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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hmm ..
Today is public holiday ..
Staying at home ...
Have to finish up the SBM project ..
Our group didnt discuss ..
Haix ..
Really scare i will fail my project ..
I only have myself ...
Myself to depend on ..
Its not like doing FNN ..
Where i already have experience in doing it ...
Whats that ..
Have not ever done that before ..
Haix ...
I feel like breaking down ..
No i should say i might break down anytime ..

2:02 PM

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dieing very soon ..
Do burn paper money or things for me ..
Or ask me for my wishlist .. =))

2:25 PM

HAIX ................................................

2:24 PM

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Had school today at 8am ..

Went to class and only a few of the chinese boys were in class ...

Mrs Ang did teach abit and slowly the malays came in ..

We were going to Courts at 9.30 ...

So Mrs Ang let us off at 9 ...

We went down to the canteen to hang around after that gathered at the foyer? ...

Boarded the bus and went to Courts ..

Finally reached ..


IKEA and GAINT was beside it ..

So we went to the 4th floor and had some talks there regarding retail and about Courts ...

After that we had a tour around Courts of the various departments they had ..

After that we had lunch at their resturant ..

After that went around ourselves ..
Around 2pm we went back ..
And kirine asked if i wanted to go kster ..
I was reluctant at first ..
But after that agreed as i pulled huihuan along ..
Thanks huihuan .. hahas ..
Before that accompanied Jojo to pay her hp bills after that we took mrt down to chinatown ..
Went to lucky chinatown ...
Me and huihuan left at around 6.30 ...
Was quite fun hanging out with them ..
Erm .. overall still fun ...
Me and huihuan didnt sing much ..
Anyways ..
After that huihuan alighted at clementi whereas me at my home ... [of course right!!!lols]
Haix ..
Tml SBM 2-4 ...
I must type them ALL OUT ..
Because Fri we need to hand it up to Mrs Tay already ...
I REALLY WOULD DIE ... T.T ... which i dont wish to or either fail my project ..

9:03 PM

Monday, May 28, 2007

This day was the day i started this blog ..
But so far ..
I've only got 35 post .. which is very very little ..
Compared to the previous one ..
I had around 300 + i guess ...
The previous is still there ..
It hold lots of memories, happy or unhappy events ..
It seems to be a meaningless blog now .. since i am using this now ..
But i dont bear to delete away ..

As it has too much memories that i dont wish to get rid of ...
*AHEM* 14 is also a special day to someone .. *ahem* .. that person knows it very well ..
Anyways ..
Today finally our group had pe ..
At the beginning we were playing badminton ..
When till dont know when ..
I was too tired to continue so i stopped ..
And our class girls and guys played captain ball ..
Meanwhile me and huihuan was resting at the side ..
After pe was SBM ...
Mrs Tay showed the proposal of each group ..
Which made me felt that i had no face to face everyone ..
Cause the proposal which "I" did .. was HORRIBLE ...

I know that i am not a good leader ..
Who leads ..
Who knows what to do ..
But i think i did my part ..
But ...
Well ..
I dont wish to say it out ..
I am not one who has lots of creativity when it comes to project ..
I dont have a creative thinking ..
I dont have creative ideas ..
But ... but ...
Haix ..
I dont know ..
I dont wish to fail even in ITE ...
It would really really be a big disgrace ... T.T ...
After SBM we had our lunch ..
Me and sy and ym and lemon went to the central to eat ..
After which was RTO and EFC ..
Had our roleplay today ..
But ..
I dont know if i did well ..
I hope so ... *prays hard*
Erm .. and and ..
After that went home with ym and sy ..

10:54 PM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Post Post Post ...
I forgot to say about the last lesson of British Council last Thursday ...
It was the last lesson of that term ..
And ...
We were actually very glad that we came to this class ..
We got to know this classmates ..
Our great and wonderful teacher Amanda ...
Quite sad that we would not get to see each other again ..
The class was a humourous, interesting and fun class ..
Got to know many friends ..
Althought didnt get their emails or msn or friendster ...
Talked to Amanda for awhile ..
She was asking if we would be coming back for the next term ..
We are coming back for lessons for the next term ..
She said that she might be teaching us ..
She's a great teacher ..
We got her email too ...
Ya ..
And .. and .. and ..
I guess i wont be updating that often already ..
We were always saying please update please update ...
Now seems like i am like almost updating everyday ..
Because of my SBM project i get to use my comp almost everyday or going to the self access room ..

