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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dont really remember much things that happened in my life recently..
Only remembered going out for New moon movie with ym on the 091209..
Which is like almost a month ago..
Went out with part of larokyy to slack at west coast the last Sunday or the last last Sunday..
I dont really remember..
Didnt really did anything but just went over to west coast park & chatted for almost awhile & headed home..
Ym came over to my place for overnight till the next day..
Only managed to sleep at around 6am in the morning which is like miracle because normally ym wouldnt be able to stay awake till 6am in the morning..
Only woke up at 4pm plus in the noon..
She then headed home at 8pm plus in the night..
Went out on the eve of Christmas which is 24th of December..
The crowd was crazy!
Had our lunch at far east & continue shopping there..
After which we walked over to somerset 313..
The crowd was even more CRAZY!
Both of us were tired & ended up at an ice cream shop..
Went home at around 6plus..
I was BROKE!!
Really broke!
The other days are all working days from Christmas till Sunday..
Working 3 consecutive days..
Quite tiring because it's been quite a long time since i had to work 3 straight days..
I know to many people it's actually nothing but to me it is..
2009 is going to be over like in 3 more days..
Not planning to celebrate it this year i guess?
Would be working on the 1st..
Which is like so so so so so.....
I seriously had the feel to blog just now but after re reading what i am typing..
The whole thing looks so absurd..

2:17 AM

Tag Replies

wa..update leh..ur blog like no life sia.LOL..somemore i want I TOUCH or Corby phone -- BUY for me !
To YummY - you dont know my 20 years have been so no life meh?
wa..ur lyrics really BIG sia..you scared you cannot see ar..haha..
To YummY - scare you cannot see..

Cannot your blog mus be alive!!
To Siyan - dead or alive no difference..
How bout 22nd of dec?
GOODY gt update!!..anyw why ur chinese fonts so large?..but also good eh can see clearly what words is that..if not everytime lyk squeeze in sardine tin lyk that..=D
To Siyan - scare stamp too thick de ren cannot see..

yo yo yo your life is really like mine! where got no life don anyhow day leh... i also become no life leh like dat..
To ray - like yours meh? i no life leh.. yours got leh..

2:12 AM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

楊丞琳- 雨愛mv

2:45 AM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

獨送昏暗莫離的風 回憶裡被愛
那股激動 天色好紅
溫柔好濃 在胸口浮現你的面容
一起活在這城市迷宮 提起你名字
心還跳動 卻沒重逢
從那懵懵懂懂 走進各自天空
該怎麼說讓彼此選擇 但思念還轉動

不能握的手 從此匿名的朋友
不能握的手 卻比親人更親厚
只有失去的溫柔 最溫柔

當又一次美夢落空 回憶裏被愛
那股激動 天色好紅

溫柔好濃 在胸口浮現你的面容
那是甚麼 讓彼此選擇 又不僅是尊重

不能握的手 從此匿名的朋友
不能握的手 卻比親人更親厚
只有失去的溫柔 最溫柔

不能握的手 從此匿名的朋友
其實我的執著 依然執著
不能握的手 卻比愛人更長久
只有失去的擁有 最永久

5:28 AM

就像是 你多變的表情
下雨了 雨陪我哭泣
看不清 我也不想看清

離開你 我安靜的抽離

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
讓想念繼續 讓愛變透明
我愛上給我勇氣的 Rainie love

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
雨愛的秘密 能一直延續

很窒息 我無法呼吸
很徹底 讓愛消失無息

離開你 我安靜的抽離

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
讓想念繼續 讓愛變透明
我愛上給我勇氣的 Rainie love

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積


5:23 AM

Sy & ym have been asking me to update my blog..
But seriously..
I have no idea what i can update about..
My life now is = no life..
Working on weekends and slacking on weekdays..
I can dont go out for a few weeks except for going out to work..
How no life it is huh..
So having such a no life life..
What can i update about?
About how boring i am?
About how emo i can get when i am bored?
About how people dislike me?
About me listening to sad songs & tearing if i am too emo?
About those negative negative things?
About why people hate me so much?
About why no one wants to read my blog?
About why i dont update my blog because i am having a no life life?
What can i still talk about?
I am officially having this stupid flu which i dont know why..
This soar throat which i dont know why it happened..
Couldnt be that ym passed it to me because she's having cough not flu neither soar throat..
Guess it's my own problem..
I am a rather weird person that i dont really dislike being sick..
I dont know why..
I dont really detest medicines and tablets EXCEPT for panadol which is the only medicine that melts so damn easily in my mouth & i get to taste the bitter taste..
Been quite crazy over 海派甜心 starring 羅志祥 & 楊丞琳..
Both my idols..
How can i not be crazy over it?
Been crazily in love with 楊丞琳's 雨愛 & 匿名的朋友 this 2 songs..
Album's coming out on the 1st of Jan..
Should i buy?
Lots of singers are coming out their new albums during this time.. Why?
Seriously i am like talking rubbish & nonsense..

5:12 AM

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday031209 - Outing with larokyy..
Friday041209 - Rot at home..
Saturday051209 - Work..
Sunday061209 - Work..
Monday071209 - Rot at home..
Tuesday081209 - Rot at home..
Wednesday091209 - New Moon movie with ym..

Almost everyday rotting at home..
Soon i'll be in IMH..
DO & PLEASE come and visit me!
I need companion..


Anyways christmas is coming..
If larokyy members happen to view my blog..
I was thinking maybe we could have a christmas celebration on Wed?
But ym is only available after dont know 8 or 9pm..
Thursday & Friday i guess outside would be full of HUMANS!!!
Therefore i chose a wed..
Do confirm with me..
My suggestion is go to someone to slack & drink away our sorrows & be happy again!
Ok i am random..
But do confirm with me if you guys could..
Text/msn me asap!

1:25 AM

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Been quite some time since i last updated..
No motivation to update..
Pathetic numbers of view..
Finally a larokyy gathering on thursday..
But i didnt take any photos..
I am waiting for those who took pictures to send them to me..
It was kinda of not 过瘾 gathering..
I felt that it was a little tiny winy short..
What i've been doing recently is slacking slacking & slacking..
Feel free to ask me out but only weekdays..
If not i am afraid i might end up at IMH sooner or later because of long term cooping at home..
Just felt like blogging but now..
I dont know what to type about..
I seems to be just crapping and writing nonsense..
I shall stop my nonsense and crapping then..
Another update would be when i have something to update about or maybe the next time you visit..
This site might not exist..

7:46 AM