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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My blogging bug hasnt find me yet..

No feel to blog, no mood to blog, nothing to blog, nothing interesting is happening, life is drama-less, life-less, boring..
沒有FU, 沒有心情, 沒有東西,沒有有趣的事情發生,生活很無趣很悶

Therefore therefore,

NO updates =)
沒有新的UPDATE =)

9:14 AM

Monday, August 24, 2009

I want a STAGE item..
But the price of each item can make you faint..
A normal tee is already $63..
Not kidding you..
For ONE normal tee..
It's 63..
I really can faint..
It's DAMN expensive..
Even a cap is $63..
Why is it so EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:16 PM

Monday, August 17, 2009


事情如果那麽簡單 那就好了
人類如果沒有心臟 那就好了

不需要有同類 傳染頹廢
不需要去偷竊你的思念 自我安慰

就讓我僞裝我嘴角不屑 讓孤獨乘以更孤獨的兩倍
允許我保留我最後一點點特權 赦免我想念你的心碎
如果我眼神裡閃爍不屑 可能我心裡一半已經殘廢
那一半跟著你走遠了的那一天 這一半漸漸一一瓦解

事情如果那麽簡單 那就好了
人類如果沒有心臟 那就好了

不需要有同類 傳染頹廢
不需要去偷竊你的思念 自我安慰

就讓我僞裝我嘴角不屑 讓孤獨乘以更孤獨的兩倍
允許我保留我最後一點點特權 赦免我想念你的心碎
如果我眼神裡閃爍不屑 可能我心裡一半已經殘廢
那一半跟著你走遠了的那一天 這一半漸漸一一瓦解

如果我還有一點點不屑 别想要說服我純潔的絕對
我只是世界上某種絕種的蕨類 悄悄的失眠了一光年

如果我還有一點點不屑 那是我自己虛榮心在作祟
自以爲或許有一天我們會重疊 我可以再愛你第二遍

10:22 PM

Woke up at around 5am in the morning..
Had breakfast and read through my notes..
Was shocked by my classmate's phone call at 8+ telling me that the exam actually starts at 9am..
I was like WTH..
Why didnt the school inform us about it?
I texted another classmate of mine and she said that it was written in the blackboard..
I was even more piss of..
What do the school take as remodule students as?
Rubbish or what?
They dont even bother to text or email or inform as in any way that there are changes for the exams timing..
How do you expect us to know?
Through the god or what?
I really feel that it is really very irresponsible of them..
Luckily i reached on time for the exam..
Just hoped that i can pass if not you guys can prepare for my funeral.. Seriously!!

1:30 PM

Ah min's birthday today!!
Sy & ym finished school and i went over to yew tee point to look for them..
Went to Value shop to buy some snacks..
The plastic bag was so big there it looks like we bought alot..
Went over to the NTUC foodcourt behind my block to buy fried chicken..
Sy & me found that the uncle was OVER friendly..
Went home..
Cooked pasta for them..
The both of them even took video of me cooking..
BUT nono..
You 2 cannot upload anywhere ok!!
After which we were playing with makeup on each other's face..
After which was girls talk..
Sy left at around 11+ almost 12..
Sent her to the train and went to buy 17 mag at 7-11..
Came home with ym..
Watched night at the museum, played games, bathed..
Half way through the game ym didnt want to play anymore and went to sleep on my bed..
She really fell asleep..
She's indeed a pig..
Was woke up by her "beautiful snoring" through out the night..
We slept from 4am to the next day 4pm in the afternoon..
No pictures for the day!!

1:19 PM

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lao yan's birthday today!!
Met up with ym, ken and ray to train over to yck to meet up with alwyn..
Then trained all the way to city hall..
We were early therefore we went over to starbucks to spend time off..
We ordered the same white chocolate we ordered the other time..
Around 6+ eva called ym to say that she has reached..
Went to breadtalk to buy a cake for sy in the meantime..
Wy popped up from no where..
Walked over to marina square to meet up with sy's poly friends..
Settled down and waited for sy and angel to reach..
Sy was real shock and cried when she saw us there..
Sorry to say we had to trick you that we werent celebrating with you this year!
Chatting and crapping during the meal..
Ym making weird sound effects and wy saying yellow yellow things!
The restaurant played sy birthday song and had her cake..
They had this candle which is much difficult to blow off..
After which went over to an open space..
Sy opened her present..
Took a while because they purposely wrapped it with many layers of newspaper..
We still crapped and chatted till around 11+..
Sy's poly friends went off first..
Left with us larokyy and angel..
Sang ym her birthday song and we had to cab home..
Ym and me nearly puke in the cab..
Mainly the cab was too stuffy and i guess we were too full..
I think i can still feel food floating in my stomach at this moment while i am typing..
Cab all the way to wy's house area..
He then send us all home..
I bet sy lots of had a fun yesterday..


Kinda of envy or maybe jealous or whatever..
But i guess i'll never ever will have the same exact thing happening on me..
I've only got both of you and that's all..
Having so many people giving you a birthday surprise and getting the things you wanted..
I guess it feels great..
Never really even dare to think of the great 21 next year..
I dare not think about it.. =(

7:50 AM


Happy birthday ah min/blur sotong/bushy panda etc etc.. =p

7:43 AM

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Happy birthday laoy!!!!!an/yanwo/ah siao/sotong etc etc etc =p

2:33 PM

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tag replies

but u still got reply! that's better than nothing!
yoohoo don ever catch me trying to get free lunch at mac again ar lol... i bad guy so must steal free lunch de
lol.. thx ^^ that's wad im doing, chilling~
ya ya
the onli thing i tink i know for template setting lol

To ray - lols.. also correct la.. better then nothing.. dont try to catch you? i got catch meh? chilling need go inside the fridge.. i also know you only know a little about the template thing..

okok tag you tag you. hahahahahahah
To Felicia - you very 敷衍 leh.. =( i think you wouldnt even see this reply..

aiyo..headache only..won die de ar..say until so scary sia..
see..gossip girls really very nice to watch..i already predicted it liao leh..wahaha..
To YummY - it's possible to die during a sleep what.. so nothing wrong with it also lo.. you rubbish la you.. predict your head la.. i never even tell you i was going to watch gossip girls.. how the hell would you know? rubbish rubbish rubbish..