But seems like i am posting for myself to see ..
So ..
Ya .. i will post only when i feel like ..
What if its everyday?
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
Its already 2.24am in the morning ..
Got to go sleep ..
Night or MORNING? =))

2:17 AM

Saturday, May 26, 2007

There was no lesson today as we were going to the Navy Openhouse at Changi ...
So reached school went to class and Mrs Wo said that she wont be teaching and we could go off ..
So went to canteen with them ..
Waited for quite some time for the bus to come ..
As our class will be the last class .. -_-
An 1hr journey ..
Although i only slept for 3 hours ..
Suprisely i wasnt sleepy through the journey to the Navy Openhouse ...
The security was quite strict there ...
There was lots of people ...
Saw lots of those erm navy ships?
I dont know what those are called ..
But we didnt really went around walking ..
The weather was hot ..
The sorching sun ..
All of us didnt want to explode around the place ..
So we went to find seats and ..
There was a delay ..
From 12 to 1.30 plus then we left the place ...
Its like FINALLY ..
I quickly went to take 188 after we reached school ..
Reached lot 1 and quickly went to take mrt to yew tee ..
Met ym and sy at Mac ..
I didnt want to eat so we went to take 307 ...
Was hoping to see some friends or teachers ..
BUT we didnt ...
Saw Ms Jocelyn Tay while walking in to school ..
Hahas ..
After that took the visitor pass and went in ..
Wanted to walk around ..
But that stupid black security was chasing us ..

stupid black security: "take cert right, why go canteen. please go take your cert."
SO we didnt go anywhere ..
Quickly went into the office ..
Mdm suria? ..
She was there and still remembered us ..
We talked to her and took our cert and testimonials ..
The useless cert and testimonial ..
The more i see the more i feel like hanging myself ..
A useless cert ..
Shouldnt have went to take it ..
Guess i wont be posting that often since ..
There aint any visitors and i am very stressed up with projects and Os ..
And those attitude ppl who i am encountering with ..
Pissed off with it ..

Am sorry that today i was too harsh in my words ..
I didnt mean it ..
Sorry that i was like this ...
I dont know if you know i am writing to you ..
Anyways ..
Just want to say sorry about it .. =))

12:31 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today had talk at HQ ..
Reached school and there were many ppl there already ..
So me and kirine went to canteen to look for the others ..
After awhile they say to gather as teacher is there already ..
So we went to near the carpark area ..

Then awhile later we went up the bus ..
Went to the auditorium ...
Quite big ..
HQ is also quite big ..
But of course .. because if HQ what ... LOLS ..
Had a 1hr talk ..
Was quite interesting when the last speaker was giving the talk ..
Left HQ at around 10.30 i guess ..
Had another giodarno [dont know how to spell=P] talk ..
About the scholarship they are giving us ..
But of course not all will get ..
Only those selected ..
I didnt apply as ..
Ya .. i retaking my Os ..
And my aim is to get to poly ..
But if i apply for it[i wouldnt get in also] i have to work for them after i finish my course ..
SO ... ya ..
After that went for break ...
With huihuan and met ym and sy ..
Went to locker to take things ..
Later me and huihuan went to buy wedges ..
After that me and huihuan went to class ..
As we had nothing to do already ..
SO ..
Waited and waited ..
Teacher came ...
Had lessons ..
Blah blah blah ...
And here i am now .. typying my post at self access room ..
And .. Ya ..
Mrs Tay talked to us about the hongkong trip ..
After hearing ..
I am more anxious and anticipating it to come ..
So ..
Ya ..
Will be going from 4-7 Aug ..
Should be .. not confirmed yet ..
Hope it would be fun ..
Just now me huihuan kirine and zhengwei was discussing how we all going ..
Should we 4 go together or what ..
Then since huihuan and zhengwei are staying quite near each other ..
They go toegther then me and kirine go together ..
I think so ..
But then .. ITs like quite long ...

OK ..
End my post here ..
Post 3 today .. hoho .. =p

3:15 PM

Not in a good mood ..
Haix ...
Am very frustrated ...
Stressed ...
Dont know what i should do ..
To get rid of this feeling inside me .. =((

3:11 PM

At self access room again ..
So bored ..
Doing nothing here ..
Because they want to do project so stay here ..
We are always coming to self access room ...
Almost everyday come to self access ..
Haix .. Bored ..
Tomorrow have to hand up the SBM project already ..
Yet we have not done ANYTHING!!!! ...
HAIX ...


