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Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm seriously deprived from sleep .
I need sleep .
Update real real SOON

8:05 PM

Happy 19th Birthday LAO PA aka RAY LEE !!!
Hope you like the suprise =)

p.s. will update about the event later when i'm back . =)

5:00 PM


12:25 AM

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Luck to everyone having PBM tomorrow .
It's our last paper .
Jia you . =)
Good luck to myself too . =p

11:27 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


TAG & Do my POLL please =)


3:18 AM

Last 2 papers on 291008 Wed & 311008 Fri .

I am very sure that i will fail my ECONS till very badly .
I dont even understand the concept .
I didnt even study for it .
Dont know why but i seems to like give up on this subject .
Of course i hope that i can pass .
But i know i cant because i didnt even study for it .
What should i do?
I am sure i wont be able to get the concepts right by wed .
Its already past 12midnight and it is already tuesday .
I have last then 24 hours to study for econs .
For my pbm .
I guess i'll have to REALLY study for it .
I cant let myself fail anyone except for econs .
Because its a really difficult subject to ME!!!
Seems like i am not putting in enough effort .
Next term's timetable is out on the blackboard .
I will die from this module .
Mr See will be teaching us again .

Seriously i sucks at maths .
Or accounting or econs .
Something that is related to maths stuffs i am surely gone case .
Of course those adding up $$$ & etc i still can .
But surely not all these formula & concept stuffs .

I feel so STRESS !!!
I never ever pass my maths in sec sch .
I always get a F9 .
Other people's F9 may be 30 or 40 marks .
But for me .
It can sometimes be as low as 9/100 .
Ya i know its bad .
But i dont know why .
MATHS to be is like ........

I need lots of sleep .
I've not been having enough sleep .
Due to those stupid stuffs always floating out during the period when i want to sleep .
These stuffs occupy my mind & made me couldnt sleep .
I dont know why .
I dont know if its because of stress or whatever reasons .
But somehow ....
I just cant SLEEP!!

Remembered something that i said to someone .
I told her intersect .
Which means like a road intersects with another .
But that someone misinterpret it as INTERCOURSE!!!
What the ......
Ok .
This is totally random .
Going off to mug .
At this timing i am going to study for exams .

2:40 AM

Went to study with ym at her school - Rp .
Had lunch at BK and after which we walked to her school .
It was quite a long way walking to her school .
Finally reached & we spent like almost an hour looking for a suitable place to study
a suitable place that has plug for her stupid LAPTOP!!
So we only like studied for 2 hr .
Or should i say I was the only one STUDYING .
The OYM was busy blog shopping .
I didnt really study too .
Was really such a wasteful day .
But if i were to study at home .
Maybe i wouldnt even open my book .
Anyways .
We left at around 5 plus .
Was walking past a vending machine
& we saw this :
All the bottles were stuck at the bottom .
Ok i know its nothing fascinating .
But i just wanna blog about it .
Walked back all the way to CWP .
On our way .
We were like laughing over some matters .
I almost died from laughing .
We had cravings for cheesecake .
So we went around looking for cheesecake
& in the end settled down for Gelare's cheesecake .
We were so anxious wanting to eat it that i didnt take picture of it .
Well, it isnt any special one so i guess it doesnt really matter if there is or there isnt picture .
After which we just walk around the boring CWP & went back home .
Some random pictures :
I had her wire entangled around her while i was helping her to plug off her adapter's plug .
She was too engross with the things inside her laptop that she just held the wire in her hands .
So i quickly snap this picture . =)
I guess she will kill me when she see this .

2:26 AM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag Replies

YummY :
hey i am nt KUKU head lo..you are lao gay lo..wahaha..
YummY :
hey i didn see your ads at all lo..den ur survey also quite gay sia..LOL..
YummY :
is artistic photo lo..LOL..haha..
To YummY - hahas . you is kuku head lor . and i am not gay leh . you then gay lor . dont know leh . that day got ad de leh . is hsm3 de ad leh . then only saw it for 1 day then dont have liao . =( why like that sia . my survey where will gay . you then gay lor . artistic your pigu lor .

To ESTHER - linked already =)

ray :
hmm i just have to click it? no nid to make account or anything rite? just click rite? can click more than 1 times???
To ray - got ad then need to click . if not no ad you also got nothing to click . press on ad no need account de . you want keep clicking on it also can de . lao pa you outdated hor !! hahas .

=P3@C3= :
lolx...i caught u!..hahax..ur donut u bite one mouth den put back take pic rite..?..hahax!
To Siyan - no leh . is gu yi de OK . like that then unqiue ma . people all is take le then eat . i must eat one mouth le then take ma . hahas .

1:28 AM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do help me click on the ads if there are any .
Do help me fill up the survey .
Both are at the left side bar .
You know i love tags .
Dont come & leave .
Let me know that you came .
Or maybe no one even bother coming? T.T

* there was this HSM3's ad the past 2 days . But friends say it is GONE now !! =(
Its been ages since there are any ads .
Its a shame to say that i've only got 1.80 from nuffnang .
I have not even got a $50 BEFORE !!!
Guess i would be very very old when i get my first $50 from nuffnang .