YM u tink u fortune teller eh?
LOL..cool..when ur teacher expectation high u also get high!!=X
COOL!..ohh..date n time same last skin lyk that go template there find the time there..den ur archives u wan it in a row u mean?...if so jux put
after each month..=D

To Siyan - she anyhow like she always do de la.. so can ignore her.. lols.. i already very very very very very damn high liao.. where got time to do sia.. need study exam leh.. lols.. but it isnt as simple as it seems.. need to change preview change preview.. very troublesome so forgeti it.. thanks =)

4:41 AM

Sunday, August 09, 2009


溫柔的壓在手上 現在卻不得不放
習慣了你的味道 漂浮在我的肩膀
想到從前我們 都笑了都哭了

最後一次一起分享月光 隔著一只行李箱
我知道忍痛退讓 只為了一絲微笑

擁抱總是太淺太慢 甜蜜常常少說一段 用心再深看不出來
我試著填滿 心卻一再少一塊

深的像一片海 重的我放不開 親愛的我想我不會愛

如果時間可以抵銷感傷 我願意無限制的燃燒
只要你的今後 永遠一臉微笑


擁抱總是太慢 甜蜜常常少說了一段 用心再深看不出來
除了好好祝福 我能怎麼辦

就算像一片海 重的我放不開 親愛的我真的不會愛

9:32 PM

Friday, August 07, 2009

Decide to change my blogskin
& also since i found something that i somehow like..
But can someone tell me how do i put my twitter above my post?
Stupid me doesnt know how to edit the font size of the date and time above my each post..
How do i edit it?
How do i make my archives looks horizontally instead of vertically?
Can some nice souls help me with it?

9:02 PM

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


你就直接回頭吧 她在等著你
不要怕我會哭泣 早就在心底
想想你說過的話 其實我們不虛假
那就好吧 其實你對我不差

別對我食之無味 棄之可惜
雖然你還有感覺 但不是愛情
想想你說過的話 其實我們不虛假
那就好了吧 這些夠了呀

我們的愛情是秘密 不能成立

我們的事情 說好不提起
讓我們 都能夠清晰
你和她 是不變的 定律

別對我食之無味 棄之可惜
雖然你還有感覺 但不是愛情
想想你說過的話 其實我們不虛假
那就好了吧 這些夠了呀

我們的愛情是秘密 不能成立

我們的事情 說好不提起
讓我們 都能夠清晰
你和她 是不變的 定律

我們的愛情是秘密 不能成立

我們的事情 說好不提起
讓我們 都能夠清晰
你和她 是不變的 定律

10:47 PM

Monday, August 03, 2009

I dont know how much longer i can tolerate with your behaviour..
Your attitude..
Sometimes i wonder how did we even can pass through so much..
Yes i know there were laughter..
But there were sadness too..
I wonder what would really happen if we talked about it and face the reality..
Would we still be "as good as" now or would we live our own lives?
I am tired with always initiating everything..
I dont even know if people appreciated what i did..
I doubt so..
I still felt neglected..
I still felt left out..
I just needed that someone..
That someone that i can depend on the rest of my life..
To be there whenever i needed someone to talk to..
To be there whenever i needed a listening ear..
To be there whenever i needed a shoulder to cry on..
Just when is this miracle gonna happen?
It's been so long..
Or is there not gonna be a miracle?

12:49 AM

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Who really cares about me?
Who really bothers about me?
Who are my friends?
Do i have friends?
Is there someone who is hiding under a mask & acting to like me?
Acting to bother about me?
Acting to care about me?
How it feels when you always take the initiative to plan gatherings, to remember people's any big day etc etc..
You are always the one who does this things..
But in the end when it's your big day..
Who remembers?
No one..
People can bother to maybe hold a event/party/celebration for others but you are always forgotten..
No presents, no celebrations, no parties..
Only yourself..
Only you yourself is there to wish yourself..
You are broke but yet you still need to spend money on the others..
How about yours?
Do people remember that it's your day?
Do they even bother to remember it's your day they should maybe like buy you something?
Definitely no one remembers..
No one bothers..
They come up with lots of excuses..
Get that in your bloody mind..
Do you know how it feels to always initaite to do something for your gang of so called "friends" but when you happy to have something to celebrate..
No matter it's your birthday or whatever..
You not forgotten just like air..
You are transparent..
No one sees you..
No one know you exist..
Put yourself in the shoes and think..
How it feels to be in a group of friends and always doing things but is always being left out and seen as transparent seen as you dont exist..
If you really know how it feels tell me..
Maybe we are in the same boat..
How it feels to have only not more then 3 birthday present throughout your whole life on the every year of your birthday..
You get only 1 or 2 presents per birthday but in that year you would have to buy more then 5 presents for others..
You may think that i am stingy i am selfish..
Just a little money or whatever shit and i am like not happy about it..
You're not me..
You have not gone through this..
You dont understand..
For your info..
This feeling sucks..

4:00 PM