3:05 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today stayed at the self access room until around 5.30 i think ...
After our class cleared ..
Me and kirine and a grp of guys stay back ..
Talking and playing with the comp ...
Then i called sy and ym and ask if they want to come over to my room ..
So they came ..
Did their project ..
Then ..
After that took mrt back to yew tee ..
Ym and lemon got off at cck whereas me and sy at yew tee ..
Bought some food .. i mean sy ..
Then went to my house ..
I had my dinner ..
We were super slack and lazy ..
Didnt felt like going for tuiton ..
Dragged our legs ..
Hahas ..
BUt of course still went for tuition ..
After tuition ..
Had to go buy the stupid newspaper then accompany sy to toilet and went home ..
Haix ..
I going sick already .. T.T ..
Sick anything also can ..
Want high fever want soar throat also can ..
But i hate flu ..
Need to use tons of tissues ..
T.T ...
Almost died at tuition just now ..
Tml going to HQ for dont know what talk ...
Recently lots and lots of talk ..
Some useful some not really useful to me i think ...
Am stuck with the SBM project ..
Haix ..
Friday need hand up ..
But then ...
Anyways ..
Got to go think of my PROJECT ALREADY .. !!! T.T~~~~


11:38 PM

Hahas ..
In self access room again ...
Mrs Tay booked the whole self access room for our whole R1 to do SBM project ..
Haix ...
But i am not in the mood to do the project ..
Because i just typed and researched for some at home ...
Now dont have the FEEL ..
LOls ..
Anyways ..
Later still have to go for HISTORY ..
Is like .. the teacher is good but ..
Its so tiring and boring ...

2:45 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Came to post ...
Monday had to go to school again ..
SO bored ..
Had normal lessons as usual ..
My whole grp didnt do pe and teacher asked us to MUST wear pe attire next week ..
If not she would mark absent ..
So strict ... T.T
Today tuesday ..
Had lessons from 8-4 ..
Had 2 talks in LT ..
First is about global warming which ym and sy were also there ..
After that the 2nd talk is about public speaking ..
Teaching us how to pronunce english words and how to present something in front of public ...
It did benefit us ..
FIRST time there is a talk that i think that it benefited me ..
Hahas ..
After that went to find sy and ym ..
Took 188 to CCK ..
Saw angeLLLLLLL ..
Hahas ..
Long time never see her ..
She and sy meeting together to go have dinner ..
So me and ym go yew tee to have our dinner ...

After which we went around walking yew tee and the pasar malam ..
Went to NTUC and saw kiwi ..
So walked around then when we 3 wanted to walk back we saw SY !!!
So we sit at the mrt station for quite long ..
The got a grp of ppl came out from the mrt station ..

I just glanced at them ..
Then i didnt dare look already ...
But there is 1 or 2 is ex regenites i think ..
Then when they were still there KIWI go step on my leg and i shouted EH!!! ..
The grp turned 1 by 1 at me ..
I was like OMG!!
SHIT!! ..
I was so worried i would get beaten up by them ..
But i wasnt shouting at them ..
KIWI !!!! T.T ...
Then after that we 4 walked slowly to the school for tuition ..
After that we still continue to alk outside ....
After quite awhile ..
We waited for angel to cross the road before going into the school ..
I guess i would fail more badly for chemisty this time ...
He is like ..
Talk talk talk about chemistry then later float to other irrelevant topics ...
So after break i decided to skip his lesson and went to a bench to wait for sy and ym ...
After that went home ...
I am so stress from the projects and my O levels ..
Haix ... T.T

11:25 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Post post post post post ..
Hahas ..
I also dont know what to post ..
Hmmm ...
I think i'll post later when i think of something .. LOls ...

8:50 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hahas ..
Haix ..
So bored ..
I've got nothing to do ..
Come here to blog also like so bored ..
Ym and sy are doing their projects ..
OMG ..
I dont want to go ..
Its soso bored ..
Ok .. stop here ..
Because i also dont know what to blog about .. =p

11:42 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Came to self access room again ...
Dont know why ..
Feeling very down now ..
Thats a feeling which i cant describe it ..

Haix .. Haix .. Haix ..
Anyways ..
Came to self access room .. should be doing project actually ..