2:48 AM



Had Marketing exams .
I dont know if i would pass or fail .
Maybe at the MOST i would get maybe a C or a D?
I didnt really know how to answer the questions .
Finished my paper around 11+ .
Went home after which .

O levels english exams .
I didnt even have the time to study for my exams on wednesday .
Was trying to think what should i revise or do for my exams .
Slept at 10+ .
Woke up at 11+ the next day .
Met suhui to walk back to Regent to take our exams .
We didnt have to take the exams with the current regenites.
Was quite relieved .
Compo was still ok .
I wrote on a one word essay - Greed .
Compre was about cats .
I feel that it is quite ok .
If i still can fail when i can do the paper .
&&& this is my 3rd time taking O levels english .
If i were to fail again i guess i can go bang the wall until i bled .
Walked home .
Reminisce the old times when i had to walk to school everyday .
Taking the same old route .
Quickly had my dinner & went to study for my IT exams .
Was so tired & after reading it through once .
I felt that it is quite easy & the exams if i REALLY dont know the answers .
I could use my common sense & logic .
Therefore i went to sleep .

Reached school at 9am .
Waited for Mp at the office while reading my notes .
Finally its exams & it took me only an 1hour to finish the paper .
It was quite easy BUT i just couldnt recall some of the points .
Hope that i can at least get an A for this subject .
As i really spent quite an effort in my IT project & the exam was quite ok .
After exam ym called .
ASking if i were free to go out .
As i had nothing on after which .
We decided to go IMM .
She wanted to buy formal clothings for her Genre .
Looked around & she finally bought the things she wanted .
She bought a covered shoes for almost $50 .
The brand was Lee Cooper?
I saw 1 too .
Was thinking since we cant wear flip flops to school now .
I decided to also buy a covered shoes .
I got one at around $40 .
The brand was EVERLAST .
Ym was laughing that the workplace that i use to work at,
beside it was EVERLAST & yet i didnt bought it from them . Which they might give me discount -.-
Its 2.42am i guess i am talking nosense .
Had KFC for lunch .
After shopping around for shoes,clothes & a trip to daiso .
We decided to get a seat somewhere to rest .
Our feets were tired from all the walking .
I suggested 湾仔 as it was just outside daiso .
Their Food is soso only .
I shall let the pictures do the talking .

This soup sucks . We dont even know what soup is that .

Ym took all these pictures . Her so call "artistic" photos .


Stupid photobucket has problem now .
I cant even get inside .
I dont know if its my connection or what .
I shall post the pictures up tomorrow .
Gotta go sleep after i watch finish the 7th episode of 不良笑花。

2:29 AM

Dont really remember the things that happened after my last post .
Am kind of lazy to write down much details .
Therefore, i shall let the pictures say the words =)

081008 - Lunch/Outing with Mp at IMM


Lunched at Crystal Jade @ Imm
The receipt was this long and the total amounted to 81++ .
It was quite expensive & feel that it is quite not worth it .
The food was quite ok only .
Bought E donuts back home .

I still have cravings for E donuts . =)
From left 1st row : Lemon,Chees garden,glaze,
From left 2nd row: Capuccino,Tiramisu,orea cookies

Took this as it seems to be like Chicken Wing's whole family .
I sent this to Ym & she say that she was laughing non-stop . -.-

Father decided to dismantled my very very OLD photocopy machine .
It has a history for like aorund 10years?
It does not even function now & it isnt worth selling to the garunguni .
Some random pictures of the dismantled machine .
* I know its boring . Please tolerate awhile or just scroll away from this pictures =)


1:58 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Please help me do the survey at the left hand side bar .

Exams Exams Exams !!!

Marketing - Mon 201008
O levels Eng - Tues 211008
ITT - Wed 221008
Economics - Wed 291008
Business management - Fri 311008

Good luck to all for the upcoming exams & of course to myself .
I am sure i am going to fail my economics .
For eng . i dont feel comfortable going for that stupid exams .
Its been like 3 years since i left sec school & now i'm going back just for that stupid eng .
Hope that i will know how to do the stupid comp & compre .
Would be busy studying & doing the stupid economics project .

8:03 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am DAMN stress .
Going berserk soon !!!
How i wish someone could help me with this stupid ECONOMICS project which is given at the wrong time !!!

7:34 PM

Why must the stupid lecturer give us project so last minute?
Aint we suppose to be studying for our exams?
Instead of rushing for this stupid project that should be given to us early during the course .
I dont even understand what the hell is monopoly & oligopoly .
I cant even understand what is the lecturer teaching about .
Is it that i am too stupid or what?
I guess i will go crazy sooner or later .
Now that i have to do the project i cant study .
If i dont do the project does it matter?
Since i will fail this module .
Does it even help if i do the project?

7:31 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do help me do the poll on the left side's bar .
Thanks .

6:23 PM

Do help me do the poll on the left side's bar .
Thanks .

6:22 PM

Since i have not closed this blog due to those memories that i cant bear to get them deleted .
Felt that i could just rant on some stupid things that i cant rant it on my current blog .
I am seriously getting pissed off with almost everything in my life now .
Friendship & classmates .

