
I remembered that in school ..
A incident happen ..
But it wasnt all entirely my fault ..
But all pointed to me ..
And i had to bear the consequences by myself ..
Facing those "gangsters" ..
Being scolded ..
Being confronted ...
And that matter ...
I just wanted to help as a friend ..
As a friend ...
But in the end i got into so much trouble because of that ..
I dont admit that i was also in fault ...
But ...
Why must i be the only one to suffer everything myself ..
Many things i may choose not to say ...
Not because i dont treat you as a friend ..
Its just that i just could not open it up to you ...
Do you know how bad the feeling is ..
I am not like you ..
So likeable but so many people ..
You do have people ...
NOT 1 but many people beside you when you need someone by your side ..
Its just that you dont know ..
When something happen ..
You get so many people ..
So many friends asking if you were ok? if you needed help?
I dont really know what is going on with you ..
Because you dont open up to me ..
Not that i did not open up to you ..
I do not have that kind of help when i wanted ..
There is no one to console me when things happen to me ..
There is no one there for me ..
Just no one ...
Am i so bad that everyone hates me?
Am i really that bad that everyone have to do this to me?
Tell me ..
What should i do?
Just what should i do?
Can someone please tell me ...

11:15 PM

Just changed a new blogskin ..
Anyways ...
Since i am only blogging to let me see as there isnt any one who is viewing this blog ..
So i'll just be posting it to let myself see ..
Will be starting school on Monday ...
How i wish i can dont start school ..
Am afraid to go to school ..
I fear to go to school ..
I just cant dont worry what might happen ...
I am just so afraid ..
No way is anyone going to feel the same way as how i feel ..
I am afraid that they might find trouble for me ...
I just want to concentrate on my studies ..
I just want to study for this 1 year ...

11:15 PM

Starting school soon ..
The long long holidays are over soon ..
Time flies ..
So much things have changed ..
I am going to a new enviroment ..
A real new enviroment ..
I dont know what kind of people i'll meet there ...
Hope everything will be ok ...
Hope i can cope with both of my studies ..
And really hope to pass my O levels .. =)

1:24 AM

Decided to get a new blog ...
Everything new ..
This would be a temporaily blogskin ..
Would find a better one ...
Do tag if you visit .. =)
Thanks ..
There will be no sad stuffs on this blog .. =)

1:00 AM

Sunday, April 08, 2007

作詞:周煒傑/蔡旻佑 作曲:蔡旻佑 編曲:蔡科俊

看著右手 被撕裂的傷口
而我左手 按下號碼之後
那酋屬於我的 歌不再播送

默寫你的愛過 坦承自己脆弱
對白怎麼說 表情才不難過

我想要說 我想要說
如果沒有了你 我該如何往下走
那一秒鐘 有沒有發現我 倔強裡的問候
怎麼勸我放手 在這一切之後

整夜的風 冷得我手顫抖
熟悉路口 再一次的路過
等在那角落 的人已不是我


3:29 AM

Would not be blogging for the time being ..
Wont be online often ..
There wont be visitors ...
There wont be me blogging ..
I'll just let my blog rust ..
Maybe when i feel like blogging ..
I'll blog .. =)
I hate this kind of feeling ..
I hate it ... >.<


12:58 AM

Why must i be the one suffering here ...
When you are there treating as nothing have EVER happen ..
Why must you let me suffer ?
I am also human ..
Yet i am being treated as nothing ..
NOT even treated like a human being ...
Why cant i forget you ?
Why do i still reminisce the past ?
Am i the one who is thinking too much?
Maybe nothing really happened ...
Maybe it was just a dream ..
Why the more i wish to forget the more i cant forget about it ..
I hate it ..
I hate you ..
I hate myself ..

12:58 AM