Hahas ..
My sbm project gone case already .. =(( ..
Yesterday school as usual ..
Boring .. OKok ..??
After school went to erm .. lot 1 with sy and lemon ..
Ym went to celebrate his 5 months with his dear dear ...
Hahas ..
Went to lot 1 then walk around then went home at around 7.30+ i think ..
End here .. =))

2:57 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Came to post ..
Hahas ..
Hmmm .. school's ok ..
As usual ..
Everyday the same ... all those boring boring lessons ..
Esp the CA's lesson ..
She dont seems to know how to teach ..
If we fail that module must be her fault .. =p
I also dont know what to blog ..
Oh ya ..
Went out with laogong on Sat ..
Laopo couldnt go ..
=((( ..
Me and laogong went to CWP de library ..
Studied there ..
Managed to find a table ...

Studie for around hmmm .. 1 or 2 hrs i think ..
Not very sure ..
When suddenly laopo sent us msg ...
After that she called because it would be easier to say ..
While talking ..
He say " please stop your discussion ... you thought you all whispering? but actually the whole library can hear you ..."
Is like .. also no one care ... you so busybody for what ..
Not even did the librarian stop me from talking on the phone ..
And i wasnt even talking for very long ..
Just for a few minutes ..
He isnt even the security guard or librarian ..
So me and laogong got so pissed off and we packed our things and went off ...
What a day ..
Was happily studying and that stupid uncle made my day a bad day ..
Luckily got laopo and laogong ..
Hahas ...
We still said that if possible we go back and sit beside the uncle and talk beside him ..
If not tell him why dont he go complain to the librarian about it ..
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
After that went walking around CWP and went back to Lot 1 ..
Laogong bought a jacket and a shoes ..
I also bought a JACKET ..
Hahas ..
New de ..
Yeah .. !! =p
Anyways after that go lot 1 walk walk awhile then went home le ...
Today whole day stayed at home ...
Study study study ..
Tomorrow have to go to school ..
So bored .. =( ..
Haix ..
Anyways ..
Got to end here le ..

11:30 PM

Friday, May 11, 2007

春天的微笑 作词:徐世珍 作曲:沁珈

雪慢慢融化 终于想出去晒晒太阳
看见了樱花张开翅膀 代替我把眼泪落下
躺在草原上 心开始从回忆里松绑
把对你的执着都放下 我尽力而为了对吗
*冬天太长 花儿要是不够傻 怎么有盛开的力量
地狱天堂 就看我怎么想
风雪已经原谅 不值得都过去了

12:04 PM

In self access room again ..
Been coming here very very often since i came here for the first time??
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
Am doing nothing and just surfing the net ..
Whereas sy and ym are doing their project with their friends ...

SO bored ..
Msn doesnt have anyone to chat with ..
T.T ....
Been having this stupid headache since yesterday at BC ...
Yesterday night really cant take it ..
Around 3 plus i really cant take it so went to take panadol and continue sleeping ..
Woke up at around 6.45 ..
Went to meet Kirine and went to school together ..
AGAIN!!! ..
Having headache again ..
But not as pain as yesterday night ..
SO just ignore it ..
HAix ...
Dont feel like going to Maths Tuition today ..
BUT ..
Maybe my mother wont not allow ..
DONT care ..
Hahas ..
SInce i also didnt study for the test ..
Go there also no use ..
And with the stupid headache ..
I guess i wont be able to absorb anything ..
=)) ..
Yes ...
So i should skip a lesson tonight ..
Can sleep until enough ..
=p ...
ok .. shall stop here ..
If not i going to flood you guys tagboard .. Wahaha ..


11:55 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am here to blog again ..
Hahas ..
Because i have to finish up my BC homework ..
The brochure ..
But but but ...
I am only left with 1 side but i dont know what i can write ..
I am stuck there ..
T.T ...
I decided to finish it tomorrow at self access room ...
Had history today ..
Went to lot 1 with lemon,sy and ym ..
Ym didnt eat .. only the 3 of us eat ...
Use alot effort to ask ym to accompany me ..
IF not i in front of ym and lemon very very big de LAMP POST [dont kill me when you 2 see this !!]
After eating we went to tuition ..
Was late for like around 15 or 20 mintues ..
But Mrs Koh very good ..
She didnt scold ..
I cant concentrate on my lessons ..
T.T ..
I also dont know why .. =( ...
Not only for this lesson but for almost all lesson ..
I am like fang kong during lessons ..
What am i DOING??
I am going to again fail my O levels i guess ..
Especially that stupid maths ..
I am having test during tuition on Fri ..
But i have not even studied yet ..
Sure fail ..
Haix ...
I dont want to fail la ..
I want to go POLY !!! ..
Sob sob ..
Hahas ..
I like act cute .. *puke* ..
Anyways ..
Actually ITE is not a bad place ..
I get to know many cute cute friends ..
Especially in R1 ..
Hahahs ..
They are nice friendly ..
And humourous too ..
Glad to know them ..
Will be with them for 1 year ..
I'll stop here ...
Feeling tired ..
Somemore i dont know what to say ..