Dont know why but things are changing .
Changing from bad to worse .
The things we share, the things we do together, the things we like, the many many things .
Now i am all left alone .
You people changed !!
Maybe i've change but i dont know .
But until now,
I still dont feel that i have changed .

Why do i always get those stupid classmates in every schools i go to?
I get irresponsible classmates .
I get stupid attitude classmates .
Aint i human?
Why are you people giving me those cold attitude .
Whenever i ask people things,
People would just give me 1 word answer .
What attitude is that?
When you people come ask me things do i give you suck fucking attitude?
I dont think so .
You tease me you give me names,
Its ok .
Because i know you're joking .
I tolerate everything .
But in the end what happens?
What kind of attitude & friends & classmates i get?

People say that you should expect anything from others if you done good deeds for others .
I know .
Its right .
I dont expect anything BUT i just want people to appreciate what i do?
People just dont give a damn .
They dont even appreciate what i did .
They felt that it should be done by me .
It is right for me to do this .
What the hell reason is this?
Maybe i am like a big sister to "you" .
But you just take everything for granted .
You dont take the initiative to do any single thing for me .
But i am always giving in everything i can .
I always would be in a bad ending at the end .
Why is this so?
Am i to suffer this?
Why must i tolerate everyone's cold attitude .
Giving me cold shoulders .
Why did i do to suffer this?

5:21 PM

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag Replies

benjamin ong :
oh ya.. i took bus 93 on non air con double deck also..haha.. by rite this yr no more scania n113 NAC bus liao
benjamin ong1 :
And the non air con double deck on 93 is known as VO2x.(volvo olmyplian 2-axle)
To benjamin ong - Oh ok . thanks for tagging .

Eunice♥ :
hellos;D tagged too! and i like ur taggy! wad font u use? and i jus bought eyelash glue;D am trying to use it. haha. take cares.
To Eunice♥ - Thanks for tagging =) . eh . i dont really remember leh . i think is arial narrow ba?hahas . jiayou in your sticking of eyelash . wah later go out will dian si alot of guys leh . hahas .

YummY :
Wa..you changed blogskin sia..quite nice de..
To YummY - GAYYY! . that one is background not blogskin OK!! blur king .

Tagg & link
To ESTHER - thanks for tagging & relink =)

wendy :
cheer up.. look at the brighter side at least u still got yun min n siyan
To wendy - to me there is not bright side eh . hahas . eh . hahas . not really .

1:27 AM

Monday, October 13, 2008


10:07 PM

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Will be updating soon .
Been busy with assignments & exams .
Feeling so STRESSED up !!!

1:04 AM

Monday, October 06, 2008

*Tags will be replied at the side bar below the tagboard

I'm kind of like lazy to talk much about the details for the last post .
It was meant to be post up on the actual day .
But ,
I was like blogging halfway & suddenly lost the "FU" to continue typing .
Hence the late update .
I guess i'm gonna fail my term 1 for my dip .
I dont have the motivation to study .
I have not done my marketing & pbm project .
I need "someone's" marketing project for reference but that "someone" dont seems to bother giving me his/her project .
I seriously need a reference & its really URGENT!!!


3:58 PM

Saturday, October 04, 2008

*Tags will be replied at the side bar below the tagboard


School was fun yesterday .
We didnt really listen in class .
We were chatting around .
Hakim & mp was trying to persuade me to take the gift .
After which it was break in between .
I was left in class as i wanted to use erlin's laptop to check if there are any halal restaurants in Vivo as we wanted to have lunch there as a little belated celebration for hakim's birthday .
Found breeks & decided to go there .
Before leaving for class,
Hida came like finally .
She bought cake for hakim .
So we sang song,
Lighted the candles etc etc .
Took photos too .
Hakim with the Mont Blanc perfume we gave him .
He liked it .
We were like luckily he liked it & didnt had the perfume at home .
Hida baked CHEESE CAKE!!
omg .
Its like my favourite cake .
Oreo Cheesecake somemore .
It was really NICE !!!
Hakim seems to be very happy .
Happily posing to each photos we took .

Took bus 93 to Vivo .
I nearly faint inside the bus .
It was those bus without aircon & because i have car sickness .
Like finally we reached & all the way to breeks .
Ordered & waited for our dishes to arrive .

After eating, mp & i wanted to buy something but it couldnt be found at harbourfront .
We ask the others to go back to sch first .
While walking around,
We forgot the time & in the end didnt go back to school as there wasnt enough time left .
So we walked around .
In the end was too tired & settled down at coffee club?
Had drinks & snacks & chat around .

Went home at around 6plus i think?
Anyways .
Mp gave me this :
She gave that perfume to me in school because of some reasons .
I was like reluctant to take it as it was too expensive .
It was gucci by gucci i think?
But in then end,
I still lose .
I accepted it .
while walking around vivo .
She saw this shop & wanted to buy the hp strap from that shop & she bought one for me too!!!
I was like .
"HUH!!! Why you buy for me?"
Is like,
She's spending so much money buying things for me .
I owe her too much that i dont even know how to repay her & what to get for her on her birthday .

12:54 PM