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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

ToDaE oUR sCh cElEbRAtEd tEaCHeRs dAy....haD leSsOns dEn aFtEr 10 DeN wAs e CoNcErt...iT sTarTeD bY a GrP oF 2-5 gUrLs dAncIng iF i waS nT wRoNg...kInDa 4gOt aLreAdY....e cOncErT eNdEd aT arOUnD 1pM...dEn wEnt bAcK tO cLaSs tO tOOk oUr bAgs dEn wEnt tO mE,aH sIaOx aNd bLuR sOtOnG wEnt tO fInd tEaCHeRs...fOUnd mS yEo aNd oThEr tEaChErs In e LIbRaRy hAvINg a sMaLl bUfFeT i TiNk sO.....dEn sAw mS lAu....sHe cAmE bAcK!!!aH sIaOx wANtEd tO tOK tO heR bUT dARe nT...sO bLuR sOToNg wEnT tO tOk HeR fIrsT wE dEn fOlLowEd Up...=P aFtEr dAt wE wAlKeD tO lOT oNe aS dEy wErE gOInG bAcK to ThEiR pRi sChs.....wAt AbT mE?i WaS sTiLL dEsPeRaTlY fINdInG mY oLd pRi ScH fReNs tO aCcOmpaNy mE bAcK tO sCh...aS mOi sCh wAs iN yIsHUn sO kInDa oF fAr.....cOUlDnT fiNd aNy....i DeN wEnT tO aH sIAoX's ScH dEn wHeN wE wEnT wAlKiNg hAlFwAY tO bLUr sOtOnG's ScH mOi pHoNe rAnG....iT waS mOi FrEn...sHE dEcIDeD to gO tO sCH...aRgHhH~i WaS dAmn hApPy...lUckIlY e BuS cAmE....i QuiCkLy tOOk aNd dEn tOoK mRt To YisHUn....i ReAchEd thErE aND wEnT tO fInd mY fReN...wE wAlKeD tO mY scH...aNd sAw mAnY eX pUpIls oUtSiDe e ScH....sAw oNe Of mOi fReN jAsMiNe~=P mE aNd mOi fReN wAlKeD iN But wHeN waS NeAr e GeNeRaL oFfIcE a TeAcHeR sAiD tHaT e ScH iS aLreadY cLOsEd aNd wAsNT aLLoW tO gO iN....uRgHhH....sO sAd...bUT aT leAsT i SaW mY sCh...sO vEry HaPpy aLrEaDy....AfTer dAt i WeNT bAck To fInd mY tUItIoN teaChEr...sHe sAiD sHE neArLy 4GoT mE...hAhAz.....aFtEr dAt i WaLkeD aLReAdy e NeIghBoURhOoD aNd wEnT hm.....tOdaE cHaNgeD sO maNY tImEs e BlOgsKIn dUnNo wHy kP haViNg pRoBlEm aT LaSt cAn LIaOz....hEnG....

-SiGnX OfF-{爱仁甫}

11:48 PM

Sunday, August 29, 2004

MaDe a NeW bLoG cOS mY e OthEr bLOg rEaLly S**....pPl wRiTiNg rUbbIsH iNsiDe...arGhHhH...dUn sAe le.....hMmM...ToDaE wAs rEnfU'S bDae....aNd oSo 5566 cOnCeRt iN tAiWaN....hOpE iT wAS vEry sUccEsSfUl.....wAnNA sAe "仁甫生日快乐希望5566的龙之神武亚洲巡回演唱会成功!永远爱仁甫!"

sIgNx OfF -爱仁甫-

1:30 PM