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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hmm .. been quite a long time since i last blog ..
Didnt feel like blogging ..
And .. hmm .. ya .. for some reason so .. ya ..
Hmm ... anyways ... am in comp lab now ..
Doing nothing???
We've finished our bazaar and our Hk trip is already over ...
So ..
Projects are also almost all done ..
Now will be exam period and O lvls coming soon too ..
Just finish my orals on last friday ..
Everything was ok ..
Just that the picture was difficult and i didnt know how to say and what to say ...
And the teacher was abit attitude .. >.<
Will update soon .. =)

10:26 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hk Trip 040807-070807
Hmm .. i dont really know how to start talking about my HK trip ...
Today is the first day ...
Woke up at i forgot what time ..
Prepared everything and went to JE to meet huihuan ...
But as she was taking the same train as her so i met her at BB mrt station ..
After that reached JE to wait for ZW ..
He reached after awhile while me and huihuan was talking to her friend ..
We board the MRT to Changi Airport ...
Took not really very long to finally reach airport ...
Saw our classmates and some Rq and Rp schoolmates ...
After that we met Mrs Tay and we checked in our luggage ...
After that followed Mrs Tay and Mrs Wo to terminal 2 to have breakfast ..
We ate mac ...
After that we board our plane and went to HK!!!
All of us were very excited and anxious ...
After around 2-3 hours of journey ...
We finally arrival at HK airport ...
The weather there was much more hotter then singapore ..
The airport was like dont know how much bigger then our airport ..
We met our HK's tour guide and we board our bus ..
Were suppose to go visit some local wholesale manufacturers but there were some changes ...
We also went to some department stores and went to the famous 女人街.
For day 1 ..
We went back to hotel at around 11 plus close to 12 ...
We explored the hotel room, bath and chat around went to 7-11 and had our dinner ..
Everyone was tired to death ...
The next day we woke up at 7am ...
Washed up and meet our tour group at the lobby ...
Everyone was tired and slept on the bus ..
We went to our 1st destination ..
The Golden and went to see the scenary of the HK's 3 or 4 tallest building ...
After that went to a temple to see the statue of differents gods ...
After that we went to Aberdeen Fishing Village and went for lunch ...
Had lunch at a wholesale shopping centre and shop till 7pm ...
Met at the meeting point and went back to hotel while some went to see the big buddha statue ..
Went to 7-11 to buy some food ...
Our room's aircon wasnt working ..
Our room number was 1855 ..
The "huaren" came to our room with zw,lionel and kirine also ...
They played cards and me and huihuan was just looking at them playing cards ..
The 3rd we went to ocean park ..
It was such a pity that me and tze hui didnt play or see any performance ...
As tze hui and me did not dare to play any rides so we waited around for huihuan,lili and kirine ...
Me and kirine went to make a temporaily tattoo ..
I made it on my hand and she made it on her arm and leg ...
After which they went to play the rides ..
Me and tze hui nearly fell asleep while waiting ...
When we wanted to go watch the dolphin show after our lunch ..
It started to rain heavily ..
All we could do was to take shelter at a nearby sovenir shop ..
Everyone crowded the whole shop ...
After which we bought an umbrella and went to take the cablecar down the hill ..
It was still raining heavily ...
A girl from Rq or Rp? ..
She was shivering tremendously that some of us lent her jackets ..
After which we board our coach and went straight back to the hotel ...
All was tired and drenched from the rain ..
Our teacher was kind enough to help us buy dinner ..
She called to each and every room to help us order ..
And asked the guys to help go and buy the food from a nearby shopping centre ...
We chatted around and huihuan and kirine went to 7-11 and bought NITE ..
I drank almost 2 and a half bottle ..
After which i couldnt sleep ..
All left very soon ...
Last Day
The last day ..
All was bringing our heavy and huge lugguage with our 战利品 ...
We went back to 女人街 as many of us wanted to go back ...
We also went to have pizza at pizza hut with some of the girls and a guy from the other class ...
Today is our free and easy day ...
After which we took their MTR back to Jordon street an hotel where our luggage are ..
After that we headed to the airport ..
Checked in all our heavy luggage and we went to have small bit ...
The we boarded the plane and we WERE LATE ..
Because of a stupid guy from one of the class ..
He was missing and therefore the whole group had to wait for him ..
We ran like mad as we were late ..
My slippers spoilt and no one waited for me ..
When a girl from one of the class ask if i was ok?
And she helped me walk to the plane ..
We reached singapore at around 11+ ..
Was so happy that i was back ..
I miss ...
My friends ..
But i doubt anyone missed me .. T.T ...
Never mind i am used to it ...
Overall ..
The trip was fun ..
Learned alot ..
Got to know more friends ..
Experienced alot ..
Sorry that i took such a long time to update about my HK trip ... =)

11:15 PM