1:13 AM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hahas ..
Came to self access room again ..
Ym and sy doing research on their project i think ...
So i am here to slack ..
Today morning for RTO lesson i slep almost throughout ..
I also dont know why am i so tired ..
I slept at 12.30++ yesterday after replying him ..
Then today lesson was ok ..
Wasnt really paying attention to lessons ..
Haix ..
T.T ..
Sure fail again this year ..
T.T ..
Hmm .. anyways .. just came here for a short short post ..
Will post again soon .. =))

3:57 PM

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I changed my blog skin AGAIN!!! ..
Hahahas ..
Hmmm .. Hope it looks ok !!!

12:51 AM

I dont know if i am thinking too much or what ..
The attitude is different from how it used to be ..
Maybe 它真的介意吧.
Never mind .. I am already used to it ..
AND lastly to say ...

12:51 AM

I dont really remember the things i did for last week ..
But i'll just roughly post them ...
Tuesday was a boring boring day for me ...
I dont wish to mention it ...
So ..
Wednesday went back to school ..
Had lesson as usual [OF COURSE] ...
Wednesday me and sy has history ..
They were doing project when i ended lesson at 4 i guess ...
They were at the self-access room ...
So i went in and find them ..
We left at quite late ...
Sy actually wanted to go home ..
But after a second thought she didnt have much time ..
SO she decided not to go home ..
AND after persuading her many many times ..
She finally agree to coming my house so that she would not be eating alone at the food court ..
We bought the waffle from yew tee ..
And i went back home to have my dinner ...
Around 6.30 i guess ..
We left my home and walked to school ..
Had lessons ..
Still ok ..
But ever since we started school and whenever i attend history lesson i just cant seems to concentrate ..
I dont know if its because i am too tired or what ..
I seems to be drifting away into the air ..
Hahas ..
I cant seems to concentrate ..
If this continues MY HISTORY WILL FAIL AGAIN !!!! T.T
Just *pray hard* that i will concentrate or rather i CAN concentrate ..
Thursday having lesson at BC ...
We had dinner at the same Jap resturant ...
Today we didnt laugh and talk so much ..
SO we managed to finish our meal?
Hahas ..
After that we took 105 to BC ...
Lessons for these 2 weeks is fun ..
Because we get to use comp ..

We did formal letter last week ..
AND brochure for this week ..
OH god ..
Friday i had maths ..
Whereas ym and sy stayed at home to rest ..
YM actually had geography but she didnt go ...
So only i had lessons ..
Anyways ..
Gotta stop here ..


12:51 AM

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just came here for a short short post ..
Most important is to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR CLASSMATE
Hahas ..
Happy Birthday girl .. =))
Erm .. gotta go to class at BC soon ..
So ..
Thats all .. will post again .. =)) ..
DO TAG DO TAG !!! =)))
Have got so little tags .. T.T ..=p

7:16 PM

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hahas .. just finished lesson not long ago ..
Ym and sy is in the self access room ..
SO i come and look for them lor ..
But ... now is already 4.30 soon ..
They dont seems to be like leaving this place ..
WHy dont we stay here for the night ..
Hahas ..
ANyways ...
Lemon ..
ERm ..
I dont mind you saying about that toot la ..
So its ok la ..
JOking only ma ..
I also never so petty ..
I change you to LEMONADE ...
Wahaha ..
We got lemonade to drink le ..
i promised to type only a sentence only ..
SUddenly come out so many rubbish ..
Hahas ..
Anyways ..
Ym so noisy beside me la ..
She keep nagging nagging and nagging beside me ..
The say what my soul go away from my body already ..
Her soul already leave her so many years already she still want to say me ..
Aiyoyo ..
I know you very sad you ahem so early ..
I will burn more for you de ..
No worry ..
Gonna end here ..
She hammering the table like the gaint already ..

4:17 PM